Tuesday, September 29, 2020




Remember the good ole days of blogging?

I think blogging is so different today than what it used to be. Nothing wrong with different. I read some great blogs every day of people that share their lives in such a fun & beautiful way.  I've  made some great friends through recent blogs & I've made some amazing friends through blogs of years past too.  So many blogs that I have watched their children grow up & become adult men & women. Blogs where I've rooted & cheered people on... & celebrated all the highs... & cried from afar when people have shared their losses & struggles.  I've been in it for a long while y'all.  Years behind the keyboard trying to share my life in a way that is true to me because I really do love blogging & all that comes with it.

Years is key here though. 

I started blogging in 2006.  I know some bloggers who were probably in high school then.  ... oh my..... 

This is the very first picture I have on my blog.
& I think these socks got destroyed by one of our dogs. RIP socks.

What is the point of all this "looking down memory lane of the good ole days of blogging"?

Because I've lost it. Yep, I've really lost it.  It may have taken 14 years, but my blogging mojo is just disappearing & I really feel the loss of it as really a loss of myself.  That's what happens when you do this for so long.  I'm talking about that inspiration that makes you excited to do a post, & the excitement to share some news or a picture & talk about what's going on in my little corner of the world - even smaller corner of the internet.  

I've been thinking about changing some things up.... & here's what I've come up with.

BLOGTOBER!!!! Or  does Bloctober fit better with October?  I've never been very clever with names.  I'm the one who when I was little would name all my baby dolls Ann, Sue, Mary - or the ever creative - Baby.

Anyways.... what I'm thinking is, every day in October, I'm going to just typeShare my life.  Use my little blog as my brain space.  Letting you in on the good, the bad, the beauty, the ugly, the frustration - because hello 2020.  

One day may just be a post on how my day went.  Another may just be a scripture I read & my thought on it that day in my devotional.  One may be just a picture or pictures I've taken - because I really miss sharing my photos from my good camera & seeing the world through those eyes.

I'm not even sure how its going to look... & that makes me nervous & equally excited.

This all sounds pretty much what my blog is now, right?  So what's really the different?   I think the thing is,  I have been so trained, as many bloggers, to have the posts that get posted on certain days of the week & you set a schedule & you know what day something will be a link up. NOTHING wrong with that at all. I so appreciate & value the link ups to join along with other bloggers & I've met so many friends through some link ups.  & I'm still probably going to post some for link ups myself.  ... Like my September One Sentence a Day - I mean, I've been documenting every day of September so I'm totally sharing that.  But I may have it at the end of a post.  I will also not give up the Show Us Your Books post too for the next go around because I love that day & seeing what everyone is reading.  My Goodreads would see no action unless those posts didnt happen once a month.  

As for Thankful Thursday & Friday Favorites... I think they may be on hold for October.  ... & did I just hear a moan?.... well dont. Because I hope to share my gratitude in EVERY day's post!!! That's sort of the point of doing this.  & maybe a Friday Favorite will still show up.. but maybe not as big. I know so many love the funnies... I just may put some funnies at the end of some posts throughout the week too.... because that's the whole point


That is what blogging can look like....

I think anyways. 

My brain is getting old... but I THINK that's what blogging used to look like.

My plan... every night, end my day at the computer & just share.  & that includes weekends, which WHAT? Hardly anyone blogs on weekends.... but I'm really wanting to do a post every day in October.  We'll see where this goes. Maybe it will just be a new & fun way to post & you all will enjoy it & more importantly, I - MYSELF- will enjoy it & it will just spark some joy (that's for you Maria Kondo) & I'll continue through the rest of the year.  Because dont we all want to see how much I love the Holidays.

... & if you know me well, you know that right there was a joke because after October, the holidays dont do much for me except crank up my anxiety & depression.  Fun stuff, huh?  But if I can share & make it relatable to someone, then it will be worth it.

I dont know how it will go.  Maybe after week 1, I'll be, aint no one got time for this & I'll be done... but I'm hoping for a challenge that will push me in all the good ways possible.  

