Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

I love Halloween... always have for some reason. 

I always said Halloween & Easter were my 2 favorite holidays... is that a little odd combo?

But when we lived in "the big city" I used to have the best time with Halloween.

I'd dress up & have the house all "spooky" with strobe lights & music & I'd be dressed up as the creepiest witch ever!  People would actually take pictures of me with their children - as the children were starting at me with a look of ultimate horror...

its so fun to freak kids out

But we've since moved to the country.

Where we may get... um... let me think... Zero, zip, none, nada, not one trick or treater.

The first year we moved out there, I literally cried on Halloween.  Its like Christmas with no presents - Valentines with no chocolates - Labor Day with no labor... wait... you get the idea

I would go to my parents house for Halloween with my twin nieces so I could "experience" Halloween... but now, with this bridge chaos that's happening around here - it would be forever to get home & goodness knows I've reminded you that I have to be in bed by 9:00 pm...

alas... no Halloween fun for me this year.

I'm going for a run though tonight

So maybe I'll just carry a pillow case & someone may think I'm just out trick or treating, dressed like a runner... goodness knows to go from one house to the next on my street, you need to be a runner.

Not to be all Ms. Sally-Sad-Pants, let's think!  There is a bonus side of not having trick or treaters - we save a mortgage payment in not buying candy!

And for the file of "Cutest Grandbabies Ever" - Julie posted this picture this morning... Arent they the cutest?  She said that Isaac will probably wear 5 different costumes by the end of the night - so keep an eye out for more grand babes pics!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Race 1 of 2

I have 2 races within 2 weeks & today was the first one.

I was expecting temps to be in the 40's but woke up to check my iPod & see it was 31 degrees.  I thought it was a joke so turned on the TV & nope... it was actually 28 degrees out where I live in the country.  There goes the idea of wearing shorts for the race.

I get all dressed when Ricky starts getting dressed & said he'd drive me & stick around... Wh wh WHAT?  He never comes... so I was thrilled.

Here I am leaving at 6:30 am... with our bridge still down, it takes us about 45 minutes to get to Downtown Louisville - so off before the sun rises we go.

(Dont judge my face... I dont put on makeup only to sweat it off)

It was cold to start off but not unbearable.  I think I've either been in colder temps, or I'm just getting used to it. 

It wasnt a huge crowd, but a nice size - about 2,000 runners.  It was easy to find some familiar faces - which is always nice.

I ended up running with a guy that was doing the same intervals as me.  We kept each other company & chatted the entire way.  Love hearing others stories - he was telling me he was 80 lbs heavier (& he was still a larger fella) & that he used to even be proud of himself for doing a 5k in just over an hour ... so he's come a long way.  It was great meeting him.

So Ricky was telling me he would be outside the baseball stadium, where the finish line was because "there's just too many people inside"... I was nearing the stadium & saw Ricky leaning up against a light pole about a half mile up.  I was the only one on the road... I was in a bright blue shirt... he had to see me coming...

you'd think...

finally, I'm getting ready to pass him & I'm like "HEY!" & he totally snapped out of his daze...
He totally almost missed me... how do you miss the only person on the road?

So then he ran ahead of me so he could get another picture... he actually ran INTO the stadium with me here

Then he sent me on my way as I rounded the bases to the finish line

(You'd never know as sunny as it was that it was still in the 30's.... brrrrrr)

I had no idea I was on the jumbo tron either until he showed me the picture.  He said, "I expected you to do something crazy with you knowing you were on there"... dang it!  I had no idea or I totally would have.  I was too busy with the University of Louisville cheerleaders.  They were along the path & I was doing "spirit fingers" with them as they were shaking their pom poms... dang them for distracting me from the Jumbo Tron :)

But it was another  race finished....

Now, to get ready for the next one in 2 weeks... I'm NERVOUS about that one too... its a route I've never been on & includes a big park with LOTS of hills... & people tell me its not pretty....

I'm scared...

...Until then...

Friday, October 28, 2011

16 years... we can drive now!

