Wednesday, April 30, 2008


If anyone knows me - they know one of my most favorite things to do is laugh! It just makes you feel so much better in so many ways & the happiness you feel from it, its just the best thing in the world that God created! My 2nd favorite thing is to hear others laugh! To hear some laughs, they are just so contagious, they make you break out in laughter for no reason at all.

Me - I can laugh at ANYTHING! It doesn't take much to get a giggle out of me. It drives some people nuts (namely, my husband) - but I truly can't help it - laughter is just always ready to pop out of my mouth! Ricky - you practically have to be Jay Leno to get anything out of him - but man, when he gets a belly laugh - its the best sound to my ears because its so rare to hear!

Have you ever sat & listened to people laughing? Or what they laugh at? What they find funny? It's different things to different people! For me - all it takes is someone tripping or falling down - I'm gone! Others, its a great joke, or a funny story, or a clever come back. We all have different senses of humor.

2 years ago, me & Ricky went with Steph & Jack, as well as Julie & Steve to see the Southeast Christian Church's Easter Pagent. If you've never seen it & you're around the Louisville area - man, you've got to go visit it! Its truly amazing! But during the play, there was a few times that the man who played Jesus would laugh out loud - a great, loud, boldestrous laugh! Steph & I had the best conversation about that - how out of all the drama of the Easter story, how that stood out to us. Can you imagine hearing Jesus laugh? You picture him in all these dramatic stories of the Bible & the situations he was in & you wonder what his sense of humor was like. Some people even wonder if he even HAD a sense of humor. It was cool too because the week following the pagent, the actors that portrayed Jesus & Satan were on the radio for questions or comments & I got through & was able to tell them how much I loved the sound of the laughter. The man who played Jesus made some great comments about how Jesus had to laugh throughout his life on earth & it was a great conversation that ensued - all for the listening audience!

Steph & I were at an antique shop one day & she ran across an awesome picture of Jesus with his head back & a great laugh on his face. She immediately got it & had it hanging right by her door. Every time I saw it, I just imagined the laughter that came from his mouth.

Then yesterday, I ran across a great verse from a devotion I was doing - in Psalms 2:4 - it says:

"The One enthroned in heaven laughs:..."

The Message Bible states it as: "Heaven-throned God breaks out laughing...."

Now, the rest of the story talks about how He immediately turned angry at some sinning fellows - but just to hear the Bible talk about God laughing - I loved it! And for me - I picture God not laughing at all - Jesus, yes - God - not too much the prankster! But then you have to think of some of the things life hands to us, or even some of God's creations & you have to think that God had a sense of humor. Afterall, he created man in his image - And we have senses of humor - its got to come from somewhere - right?

What do you think makes God laugh? What is it that makes him chuckle? Can you imagine how glorious the sound of His laughter is? Oh - I can't wait to hear it for myself one day!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I LOVE "Lost" - look forward to all the kookiness of trying to figure out this show (I gave up actually - I'm in it just for the shock value now) - but I ran across this & was CRACKING up! The funniest part - after I got done watching it, I hit a wrong button on my computer & said, "WHAT?" I laughed for 10 minutes afterwards!

Monday, April 28, 2008


I heard some very interesting statistics the other day about communication.

Only 7% of words make an impact on what people hear when you speak. 7% - how small is that! That did make me feel pretty good because I'm not a "big word" person! Some people are & they get me staring at them in awe. All the while, I'm thinking, "Remember that word for Scrabble"! But only 7% really makes an impact on what people hear.

Then 38% of effective communication is the tone of your voice! How you voice something makes all the difference. I've learned this myself just being married. There is such a difference in telling my husband, "Pick up your socks now!" with a stern voice versus, "Honey, can you help me straighten up a bit" with that soothing, sickening, lovely voice. (They still don't get picked up - but I get a nicer "no" with the kinder tone) But think of it - can't you feel yourself tense up when you hear someones voice being tight or loud or stern. And then there's the calming, soothing, gentle voices that you are just drawn too. How you say it makes all the difference.

Finally, 55% of effective communication is due to facial expressions & body language. How funny is that! And how true is that! Facial expressions....I'm so bad at not hiding anything from my face. The way I feel is usually right there for all to see. Body Language - how many people have you seen with arms crossed & add a scowl facial expression - what does that tell you about a person?