And hey, if anyone else wants to join in with me...  Need a challenge to spark some blog joy yourself?  Do it with me.  Blogtober - or Bloctober or whatever you want to call it.

...& if anyone wants to take the lead on Thankful Thursday - just let me know.  I'm happy to share it with someone - especially some of my awesome friends that are so faithful in linking up with me each week.  I'll do the link up & even post it on my blog as well at the end of my Thursday's posts -  but a few of you can put the link up on your blogs as well.  Message me - you all know who you are :)

So anyways... let's see where this goes.  

& please - let me know your thoughts. Because while I want to do this for me, I really dont want to bore you or go down a road that just leave me more isolated in a time where isolation is the WORD OF THE YEAR.  

So tell me...

Blogtober or Bloctober?

How long have you been blogging?

Are you losing your blogging mojo?

Is this just a really bad idea that's going to go down in a blaze of fire... like 2020?

Friday, September 25, 2020

Friday Favorite


(Click Pic for Link)

Favorite Spatula

I like how you can get under things... but also use this for functions of other kitchen gadgets.- like a scrapper. You know with that edge, you can really clean a bowl.
They have a sample of someone using two of these like salad tossers too.

Favorite Tee

Favorite Masks

Yes.. I know.. I make them too, but I really REALLY like the Old Navy masks that have the adjustable ear pieces. They are so light & I think they are so easy to breath in.
Plus - the prints. & you get FIVE for $12.50 I've ordered once & going to get some more.

Favorite Coffee Mug


Favorite Earrings


Favorite Make up Brushes

Perfect brushes for Halloween make up with some Nightmare Before Christmas inspiration

Favorite Trench Coat

I love a red jacket anyways - but this is perfect for the blustery fall days

Favorite Funnies

Happy Friday Y'all!!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Thankful Thursday #284

 This week I'm Thankful For:

Fall Weather
Oh my goodness... I am just feeling all the happiness in my soul with the cool weather.  Sleeping with windows open.  Cool breezes. Cool mornings & cool evenings. CARDIGAN WEATHER! The best!

My Brother
I'll say it again becuase last week was a fast blurb of Thankful Thursday - but I'm so glad he was over here quick & sat outside & waited for me while I was getting my ankle x-rayed.  It saved so much time because I wasn't able to drive & if Ricky had to leave work & come home & take me, it would have been over an hour.

The Hubs
He really steps up when I need him.  On his way home the day I hurt my ankle, he stopped & bought everything in the First Aid aisle. Bandages, Neosporin, Peroxide, & even better - he brought home some dinner - LOL!  He's been so good at taking care of me & making me stay with my foot propped up, while he takes care of the dogs & bringing me water in the bed.  I have a good partner.

2 Seasons
Y'all.... I started working at home right before Spring. Like 2 weeks before it was Spring. It's now Fall. I have worked from home for 2 full seasons now. That's amazing to me. Never even thought it was something that could be an option - but its just been something I'm grateful for every single day.  Especially when I have a wonky ankle & burned up knee.  I cant imagine walking from the parking garage to the office.  & with COVID still moving along, even if people want to ignore it & act like its not around anymore (..... sigh......) I'm so glad to be safe & healthy in my home.

Fall Shirts
I cant help it - I started on being thankful for Fall & I'll end with it. I found some cute Fall Tees online & why? Because I go to so many places... like my living room, kitchen & back porch.... but I bought a few of them.  I live in a beautiful place surrounded by trees - so even if I just sit on my porch, I want to celebrate fall with a cute tee  #IamBasic LOL

Its Thursday.... I work in Louisville, just live miles from it... I am from Louisville.
I have so many thoughts on what's going on right now in our city.... 
But I'll just leave it with the request to pray for Louisville.

Pray for our country more importantly.  
I dont know where we're going to go with the tensions & hatred that just keep boiling hotter & hotter..  I dont feel like anyone really wants to listen anymore - they only want to SHOUT.   I dont see where there is light ahead.  That's not a good way to end on Thankful Thursday at all, is it?
 ... just pray.