16 years of marriage today....

I remember turning 16 & being excited about getting my drivers license.

What's exciting about 16 years of marriage?

...we havent killed each other?

seems comparable :)

I loved my dress!  When I watch "Say Yes to the Dress" - I look at them all & still think, "Mine is prettier" - that's saying something 16 years later.

You cant see it there, but the back has all those buttons up it with a hole in the center of the back... & the front has a sheer neck with pearls around the neckline ... & tuxedo cuffs on the end with big pearl "buttons" holding the cuff together... it was stunning...

There's a better look at it....

& by the way, my wedding day was the smallest I ever was... you'll never see me this tiny again.  But I have proof that one day, a long 16 years ago, I once had a small waist :)

We loved our wedding cake too... our colors were black & white... & this was before black & white was chic.  My grandmother had a fit knowing my bridesmaids were wearing black... TO A WEDDING?  & black flowers on a CAKE?  in the end though, she even agreed it was beautiful... even with her black icing lips :)

16 years ago...

where does the time go?

I guess if we've made it this long, we can make it another 16 :)  We're at least shooting for 21... the anniversary where we can legally drink.

(Our first dance song - "Never Thought" -Dan Hill)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

...unfading beauty...

Its no secret...

40 is creeping on me... in just 63 days ...

I'm not happy about it either.

I've been looking in the mirror every morning & noticing more wrinkles around the eyes... lines on my forehead... sagging skin (that's the WORST)... gray hair coming in quicker then my 6 week hair appointments.

... I'm just not aging gracefully...

Being in the sun running isn't helping the skin... I've never been a fan of moisturizing (I do regret that now by the way) ... I'm just trying to learn to accept that my 40 yr old self doesnt look like my 20 yr old self.  Its tough to swallow though, isnt it...

So how happy was I when my devotional gave me this scripture yesterday:

"Don't be concerned about the OUTWARD BEAUTY of fancy hairstyles, expensive jewelry, or beautiful clothes.  You should clothe yourself instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle & quiet spirit, which is so precious to God"

... The first thing I thought of was Mother Teresa.

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

She was "aged"... had a "mature" face... OK, I'll say it - she had some wrinkles happening.  Wouldnt you if you dedicated your life to working for OTHERS & not caring about yourself.

But I think of her & I think she's one of the most beautiful people in the world!!!  ... & why?  Because she has an "unfading beauty of a gentle & quiet spirit"...

...the beauty that is within is definitely something people see, I think...

... & I want THAT kind of beauty...

Afterall, its precious to God ... what more can you say?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Did he just call me an old horse?

Saturday was my long run in my training... 10 miles...

I head up to a park for that one.  Less hills... 10 miles is hard enough but 10 miles on my road is just torture

So I get there & this man, who had to be about 65 years old is moving along, speed walking.  I'm standing at the beginning of the path & getting my watch sync'ed up & doing some small stretches for my quads.

The man stops & said, "How many miles are you doing today?"... that started the conversation.

This guy was asking me question after question. 

"Do you weigh yourself before you run & then after you run?"
"Why 10 miles today?"
"What training plan do you follow?"
"Where is your next race?"
"How many hills will you have?"
"What is your pace?"
"How long will it take you today?"

He was the nicest man to talk to... honestly... we ended up talking for about 20 minutes....but then he told me that he trains race horses & that he loves to hear the training of running & how similar it is to training his horses...


Then he asked how old I was... Dude, you are old enough to know you shouldnt ask a woman her age.  But whatever... I told him I'll be 40 in December.

He then told me, "You know you're not going to get any faster"

"Huh?  Excuse me?"

He then went on to tell me how his horses, when they get older, they just never get faster.  They do good to keep their pace, but to speed up?  Doesnt happen.

I thought about all the younger people then me that have such fast paces that I would die for.. & then I felt old... I felt like a 40 yr old...

Last night though, I went for a nice walk.. that turned into the hardest training I've ever done.  I kept thinking of that man & his words & it fired me up.  I worked on my speed training.  I would do short bursts of speed at a minute at a time.  I was averaging around 7:30 & even had one pace that was 6:05 ...