There is some encouraging thoughts in all this though. So many people have such a hard time witnessing for Christ to others. They're not sure what to say or not sure they'll have the right words to give to someone. Look at what this is saying though....the most effective communication doesn't even have to do with words. It's how you live your life - how others look at you & what they see. When you have a smile on your face at all times - don't you think people want to know what your secret is to happiness? When you are standing next to someone with arms ready to hug - don't you think that makes people feel comfortable enough to want to open up to you more? When you speak to someone in a calm, serene voice about your life - don't you think it makes someone want to get what makes you have that peacefulness within you?

Can you imagine how Jesus did with his communicating? Yes - his words made ALL the difference - but can you picture his body language & his facial expression? I see him sitting on the rock asking all the young children to come to him. Can you picture his arms stretched out, inviting them in? And can't you hear the soothe tone of his voice making all the children feel safe enough to go to him?

Can you imagine Jesus' voice when he was up on the cross suffering & yet still, his voice was calm when he said, "Father, forgive them for they know what they do?" Can you imagine the look of forgiveness & mercy in his eyes instead of anger & resentment? Can you imagine the communication he gave with just those actions he did?

Now think of your own life. The best communication of how God works in your life can make all the difference to someone elses life!

What are you communicating to others through your body language & the way you carry yourself?

Friday, April 25, 2008

Who's at work?

Look at who came to work with me today! You can see in this a bit of her neck & how she's scratched it to the skin. She's also done it to her foot. So needless to say, I'm keeping her with me today to keep an eye on her - no scratching! Hopefully, after today & keeping an eye on her over the weekend, she'll be all healed up! You can tell she's just miserable with this too. Allergies? Something from getting groomed? We dont know - but I hate when one of my fur-babies is miserable! At least she's making the others jealous by getting to come to work with me. I think each one of them has now been up to my office.

Do I have the best job in the world or what?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

April Socks

Yipee - I've got 3 out of 4 months so far for the year done with socks! 3 delicious, yummy, comfy, wonderful pairs of socks! I will say though, I'm not too happy with these socks - but they'll do - how can knitted socks ever be bad? Right? But I just didn't like a few things about these.

First, the color - I love pink & thought these would be great - but I didn't like that weird peach color in the middle of it - if it were a different shade of pink or even another shade of tan, I think it would have looked nice - but peach? Didn't dig it!

Second thing - I matched these up to be perfect - or close enough to perfect (is that possible?) - but they didn't turn out right - they ended up being like an inch off! Talking with Lynn, she too had the same problem with this same yarn. What's up with that? So I was grumbling the whole time I was making the second sock when I discovered this.......but all is well because now, I have some more Aloe on my feet. Yes, this is another pair of Aloe yarn - loving it!

But now, I'll be onward to my new Ambrosia yarn for the next pair of socks! Will I laugh in Aloe's face after I have Cashmere on my feet? Oh, for the love of yarn!!!!

Oh - & the Charity Knit is offically on! I've finished my first block - almost done with the second & have seen progress on other's squares. I'm so excited to get it all together & see how it turns out! I know people are excited about this & this blanket is going to be full of love & prayers for the baby that receives it.

Here's a picture of the first square with the heart in it. The flash is a little bright & when I do another one without the flash, it ends up blurring! I need a professional camera just for knitting! Think Ricky will buy that excuse?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More stash!

I feel like its Christmas & My birthday again! Why? Because I have some awesome friends who got me gift certficiates to the knitting store for both occassions & I hadn't been up to this store in awhile. Oh, I've been to other yarn stores, but just not this particular one. It's just hard for me to visit this one because this is the store that me & Steph would go & knit at almost every weekend for hours on end. It's just hard, weird & not the same to be there anymore. But anytime I can get some knitting stuff on a gift certificate - I was excited!!!!!!!

So this is my new collection to add to my stash!

First of all - my book! "Victorian Lace for Today" - this has to be one of the most beautiful books I've ever seen - even if I didn't knit! The photography in it is gorgeous! And knitting lace has been a goal for my 2008 knitting year & I've had many who suggested this book. It looks like there are projects that seem simple enough (goodie) all the way to projects that I can only HOPE to accomplish someday. Should be fun!

