Friday, May 31, 2019

Friday Favorites

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Favorite Summer Gadget

This baby is only $5.00 too!!!

Favorite tattoo

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling —s489ee714d
Harry Potter

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Isn't he so beautiful?

Favorite Key

I love cute keys or key covers

Favorite Welcome Mat

31 Things You Will Want If You Have A Pet

Favorite Pallet / Crate Idea

Bom dia com ideia de namoradeira suspensa para inspirar no projeto do quintal! Tem até espaço para copos e garrafas.  #ideiasdiferentes

Isn't this swing so cute???
I've seen them laid flat too with like a mattress on top for a bed/swing

Favorite Funnies

Afternoon Funny Meme Dump 37 Pics

Morning Funny Meme Dump 33 Pics

Morning Funny Meme Dump 38 Pics

Morning Funny Meme Dump 38 Pics

Morning Funny Meme Dump 35 Pics

Morning Funny Meme Dump 37 Pics

Morning Funny Meme Dump 37 Pics

... basically every day of my life

GIPHY! ( May 28, 2019 at 05:46PM

... when I find someone is going to stop by

GIPHY! ( April 9, 2014 at 03:28PM

... my reaction on nearly every elimination on Project Runway this season

GIPHY! ( May 10, 2019 at 01:12PM

... when the hubs tells me his weekend plans is to cut the grass

GIPHY! ( May 14, 2019 at 06:11PM

... me at 4:30pm today

GIPHY! ( May 28, 2019 at 11:27AM

Happy Weekend Y'all!!

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Treats bigger than your face, best deal of my life & "Am I dreaming?" {Thankful Thursday #223}

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This week I am Thankful For:
week of 05/20/19 - 05/26/19
Desk preview
We got to go down & see our new floor before we were 'technically' allowed to - but I'm so thankful to see it beforehand because I think I nearly had a panic attack seeing the space.  It at least let me get through my initial freak out before actually moving in.

Miles under my feet
It was a beautiful night the other night so I did something crazy.  Put on running shoes that were barely used, & headed to the track.  It felt awful & horrible. My body is so not used to this any more. It's like a herd of elephants stomping in the jungle.... but I did it. I moved.  For that, I am grateful.

Colson born
I've talked about this a few times this past week - but so excited for our sweet framily on the birth of their 3rd child.  Healthy, beautiful little boy.  Welcome to the world Colson.

BTW - look at this cuteness... Big Sis was so overwhelmed, she just started crying.  She said, "Is this real life? Am I dreaming?"...she was just the happiest big sister!!!

We were all crying with this reaction!!!!

New Big Brother held him for like 10 seconds & then said, "put him back"... his daddy said, "in the bed?" & he said, "No, put him back in mommy" haha!!!

Camera run
I've been with Chasity in the delivery of both her first 2 & with this new job, I wasn't able to get there in time for this baby... but I was so thankful for my hubby who ran home to grab my camera so I could get some first moments of Colson's life.

Kelly Moore Bag
So I am a huge Kelly Moore camera bag fan. If I were rich, I'd buy so many of the bags... but alas, I'm not rich. So I have one bag I saved up for & got a few years ago.  I have a few other bags I keep my eye on for a good sale.  But even a good sale is still shelling out a few hundred dollars.... & then the other day, I see an email in my inbox that says something like 35 bags for $35. I thought it was a joke.  But apparently, they had a few bags that had glue stains on the inside.  So it was a no-return bag, & you just had to live with the glue stain.  First come, first serve.  I thought, no way are they sold out... & CLICK - & THEY HAVE A FEW BAGS LEFT! WHAT????? I clicked & bought it & I still can't believe I got this bag for $35.00.  It's a regular $299.99 bag.  Best deal of my life.

You literally cant even see the glue strip that makes this bag "damaged"

I am just in love with it! It even converts to a back pack - which is what I'm super excited about

This is the back - see how you can move straps to the bottom & top forming a back pack?

No Bake cookies as big as yo head
Seriously - they have to weigh like 2 lbs a piece.  Found this new little place for lunch downtown & saw these. They are the Hubs favorite cookie. He said they were incredible. He actually ate one on Friday night & was like a kid trying to without eating the other one.  When I woke up on Saturday, I saw the empty container. He said he was up, warming it up at 7am because he couldnt wait any longer :) haha

Walmart trip with mom
We just had a good time out ... & I always love looking around Walmart with her.  We find the most random things. Like this time... I got a "Tick Tornado"... because why not?

HSM panel
I always feel so honored when I get to speak at HSM. This time around, it was about being a leader & I got to brag on how incredible my girls are too.  I honestly just love my church & the people I get to serve next to & just the way I am loved & the way I see others loved in that church.  It's a special place.

