Wednesday, October 31, 2018

All about Halloween!....Wednesday Melody

It is all about Halloween!

1. You’re in a horror movie. Are you the final person left, the first to die, the comic relief, the skeptic, the smart one, or the killer?

I'm putting my money on the final person left... because my butt would be OUTTA there so fast.  Someone with a chain saw?  A hatchet?  Knife welding gloves? You can bet I'm moving out of town faster than you can say, "Look, a killer coming after us!"

2. While watching scary movies, are you the person who yells at the characters, the person with their eyes covered the whole time or the person who falls asleep?

The one who yells at the characters.... did you see my answer above?  I totally feel like if people would listen to me, they'd survive. Plus, I'm always yelling "YOU IDIOT" during scary movies & raising my hands in the air & shaking my head.

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3. If you were dared to spend the night in a “haunted house”, would you do it?

For a dare? Nope.... 
Now, if money was on the line, I'd do it.  I'd go in with my Bible, maybe a little Holy water, a few crosses strapped onto me & some coffee to stay up all night long.

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4. Favorite horror monster or villain?

Can you REALLY have a FAVORITE? I mean, they are all so horrifying & not someone I want to actually meet or run into.

But Freddy Kruger & Pennywise in the original IT are  two that remind me of my teenage years so there's that....

But I also will add in Bram Stoker's Dracula because really, didnt he just want love? 

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5. Favorite horror or Halloween-themed song?

This may seem strange for a Halloween song - but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song - the song from Casper where he becomes human for a little bit to dance with Kat - Remember Me This Way. I always get a little weepy at it.

6. Tell us something random about your week.

I'll stick with the Halloween theme here....
It's crazy because the weather is rainy & awful for today, so a lot of neighborhoods changed Trick or Treating to last night - which is so weird to me.  How do you change Halloween? ... & I saw where there's a petition to get Halloween moved to the last Saturday of the month so kids can trick or treat & not worry about school nights.... which I get. I can imagine all the teachers of the world would sign that FAST.  But it just feels weird to me. Growing up, Halloween was Oct 31 - that was it. No Trunk or treats, or trick or treating at different places for a week or two ahead of October 31.  It was a one night shot at getting candy & that's it.... sort of like a Candy Purge.  

Now THERE'S an idea for a movie!

Linking up with my sweet friend Terri today on Halloween!

Monday, October 29, 2018

The weekend we celebrated 23 years....

23 years....

I can't believe I walked down the aisle 23 years ago... & can still remember so much about the day. The details. The weather. The excitement.  The feeling of putting on that dress - which is still the same dress I would pick today to get married in. I just love my dress.  Seeing my fiance standing at the end of the aisle & walking back up with him as my husband. It's those things you can remember.

I also remember my daddy.  The words he said to me as we stood behind closed church doors before the walk on his arm.

My dad was always one to celebrate & remember everything.  He would always have an e-card sitting in your inbox right at midnight.  & he's always bring over a sweet treat that he made himself to make sure any happy occassion had sugar sprinkled all over it.

I even found this email that I had saved from him last year.... tell me how heart breaking this is to read this first year without him.

He wrote this to me after my blog post last year about my wedding .... 

It was so funny because 3 times yesterday, it rained with the sun peeking out. I kept telling Ricky I knew dad was trying to send me a rainbow for our anniversary present. He didnt forget.

It's been a weird week anyways. For the past 23 years, we've always taken off work on vacation for our anniversary.  This year, with all my SURPRISE surgeries, I'd had to use all my time for health reasons & couldnt take off the last week of October. It's felt SO WEIRD.  But thank the Lord that our anniversary fell on a Sunday so we could still enjoy it like we always do.

As tradition, we got up early & went out for breakfast.  Ricky had never been to First Watch before & when we left, he said, "I now have a new favorite breakfast place"... yep.

Then we went shopping around at a few stores & then we had to do our usual anniversary tradition.
Head to the Disney Store.

We do it every year.  They have out their Christmas ornaments & we always buy at least 2 - if not 4 - new ornaments. We love the ones that are unusual- & that have a Christmas look to them. Our big finds this year were Sven (the reindeer from Frozen) & Baymax (from Big Hero 6)... they are both so cute with little Christmas lights around them. Ricky also bought a cute Santa Minnie Mouse & some Chip & Dale little bells.

We then strolled around & didn't really buy anything else. Who needs it after you go through the Disney store.