I thought of all the people I know that are 40 & OLDER that are the most amazing runners.. have paces that I would also die for....I didnt feel so old last night :)

Call me an old horse again & see how much that pushes me...

Watch this "old" gal FLY!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Your Trainer...

I have 2 big races coming up.

When I first started running (which I thought I'd never do) I thought, how hard is it?  Really, when you think about it, running seems simple enough.  After all, its just moving your feet REALLY fast - right?

...I know everyone that has attempted to run just laughed...

There's so much more to running then you think of.

The placement of your foot matters
The way you hold your head matters
The way you swing your arm matters (dont get me started on that)
The shoes you wear matters
The SOCKS you wear matters
The stretching matters
The strength training matters

... I could go on & on here...

But its things that I've learned along the way.  Its not as easy as I thought it'd be. 

I've learned though from people ... people who know the right answers.  They're like trainers.

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Think of Bob from the Biggest Loser... (I love me some Bob Harper)... perfect example of a trainer.  Someone who tells you things that push you to a better place - somewhere you want to be but are having a hard time on your own.  Maybe because you dont know how to do it on your own.  But Bob is there encouraging, pushing when its tough, giving advice - even if you dont want to hear the truth sometimes...

So I did a lesson last week to the youth on the Holy Spirit & really caught on & noticed how The Holy Spirit is kinda like our Bob.  Is that weird to think?  But honestly - think about it.  The Holy Spirit is in us, helping us, encouraging us - giving us advice we dont necessarily WANT to hear - guiding us into areas where we may not know what to do....The Holy Spirit is taking us to somewhere we want to be - closer to God.

And just like any trainer that may push you... we have a choice to listen...

How many times have you seen someone on the Biggest Loser sit & cry & say, "I cant do it" to their trainer?  But they keep pushing & in the end, what happens - they do it afterall...

I think I've sat on the side of the road of life sometimes & have that same argument with the Holy Spirit... "I cant do what you're asking"... "Its too hard"... but my "trainer" keeps encouraging & helping me... doing exactly what the Holy Spirit does.

So be encouraged today... when you accept Jesus, you too have a personal trainer that will help you...

... & you dont have to stand in a pair of shorts & a sports bra in front of the world to see either :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Back to life..back to reality...

My alarm went off again at 4:30 am...

back to it...

& yes, I actually cried real tears about coming back

But I kept repeating, "I'm blessed to have a good job" over  & over... even though under my breath, I'd add "even if it means getting up at 4:30 am"

What did we do?  Nothing  & everything.

We didnt go anywhere special.  A staycation at its finest...

But I didnt get done everything I wanted to do...

Here's the breakdown:

I didnt:
 - get all my laundry done
 - get my office/knitting room organized
 - get the basement cleaned out
 - get the garage cleaned out
 - get as many runs/miles in
 - eat out as much as I like to on vacation
 - get relief from my arm
 - get to shop for new Fall/Winter clothes

I did though:
 - get to sleep in till 6:00 AM (how sad is that?  6 AM is sleeping in now for me)
 - get to snuggle with my doggies EVERY DAY!  (They're the saddest about our return to work)
 - get to stay up past 9 pm without feeling stressed
 - get to have movie night with Ricky & laugh & relax
 - finish up a knitting project (its been so hard to knit with my arm lately but I was determined to finish a project I'd been working on)
 - change over my closet & see that most of my clothes dont fit anymore.  This is a good thing.  90% of my stuff is too big now ... YIPEE for benefits of running!!!
 - have some fun & beautiful photo sessions with fantastic people (pictures to come!)
 - get to stay in my pj's one whole day... on a cold, rainy day too!  PERFECTION!
 - start my Physical Therapy to get my arm/shoulder back on track
 - go to the "Pie Kitchen" - & Dawn, if you ever come this way - its a MUST on things we need to do.  Only the BEST PIE EVER!!!!  Any kind you want too.  Its like Heaven in a store...