Olive Garden!!
Ricky just is not a fan ... not to hate against the OG - but he hates usually any place that makes you pay over $10.00 for pasta. He's like, you can buy a box for $3.00... this is dumb. I do sorta see his point.  But we had a gift card & who can let a gift card go to waste?  So I was super excited to go because I for one WILL happily pay over $10.00 for good pasta - especially mushroom ravioli ... & to make ti easier on Ricky, I told him I'd pay anything over the gift card & let's get dessert.  Again, look at the no-bake cookie incident above... sweet treats always makes him happier.  We hadnt been to Olive Garden in YEARSS ... & probably wont be back for another few years if its up to Ricky  - so I'm grateful for this trip.

Beat the storm
I went to work on the weekend to unpack my area & man, I got there JUST.IN.TIME!! A huge storm hit & I got in the front door as soon as the heavens opened... & it stopped just as I was leaving 2 hours later.  That's good timing!!!

What good things have made you smile this week?

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

What's Up Wednesday - May 2019

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What We're Eating This Week
I just found that Dole makes a quinoa salad with chickpeas in it too.
I love these salad kits - they make life so easy!!!
I'm excited to try this one out.

Bountiful Triple Quinoa

What I'm Reminiscing About
My HSM girls are now through their freshman year.

Even more shocking -
 my nieces are done with middle school & will start into HIGH SCHOOL next year.
I just can't.... my old heart

What I'm Loving
I got these shoes at Walmart for $9.88 & have been wearing the heck out of them.
Cute with shorts & jeans... & they have a little memory foam in them - not like Sketchers - but its not flat stiff bottoms like some shoes.
Time and Tru Women's Surf Mocassin

What We've Been Up To
Getting through all the feels of the one year loss of my dad.
May was tough.

What I'm Dreading
Getting used to our new work space.
Like - not a drawer on the new desk. A DRAWER PEOPLE!!!
I work in accounting & there's not even space on my desk for a CALCULATOR.
Plus, we're all crammed together. 6 people stuffed in one area.
I am still just stunned at who thought of this & picked out the design & furniture.

So yeah... I'm dreading my new office space every single day now.

What I'm Working On
I've been doing this Bible Study & loving it!
I just love Lysa TerKeurst... she may be my favorite author & bible study go-to.
There's just something about her I connect to - she has just an ease on the way she presents things.

Image result for finding i am bible study

What I'm Excited About
Getting my 2nd Kelly Moore Camera bag
(I'll talk more about this on my Thankful Thursday tomorrow)

What I'm Watching / Reading

I'm still making my way through Lucifer - midway through Season 2

Image result for lucifer season 2

... & STILLLL getting through Gilmore Girls.
I honestly think I've been going through Gilmore Girls for nearly 2 years now.
I get in spurts of watching it & then just moving onto something else.

Also super thrilled Nailed It is back on Netflix.
I have to stop myself from binging them all straight through - I love that show so much.

Image result for nailed it season 3

Reading... I'm currently doing Nine Perfect Strangers... finally

Image result for Nine perfect strangers

What I'm Listening To
Now that Hannah B has us back in the game with the Bachelorette - I'm back to listening to all the podcasts about it.  This is one of my favorites. 

Image result for another bachelor podcast

What I'm Wearing
I just placed an order at Old Navy so I'm looking forward to it coming in
...especially this tee!!!

Slim-Fit Plus-Size Graphic Ringer Tee

What I'm doing this Weekend
So when they hired my replacement at work, it was just within the first hour she was there that we discovered, we both have an out of control obsession with hand lettering & planners....

So this weekend, we're getting together for lunch & going to a store called Paper Source that specializes in all things stationary & pens & planners. & OH MY HEART is so excited & looking forward to it!!!!!!!!!!

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month
I love my HSM group - y'all know I do.
But it's nice because we get the summer off from Sunday small group.
We'll still meet up during the summer & totally will stay connected,
but its nice to get a break from commitment.
Let's us get the chance to go visit some other churches during the summer too with friends.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The weekend our marriage was tested by Yahtzee.....& work has now made me just like the Genie....

I say it every time we have a 3 day weekend... WHY CANT THEY ALL BE LIKE THAT????

Oh well, I am glad we hit Memorial Day. It seems like the kick off of future days off. Not too far & 4th of July is here & then Labor Day & then heck, we're going into the fall Holidays. WHAT?

Before we talk about the end of the year, let's look back to the long weekend.


 *Left work after packing back up everything to make our move back down to our floor after the renovations.  Dont want to talk about it.  The worst.

* Spent the evening editing the picture that I was able to get when our latest Grandbuddy #3 was born last week. I wasn't able to be there for the birth of this one but still wanted to grab some pics of his first few hours with his momma & daddy


* Why is Yahtzee nearly a marriage breaker?  So - I'm really interested in seeing how you play this game.... I got a Yahtzee. YAHOO... 50 points. Right?.... & then I got another Yahtzee in that same game by rolling 3's.  When I rolled it, I was like YAHOOO once again & Ricky was like, "That's just 15 points"... um.... excuse me?... what?.....