Then I got 4 more skeins of Catalina Alpaca yarn! I LOVE this yarn. I made a "Hannah Wrap" a few years back in the brown & its probably my most favorite project I've ever made! It was a fun knit & just so soft - I wanted to hold that yarn forever. So I figure I'll make another bright colored one. I may end up deciding to do another pattern in the end, but I'm just excited to finally get this yellow. I've been eyeing it for years! Now, its at my house to look at every day. How lucky am I?

And Finally - I got talked into this sock yarn - the Ambrosia! Now, for those of you who know nothing about knitting or knitting socks - let me just tell you - this yarn is made up of Alpaca, Cashmere & Silk!!!!!!!! Can you imagine? Think of what clouds would feel like - that's what I'm picturing it'll feel like walking in these socks! And I'm excited that its a solid color yarn so I can do some sort of beautiful pattern in them as well. I can't wait to see how they knit up. I hope I dont get addicted to this yarn - it comes up to about a $23.oo pair of socks! Who says that luxury is cheap?

So thanks to Jennifer (oy!) and Sam, Jacob, Amanda, Cayla & Nate for all my knitting goodies!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Its Earth day! YIPEE! But man, I wish every day people would consider it to be Earth Day! Yes, I am a recycler & am starting to get a little carried away about it - but I feel so bad now when I have a can, or especially a water bottle & I go to throw it in the garbage can. Why do that when you can recycle it & it saves the land fills AND it gets used again?!? What a deal! Yes, my husband gets aggravated at me because I'm constantly cleaning cans, washing bottles, cutting off labels, breaking down cardboard, putting newspaper in bins & always washing out detergent bottles. To me, now, its just habit! And luckily, we have a little recycle center that's just about 10 minutes away from us so once a month, the car gets loaded & I feel like I've done my part to help the little Earth!

Just try it for a week & look at all the stuff you, just one person or one family, has that can be recycled!
I also save all my things at work that can be recycled & take home when its a recycle trip weekend & I'm SHOCKED at the things I have just in my work area. Cardboard from coke boxes - water bottles - cardboard from cracker holders - aluminum cans out the wahzoo! Just me - all this comes from me!

I have to say, one of my biggest accomplishments that I'm proud of - I got my Jazzercise group to recycle their water bottles! I would look around & everyone had a water bottle with them & they'd just get thrown away. I told them I would personally recycle them myself if they would just set up a recycle center for them - they loved the idea & now there is a huge bin for all the bottled to be recycled & the awesome women that run it do all the work of making sure they are all being recycled!! GO JAZZERCISE!

And I'm not that fanatic where I make everyone else recycle - that's your choice, but let me just put some facts for you to look at & see what you can do to help! Does it help if one person makes a change, like me? Yeah - maybe not alot, but it helps! Does it make a difference if we all make changes? OH YEAH! Think about what little things you can do that will make a big difference!

* During the time it takes you to read this sentence, 50,000 12-ounce aluminum cans are made.
* There is no limit to the amount of times an aluminum can can be recycled!
*Recycling ONE can saves enough energy to run a TV for 3 hours - or an equivalent of a half gallon of gasoline!!!

*To produce each week's Sunday's newspapers, 500,000 trees must be cut down (Oh, that makes me so sad!!!)
*If all our newspaper was recycled - we could save about 250,000,000 trees each year!!!!
*The amount of wood & paper we throw away each year is enough to heat 50,000,000 homes for 20 years

*Americans use 2,500,000 plastic bottles every hour!!! 25,000,000 are thrown away each hour!
*Recycling plastic saves twice as much energy as burning it in an incinerator.
*Plastic bags & other plastic garbage thrown into the ocean kills as many as one million sea creatures each year!

*Every month, we throw out enough glass bottles & jars to fill up a giant skyscraper - all of these jars are recyclable!
*A modern glass bottle would take 4,000 years or more to decompose - and even longer if its in the landfill!

*Rainforests are being cut down at the rate of 100 acres per minute!
*More than 20 MILLION Hershey's Kisses are wrapped each day - using 133 square miles of tinfoil. All that foil is recyclable - but not many people realize it!
*McDonalds saves 68,000,000 pounds of packaging per year just by pumping soft drink syrup directly from the delivery truck into tanks into the restaurant, instead of shipping the syrup in cardboard boxes! GO MICKEY D's!!!!!
*A typical family consumes 182 gallons of pop, 29 gallons of juice, 104 gallons of milk & 26 gallons of bottled water a year. That's alot of containers! Please try to recycle some of them!

