Monday, January 31, 2011

Rock of Ages ROCKS!!!

"Dont need NOTHING... but a GOOD TIME"....sorry, I have nothing but 80s songs stuck in my head! 

Yes, I was sick, but I wasnt about to miss "Rock of Ages"... especially with our seats being in the 2nd row.  So I dosed some extra Advil Cold & Sinus & off we went.

You knew it was going to be different when they hand you the program, along with ear plugs!!! No joke!  We were laughing so hard at that... & then we got to our seat & saw we were RIGHT IN FRONT of the speaker & I thought, hey, with my ears hurting already, I may need these. 
For the record, my 80's rocker side won out & I didnt need them!

The other thing that you noticed before it started was no orchestra warming up... but instead, sounds of Def Leopard, Whitesnake, Poison coming out of the system.  People were singing & having a great time before the show even started.

I told Ricky when we walked in though that I know they thought he was probably a "plant" in the audience since we were in the front & there he was with his long hair & a black leather jacket... he personified ROCK!!!  He did get the glances!  But he wasnt the only rocker around... lots of long-haired men were around us.  One guy with short hair even spray painted his blue... not what you'd probably see for Les Miserables...

The show was HILRIOUS!!!!  The "narrator" (which is the guy in the black shirt) was the funniest thing I've ever seen.  He even interacted with the audience, which made it even awesome.  And the "Hippie" was also too much fun!  Put them together & I laughed so hard, I was coughing my sick head OFF!!!!

Constantine... Constantine... Constantine... He is just adorable.  Boy can WAILLLLLLLL... I wasnt his biggest fan on American Idol.  Come on - he was on the year Bo Bice was!!!  But he totally redeemed himself here.  He can SING... & sing rocker, 80 style!  This is the perfect job for him... its gotta be fun to do that for a living.... & yes, at one point, he sat down on the stage to sing a love ballad & since I coulda jumped up & hugged him, I have to say, we locked eyes... leave it to me though - he's singing this beautiful 80's ballad (which will always be the best ballads EVER) & I started laughing :)  He turned his head & didnt look back... I'm, if anything, a great distraction!

To say that this show isnt "kid appropriate" is an understandment though!  Even on the web site, it says, "With its abundance of T&A (but mainly immature) content, consider this a good night to call a babysitter.  Besides, the lyrical genuis of bands like Twisted Sister & Asia is wasted on the young." .... T&A ... umm, yeah!  Every female role, except one, plays a stripper... & the one role is the leader of the strip joint... & we were in the 2nd row & was so close that I told Ricky, "Um yeah, brazilian waxes must be an expense on this tour"!!!

I dont get embarassed easily but some of the moves, again, right in front of us, had me turning my head & saying, "OH MY GOSH!". 

At one point, one of the ladies had come off the stage & was literally arms distance from Ricky.  She bent over & slapped herself on the butt right in front of him & then started rubbing her chest.  I had to laugh at Ricky because he literally turned in his seat, AWAY from her & he turned like 20 shades of red.  If you knew how embarassed Ricky can get, you woulda laughed at him too... poor guy...

I would go back  & see it time & time again though.  The way they tied the music of the 80's together was more then TOTALLY RAD (like that?) ... the costumes of the 80's ... the subtle hints of 80's language & trivia was so much fun for me. 

Ricky surprised me by buying me the soundtrack when we left ... over 75 minutes of the music on this CD by the original cast - so all the fun, I got to take home with me & replay it over & over...

If it comes to your town & you love the 80's ... then GO SEE IT... but leave the kids at home!!!

PS - for the record, Ricky & I already said if our little acting daughter, Lindsay, says she's trying out for a role in "Rock of Ages", we'll be chaining her up in our basement! :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 5

Are you kidding me?  We're through January?  Geez... at this rate, its going to be my 40th birthday before I know it (which is at the end of December) haha!!  So here's my week in pictures:

Sunday - Jan 23 - "I'm going to be on the REAL YouTube?" .... We filmed a 4 series skit for church.  It is being filmed in the format of "The Office" so you need what?  An Office?  So my boss let us use my work area... it was such a weird feeling have my church family in my work environment!  There was a little boy who played a Look-a-like to our main character & he is the most hilarious little boy.  He was told it was going to be on YouTube & his face lit up & he said, "I'm going to be on the REAL YouTube?" ... when we told him it was indeed the REAL YouTube, his reaction was, "I'm going to be a STAR!!!!" ... how cute is that!

