Thursday, September 29, 2022

The MRI Results are in.... {Thankful Thursday}

 Well, look at me hosting Thankful Thursday. I havent done this since June! Holy cow! I'm first of all so thankful for Jen & how she's picked it up &kept the ball rolling.  Jen is out enjoying a break this week so I told her I'd be more than happy to make sure the link up was still up.  

... & this works out perfectly because I have some great news to share!

My MRI Results came back on Tuesday & when I saw the doctor's office come up on my phone - I literally held my breath as I said, "HEEEELLLLLOOO????"

The nurse was on the phone & said, "We have your results....."

I never felt more like I was on the show of Maury in my life!

Gripping my desk, I didnt even hear the first few words out of her mouth - I only heard what came next - NON-SURGICAL!

YES YES & YES!!!!!

Only - I cant get my arm up like this
....but I did in my mind!!!!

Then - it gets stupid... of course it does.

She then said, "So you need to come in & get a steroid shot". ... Wait. Didnt we clarify after my last shot where my tongue swelled up & everything tasted like metal that I shouldnt have any more steroid shots?

She goes & talks to the nurse practitioner & then comes back & then puts me on hold again & then comes back & then puts me on hold again.... to only come back  & say, "Did you want to talk to the NP?"... Um, Yeah, I think that would be best.

She gets on the phone & tells me that yes, I have a tear in my rotator cuff - but its not significant enough for surgery. There is a lot of bursitis & of course, tendonitis, which I knew about.  & she said, the thing causing my issue is "Adhesive Capsulitis"... which is just a fancy pancy way of saying "Frozen Shoulder'

Which, how bad could that be with a cute little Disney shout out in the name?

OHHH - it can be really bad.  

I found out the word "Adhesive" is used in this because its just as you think... its like everything is STUCK together in there! Gorilla Glue joints!

She went on to tell me that the thickening in my joint is severe & can take anywhere from 1.5 to 3 YEARS to heal... YEARSSSSS people! What in the world?

But... no surgery!

& if you look it up, it will explain how painful it is, & can be. & its just bizarre!

It can take months for it to START to freeze... & then even LONGER for it to actually be FROZEN... & then another year or longer to "Thaw"... My Lord - this is just nuts.

The good news - once it heals, its very rare it every happens again...... that arm...

Odds are high you'll get in 5 years in the OTHER arm.

OH NO - NO YOU DONT... I'll be swinging my other arm every freaking day to keep it from freezing up.

The crazy thing - you dont really get to control it - its not something that you do -it just "happens". Reassuring.

So I guess just in time for one arm to thaw, the other has time to freeze. OMG - Can you even imagine if they both did it at the same time? .... I literally shook with a chill of terror.

Where am I now.... I still cant raise my arm behind me. I still cant put on a bra normally. I still have issues washing my hair & pulling up my pants... BUT I dont have to have surgery. That makes everything bad right now so much more tolerable.

So while this does have some things that seem ho-hum & not very cheery, I'm still so thankful I dont have to go under & deal with a painful surgery & healing - & having to deal with taking off work & bills & just everything awful with surgery.

My pickelball days are still ahead of me! Wayyyy ahead of me - but still! I'll take it!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2022



Click button to join in with Joyce & the other Hodgepodgers

1. Volume 478. Sounds like a lot. Where were you in 1978? If you weren't born where were you in 2008? 

1978... so I was around 6 years old. First grade. Wow! The days of big collars, wide leg jeans & always wanted a comb in my back pocket like my big brother.

2. Raise your hand if you remember records playing at a speed of 78 rpm? What's a topic that when it comes up you 'sound like a broken record'? 

I used to have the cutest little yellow record player in my room growing up - until I got my own stereo when I was a young teenager... I played some Whitesnake & Paula Abdul albums. Does that tell you how old I am? & how varied my taste is?