Monday, April 21, 2008


My friend Joe informed us of a movie that was coming out this weekend called Expelled, which is a documentary that is led by Ben Stein (yes, from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off") & discusses how science & religion mix - or should I say, don't mix!

First of all, I have seen no publicity for this movie which is sort of addressed in the movie on how our media in this world has such influence on what gets noticed. And I have to say, this movie is full of interesting topics, eye opening things going on in the world & also, very disturbing!

I'm very excited for Julie to get to see this because she is a scientist herself & it specifically points to how the battle is going on so deeply in the science/religion arena. I can't wait to get her opinion of it! But for the normal person, like me, it just says alot on how the world looks at Christian values & our beliefs on how the world was created.

Not to give any of the movie away - I do have to point out just a few things that were mentioned. These world acclaimed scientist who are supposed to be "uber-intelligient" would sit there & laugh at the idea of an Intelligent Design - but would seriously, straight faced, whole heartedly explain how life could be created on the backs of crystals! I'm not joking! It was full of ideas like this that would just make my jaw drop.

Another idea that just made me shake my head was the idea that most of these scientist KNOW that religion will just sort of fade away over the years & science will prevail. I'm just wondering how they think that is even possible?

I couldnt even BEGIN to tell you everything this movie touched & talked about - you really should go see it yourself if any of this interests you. And I will admit, some parts of it - I was completely lost. When they started breaking out words that were more than 7 syllables long - I was lost - but then something would tie it all together & I'd get that "aha" moment!

And it's all worth it just to see the end where Ben Stein meets up with Richard Dawkins, a man who is intent on downing Christianity & even wrote a book called "The God Delusion" - I wanted to stand up & just cheer out loud during Mr. Stein's conversation with this man!

I know Ben Stein took a huge chance making this documentary - the movie points out how people who stand up for what they believe when it comes to a "Godly" viewpoint become a sort of "shunned" people by the government or those in positions of power & many loosing their jobs or any sort of future in their appointed careers. We can only pray that people, especially those in the fields of science, can keep their strength & knowledge focused on God - because there is a long, hard road ahead of them!

And speaking of Scientist - I just wanted to wish Julie a Happy Birthday!!! (It was Sunday) Enjoy picking out some knitting goodies & we missed spending it with you! Love you!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Job or Ministry?

I recently read this on a site I visit frequently & it is very thought provoking. For those of you who are working in the Ministry - think about these.

Some people have a JOB in the church; others involve themselves in a MINISTRY. What's the difference?

If you are doing it because no one else will - its a JOB
If you are doing it to serve the Lord - its a MINISTRY

If you quit because someone critizied you - its a JOB
If you keep on serving - its a MINISTRY

If you'll do it only if it doesn't interfere with your other activities - its a JOB
If you are committed to staying even when it means letting go of other things - its a MINISTRY

If you quit because no one thanked you or praised you - its a JOB
If you stay with it even though no one recognized your efforts - its a MINISTRY

Its hard to get excited about a JOB
It's almost impossible not to be excited about a MINISTRY

An average church is full of people doing JOBS
A great & growing church is filled with people involved in MINISTRIES

Where does your church fit in this? Where do YOU fit in this?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Charity Knit

I am SOOOOO excited! Tonight - I will passing out instructions for a Charity Knit-along through the knitters at my church. We're going to be doing squares with patterns that will be stitched up together to make baby blankets. They will then be delivered to the local hospital where my Sister in laws mother works with babies in Intensive Care. I've got 16 people that will be involved to start so I'm praying that more will be interested in learning to knit & joining us as we will hopefully spread some warmth & love to these little babies.

This first pattern will be made in Spring, light colors with the patterns being centered around "hearts". I'll post a picture when the finished project is done. I'm excited to see how it all turns out!

Oh - and make that 17 people - Julie will hopefully be joining in though she's in Texas. That's what makes mail so cool sometimes - she's already been emailed the pattern & she's the quickest knitter I know .....& the one who taught me how to knit - so she has to be included!