Monday - January 24 - It FINALLY happened!!! ... I had to laugh when I didnt mention the Christmas Tree in Friday Fragment & AuburnChick noticed it immediately with her comment, "Does this mean the tree is down?" .... Good catch friend!  Yes - He got it down...into the box!  I asked him, "So do I have to have a tree box in my living room for another 2 months?"... for the record, it did sit there for about 24 hours.  Whew!

Tuesday - January 25 - Its ugly getting pretty.... My 6 week hair appointment.  I always take pictures of the area around so decided to go for the picture of me with my wet hair waiting for the cut.  I still dont have the guts to get my picture with the plastic bag on my head! ;)  Maybe in the future

Wednesday - January 26 - Blurb is my new best friend!!!! .... I have always looked at Blog2Print but they were kinda pricey for me... & then the awesome host of this Project 365 mentioned how she uses "Blurb".  I checked them out.  And they're AWESOME!  You can put the format of your book together & then, its like half the cost!  My book, which was 114 pages was only like $32.00 - & that includes shipping!  It did take a few days to get it together, but to me, it was worth it to have it the way I wanted it & especially for the price!  I feel like I know more now for next years book!  So for all you Project 365'ers - remember Blurb!!  You'll be so glad to have your year in pictures in a book to have forever!

Thursday - Jan 27 - Knitting for a friend... I get such awesome comments about my knitting from you all... I have a blog-friend who I've "talke" with for so long & I just love her.  Carolina Girl is always encouraging, always funny, always real about life!  She's awesome!  I know I will meet her one day in person... even if its meeting up for a half marathon - which I KNOW she can do!!!! :)  It was so fun finding something to knit for her... HUGS lady!  Hope you enjoy it!!!

Friday - January 28 - "Oh my EAARRRSSSS" (said in the best Bart Simpson voice) ... anyone remember that when he said that about Lisa playing her saxaphone?  For some reason, that sticks in my head & I whine when my ears hurt.  I stopped on the way home for some drops because I was miserable the night before & couldnt sleep... I just wanted to sleep this night... hence the drops...

Saturday - January 29 - It only took a little over a year.... OK OK OK... so I cant give Ricky too much grief over the Christmas Tree.  He gave me a sewing machine LAST Christmas & I never have gotten it out of the box.  UNTIL TODAY.  I'm still sick & feeling bad so I just fiddled around my room. And finally got it out.  Its been a dream of mine to learn to sew.  Now, I've got to figure out what to do with this contraption.  I didnt even have any thread to get started learning anything.... this will be my new project... wish me luck!

Anxious to see your week in pictures!  Keep Clicking!!!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I think I love you CSN...

I know if you've been around the blog world for awhile, you've seen CSN mentioned.  They have been so kind to me by letting me do some shopping there before.  We ended up getting this MAC-DADDY toaster.  I never knew I could love a toaster like I do this one.  Ricky even said he's learned a lesson on quality & not buying something simply because its cheaper.  Sounds like he's in love too!  But now, with spring coming, I get to do more shopping!  Who doesnt want to look for a wooden swing set or something to spruce up the house for Spring Cleaning? 

I have to say, I really am impressed by this place... if you havent been by there to check them out before - you really should.  Afterall, who doesnt like to shop from the comfy of their home?  I can do it for hours!!! (Dont tell Ricky)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Its Friday.. & I feel like poop... Here's your visual for the day:  I just posted on Facebook "I feel like I have plungers covering my nose & hot pockers sticking in my ears..." ... stop & visualize that for a moment, will you?  Now imagine how today is probably going to go for me... If I make it through the day, it will be amazing.  Maybe Fragging will help....

We are out of dog treats at home & our 4 fur-babies sit at the door & refuse to let you pass unless you give them some sorta goodie before you go.  So what have we been giving our dogs?  Saltine crackers!  Hey, when you're desperate to leave without a guilty conscience of sad, puppy dog eyes, you do what you have to do.  I told Ricky, if they start talking back to us like a parrot, I'm going to be freaked out!

I'm hoping I feel better by Sunday because I'm headed to see "ROCK OF AGES" ... the Broadway show that is all about 80's music!  Starring none other then the American Idol contestant, Constantine!!!  Even better?  We're in the 2nd row!  Like, I may get Constantine sweat thrown on me... (ewww)... I'm wondering if I need to pull out the Aqua Net & blue eye liner & acid wash jean mini skirt for the occasion.