But we did end up spending probably the best money of the day when we got in those massage chairs for a bit.    I'm a cheap date.  Give me a massage chair any day & I'm a happy gal.

We ended up going to a few other stores were Ricky was able to get some new UK hats - gearing up for basketball season - & I got to go into World Market where I just like looking around at their original things.

We were going to go to the movie - something else we do every anniversary - but there was nothing really I wanted to see.  We talked about seeing Halloween, but neither one of us are HUGE scary movie fans. & I really wanted to see A Star is Born but knew Ricky would rather gauge his eyes out. He said he'd watch it for me - but I knew that would just be $12.00 for a nap for him... so instead, we headed out to play some mini golf.

Now, let me tell you - any game to Ricky is a competitive game. ESPECIALLY mini golf.  I beat him last time we played so he was out with a vengeance.  & we had the most fun & the most competitive game. We tied it up 3 times in the game & it was close to the very end.... until I choked on a hole & he got a hole in one in the same hole. My fate was sealed.

It was ok - I can handle losing.  Much better than he can... & we just really enjoyed the game.

But we had some more money on our little card that we purchased when we came into this place & ended up playing some video games.  We had so much fun. Like we were laughing & felt like little teenagers dating again.

This was the BEST video game - a HUGE version of Space Invaders!!!

& when we left there, it was time to decide where to eat.  Now, every year, we always go to Rocky's - an Italian place on the river. The food wasn't AMAZING, but it was just fun for the atmosphere. Well, they shut down this year. so I was just lost on where to eat.  So after narrowing it down, we decided to try out the new Outback that just opened by us.  Which is funny because obviously, we aren't steak eaters AT ALL ... but they do have great sides.

After a 35 minute wait - thank goodness it was sunny & felt nice out - we ended up having the sweetest waitress who was so good to us.  She found out it was our anniversary & sent us home with a HUGE piece of carrot cake after finding out that our wedding cake was carrot cake. HOW SWEET IS THAT????

This will TOTALLY be up on my Thankful Thursday - you can count on that!!!!

But we got home, enjoyed the cake with our dogs watching us... & just really talked about how wonderful the day had been. A great way to celebrate 23 years together.

We may be a little (lot) older - we may have more wrinkles - more gray - totally more weight on my side - but we're still here, next to each other - supporting one another - loving one another - always wanting the best for each other & always each others best friend.  I can't want anything more in life.

Here's to another 23 years with my love!

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Almost driving, coffee with high schoolers & didnt pee on myself!!! {Thankful Thursday #193}

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This week I am Thankful for:

14 Yrs Old
I can't believe the twins are 14!  BLINK & it goes by so fast.  But here they are - just one year away from getting their permit to drive. (OH.MY.GOODNESS!)

Coffee Shop in Traffic
I have no idea what the hold up was one day, but I sat in traffic FOR-EV-ER. The bad news with that is I am still addicted to my ice obsession & sitting in traffic for an hour, I thought I was going to just pee all over myself. I'm nothing but blunt.  So when I finally got off the express way, I was so thankful for our little coffee shop on the corner of the exit.... ran in to use their bathroom & a perfect excuse to grab a chai tea latter for the rest of the drive home. WHEW!  Accident averted - at least for me - maybe not a driver somewhere.

Mom's friend
My mom's best friend came up from Bardstown, Kentucky to help her with some paper work & ended up being there when the doctor called & needed mom to come in to pick up a presciption.  Myrna happily drove mom back out there & then took her to the grocery store & then out to dinner.  Bless her heart - she drove home super late all the way back to Bardstown!!! So glad she was there to spend the day with mom - & super glad she was safe on her late travels back!

The Faithful Bible Study
if you're looking for a Bible Study - Lifeway is currently doing this one where they are offering the videos to the study for free through the end of November.  Just the first video?  I literally was like, "This is for me... totally for me".  It was about hard times in life & how NOTHING happens to you that hasn't passed through God's hands.  Nothing happens without God's knowing & approval or allowance.  It was just so encouraging if you are in a rough ride right now (ME!! RAISING HAND)

Pain Level Low
Can you believe I'm saying that???? But it has been so tolerable. Like some days, I'm feeling ZERO bits of pain. Probably the worst thing is sitting on the floor. That's when it hurts - just a little - but I'm sitting, walking, even RAN a little bit - NO PAIN!!!!.... which only CONFUSES ME!! Do I still do that surgery in December?  .... my pain level may be lower, but my stress level is beyond its limits!