Lift up a little prayer that this could be a new ministry that could touch so many families. Let the knitting begin!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Yesterday, as I was driving over to see my nieces, I was looking at all the beautiful daffodils that were bloomed along the side of the road. Spring has brought all the beautiful things that bloom (& stirs up allergies) & its always so exciting to see the buds & know that everything is coming alive again.

But as I was looking at all the beauty during my drive, I felt so sad & helpless. I knew a frost was going to hit our area overnight. I could see some people had covered some of their flowers & even blooming trees with blankets & sheets trying to shield them. I too had covered up my tulips, which are my all time favorite flowers. They were just getting ready to bloom & I didnt want their beauty to be snuffed out. I also covered up my own daffodils with the hopes that they would still be beautiful when the morning sun hit them.

The frost did come tulips, they are still ready to let the blooms burst open! My daffodils - most of them survived - the sheet must have blown over & some of the flowers were exposed & the frost had stolen their beauty.

It really made me think about how God must feel looking at his children. He knows the frost is coming - he wants everyone to be saved. Just like I covered my own flowers - but I was helpless to protect all the wild daffodils on the side of the roads - God knows some will be lost. How heartbreaking that must be for Him.

And what a call to us, as His followers. To try & save all we can for His glory! And something else that hit me - the flowers that were originally covered but the frost got anyways. Once people are saved - we have a calling to keep on looking out for one another because sometimes, just like these flowers, the blanket is blown off. People tend to turn away even after they are saved - & they too will again become lost.

I'm looking forward to driving home today while the sun is shining once again & the spring temperatures are going back up to see what beauty is still around & I will appreciate it even more knowing that it was a hard night for these things - & they survived the frost!

Friday, April 11, 2008

A girl of the 70's

Its funny - someone sent me an email about if you were a girl of the 70's! I was completely cracking up because the things it said & the pictures attached - I HAD THESE EXACT THINGS! Yes - I am a girl of the 70's - if you are too, I hope some of these bring back some memories!!

Did you have that Fisher Price Doctor's Kit with a stethoscope that really worked!

Did you have the yellow bike with the banana seat - I had a basket with flowers on the front of mine too!

Did you think Gopher from the Love Boat was cute - its ok to admit it now - really!

Did you have nightmares after watching Fantasy Island? I really did - I dreamt Tattoo was chasing me on the island to kill me - emotionally scarred for life!

Did you own rubber boots for rainy days? Yep - I had them too - mine were dirty from playing in the rain. You could slide your own shoes in them & when you tried to pull them out - your shoes ALWAYS came off inside!

Did you own Klick-Klacks & smack yourself in the face more than once? Oh yeah - still have mine actually! Mine were green & yellow...groovy colors!

Was your Holly Hobbie Sleeping bag your most prized possession? Actually, I didnt have the sleeping bag - I had the Holly Hobbie Oven! Made the best cakes a hot light bulb could make!

Did you wear poncho's or gauchos or knickers? I STILL wear them - they did make a comeback, you know!

Did you beg Santa for an electronic game of Simon? We just got a new one a few months ago - but when I was young - I even had a POCKET sized Simon! How cool was I!

Did you own the Donnie & Marie dolls with the purple & pink shredded outfits? YEP - I LOVED my Marie Doll - I think I still even have her somewhere! Dont forget the microphone that fit in the hole in her hand!

Did you spend hours in the backyard on a metal swing set that would tip over at least once?

Did you have homemade ribbon barretts in every color imaginable? Oh - especially after watching Xanadu - I had to have more & more of these things!

Did you play PONG & think it was the most futuristic game you've ever seen?

Did you want or have hair that had "wings" or "feathers"? And how cool were you walking with a comb in your back pocket? And the scary thing - this was a uni-sex look! Guys - dont act like you didnt have the feathers either!

Did you & your girlfriends fight over which Duke Brother you were going to marry?

Was it a big event in your household each year when the Wizard of Oz came on TV? Oh - if you know me personally & my mom - it STILL is a big event!

Did you tape songs off the radio by holding your portable tape player by the speaker? I even taped the songs from Xanadu & Grease 2 by doing this!!!

Did you wear friendship pins on your tennis shoes or shoelaces?

Did you want to be a Solid Gold Dancer? I STILL want to be a Solid Gold Dancer!!!

Was Love's Baby Soft the first real perfume you ever owned? (How creepy is that advertisement for it?)