Its FINALLY going to get warmer this weekend - & by warmer, its going to get to 45 degrees!  Which I was so looking forward to a good run!  That is actually great running weather... & now, I'm sick... this bites

Speaking of running, my blog buddy, The Bug sent me a comic... see?  Running in winter has its advantages!

SPAT OF THE WEEK:  Dog Food!!!!  No, not the spat we had a few weeks ago of Ricky NOT emptying it in the containers.  This is a new Dog Food Spat.  We like to keep things new & fresh in our relationship! :)       Ricky was actually helping me out because I was so busy one evening - I normally feed the dogs, but he said he would do it.  Oh.My.Gosh.... it drove me insane.  I have a method - a system - I can have 4 dogs, who all have different kinds of food, different bowls, all specific, all fed within 1 minute. Its truly a work of art... So Ricky goes to feed the dogs & he takes about 5 minutes, just to walk out in the garage a dozen times to get their food, go get some more... wait, I need a different kind... Oh wait again, I need a little bit more for the big dog.  I was sitting there watching this ready to blow a gasket!  In the end, I just grabbed the bowls & did it myself. .... wait, now that I think about it, did he do that on purpose so I wouldnt ask him to feed the dogs again? hmmm.... he's sneaky like that!!!

Did you see that intern from the White House on American Idol?  Ricky & I replayed the part of Randy acidentally slapping her in the face, like 50 times!  That was the funniest thing I've ever seen on American Idol ever!  ... She is my favorite female singer so far.  There is a You Tube Video of her singing "Gravity" when she was in Harvard... she's fantastic! 
But I dont even care if the guy can sing or not, I hope the guy who is sticking with his fiance who was in the car accident wins it all!!!! 

I'll leave you with this picture my sweet friend Gretta sent me.  How awesome would this be to make for a little new baby boy?  And since I think some sorta big football game is coming up, I thought it would be appropriate to post.  Believe me - this picture is the ONLY thing football I've looked at all year! :)  I have better things to do - like feeding dogs & laughing at girls getting slapped in the face by Randy Jackson!

Happy Friday everyone... or in the case of how I'm feeling, Happy BLAH-Day!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Patrick Dempsey ruined me....

Does anyone remember Patrick Dempsey from a movie in the 90's called "Outbreak"?  Yes, McDreamy... in a movie about everyone DYING a horrible death because of a virus being spread?

This picture is actually from the movie.  Graduated from "Cant Buy me Love... & WELL before Grey's Anatomy...

There is a scene that I think of everytime I hear or see someone sneeze. Patrick Dempsey has snuck a monkey into the states & this monkey is carrying some sort of crazy unknown, made up virus.  It has made Mr. Dumb-for-sneaking-a-monkey sick himself.  He's sitting in a movie theater.. he sneezes... & then in sllloooooooowwwww motion, it shows the germs being carried around the theater.  They land on people's pants, in their hair, on their face... OH MY GOSH ... someone sneezes & their germs are flying onto my FACE?????  Needless to say, everyone in the theater gets the virus ... they all die...

This movie is from 1995 & I swear, it still sticks with me.  Ricky remembers it too & when we hear someone sneeze, we instantly look at each other because we know what the other is thinking.... see what movies can do to a person?  I'm so paranoid now of germs.  That movie, plus Howie Mandell & I'm turning into a full fledge germ-a-phobe.

Then remember what I do with most of my time.... work with Jr. High kids!!!!!  These are little humans that do not know the concept of covering a mouth when coughing, much less cupping your hands around that face when you let out a huge sneeze, or probably even understand the idea of washing hands, or even knowing you are to sing the song "Happy Birthday" TWICE while scrubbing. 

(Am I sounding a little crazy here?)

I walk around with hand sanitizer constantly.  I am the one who will constantly tell the kids in the youth group, "COVER YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOU COUGH" (or sneeze)... I even got called "Psycho" by another youth leader for yelling at a child for the 100th time to cover their mouth.  Um, excuse me?  But if I have to tell someone 100 times they need to cover their mouth, they obviously need to be told one more time because they STILL havent learned it!... just saying... I also need to show this youth leader the movie "Outbreak" & ruin their view of the world when they hear a sneeze....