HSM Coffee Night
We had no HSM Home group during October but missed the girls, so made a coffee date for whoever could make it. The conversations had around that table were so funny. Teenage girls... how the brain works at that age.... it's funny to look back now as an adult & think, "I thought that way myself long ago.  Bless my heart" :)

Image may contain: 12 people, including Jackie Hardesty, people smiling, people sitting, table and indoor

Sam's Club membership
I love me some Sam's Club & was a little sad that my membership, that was paid every year by my last job, was expiring.  Ricky actually went in to buy something & he found out the hard way we didnt have a membership any longer.  But PRAISE BE - there was a Groupon where we ended up getting a new membership for $25.00!!!! YAHOOOO... let the bulk buying commence on!

EKU trip
Yep, I talked about this in my last post - but so glad I was able to make the trip being sick, & so thankful for the recognition that Julie is getting - & just really enjoyed the trip with Ricky. We hardly ever get to travel anywhere together anymore with schedules.

I love I put my camera bag down so it wouldnt be in the picture... haha - & its right behind Ricky.

What are you Thankful For this week?

Monday, October 22, 2018

The weekend that I learned your career isn't everything... in an award for careers....

What an exciting weekend.

I didnt think it would BE all that exciting when I got home on Friday, after suffering through the day at work, only to get home & find out that I had a fever, a double ear infection AND a sinus infection. Good times.  

Tis the season actually.

But we had to get up at 6am the next morning to travel down to Eastern Kentucky University & I was scared to death I wasn't going to make it.  

So what does anyone do in cases like that?  Pop LOTS of medicine, snuggle in bed & go to sleep early.

It didnt help that when the alarm went off at 6am - I still had a fever.... BOO!  
Ricky asked me what I wanted to do & I said, "We can't miss this.... I'll dose up on more Advil - let's go".... & off we went - before the sun even came up.  Not exactly how most people enjoy spending their Saturdays.

& of course, any early Saturday means we have to find a Starbucks on our 2 hour drive.
For the record - it should be noted - I made a coffee from home & was perfectly OK, but the Hubs was the one who was freaking out trying to find a Starbucks. See, its not just me.

But you can bet that if we were going to stop at a Starbucks, I wasn't going to pass up getting a fresh drink.  The heat from the Flat White actually tasted wonderful on my throat & ears.

Starbucks = good medicine.

The ride wasn't that awful - even though it was cloudy & gloomy & I was looking forward to being able to watch the sun rise on our drive. No such luck.

We ended up getting to our meet up point the exact same time as Julie & that gave me time to run into Cracker Barrel to use the restroom when the rest of the Nashville gang pulled in.... & off we went to EKU.

It was Homecoming week there & there was a brunch where they were honoring alumni for various things & our own Ms. Julie was receiving yet ANOTHER award for all her work that she's done.

Let me say for the record, she was in San Francisco earlier that week, left there & went to Phoenix & then got home on Thursday, to turn around & go to EKU for this award.  Did you know that ROCK STAR SCIENTIST EXISTED?  Well you know now!

It was fun being on the campus that Julie & Steve grew up together & learned on.  As someone who never finished college or did the whole college life thing, its all so interesting to me to see campuses & how beautiful they are & I get so envious of everyone who gets to enjoy that part of life.

We had to get our name tags & then there was like a happy hour sort of meet & greet - I guess for a lot of the alumni to see each other after another year of being away from each other....

The reception area... it all felt very "Austin Powers" to me... dig that lighting?
I loved it but just kept singing the theme song to the movie in my head the whole time

... Ricky & I were like, this is cool, but we want to venture out & see more.  So Steve got 2 of the grands & we took a little walk around the campus a bit. 

He took us into the bookstore, where - if you can believe it - I bought some books :)   But seriously - they had Disney Art books that are retail at $40 for ONE DOLLAR!  & I got 2 Elin Hilderbrand hard back books - FOR ONE DOLLAR - how do I walk away from this sort of bargain?  & I'm doing college kids a favor - they need to be cracking hard in text books.  Not dramas on Nantucket Island!  It's my public service duty!

We got back just in time where they were opening the doors for the brunch they were having.  & man, we were super lucky because we had a table right there in the front next to the stage.  

It was such a nice brunch to eat & a nice little program with EKU's acapella group singing for entertainment.  & who doesnt hear acapella & doesnt think of Pitch Perfect

& then it was time for the awards.