And my favorite of them all on the list - it said, "Did you want your first kiss to be at the roller rink?" - forget that - I met my HUSBAND at the roller rink! I'm a true girl from the 70's!

How crazy is this???

Look what I found when I came into work today - not one, but TWO monitors on my desk! Not just the one that I stare straight ahead at every day - but two, side by side. I'm feeling a little overwhelemed - but I'm learning how cool this is! I can have different programs open at one time on each screen instead of having to Tab between each program.....

How cool is technology! How cool is my job? I have the best job in the world!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Not feeling this project!

UGH! I started working on my newest sock & was so excited because this was the first time I had used Cotton for socks. I wear cotton socks from the store every day & know it feels good on my feet & I'm currently working on a Spring wrap (though at this rate, I may call it my Summer wrap) that is made out of cotton & I love feeling that yarn. This stuff though - it felt like pulling teeth to get this far on this sock. I hate that because the yarn is patterning up so nicely - lots of changes - beautiful colors - lots to attract the eye. But I can't make myself go any further. The bad thing about a sock - once you're done with one, you have to do another one. So I'm ready to scream doing this one & then I have to do a WHOLE OTHER ONE? Forget it - I'm pulling it out - I'll save the yarn for something else. Maybe a cute little hat? Maybe a cute little baby sweater? Maybe some yarn I can just give to someone else?

Its funny how some things just dont work for everyone. I'll go onto Ralvery, which is the best & biggest knitting sight for patterns & ideas & finished projects & tons of people have used this yarn in different, beautiful projects - projects that they enjoyed making. Not like me with this sock.

Same thing with needles - everyone has a preference - whether they like the Bamboo needles, the slippery Addi's, the metal Susan Bates - or my favorite, the QuickSilvers! It all is different with each person - the preference that suits them the best - what makes them a better knitter.

But what's cool about it - in the end, when you find that perfect yarn & the perfect needles & you feel good about what you are doing - a beautiful project comes out.
It sort of makes me think of the "projects" we give to God - the Spiritual gifts that we have to offer. We're all different - we each have our own preference on how we do things - how it feels to us - if its comfortable. Just like the yarn or needles - it doesnt feel good to me, but to someone else - it may be the perfect combination. Its like someone else may not be comfortable doing something for God where it's perfectly comforting, exciting & what I'm called to do.
I'm glad other people have different gifts other than what I can do - it covers all the works that God wants done within this world. And it all works together to make the most beautiful Projects to offer to God!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Poor Ryan!

See - this is why physical exercise is sometimes not good for you....

You saw the picture below of the first day of Ryan's injury from All Access - well, when he came over tonight - I gasped! This is the picture of the foot today....

Poor Guy! I know he hates his feet (there's not alot of people who love their feet) - but I told him I had to show everyone how bad his foot got after our trip!

Look at the size of those toes! And seriously - the picture doesn't even do it justice!

And seriously - does anyone know - because we were talking & trying to figure it out - how did his foot bruise so badly? I thought you bruised once you had an impact on your body - that bruising was from blood capillaries busting. His ankle popped & he said he felt it turn - but I can't believe the bruising that has come from it. Obviously - I'm no nurse!

Ryan also took a huge risk when he came over & I opened the door to have 4 dogs excited to see their friend - plus, he had food in his hand! I told him to raise that foot because they were ready to trample it!

And I dont know if you can tell by this picture - but that is the color BLUE & PURPLE with a nice hint of yellow & greeen . The tips of his toes & the color on his heel is what the foot & leg SHOULD look like! Feeling his pain yet?

Lift up a little prayer for Ryan! He so badly wanted to play basketball tonight with Ricky since the weather was beautiful - no can do though boys! It was basketball that got him in that position in the first place!

All Access

Another youth weekend - SURVIVED! We were able to go with 24 youth & 6 adults to a weekend where several different churches all would gather & hear a message, praise with some great music, & have time to get to know each other & have some GREAT FUN!!!!

The first stop was a church in Marengo where we ended up spending the night & hanging out. We weren't there 5 minutes when Ryan (dork!) turned his ankle & was down & out! LITERALLY! His ankle swelled up & by the end of the trip, the bruises were bursting. Its even worse today - poor guy! (The picture doesnt even do it justice on how bad it was!) We had a great message (I'll get to that later) & then the best - a HUGE game of Dodgeball! Oh yeah!!! I forgot how fast those balls are flying everywhere. Some people were binging that ball so hard - I have bruises from it! It was worth it though! The night had all kinds of activites - with sleep being one of the few that was taking place! I think the average was around 2-3 hours (if you were lucky!)