Sunday, I'm sitting there with my hand sanitizer near by & I thought about all the things flying around the room & how none of them are seen.  These are all things I'm battling - but cant actually point out - cant dodge, cant run from... the germs are all around me, & yet, my eyes see nothing.

I looked at all those kids around the room while I was talking about Jesus being their friend & then, I thought of the thing the Bible warns us about... A spiritual Battle going on all around us...something that no one can see - something we should be leery of - taking percaution for - something MUCH scarier then germs....

I couldnt help but think that the words I was telling them, the words we read in the Bible, the words from other leaders, the prayers we prayed... there was our "hand sanitizer" for the day... the things that were covering these sweet little souls up from being "attacked"... keeping those "germs" away for the moment.

Its crazy to think about the things we cant see... isnt it?

For our struggle is not against flesh & blood,
but against the rulers, against the authorities,
against the powers of this dark world &
against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.
-Ephesians 6:12

Monday, January 24, 2011

Play-Doh & Knitted Hats...

Saturday, after dad's "non-surgery", I ended up just hanging out with my parents.  Watching a movie & knitting away.  I had taken yarn & a pattern to make a hat for the twins.  It was just a little bit later when the phone rang & my brother was coming over with the twins.  It was perfect timing too because I was finishing up the hat too...

When they got there, first things are first & we had to do some playing first! .... Break out the Play-Doh!!!!!

Here is one of my beautiful creations... dont be jealous of my mad Play-Doh skills...

Then Madi said she wanted to make a snail.  But then she said, "Aunt Bec, can you make the head?" - so I made the head... "Aunt Beck, can you make the eyes?" - I made the eyes... it continued on with the smile, the antennaes & then "Can you make the body?" ... & I made the body.  Madi then made the purple thing that she poked on the side & then she ran to my mom & said, "Yaya, look at the snail I made!!!" .... & she was so proud!  I had to laugh!  She has management in her blood - I see her being a boss of a company one day.

Then I got back to work & finished up the hat for Sophia

I think it came out perfectly!!!

I love the back of it as well...

I asked Madi if she wanted one too... she just looked & said, 'ummm.... no" ... so I asked her if she wanted a scarf?  no... mittens?  no... socks? no...  finally, I changed it & asked if she wanted chocolate?  no... potato chips?  no... want me to make another snail out of Play-doh?

Sophia on the other hand thought this hat was better then anything.  She told me, "Aunt Bec, if you happened to sneak into my house in the middle of the night, & came up in my room to take my picture... you'll see I'm sleeping in this hat" .... first of all, why would she think I'd sneak in her house?  Much less take pictures of her sleeping?  The minds of kids...

But my brother did text me today & said that she has literally wore the hat for 3 days & has, in fact, slept in it!!!!  Ahh - does my heart good.  Makes me want to knit the world for her!

I love those girls....

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 4

Busy, cold, snowy... just a preview of my week... let's take a gander

Sunday - Jan 16 - Color Look A Like.... This is Jordan... This is Jordan in color book form!  Her mother is our Children's Minister at our church & she was helping her mom by coloring in some pictures that were being used for a story in a future lesson.  This little girl was transformed from a plain little girl to a mini-Jordan look alike - complete with a stripped shirt, as Jordan is wearing... & the dark highlights in the air!  Isnt it adorable?

Monday - Jan 17 - Yep... still there... (this picture says it all)...

Tuesday - Jan 18 - Oh, do NOT microwave!!!! .... Ricky was looking for something sweet when he remembered there was some hot fudge in the fridge.  He wanted to warm it up & put on a banana... sounds like a good idea... until we saw SPARKS FLYING from the microwave!!!!!!!!!!  I just started screaming - didnt move - just screamed.... Ricky flew to action by running to the microwave.  You can see where the packet was on fire!!!!  And then I take this picture & then crack up because neither one of us even noticed the warning that right across the front... wow...

Wednesday - Jan 19 - Lesson on Prayer... Here's what my notes look like when I give a lesson to the youth group, which I did this Wednesday.  Kicking off a new series on prayer.  Its always so humbling & a lesson to myself when I am able to teach & learn... such an amazing challenge that blesses in return.

Thursday - Jan 20 - SNOW SNOW SNOOOOOWWWWW!!!!! .... We got 6 more inches of snow... & I'm sick of it!!!!  It was so amazingly cold & the snow just kept falling.  We got out of work 2 hours early because the roads were getting bad.  No running for me outside this day...