PLEASE - tell me something good about your week

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Monday, September 21, 2020

The weekend that was the perfect weather to have a readathon with your foot propped up



That's the only word to describe the weather around these here parts this weekend.... absolutely GLORIOUS!

Fall kicks off tomorrow, but we got the best sneak preview ever of the season.  Every day, Friday - Sunday, was cool & breezy & not a cloud in the sky. It honestly didnt get any better than that.

For someone who couldnt do much with this stupid wonky foot... & knee...  shoulder of mine, it worked out perfectly for me to just go through my library books.  I honestly sat outside 90% of Saturday & 90% of Sunday.

Saturday, I finished one books - read through another one in literally one sitting - & Sunday, I started another book & got half way through it.  

Kind of a perfect weekend for me.

I also took the time to do my Bible Study - which I am loving! I havent done a Beth Moore study in the longest & I forget how in depth they are.  How they make you feel like every day's lesson is leaving you feeling like you're in Seminary school & pointing out things I would have never otherwise pieced together.

I did get in some Netflix watching too.

Friday, as soon as I logged off - the Hubs had brought in Pizza & we ate & then I went directly to bed to prop my foot up because it was basically like a balloon. I could honestly feel it SLOSHING when I walked.... GAG. Literally GAG!

But Friday night, I finished up Season 2 of Legacies. I'm still always down for all the Vampire Diaries series. I may even start rewatching TVD from the beginning & get through The Originals too. I am such a nerd for all of it. #TeamDamon #TeamElijah

Saturday, I ended up watching the new show on Netflix about The Space Shuttle Challenger. 

My heart hurt. Seriously hurt. 

Again, one of those things you remember where you were. I honestly can remember it like yesterday & I was in 8th grade.  I can remember the shock of it all & President Reagan talking about it.  I think I remember it so well because our Science Teacher had applied for it.  She said she didnt get far into the process of it but I can remember her talking about how it felt so real because it COULD have been her on that shuttle.  We all were invested with having the first school teacher on there & watching her experience.  Seeing the story through the actual facts of the circumstances & seeing - ONCE AGAIN - how money & politics seems to rule the world, I was just so angry at it all.

Watch it if you remember this ... watch if it if you are too young because you'll learn from it.  

& speaking of anger.... let's add in a dash of sadness too - because I know so many of us are just heartbroken about the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  I was SHOCKED. I hadnt heard the news because I just stay clear of news anymore & saw it on a friend's Instagram. I think the breath got knocked out of me.

I dont care what political party side you see yourself on - if you are a woman, I'd have to think you would  respect her work.  For me, watching documentaries about her, I always appreciated more than anything the power & strength she had in her soft, calm words she used.  Such a tiny little thing but someone who stood up to the biggest of them to get equality for so many.  What a legacy she's left behind.

Other side notes of the weekend:

* My ankle is doing better. The foot is still swollen but the pain isnt nearly as bad. I'm still having issues bending the ankle.  But the worst part is my skinned up knee.  It BURNSSSSS so bad. I dont know how it's going to scab over because every time I bend it, it makes it bleed all over again. This is going to be a slow heal on this one.  I told my friend it was like I just went slip N sliding down asphalt. Fun stuff.

* Ernie trucked over Harvey while they were playing in the yard chasing frisbees.  Harvey yelped out & raised his paw & Ricky had to carry him in.  His poor little paw swelled up & between the two of us, Ricky said the word STAY!!!!! more than he's ever said it on a weekend.  (Harvey's paw has gone back to normal size & hes walking way better than me)

* I baked a cake this weekend. It was pretty good. Going to totally make another one soon.

* I am loving all my fall scent candles right now. Bring on all the apple, pumpkin & cinnamon smells!!

* I slept with the windows open all weekend long.  Which of course made me sleep so sound & perfectly. Fresh cool air just brings on the most amazing sleep for me.