So while I didnt get to do some of the things I wanted to do - its OK.  Even though my house still looks like a train wreck, that's OK too...

time off is still nice...

its like they say, a rainy day off work is still better then a sunny day at work..

Now I'm ready to count down till my next time off....

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Random Pictures Overload...

Yep... still on vacation...

Yesterday, I didnt even get out of my PJ's... Ahhh - heaven!!!

But I worked on editing a Senior portrait session all day.  I could get use to that - doing photography all day.

I noticed I had some pictures I never posted here... so here's some randomness for you.

My little Zoe just loves a camera... I think she's even smiling :)

Ahh - my Erin Condren planner.  I'm in love with this thing & I take it everywhere.  I can tell I'm going to be getting a new one every year.

Look at my fur babies together... Buffy was a rebel & wouldnt come over with the rest of the gang.  You'd think someone who takes so many pictures could get 4 dogs in one picture, but I think its near impossible.

You may think those are sunglasses...NO - those are a GNAT SHIELD!!!  I have to wear them lately because I'm coming home with HUNDREDS... no joke... HUNDREDS of gnats stuck to my face, arms, stomach, hair & even in my eyes!!!!  The fun of running in the country... a gnat face!  Now, I dont feel like I have to run with my hands over my eyes - which I was doing... that's safe.

Isnt this the perfect picture of LAZY?

These things on my arms - Compression Sleeves... I am in love.  They make my arms feel so much better with the pain when I run - & generally all day long. I've been wearing them with my shirts & it just looks like a long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve shirt.  They're going to give me funny tan lines though while running.

Here's the twin's birthday cake from this year... Angry Birds... I had never played before & one of the kids at their birthday party had it on their ipod so she let me have my first go at it.  ... I'm not good at it...

I've been busy doing photo sessions this October too (LOVE IT)... but isnt this a fantastic shot of this family?  They were so much fun!  I love the boys arms on both ends of the girls... it fills the picture out.  The expression on the faces is what I love too... And this was only taken in 2 jumps.  I bet they woulda jumped as many times as I asked - they were up for anything.

I love this picture for a few reasons... first of all, look at how sweet this family is.  Second, it has a baby - ahhh - who doesnt love a baby?   Third - this is totally untouched.  The sun light is all natural & hitting them perfectly.  I caught this moment when I told the boys to make their baby brother laugh..... capturing natural moments is my most FAVORITE thing to snap!

I had an engagement session with this young lady... yes, you've seen her here on my blog MANY times as one of our youth kiddos... & now, she's engaged... When does that happen?  Kids grow up... I stay the same age though.  Its one of those mysteries in life... like how Paris Hilton is famous.

This is why you want to schedule a photo session in October around here... the colors are just perfection.  I love everything about this picture & how "natural" & peaceful it looks... it didnt hurt this young lady was gorgeous .. inside & out!! She wants to be a photographer & work in youth ministry... Hello?  She's a mini-me.. except much more beautiful.  I need to talk her into dying her hair red :)

I got my hands on my first DUDE for a Senior Session too... I just called him Mr. GQ because he was a model in the making.  He would stand in front of the camera & give me a straight face & then a smile & then a SMIZE :) ... he knows how to work a camera.  Not bad for a football player.

Did anyone stick around through all the pictures?  I coulda put a whole lot more... I'm a snapping fool...

I'm off to go to lunch with a friend, plan 2 more photo sessions for the weekend & suck in the joy of vacation.

Happy Day friends!

Monday, October 17, 2011


So today, to start off my vacation, I had to get up early to head down to physical therapy. 

Who doesnt like to still get up early on vacation... & like to have a little physical torture?

I'm in so much pain lately... still... that it didnt even matter.  I went with hopes that there would be some answers.

I get there only to get hit first with the reminder that health insurance totally bites.  Reviewing how much I have to pay out of pocket is the hardest punch in the gut for me.  Why not?  I'm used to people telling me, "You're insurance doesnt cover ______, so you'll owe $____ (More money then I have laying around as spare change)"....