Friday - Jan 21 - You CAN go home again!!! .... I went to my parents house to spend the night since we had a early wake up call the next day.  I always love going to my parents house - my old home.  Some people say its weird to go back... not for me... its just like the word says - HOME!  Getting to spend time with my parents, getting to just relax... its wonderful.  This is actually my brother's old room that has been trasnformed for the twins.  The girls said I could stay in their bed... as long as I didnt pee in it! ;) I made no promises!

Saturday - Jan 22 - The surgery that wasn't.... We got up at 4:00 am - headed to the hospital at 4:45 am - got there & got dad registered & settled in for his back surgery at 6:30 am.  Everything was ready to go... UNTIL they ran an EKG & it came back with some weird results.  Dad was unhooked & we were walking out of the hospital at 8:30 am.... Dad has to go get checked & cleared by a cardiologist & then, we'll try this all over again... talk about a crazy morning...

Hope your weeks have been click-worthy  & full of wonderful moments to capture...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea
Friday.... we need to change the name of today to SNOW Friday... or COLD Friday... or We're Dying for Spring Friday... not as catchy, huh?  Anyways, its Friday, which means it time to frag away....

I'm going to kick off today to ask for prayers for my daddy-o again.  Tomorrow morning, bright & early, before the sun will rise, his spine will be laid open... OWWWWW... when I put it that way, did it make your own back cringe?  My did!  But he does go in for back surgery tomorrow.  They'll be fixing a herinated disc, trying to help with bone spurs & removing & doing some biopsies on the tumors that are WITHIN the spinal column... (did your back just cringe again?).... so if you can be sure to say a prayer that the surgery goes smoothly...appreciate it!!!  My dad's spine appreciates it!

Anyone else sick of winter?  We got 6 more inches last night of snow... with another 1-2 inches Monday.  Why cant it just be like Spring or Fall year round?  Is there a place that has weather like that because I may consider moving there...

I have two words that have made me happy this week:  STEVEN TYLER!!!!!  He was the only reason I thought about checking out American Idol this season.  I gave up on it after Bo Bice lost to that little no namer, Carrie Underwood :)  Yeah - I know Carrie is all successful, but I loved  Loved LOVED Bo Bice!!!  And it seems like its gone downhill since.  Taylor Hicks anyone?  I rest my case... But I love long haired rockers, if you didnt know... & I have always loved Steven Tyler, which my husband is like, "he's hidious"... but ladies, am I alone?  There is something about him that draws me in..... And Jennifer Lopez was a surprise too... how sweet is she not wanting to say no... I think I'm gonna like this season of American Idol.  Simon who?


SPAT OF THE WEEK:  Snow boots!!!! .... oh my goodness.  How many times do I have to ask, PLEASE take off the boots at the door?  But NOOOOoooooooOOOO... Ricky will come in with snow on his boots & walk around the kitchen & leave puddles of water everywhere... & what happens?  yep - I step in these freezing cold puddles with my sock-feet & it is just like jumping into a frozen lake!  (Remember, I'm dramatic anyways)  Last night, I stepped in a puddle again & screamed!!!! Ricky said, "You want me to call an ambulance?  Is it that bad?" .... I looked at him & said, "You might want to because I'm going to come over & punch your nose till it bleeds" ... its our way of saying we love each other...


For the record... the Christmas tree is still the corner of my living room... yep... still standing...

Anyone watching "Beyond Scared Straight" on A&E?  Its where they send troubled youths for a day in jail where they can see & hear how scary a place it is.  With inmates screaming in their faces, threatening to beat them up, calling them names... it scared the be-jeez out of ME!!!!  There was a lady who they called "Diablo" which stands for Devil in Spanish... oh my goodness.. that woman put the fear of everything into me!  If you havent seen it, check it out... & if you have teens... have them watch it with you!!!

I dont know why - but I laughed at this for like 10 minutes... more so that the one guy really does look like Jesus giving a high five... forget about the man in the Mork from Ork costume!! :)  .... it doesnt take much for me to laugh...

Can I say, I loved Ricky Gervais for giving it to the celebs at the Golden Globes.  Someone needed to let Angelina Jolie know she's not the most awesome gift to the world.  These people need to be able to laugh at themselves.  ... granted, I didnt dig his last comment of the night... but thinking he was just going with the night of "roast" till the very end.  But for everyone in the industry to want an apology from him?  Come on people... what did you expect?  You hire David Copperfield, you'll get magic tricks... you hire a comic who is known for ribbing & you dont expect him to dish it out?  People are too sensitive...Introducing Bruce Willis as "Ashton Kutcher's Dad" has got to be one of my favorite lines of the night!!! :)

Hope everyone has a FABULOUS FRIDAY!!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Everyone knows if you scare me, I'm going to scream....