Image result for excuse me gif

& he said, "You already got Yahtzee, you dont need another one"... I was like, HOLD UP - that's the point of the game - to get Yahtzee!!!!

Well, let's break out the rules & read it. The rules actually say, you write down the score of what you rolled the 2nd time - so 15 would be right - BUT, you get 100 extra points... all this is if you did NOT mark off Yahtzee in the first place, which I did not. I got 1 Yahtzee & this was my 2nd.... Still with me?

I thought I had always played that we got 50 points every time you get a Yahtzee... the OFFICIAL rules were even more in my benefit.

OK - let's flash back to my husband who is saying, "I've never played like that....." & the debate ensued on why would you play YAHTZEE & not try to get YAHTZEE'S!!!!!!! I mean, we take our games seriously & it was like banging my head in the wall trying to explain what the rules said.

.... & then we continued another game - because obviously I won that last game *snickering laugh* & we both roll a Yahtzee... which I'm convinced God is just testing us now at this point....

Image result for the lord is testing me gif

& after we each roll one, Ricky makes a comment that he hopes he gets another now "that he knows we are making up our own rules as we go along"..... ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????

I took the dice & politely ... nah, who are we kidding.... shoved them across the table & told him to put the game up before I threw it across the room..... & my voice may have been up 10 octaves too.

Needless to say, he's a man - he went in the bedroom & started watching Netflix while I just stewed & stewed & went back in bedroom & had to keep making my point.... & then ended it by telling him he's a fun sucker & dont talk to me the rest of the night....

... but then we were hungry & needed to talk about dinner so that was the end of that argument.  We have priorities y'all. Food trumps all

.... & welcome to marriage.

* & yeah, I finished a book too.

* Before YahtzeeGate, I also went to Walmart with my mom & ended up getting the cutest shoes & some cute shorts to just wear around the house when it gets super hot. Also great for working out in.


* I had the honor of speaking on stage at HSM about being a leader... that was fun. Love my girls giving shout outs & support for me while I'm on stage too. 

It was also the last day for our pastor, Dave Stone, who has been working in our church for 30 years.  It was such an emotional last day for him. I literally was in tears throughout the whole message.   It was a beautiful passing on the baton to our next Head Pastor.  I love Kyle Idleman so I'm excited to see where he leads our church.  One thing I know - he'll always have Jesus first in mind.

* Ricky came & met me after HSM to go to Olive Garden. We NEVER go to Olive Garden. I think the last time we went there, our first grandson was a baby... & he's nearly a teenager now, so there's that.  Ricky just doesnt care for it & he wasn't super thrilled again... but dessert saved the day.

* I left from there to go to my work area to unpack. OH MY GOSH.... I seriously want to cry. I am not even joking, I had a legit panic attack.  This space is SO SMALL. Like Genie small.... Itty bitty living space......

Image result for itty bitty living space gif

This new desk doesnt even have a drawer. Not even a DRAWER... Where do you put pens???   & the way the monitors are set up on this? It's HORRIBLE.  They are straight across from one another & they are rectangle - so they are pretty long from one end to the other now. Like I'm going to have neck issues from turning my head so much in a day.  Plus, there are 6 of us stuck in this 'pod' area now.  I've said over & over.... I CHOSE to spend time with my husband ... but there's times that I dont even want that much togetherness - maybe when we play Yahtzee games for instance ???? - its just going to be problematic for have groups of 6 people sitting together all over the floor.  ... we're gonna needs some prayers up in this office.

* & like any 47 yr old, I had to go to my mom's to complain about my new work area to her.


* We tried to go to our little local favorite breakfast place... & make it all the way up there to find they were closed. DANG IT.

* I ended up leaving from there & going to the grocery. It's been so long since I went in the grocery store & shopped. I'm so used to doing it online.  It's a pro/con thing here for that.  Pro - I got to see all the new items out.  & the Con? SO MUCH MONEY SPENT.  & time!! I was in there over an hour.  UGH. At least I was in & out before 9am which made it nice to not be crowded for Memorial Day crowds.

I understand now why they say dont go to the grocery while you're hungry. Not having breakfast, I just wanted ALL THE FOOD.

... ended up with Starbucks iced coffee for breakfast in the end.  There's that.

* I spent basically the rest of my Memorial Day on the couch with Netflix  as my best friend. I watched the Zac Ecfron's version of Ted Bundy.. .that was really interesting. & then watched "The Perfect Date" - which was cute, but so dumb really.  & then about 5 more episodes of Lucifer. 

In the end, I think I didn't even get 3,000 steps in the entire day .

So we're back at it... in my new office space... where I may be having a mental breakdown today.

The only thing worse? Playing Yahtzee in this space.... oh, never mind - I dont even have room to roll dice, so that's out....


How was your Memorial Day?

Tell me your Yahtzee rules....

Do you work in an itty-bitty-working space?

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