The physical therapist asked me all kinds of questions. Does it hurt to raise my arm?  Does it hurt to lift anything over 5 lbs?  Does it hurt to dress yourself?  Does it hurt to do simple things, like write?  ....

... the answer is YES to all of the above.

So he starts pushing, poking & pulling.

Next thing I know, he has me raise my arm... (insert POP POP POP in my shoulder when I raise my arm)

He then starts poking on my shoulder blade in my back.  Has me stand up again & then grabs, yes GRABS my shoulder blade & tells me to raise my arm.  Pain?  Not nearly as bad as it was... I can almost say it wasnt there at all!!! What the heck?  Is this dude a magician or something?

He told me he doesnt think I have tendonitis in my arm afterall... he thinks there may have been a touch of it at one point, & that it may come & go, but that isnt whats causing the severe pain in this arm.

What is?  I cant even begin to tell you... it was like a 20-syllable word that sounded like a foreign language curse word.

So I ask him, "can you dummy that down for me?  What do I tell people when they ask me because I'm not even going to ATTEMPT to repeat that word"

He said, "Your mechanics in your shoulder are completely out of whack"....ok... dummy-ed down...

But that means that somewhere along the line, the shoulder blade & my rotator cuff have gotten off track & its made the muscles weak & it has them stretched & pulled in the wrong directions.. in the front of the arm & the back where the shoulder blade is. 

I thought he may be crazy at first because it hurts in my WHOLE ARM & my back & my shoulder blade has never been an issue.  He then went on to tell me that the rotator cuff reflects pain to where the bicep reaches the rotator cuff... & that pain "refers" down to the bicep, down to the forearm, & even as far down to the fingers... & he pointed to exactly where all my pain is.

He explained that is why heat/ ice/ Alleve/ anything for inflammation isnt helping - because its not really inflammed.  He used the word "impinged" & said its about building up the muscles again.

So, there's good news in that.  They were saying that if the tendons werent getting better, then we could be looking at surgery... but now its not an issue. 

But its still going to be awhile... he said that the muscle is pulling on the rotator cuff & that its going to take awhile to do these exercise he's shown me & for the body to adapt.  Because when I left today, the pain wasnt bad at all... even felt better.  But he said, "your body will adapt back to what its been used to - which is broken" ... "broken"... what a word... so its going to take months of repetitive exercises to train the shoulder to get back to where it needs to be.

... he was right too - the pain was back within the hour... even WORSE - which he told me it would be as I am trying to strengthen these mucles.

So - that's where I'm at... still in pain... but at least feeling like I have some answers...

but still broken....

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cutest Pumpkins EVER

So I mentioned my brother had a booth at a local Fall Festival...

See the one with the blue eye shadow on?  Oh yeah - I totally snagged that one up for myself! :)  Gonna put a witches hat on her for Halloween, & a pilgrim had for Thanksgiving. ... its HUGE too so it'll fill up my front porch too... I'll have the cutest pumpkin on my street.

I headed over to the festival to check out his booth... mainly because I think his work is A-MAZ-ING... from the classy, beautiful work, to the fun, adorable, even constipated looking pumpkins :)

Tell me this pumpking doesnt scream "CONSTIPATED"

Arent these pumpkins awesome?   I just think these faces are adorable...  All the kids loved them too - they would come running over & just staring at the big eyes & big noses...

... I just love seeing my brother get out there & promote some of this talent because he definitely doesnt show enough the amazing things he can do.... all these are hand painted & air brushed...