And not just a tiny, "oh that scary" kinda scream... but a 2 minute long, earth shaking scream that will make people plug their ears.  Its the way I am.

Think about your best friend, or your family members.  You can usually tell how they are going to react in a situation because you know who they are.. you know what strikes them as funny, as sad, as stupid....

For those of you that have kids, you know that when you take them to school & you kiss them in front of all their friends, you're probably going to get a reaction of an eye-roll & a "Mooooommmmmmmm"

You also understand where some of the reactions come from.  For instance, I have a friend who's mother passed away.  I know the song that evokes memories of the time she was getting ready to leave this earth so when we hear that song, I know the reaction this will cause... his heart will break again...

You understand the person more...

But then, we're surprised when God doesnt answer our prayers how we want... when He does what He wants to do.  "How dare you God!" is something we want to cry out... how ridiculous is that for us to say?... but we kinda do when we dont get our way....

What if we spent more time with God... in prayer... in His word... intentional time.... learning who He is, learning His ways.  Then when God reacts - when God does exactly what His character is all about, then maybe we wouldnt be so surprised... or more so, so discouraged, or angry with God....

My husband is a shy person... I understand the back story of his life that makes him a shy person.  I am NOT a shy person (are you surprised?) & I dont like that my husband is shy... but I understand it.. & I love him regardless.

God may do things sometimes we may not like, but if we know Him better, then maybe we'll understand it... and we love Him regardless....

"Here's what I want you to do: Find a quiet, secluded place so you wont be tempted to role-play before God. Just be there as simply & honestly as you can manage. The focus will shift from you to God, & you will begin to sense his grace." -Matthew 6:6

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Frozen Snot?

I bought a treadmill last year & I love it... I better, as it cost more then my first two cars combined!

But its time to get to training again for my THIRD Half marathon & its time to get some miles in everyday.  I enjoy my treadmill but have found that this is what causes a lot of the discomfort in my inner thigh.  I've since learned that that is common since the "pulling" motion of the belt makes your muscles react differently.  So while my treadmill is a great place to run, doing it everyday causes some issues for me.

So what do you do?  Take it to the streets... But its snowy & cold....

I've been talking to people who are running out in this & keep hearing its more enjoyable then you think - so I've given it a try this past Saturday... & I really did enjoy it! 

Last night, I hit the road again  & this time, it wasnt only cold, but it also rained on me... know what?  It didnt really bother me.  My cheeks were numb, but now I know what I need to wear if rain is a possibility. 

But here is what running outside looks like for me... & things I'm learning:

*Sit in a warm house & think, "am I really going to go out in that cold?"... & have a inner struggle for a good 30 minutes

*Put on less clothes then what I wear in my home.  Seriously - I wear a tank top, a long sleeve shirt & a fleece cover on my upper body while running.  On a cold night, in the house, I wear an additional sweat shirt & of course, a Snuggie....

*Pull out an old MP3 player because with gloves on, the iPod TOUCH gets no TOUCH action....

*Since I then dont have my playlist from the iPod, I find the biggest "hip hop" radio station to get a good beat

*Pull out the earphones when they mention the temperature on the radio... that only makes it feel colder when you hear its in the 30's

*Be thankful that I'm a knitter & have my choice of wool hats... only to put them on, covering my whole head to hear Ricky say, "You look like a boy"...(note to self - knit some felted flowers to put on my running wool hats)

*Walk outside & again have inner struggle about running in such cold temps

*Get to moving....Things warm up quick...surprisingly

*your breath starts to become visible when you're huffing & puffing in the cold

*you feel like you're a steam engine with all the huffing & puffing smoke from your mouth

*your nose will start running... but with gloves, its hard to grab kleenex... but keep it near anyways & at least try to do a dabbing motion. 

*Realize you're sweating... in freezing temperatures.  That defies all sense of logic...

*Feel thirsty from sweating & realize that God has put snow all around you - feel free to grab some fresh snow that has no foot prints around it & scoop up a handfull - nature's water...  steer clear of yellow snow!!!!!