3. What's the last thing you recorded in some way? 

I am always recording all the Real Housewives on our YouTube TV mainly so I can watch it & fast forward through commercials.  Its become my weekend wake up show - lay in bed & watch the latest episode.  Or as Hubby says, "wake up to a bunch of grown women screaming about nothing"... he's got a point.

4. Thursday is the first day of fall (in the northern hemisphere). How do you feel about the changing seasons? Something you're looking forward to this fall? 

Fall is my FAVORITEEEEE! So excited its here!  I just look so forward to my hair not frizzing the second I walk out of the door! & cool mornings & evenings... THE BEST!

I seriously cant believe we're going into the last quarter of the year though - wh-wh-WHAT?

5. In what way (or ways) are you like the apple that didn't 'fall far from the tree'? 

I feel like my dad's worth ethic - that's the one thing that me & my brother are both the same & learned from him. Totally didnt fall far from that "work your hardest no matter what" tree.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

It is in the 90's here today... but its like Mother Nature knows the first day of fall is happening because we're getting a storm in & then our temps drop. The high over the weekend - the 70's! The high on Monday - in the high 60's! WHAT? ... OHHH YES! where are my cozy sweaters & joggers at!

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

The weekend that we watched our girl

 Coming in a day late for a weekend re-cap - but hey... at least its a post!

This is one big reason why I havent been blogging - mainly because my life has made a turn that puts me in left field of the BORING.  

Since not doing photography any more & since my youth kids have all graduated & moved on & I'm not in Youth Ministry after 20 years of working with kids ... & basically since Covid of 2020, I'm just a lazy bum - sticking with my dogs & books. 

There's my weekend - Bye y'all!

... nah... I'll dig in deeper to my boredom with highlights - just for you!

Miss Zoe
Thursday night, we got a little concerned.  Zoe didnt want to eat.  She'll do that every now & then - but we could just tell she wasn't feeling good. Friday, I work from home, & we made her an egg. Her absolute favorite! ... & she didnt want to eat it.  UH OH... Then we started breaking out everything bad for her.  & she wouldnt eat one bite.  

She went to the restroom & her belly was revolting too... it was bad. & we got VERY VERY concerned.  I basically held her all night Friday in a blanket & wrapped her up.  I went to the store & got her some chicken & she did nipple on it - that was 48 hours since she had previously ate. 

Saturday, she still looked like she felt bad.  & she still didnt want eggs.  But we had some chicken left over & she started eating it a little better.

By Saturday night - she was starting to eat more... & by Sunday, she was back to eating normally. WHEW! Scared us to death! ... I dont know what happened. If she just got something bad to eat? 

Our little Muppet

I mean, I know - she's like the Queen. Why were we shocked when a woman in her late 90's passes away?... Zoe is now 17 years old!!! Its like we should prepare ourselves that any day could be the turn for her... but we're used to Bruno making it to 20. Our Pandora made it to 18 as a big Aussie... we just expect our dogs to make it long spans!

But today is a new day & she's still going at it - so we'll take good days with her every chance we can.

Finished one book
Friday night, sitting outside with Zoe, I ended up finishing this book.

The Measure - its about the world one day waking up & everyone over the age of 22 having a box. Inside that box is a string - which tells you how long the measure of your life is. & you watch as basically the world deconstructs... hey - is this fiction or non-fiction?

It was OK for me.  Most people LOVE this book... I really loved the first half & it fell flat the last half for me. I wanted more. But still enjoyed it. I gave it ***3 stars.

Started a new book
I had stopped at the library to pick up a book I had on hold... & saw this & grabbed it. I love this author & I am so into this book. I got half way through & wish I were home right now to finish it up! 

Baked a Cake
Hubby was wanting something sweet & since everything in the Bakery at the grocery is grossly overpriced right now - I told him to pick something & I'd bake it. I made just a basic white cake with chocolate icing - & he seemed to enjoy it. I dont know what I did wrong - it tasted strange to me. Like I used too much oil or something? I dont know. More cake for Hubby though.