Saturday held so much more fun! Traveling to Louisville, we got to play video games, miniature golf, go-cards, & laser tag!!! Then we had lunch - headed to the Waterfront Park & then onto Georgetown for another lesson. We didn't even get home until around 10:30 - a long, fun, exciting weekend!

I have to say - my stomach was killing me Sunday from laughing! Seriously - I dont think I could have done 1,000 sit ups & been in as much pain! Between the kids & the adults - & not to mention just 2 hours sleep (a little slap happy?) - I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!

The message that was given to the kids, I thought was a terrific one. The scripture that was referenced throughout the 2 days was from Ecclesiastes. But one verse that was originally brought up on Friday evening, I think spoke volumnes & I hope the kids really grasped onto it:

"Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come...." -Ecclesiastes 12:1

Man - spending time with these kids, they go through so many trials, temptations, pressures - the things that where never even thought of when I was their age! (Hey - and it wasn't THAT long ago!) But these kids need to get this relationship with their Creator - with God - before they become adults & get even more, serious, harsh reality & problems thrown at them. If they can get their relationships in line with God now - how much easier or smoother will problems be able to be handled? No, they still wont be easy or smooth altogether - but it will help! I can't imagine facing life's problems without Him!

So until the next big event - which a Lock-in is in the works - I'm going to get some rest!

And I'm just saying - I'm being very nice because I could post some pictures of our MALE youth Leaders in DRESSES.....yes, dresses!! It was pretty funny! (and if you have a MySpace account - click on the side link - you can go to my page & look at all the pictures!!) Joe, Ryan & Jeremy - I'm not saying anything...I'm just saying....

Monday, April 07, 2008

A Bold Lunch

I am still so tired from the weekend & the retreat we went on with the Jr. High gang - (I have to get the pictured downloaded before I even talk about it - so look for it tomorrow!) At lunch today, I was just planning on staying at my desk, eat something quick & just sleep for the rest of the lunch hour. I can see how beautiful it is outside & was wanting to venture out, but was just too tired.

Well, lunch time comes, & I can't find my lunch that I brought - looked everywhere - where did I put it? My office isn't THAT big! Finally, 10 minute is ticking away & I figure, OK, I'll just run out & grab something & come back - eat, then nap.

I get in my car - (& I have to say - OH MY GOSH - it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside today!) & venture down the road. It hits me that we are completely out of one of the dog's dog food. (Why do 4 dogs need different food? - Spoiled!) So I run down to the grocery that is down the road. As I drive past the corner, I hear a man speaking. I realize he's holding a little portable speaker that he can hold onto & talk & his voice is very loud & BOLD! I ran in the grocery really quick, come back & I can hear the voice in the air. I'm not able to hear what he's saying but I just am curious at this point. I pull over in the parking lot that is right behind the corner where he was at to listen. Here is this man - a simple man in jeans & a t-shirt & he is saying words of the Gospel - Praising the Lord - speaking Truth! It was amazing -I just sat & watched & listened. He didn't say too much at one time - just a few lines every now & then - reading a line of scripture & then just pacing. I noticed then that his timing was perfect - he would say things just long enough for someone who was at a traffic light - or walking across the cross walk area to catch it all in one sentence.

"One day - every knee will bow & confess that Jesus is the Christ - the son of God who died for your sins"...."There is no one in this world who will love you more or like Jesus Christ will or ever could love you"...."I hope you are not listening to the horrible voice of the devil that is trying to lead you away from Jesus".....

The words just kept coming - but in every line or phrase he spoke - Jesus' name was right in the middle of it!

What was interesting was the people who were walking by or at stop lights. Some would just completely ignore him - others would look at him & you could tell they were curious with what he was saying. A few people were actually sitting out on the hoods of their cars, listening - or sitting on the grass near by watching. Others would give the "he's insane" sort of look as they walked by him - you could tell they were completely uncomfortable with being around it.

It was a very insightful lunch. To see how others reacted to this man who was very pleasant - not aggressive, not harsh, not intimidating in any way - just a man who was speaking the Word of God.