* I had to watch part of the Emmy's to see how they were going to handle COVID award season. What a weird 2020.  I always say every award season that it aggravates me that super rich celebrities pat each other on the back for being... well a celebrity.... when so many other people in this world need recognition for what they do.  But to watch it in a time where people still get to accept awards in their home... I dont know man ... weird isnt the word for it. But that's a discussion for another day.

Tell me about your weekend....

Did you get a taste of fall?

Do you have the fall scents flowing in your home?

Do you remember The Challenger tragedy?

Did you watch the Emmy's?

Friday, September 18, 2020

Friday Favorites


(Click Pic for Link)

Favorite Bookshelf

I love the little division in between the shelves.
Gives such a retro vibe to me.

Favorite Pumpkin Candle Holders

Favorite Hair Help

I'm so bad about putting products in my hand & then in my hair.
I always end up looking like a T-Bird from Grease.
But if I can spray things, it makes it easier.
Plus - this has ALL the stuff to make hair shiny & healthy looking.

Favorite Toiletries Bag

This is pretty genius.
It holds quite a bit & has areas where you slide in bottles so they wouldnt fall over.
But you just raise the sides of the bag up & cinch it up & you can carry your full size products with you when you travel - or if you even just want to throw under the sink at night.
I'm thinking college kids - this would be perfect for to take to the bathroom.

Its under $10.00 too & comes in different colors.
I'm thinking of all the ways to use it.

Favorite Dog Food Feeder

We have the taller feeding trays for our Aussies & this one, I REALLY am interested in.
You put the food below it - talk about easy to feed them!!!

Favorite Cake

This is just fun to give to someone celebrating anything.

Favorite Winter Boots

Yes... these are a little bit pricey - but they come in some cute colors
& if you have to walk on sidewalks in the rain & cold & snow - it may be worth paying for the security of good boots AND some that are a little more fashionable

Favorite Egg Maker

I know I put one of these on here before 
But I've been using mine every week to make lunch & I am in love with it all over again.
I make hard boiled eggs at the beginning of the wee & put it on toast with hummus or Guac
Delicious! - trying to find the ways to get in some protein.

Favorite Laundry Help

I love laundry bags to wash my bras with the hooks & straps
& have been using them lately to wash masks in them.
But this excites me to get some that sweaters can go in.
You know - the ones that snag & pull easily? Protection is here!

Favorite Funnies

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2020

A quick one... because I'm taking FALL literally....{Thankful Thursday #283}

 If you've seen my Stories, you saw I took a little bit of a stumble walking yesterday

..... because I'm talented like that.


I went to Urgent care & they had to check out my ankle - which is about the size of a baseball....
& my shoulder & my knee on the other side & a scrapped up palm of my hand because that's how I landed.
I honestly feel like I've been in a car wreck.

I told my brother, I'm now at the age, when I fell, I'm like, "Let me do a whole body check before I move"
But I had to move quick because I was laying in the road & on the country roads, over a hill - I just knew a car was going to fly up over at 70 mph - as country road drivers do (that gives me ALL the anxiety on this road)

Anyways - nothing is broken. Thank you Lord.
Just bruised up, scraped up, SUPER SORE - feeling in love with Alleve.

They cant even touch under my ankle - it brings me right  off the table. 
& when I walk, it  pulls that area, all the way back into my Achilles heel....
The doctor told me to give it a few days & see what the swelling does & if its still so painful to walk on or touch, get in with an orthopedic doctor to get an MRI & see if any ligaments are tore.


Leave it to me....

Anyways - doing a quick Thankful Thursday because I'm going to bed & propping up my leg & getting ice on it.

This week I'm Thankful for:

Fall like temperature days

My new curtains

Beth Moore Bible Studies

Hobby Lobby pictures sales

My new cell phone

Ankle not broke. 

My brother got me to Urgent Care. 
My jacked  up ankle is on my right side  so I couldnt drive myself & I'm so thankful my brother was over here in like 5 minutes & got me to the doctor so fast.

Tell me something good about your week!

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