Did my first Obe class
I have been looking for a new workout to do at home. I'm so totally over Beachbody since most of their programs either 1. dont have music - or 2. their music is so cheesy... I NEED music. I love my Les Mills that I've been doing for awhile but I just wanted something new. 

You have to Cast this to your TV, which I thought, nope - I'm not tech savvy for this - but got it set up & did 3 classes already. I think I'm going to enjoy it - especially doing those live classes with others - just made it fun waiting for my name to be shout out on the screen!

Tried watching Jurassic Park
... but that was a nope for me. I'm sorry - I know - I KNOW - they're not real. DINOSAURS ARE NOT REAL... but I cant handle when animals are hurt - even in books & movies. I wont watch a movie with animals because you just know there's going to be something tragic happen. So when the first 5 minutes, poachers are taking sweet dinosaurs to kill for their bones... nope - outta here. Aint doing it.  Where's DINO PETA when you need them?

Fighting the Ground Hornets
& speaking of hurting animals....They have taken over! & Hubby has been in a battle now for nearly 2 weeks. This week, things got serious. He has burned their home - got their nest out.... but yet, they keep coming back!!!  He keeps burning more &  more of the grass... & now the ground hornets have moved to ANOTHER big hole.. so we've had 2 firepits going.... & yet, they STILL are surviving. Its really bizarre!  They're like little robots that just wont go away! Hubby has gotten stung a few times already!  They're going to remember his face! ... I keep reminding him, its nature- he's invading THEIR space.  Its a battle between the two... or I should say a battle between Hubby & a few hundred stinging warriors.

This used to be beautiful grass... & now is a huge eye sore... full of swarming stinging creatures!

& that's the most exciting stuff... dont be jealous!

What's your favorite thing to bake?

What do you do for a workout?

Did you watch the last Jurassic Park?

Friday, September 16, 2022

Friday Favorites


Favorite Bag

Yep - this is actually me  & my janky arm on the left... that's how high I can raise it! BOO!... but this bag is the CUTESTTTT!!!! At work, we were out at a food truck & I saw someone with a similar bag. A coworker asked where she got it & she said Etsy & I had this ordered by the afternoon. & had it at my house 3 days later!
It actually holds more than you'd think. I put my wallet, my keys, my phone (which is a clunker) & it still has room. 

I wish I could link it - but they're sold out from where I got mine.

Here's a link for a similar one!

Favorite Hooks

They hold up to 30 lbs... & I love how beautiful & simplistic they are!

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

This is a badge holder!!!! Isnt it the cutest little thing.
I'm VERY tempted to get it. I'm just afraid I'll bang it up... but it'll be cute until I did bump it too many times!

Favorite Lights

This is a WIRELESS library light that you can put over top of anything!
A picture.. over your bed with two over top of each side...
I'm even thinking over top my coffee bar for those dark early mornings!

AND... it turns on with a remote control!

Favorite Floor Helper

I have seen this at my hair stylest salon & ever since, I've wanted one.
You just sweep all the Yuck up to it & it like sucks it in...  you dont need a dust pan or have to bend over. Like magic. & then you just empty the container!

With all the times I have to sweep with the dogs, this would be like a miracle.

Favorite Sneakers

I am on the hunt for yellow sneakers.
I had a pair years ago that were my favorite... I even bought another pair of them when they wore out... but they quit making them & I've been on the hunt ever since. These are a little muted than the ones I had before - but they have such good reviews... & a good price too.

Favorite Drying Rack

I really feel like this is a product if I got, it would be like, "how did I live without this?" ... perfect for washing produce & putting on there - or even washing a few dishes & letting it hand over the sink to dry... I even see in the reviews, someone puts how pots on it to cool!!!

Favorite Funnies

Y'all have great weekend!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2022



Since my brain is still getting in Blogging mode - I'm thankful for people like Joyce that can get me thinking... click on the pic above to go to her site & see everyone else joining along.