So many people doing so many incredible things.  All in different areas of the world & different fields. It was just so impressive.

But of course, we were most excited to hear the accolades of the one we were there to celebrate.  

 Julie is the youngest recipient ever to get this award in Professional Achievement. Isn't that the coolest thing ever?  That just says how much she's already done in her field of work at her age. SO impressive.

Next up, they had 3 people who were inducted into their sort of "Hall of Fame" of alumni.  These people got to give a speech after they received their plague - let me tell you, I was so taken with what they said.  Not that the speeches were just mind blowing - but that they were all talking about what was important to them.

I mean, there was a woman who was there for her achievement in education - & she had 3 degrees from EKU herself.  Another woman who was a lead in her field in finance & talked about a teacher telling her that a girl can be smart in math was life changing to her.  & there was a man who was decorated in military uniform badges & talking about everything he has done in the defense in our country with the things he has designed & created.

But do you know what they each spoke about the most that they felt like were achievements?  The things that really made them who they were in life?  The things that they gave most credit to in life?

One mentioned God - talking about how dream your dreams because with God, all things are possible.

The other talked about family - & how she loves her career but her family is her top priority - I especially loved a line she said, "Your life is what you focus on"... that's powerful & preaches in itself

& the military gentleman spent a lot of his time talking about his friendship with another military friend who was struggling right now & asking us to lift up prayers for him & he also spoke of work he & his wife did together in ministry serving others & specifically kids  in poor parts of Kentucky during school & Christmas seasons.

I thought it was so interesting.  Here were 3 people being recognized for what they have done after earning their degree. & they have done amazing things.  Made a name for themselves in all these field.  But to ask them what their important priority is, or what stands out to them on what makes them who they are.... it was faith, friendship, family & serving.

Isn't that interesting... & cool?  To know you can make it to the top of your field, be #1 in your career, but if you dont have the HEART for others, what does it get you?  If you dont have FAITH in something, how sad life can be.  If you dont recognize that family & friends are always going to be there for you, not a job position.  & that giving back to others is what gives joy in your life.

The simple things.  The core things. The things that make humans, well, human.

I thought that was so encouraging to me - & I hope it is to others as well... if you feel like you're not at the top of your field. Or if you feel like you aren't worth anything because you never got that college degree.  If you feel like you are not considered much in this world because you dont have the office job that pays 6 figure salaries.... take heart.  Look to the ones around you that you love.  Focus on the faith you have in your relationship with God.  Learn to love those friendships & others that you can serve.  This is what it's all about.... using life for good. No matter where you're at - no matter who you are - no matter what your career is.

In the end, we left with our family, proud of our girl & all the things she is doing - because for her, she's trying to make a difference for others with her research.  She's trying to find that nitch in life herself on serving others, being helpful, giving hope to people who may not otherwise have it.

& for that, she deserves to be honored.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

A fast one.... {Thankful Thursday #192}

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This is just going to be a quick one this week....

I have been SO BUSY! Like SOOOO BUSYYYY!!!!

I've been around blog land reading your blogs at night when I get home & get in bed, but I have the hardest time commenting on my phone & tablet ... so though you havent heard from me, I'm always catching up on my favorite bloggers.

I've been learning new things at work the past few weeks & the rubber meets the road today & for the next few days while lots of people are on vacation.... so sorry this is short - I'll have lots of Thankful goodies next Thursday

I will always be thankful - even in a rush

* Thankful for my job - I honestly, y'all, still love my job. I sit sometimes at my desk & am amazed that I found this incredible place to go to.  

* Thankful for learning new things & more of how things are ran around work.

*Thankful that I'm being entrusted with more work & responsibilities.

*Thankful for great co-workers who have been wonderful at training & showing me the ropes at all the new fun stuff.  They are patient & helpful & always so kind when I call them &say, "I have another question"

*Thankful for overtime. I've never gotten overtime before & man, its nice!!!

Image result for i love my job

So yeah, I'm busy at work today & tomorrow.... so again, if I am not commenting, I'm still visiting.

& I still want to hear what you are Thankful for this week!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Doesnt work for me....

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One exception... Jesus :) 

I tried something new the other day.  I went into Staples & asked if I could print something from my tablet.  A pdf file. I know some people may think, "Rebecca - how do you not know you can do that?" - but I'm not really advancing with technology- but I try to learn while I can.