....Am I sounding like a proud little sister?... because I totally am :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday!!!!  Not just any Friday either... its the Friday before my vacation.... which means today will be busy because when you get ready to leave work for vacation, you have to make sure everything is finished... only to come back to have work piled so high on your desk, you're exhausted for another week.  I don't care.  Its one week I dont have to worry about getting up at 4:30... I plan on sleeping, cleaning my garage, sleeping, going to physical therapy for my arm, sleeping, relaxing, sleeping, letting my arm rest, sleeping.. & more sleeping...  Until 3:00 gets here, we'll just frag away

I'm still angry about Chynna Phillips getting kicked off "Dancing with the Stars"... that's 2 weeks in a row that 2 GOOD dancers have gotten eliminated.  Even if she forgot her routine, she was STILL better then Chaz & Carson... & Hope! I dont see why anyone thinks she's good - I think she looks so "stiff"... As of now, I dont even think they have 3 good people for a final 3... If Ricki Lake or JR gets booted, I'll be watching "The Sing Off" on Mondays

I'm ignoring a toothache that's coming on... that's the LAST thing I need right now with all my arm issues.  And the last thing I need for my wallet.  Hey - I remember my vacation last year also left me getting a root canal & a crown... there's my vacation fund right there every year... this pain is in a tooth where its already crowned & has been root canal... THAT right there folks is how lucky I am!  Who can have pain in a nerve that isnt even there?  geez....

How cute are these leg warmers?  I love that yarn pattern too - Noro is just BEAUTIFUL... but I would totally wear these all the time... with skirts - over jeans... to bed!  I'm all about extra warmth with the cool weather coming.


My brother is setting up a booth tomorrow at a Fall festival selling some pumpkins that he paints.  He does it every year & they are A-DOR-ABLE!  He always gives everyone in the family one & his friends & every year we all tell him he needs to sell them.  So he's doing it tomorrow.  Wish him luck!  I've gotta run by & cheer him on... take some pictures of all the pumpkins together so you can see once again his amazing talent!


SPAT OF THE WEEK:  Anniversary Dinner... So, I dont gamble - at all.  We have a Riverboat Casino near us.  It used to be Ceasars but The Horse Shoe has taken it over.  Last time I was on the boat was in 1999. No joke.  But I have gone to their hotel for the places to eat... hello... Paula Dean has a buffet there.  Heavenly Buttery Fat EVERYWHERE. But they have amazing places to eat there... so Ricky, who DOES love to gamble always is getting things in the mail from his Player Card.  He & his best bud, Tony have spent more time there then anywhere else... wait, I take that back - 2nd to the skating rink I'll say.  So this week, Ricky gets in the mail a discount for the most amazing steakhouse (steak for him - none for me thankyouverymuch) & it says, "To celebrate your Annivesary"... Our anniversary is Oct 28... the River Boat knows that... that's scary....
(The owners probably know that most men forget it & its their SLY way of reminding the men so they're not in trouble & can keep coming back to gamble... anyways...)
So Ricky says to me, "I think Tony & I are going to go use this to celebrate our anniversary"
Since when did you marry Tony?
He went on to give me an explanation on why it makes sense to take Tony there.
.... so for the record, he's taking his best friend on our annivesary dinner & he's messed up our vacation being off on our anniversary.  Its a wonder we're going to make it to our 16th year... good thing I love his messed up butt


FYI - & I hate to admit this... the Spat of the Week a few weeks ago... Isaac liked Ricky's choice of toys - the Iron Man figure won out.... DANNNNNGGGGGG ITTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Guys stick together is all I'm going to say about that


I've missed my books lately... I'm just not finding time to read & its making me sad

Speaking of books... I'm totally interested in this little gadget....

Kindle Fire!!! Anyone else looked into it yet?  I bet they will be impossible to get around Christmas time though... & Yes, I'm talking about buying myself one for Christmas.  Priorites :)


Anyone know why on Pinterest, you have to put your own settings for height/width?  That's causing me stress...


This just freaks my mind out....

OK everyone... Hope you have a FABULOUS FRIDAY!!!  Mine will be even more FAB at 3:00...

(Did I mention I'm going to be sleeping a lot on my vacation?)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Arm update...

...yep... still miserable...

... still in pain...

... still frustrated.

I went back to the doctor earlier this week.  Y'all know how much I hate going to the doctor so that should tell you how bad this is still hurting.  Its been going on now for 4 months... sigh...