I have to give it to the guy - what a way to be bold! Could I do it - go stand on a street corner in Downtown Louisville & speak of the Gospel in that way? That's what is so cool - we're not all called to do the same thing - but it was so neat to see this man following what was obviously a call on his heart to do.

I'm so mad about it though because I just took my camera out of my purse because my battery is dead from the weekend - but I would have loved to snap a picture of the moment - because it made my boring, tired, just wanting to nap lunch, all turn around to another lesson to see that we should always be Bold - no matter where we are - no matter what we're doing - always speak the truth of God wherever you are at!

So - How Bold are you when it comes to speaking the Truth?

Thursday, April 03, 2008


I am & always will be a dog person. I can't get enough of them - we have 4 & if it were up to me, I'd have 4 more! Ricky has to pull the reigns on that one - but dont let him fool you - he's the one who brought the last 2 home himself!

A friend sent me an email about this dog, SkidBoot, & his story just is amazing. You may have seen him before but this story is just too cool! Especially because the dog's "man" just seems to have such a servant's heart.

My favorite line of this is where he says someone told him he has a great ministry because he doesnt even feel like its a ministry at all! Just look at how you can take any sort of talent or gift & use it to Praise the Lord!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Music for your day...

I am a person who does not enjoy silence. Sitting in silence bugs me to no end - its like pulling out my fingernails with pliers - its that torturous to me!
Ricky can drive in a car & never turn on a radio & I can't figure it out. Granted, he gets distracted very easily & has missed many an exit due to the face he's 'rocking out' to his radio.....maybe music isn't for everyone!
Me - I've got my music going before I even turn on the heat or air conditioning! And in my office at work - there is always music coming out of it. Half the time, I'm sure my coworkers even appreciate my singing along (I'm sure you'd hear sarcasm in that comment from them!) but I do enjoy tapping my toes and doing a little dance at my desk. Its great when I get to work in the morning - I'm the first one in the office for at least an hour - let me tell you - Whitney Houston has NOTHING on me! I sing to the top of my lungs!
Just last week, I didn't realize it - the owner of the company was in his office - his car was in the shop & he got here early. I was singing Praises to God to the top of my lungs - then I hear the men's bathroom door shut. I wish I had a picture of my eyes - I know they were as big as saucers! First of all - no one is ever here - so I'm thinking someone has snuck in the building & I'm ready to die. Second - I do think I'm ready to die of just embarrassment of letting my voice rip! So I heard the men's room door open - I creep around the corner to see who it is (all the while holding my cell phone for a 911 call if needed .... 911, what's your emergency? I've just been busted for embarrassing singing in front of my boss!). My boss just turned & smiled at me. I told him, "Sorry, I didn't know anyone was here" - he said he didn't mind at all. Yeah - I still felt a little stupid! You know how you sing when you are alone (or think you are alone!) It was that kind of singing.....

Anyway - the point I want to get to - I love my Christian Music - it lifts me up, it encourages, it inspires me! I am so happy that there are even variety of choices on the radio for different styles of Christian Music. Well - on cloudy days, its hard to get some of the stations in that I prefer so I went on the Internet to see what sort of music is available to listen to on line.

That's when I found LIVE365!!! This page gives you EVERYTHING you want to listen to. You have so many options. You can listen to every sort of Christian Music you want - Gospel, Contemporary, Rock - its got it all. But on some days, I will switch it around every hour & its so much fun! Especially when I found the 80's channels - takes me back to the good ole days! And they even have a Showtune Channel - it calls my inner Broadway soul! There is even a TV Show channel that just plays the music from the beginning of different TV shows. "You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both & there you have, the Facts of Life...." - aahh, memories.... but one of my all time favorite - there is even a channel that has music just for Disney fans! It plays the music that you even find in Disney World - even the music from the Haunted Mansion or music you find in Epcot Center! Its fantastic!

So if you want to switch things up - want to hear something different - give it a try. They do have subscriptions you can by for uninterrupted service - but I don't mind a few 30 second commercials to listen for free. Its not that bothersome. And about every hour, it just clicks up to ask if you are still listening - you just click yes & it continues. I can click if it means free. (Dave Ramsey would be so proud of me)

Find what station you enjoy - you'll have to let me know what your favorite is!

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