*Know your eyes will water with the cold wind... & water & water.  Your face will look like you just watched "Titantic"... (I'll never let go Jack) ... sniff

*Wave to people driving by while smiling so they realize your not having a nervous breakdown with the previous mentioned watery eyes

*Finish the run & walk back into your home... that now feels like HELL HAS DESCENDED UPON!!!!  Its amazing how hot the house will feel....

*you'll then get chills in about 10 minutes when you realize you have sweat all over your body under the layers of clothes

*Just peel them off & head right into the hot shower

*Take one last check of your running face in the mirror & see that your mascara has ran from the watery eyes, your cheeks are as bright red as Rudolph's nose & though you tried to dab at your nose with Kleenex, you'll still have some frozen snot around your nose... its true...

*Wash the clothes, charge up the mp3 player & get prepared to do it all again the next day....

See?  Doesnt all this sound like fun? 

I have made up my mind that I actually do enjoy running in this cold WAY better then the humidity of summer... who knew?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 3

I'm loving seeing everyone's pictures... want to join along?  Go over to Sara's blog at Make music from your heart to the lord

Sunday - January 9 - Yep.... Still up.... Its officially over one week since New Years Day & my tree is still up.  See?  Nothing on it except dust... waiting to be tucked away.  If its there by next week, I'm decorating it for Valentines Day!  Ricky thinks I'm joking... I'll even go out & find some red & pink lights.  I can even put Cupid on top of it...

Monday - January 10 - Something special... A friend at church is going to be having a new grandbaby soon.  I had tried to teach her to knit & she was having a hard time with it (See Dawn, its not easy for everyone - DONT GIVE UP!) ... but she asked if she gave me the yarn & needles that she bought, if I could make a blanket up for her.  Of course!  I love this lady & her family so I was so happy to create this.  There's just something special about making a baby blanket...

Tuesday - January 11 - GIVING JESUS HIGH FIVES!!!!!! .... We were awaiting on some PET Scan results for my daddy.  During his milogram at the beginning of December, they discovered he has some tumors within the spine.  They sent him to his oncologist... it was a nerve wrecking time... & many of you have prayed along with my family.  Tuesday, we got the results that the PET Scan was all clear.... I literally screamed & jumped in my office & just wanted to give Jesus a Big ole' high five!!!!  So thank you everyone who was so faithful in your prayers for my daddy!!!!  May God be EXALTED!!!!!

(Can I ask that you keep some more prayers lifted as the tumors will be surgically removed Saturday)

Wednesday - January 12 - Winter WonderLand.... Its just cold... & Snowy... its Winter at its finest!  I really love to watch the snow... but it caused us to cancel church tonight.  Boo!  I miss those kiddos when I dont see them.  But its nice to stay snuggled in a warm house.

Thursday - January 13 - Makes me think of WKRP in Cincinnati .... I got out of my car from coming home from work & had to throw something in the garbage can outside.  I hear something & see movement out of what corner of my eye... & turn & what do I see?  About 15 wild turkeys.  I hear them all the time when I sit on the front porch but never had them this close to me.  These babies were HUGE too... They didnt stay for long - a school bus came down the road & they flew off.  Everytime I see these turkeys fly, I think of Les Nessman from WKRP in Cincinnati... anyone else remember that episode?  "I swear, I thought turkey's could fly!"

Friday - January 14 - KISS keeps on rockin'!!! .... if you know my husband, you know that KISS is a part of who he is.  He loves this band - everything about them.  I cant even put his obsession into words.  So at lunch, I run out to Hobby Lobby to pick up some yarn & I needed some new sharpies for my journal (that I'll actually show you later in another post) - but they have this area where you can check to see if the sharpie is working & not dried out.  I looked & saw this written... KISS rules... It made me smile to know that my husband isnt the only one who loves the bands of the 70's

Saturday - January 15 - Winter Run.... It finally made it to freezing. Like barely. 35 degrees.  I was so tired of running on the treadmill & am training again for my 3rd Half Marathon.  I keep reading about people running outside in even single digit temperatures so I thought, its at least above freezing, the sun is out - so I'm going to go for it.  Know what?  I LOVED IT!!!  I had a wool cap I had knitted & it kept my head feeling good - I had on enough layers that I was really warm, had the gloves on & two pairs of socks... I so enjoyed my run!  But it wasnt pretty - which is why I made sure the light isnt shining on my face here... you dont want to see me with a frozen running face... not pretty at all

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