The doctor gave me a steroid pack to try.  Its called MethylPREDNISolone (dont know why those letters are captalized, but that's the way its printed on the box?) ...

Prescription medicine makes me nervous & I prefer not to take it unless its totally necessary, which after 4 months of pain, its necessary.  But when I think of steroids, all I can think about it swelling up & gaining weight.  The doctor told me this is such a short burst of steroids that that shouldnt happen.  I wanted to say, "but do you KNOW me?  have we met?  because anything bad that can happen, usually will"...

I'm also afraid after this pack, I'm going to look something like this...

(Just imagine red hair... & a lot paler...)
Its only a 21 pack - & there is a schedule that has me taking like 6 pills the first day, 5 the next, down to one pill 6 days later.... so we'll see what happens.

I'm also supposed to schedule with a physical therapist & let them evaulate me & see what they can do.

... I just want to feel normal again...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011 you...

My devotional for the morning has a simple verse:

"See, your king comes to you....."
Matthew 21:5

It was a devotional on Jesus going into Jerusalem & how the people were cheering Jesus' arrival when he entered, but how it sooned changed to screams of "Cruicify Him"

But all I kept thinking about were those 5 words...

& I kept thinking about how Jesus keeps coming to us... even when we're excited He's there & then turn on him just like the people long ago...

... & then I just kept asking myself, how often do we go to Him?

Thank you Jesus that you're always there, coming to me, waiting for me to always come to you... daily... hourly... every second of the day...

May our own lives say, "See, we go to our King"....

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

OK - I've got no excuses...

My friend put a link up on my Facebook yesterday for me to check something out...

I click on it to read the story...

Its about the woman who gave birth right after running the Chicago Marathon.

(She's a red head... you gotta watch out for those... they do some crazy things! :) )


I know runners are a tad motivated & push their bodies in ways most people cant understand... well, just chalk this up to that list.  Maybe with a bonus for "extra" crazy... but in a good way.

This mom obviously was in good shape if she's heading out to do a marathon at 39 weeks.

I think running while pregnant is amazing!  I ran my 2nd half marathon & saw a VERY pregnant lady out on the road.  It was actually inspiring.  But luckily, she didnt have a little baby running right out, there in front of me.  I'd take off the other direction.. EEK!!!! Panic!!!

I told my friend that I cant hardly run even when I have a FOOD BABY ... so I applaud this lady. 

I guess I have no more excuses on days I dont want to run.

My knee hurts?  Try running while 9 months pregnant
I'm tired?  Try carrying a HUMAN inside of you & then talk about tired
My feet hurt?  Try running to the hospital while your in labor & then think about your FEET hurting...

...yeah - no excuses....

Monday, October 10, 2011


We just started a new series in our youth group, talking about moving forward.

When we become a Christian, we sometimes think we're supposed to be perfect - make no more mistakes - we have it all together afterall... right? 

yeah - those of us that have been Christians for awhile know that's a laughable statement.

But we get that idea in our head sometimes that we have to take giant LEAPS toward Christ - when all He wants is for us is to take steps.. .small steps actually... maybe even baby steps. 

Its those steps that get us closer to Him because we're doing those steps thoughtfully & not the leaps that are usually out of excitement or emotion.

Have you ever came home from a retreat & was all pumped up & ready to change everything you do because you want to be THE.BEST.CHRISTIAN.EVER!!!! ....

How did that work for you? ... exactly.

Last night, in the youth small group, some of the kids gave me an even better understanding of this idea

(See?  Again, this is why I ADORE working with youth - they teach me everytime I talk with them)

They said that when you take a step, at least you have one foot on the ground - it keeps you stable & balanced so even if you do take a misstep, you have some support to keep you upright.... if you leap & you take a wrong step, chances are, you're coming down in a mess & hurting yourself.

Isnt that a cool visual?  Out of the the mouth of the teens of today :)

So be encouraged - you dont have to take huge LEAPS for Christ... He just wants you to continue to step towards Him... whether that be a nice stride, or even small slow steps... as long as its forward.

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