1. What's something you've learned from a younger person? 

I really couldnt narrow this down... working with younger people so many years in youth ministry - I have always said that they teach me as much I taught them. The sweet innocence of younger minds... & also the wisdom that some of them have looking into the future.  Dont ever think less of a younger person.

I'll add onto that that I have quite a few friends that are "younger" - younger than me anyways - & so many of them are such good examples teaching me how to be a better person in patience & loyalty & friendship.

Nope... never look down on a younger person.

2. Are you a perfectionist? Elaborate? 

I initially think, noooo - not me. & then I think of how I will go back & straighten things up in a stack... or move glasses or silverware around if its not stacked how i like it - or cringe when Hubby loads the dishwasher & its not how I like it... & let's not even talk about how towels are folded! OH BOYYYY!!! ..... so yeah, maybe I do have some perfectionist ways about me.

3. What makes you cringe? 

The use of the R-Word  .... I cant even type it without cringing so I wont.
I know people use it without really thinking about the meaning of it - as most curse words that are used, you dont really mean what that the definition is... its just "a word" - but knowing special needs children & adults, it just feels icky to me.

4. September is National Honey you have bees and make your own? Know someone who has bees and they share? Your favorite thing made with honey? 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE & LOVE honey! I use it all the time - in tea, in my yogurt, on toast. Yumminess in a bottle.  
We have a local honey maker down the road from us... well, they're not the honey maker - the BEES are... they have quite a few hives set up & its so interesting watching them if you catch them out.  
They sell their honey at the local coffee shop up the road & it sells out.  I love that local honey can help with allergies - use it as a medical excuse to eat it!

5. Where is your happy place? 

I think most of you can probably know how I'm going to answer this ... all you have to do is look at most of my IG pictures & see too - Sitting on the back porch, with my dogs, with a coffee near by & a book in my hand.  Perfection.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I got my MRI appointment... its next week! & they told me they'll call me with results like a day or two later .... now... to prepare myself to get crammed in a tunnel for an hour. Breathe in... breathe out...whew! I hate those things!

OHHHH  -  I already KNOW I'm claustrophobic

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Well, hey there!

 Hi all! ... ya miss me? ... anyone still out there?

I really am wanting to dip my toe back in & get back in routine with my blogging... because... just want to.  I miss documenting my life to look back on - I mean, where else can I go to prove Hubby wrong when he says we did something on a certain date & I can go to my blog & say, HA! - nope, we did this on THIS date... blogs are made for such as these.

But I just miss that connection too with the other bloggers & seeing how everyone is.  

What's been the latest....

Yep - my arm is still in pain.  But I do have some days where the pain is minimal.  I am able to lift it up - SOME. I've been trying to lift it more & more since Frozen Shoulder has been a thing too.  I still cant put my arm behind my back - but I can barely get it where I lift my pants up.  That "scarecrow" motion where you can bend your elbow up, its just not something I can do.

We have learned that I cant do any more steroid shots... because of course, I had an allergic reaction to the last one. Geez.  

What's next? They're sending me for an MRI.  The doctor said, 'its time we find out what's going on."....

my reaction....

I mean, how is it 9 months in the year & we're just NOW going to "find out whats going on?"... How frustrating. But I am hopeful that with more information, we will have better answers on what to do to move forward. 

They told me that they dont do surgery if the tear is under 50%... but they said it could also be a combo of tendinitis, bursitis, arthritis- ALL THE ITIS's!!!! on top of the tear - so the tear may not be as severe, but all the other things on top of it, is what is causing my limited mobility & the pain.  

We shall see.... once insurance approves the MRI. (Fingers crossed)

I've been trying to really do things that I can control.  Trying to focus on food/diet that helps with inflammation in the body.  Trying to do my own stretches - Thank you YouTube & all the physical therapist out there that post videos.  Life just doesnt stop for pain & you gotta do what you can.

That's where I'll stop today... since I'm wanting to get back into blogging routine, I'll post later this week with what's been going on in my world besides arm stuff.

I've missed you all!

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