I walked into the store & asked if this was a possibility & they looked at me like I just stepped out of 1985 - which I kind of did in my own mind.  They handed me a card that gave me an email address that I needed to send the file to & then it would pop up magically onto their system & at their copy machines they had sitting out.  This world is really like Harry Potter... in ways... not in the way that I can grab someone's hair & make myself look just like them.  I'd be snagging hair from Reese Witherspoon every day if that was the case.

Anyways.... nothing in my world goes easily & my file was too big to go to the copy machine so they had me resend it to their computer that their copy manager works at & VIOLA - there it was. All 154 pages that needed to be printed.

What was so important?  It was the latest Tone It Up program that they offered for October.   Usually, you have to pay a fee of like $150 to get all of their programs but this was $31 & I thought, Hey, I'll give this a try & see how it works..... which is another post for another day.... not the point of todays ever long, dragging out post.

When the picture came up that showed this was a eating/food program - all the workers there had a comment.

One of the ladies said, "Those girls are gorgeous"... indeed they are. #goals

Another one of them said, "Is this a meal plan that like tells you what to eat for the next 31 days?".... indeed it is.  & then I told her to download it so she can print it out herself.  I dont know if I'm supposed to do that, but hey, I paid for it & I can do what I want with it.  I told her I'd sign something if she needed me to so she could print it out herself is she wanted it for the recipes.

& finally, there was a man there - the manager of the whole store, who asked me what the plan looked like (its basically a clean eating, no carbs, lots of greens, lots of veggies - a lot of their TIU products!!!!) & then he said, "Well, I just lost 100 lbs a month ago!"

100 LBS!  I told him that was incredible & congratulated him & asked him what worked for him.

He told me, "The biggest thing that really changed for me to finally get my weight off was stopping to drink sodas"... he then went on a 15 minute speech on why soft drinks & sugar in soft drinks are so bad for you (agreed) & he was just on top of his game with info about that.

I told him that I totally agree - sugar is just so bad for us - but so hard to avoid.... & he continued to just stick to the "Soda" theory.  Told me if I gave up soft drinks, I'd see a difference in my own body.   If I gave up any sort of drink, even diet sodas, I'd just shed the weight like the weight loss fairies were just pouring their glitter dust all over me.

I didnt have the heart to tell him.... I havent drank a soft drink in probably 7 years - or longer.

I did try to slide in my comments about sugar "in general" - but nope... it was all about NO SOFT DRINKS! NO COKES! NO PEPSI!  NO CAN DRINKS!  NO FOUNTAIN DRINKS!!!  NO DRINKS BESIDES WATER".... 

I just thanked him for sharing his story - congratulated him once again & left.....& got to my car & sat & got a little irked.

It also made me think about the book I mentioned before in a book review, "Girl, Wash Your Face" - where the author said basically the way to lose weight was easy -  just cut calories & move more.  Simple enough. & when I read that even then, I had that same irked feeling... I believe my comment reading that was, "Wait sweet little girl until you hit your 40's or 50's & menopause starts knocking on your door... THEN tell me its that easy"

I think what just gets to me is that people think there is a ONE METHOD WAY of doing things.  & if it worked for them, it should work for you & every one else.

& this thinking is so contagious right now.

Let's look at diet... let's look at parenthood... let's look at how to be a wife... & LORD KNOWS, let's look at politics - & people have their opinion & then most people think, "That's the ONLY way to think"... "That's the ONLY way that works".... "MY WAY IS THE ONLY WAY THAT IS RIGHT".

But wait.... We are so individual.  We are so unique.  God created us to be a particular being... one of a kind.  & to think that ONE thing works for everyone is just so misguided.
... & frustrating.

People get OFFENDED now when you dont think the way they do.  Please even become outraged, insulted & just plain MEAN when you dont feel the same way they do.

That to me, is so sad.

I really have no point to this whole thing because I have no answer on how to solve it.  Until people can truly see that everyone can have their own opinion & everyone may have a different way that works for them on how their life, how their body, how their finances, how their views work .... & just accept it & can say, "You have your opinion, I have mine & that's ok"... then I think we'll all start getting along a lot easier.

.... & in the end, I'm just glad the man didnt say to me that he gave up Starbucks to loose the weight, because the argument would have been ON if he tried to push that negativity on me ;)

If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, love at peace with EVERYONE.
Romans 12:18

Finally, all of you, have a unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart & a humble mind.
1 Peter 3:8

Monday, October 15, 2018

The weekend that felt frigid... at 55 degrees.... & HEY, I have a FB question!

I have to laugh when its in the 50's & it feels cold.

The girls in HSM said they hate when it goes "straight to winter"... which I had to remind them that the 50's indeed is NOT winter. & if it was winter we just finished up & it was 55 degrees, everyone would be breaking out the shorts & definitely the sandals because it would feel so warm.

Perspective is a funny thing.

But man, it sure did feel like winter around here. BRRRR!!!!

Friday, I got home & honestly felt like I had been running all week long.  I did end up cleaning up some of the kitchen & doing some odds & ends, but I ended up laying down around 9:00pm & I'm pretty sure I was already in REM sleep by 9:30pm. I was OUT.

I party hard as an adult.
It's so funny to think that when you're young, just going out at 9:30 is a thing & now, give me my comfy jammies & my dogs & my knitting & Netflix.... ahhh - that sounds just perfect.  Adulting is glamorous.

Saturday, Ricky had to work & I ended up getting up with him - actually before him - but when you go to bed at 9:30, getting up at 7 is still plenty of sleep.

& while Ricky went to work, I got started on my #minsgame..... that fun little challenge where you are getting rid of STUFF all over your house that piles up.  You take something for each day & get rid of it - Trash it, donate it, sell it - whatever you need to do. & say its the 14th of the month - you dig out 14 things. So every day, you just accumulate more & more.

I have found so much stuff, I am already up to the 19th of the month.  I think I can finish this month  still do it EVERY month for awhile. It's nice having some room in drawers & on shelves in the bathroom.

None of this even includes the 3 bags of food that I pulled out of the pantry that was old. How sad is that?  3 bags of food that went bad. That just depressed me. What a waste.... hopefully starting with clean shelves will make me keep up on what's in my pantry a little bit easier.

I had to take a break after a few hours of cleaning & pulled out my new Bible Study that just started on Thursday.  I love a good bible study.

After that, it was time for Ricky to get home & he brought home some Topp't & picked me up a salad - it was delicious. I love their salads! Except they forgot my almonds on it - GRRR - that always makes me mad. They 8 out of 10 times forget the almonds.  It's like they are gold or something.

It was getting late into the day & I have been keeping up with the new LIIFT program from Beachbody & it was Day 8 & I didnt want to miss it - so I hauled my rear down to the basement & got it in... & then could barely get back UP the stairs.  Glad leg day is always the last one of the week. TOUGH STUFF!!!!

Time to get caught up on my DVR shows.  I'm still loving A Million Little Things... & totally into Manifest now too.... & excited that Riverdale is back on, except, anyone watching it? That ending? WHAT ARE THEY DOING? They're going to make it stupid, aren't they?.... but I'm also loving the new comedy Single Parents. Those kids on there are funny!

Image result for single parents

I went over to mom's to hang out for awhile... & to get some groceries ordered for her.

HEY - QUESTION!!!!  We want to add mom's name onto dad's Facebook account - because we dont want to loose dad's FB account - but we cant find his password anywhere. So we can't add mom's name without the password - any ideas or thoughts on what we should/can do about that?  We dont want to log out or not be able to get back into dad's FB account... So we dont mess with it too much & have them shut it down or log us out.

Sunday was pretty relaxed.  I headed to HSM... & mercy, within 15 minutes of being there, I was in tears.  In our HSM meeting, they had anyone that needed prayer for any kind of struggle going on, to just raise their hand & you didnt have to say anything but just raise that hand & others would pray for you.  Man... its humbling asking for prayers.  I'm usually spot on about keeping the smile on my face  & saying, "I'm fine"... "everything is good"... "life is wonderful"... when it all feels like its falling apart. So raising my hand was a challenge.  But I'm so glad I did.  I had 3 friends come around me  &put their hands on my & my precious sister in Christ just lifted me up with the most touching words.  I honestly couldnt contain the tears.  I was so glad I humbled myself to ask for the prayers in front of others.

Image result for humble yourself

Leaving church, I picked up mom's groceries & got her & Ricky & I some lunch & headed over to the blue house....

I got home just in time to see Ricky jumping our neighbors fence - WHAT THE HECK??? ... Turns out, he was over there trying to help save our neighbors chickens.  Apparently two dogs got into their chicken coop & Ricky said it was "total destruction"... he literally talked about it all night long & I was like "YOU GOTTA STOP" - I would have freaked out coming up on a scene like that.  He said these dogs were going crazy on these chickens. It took him a second to realize it wasn't our dogs making the noise - it was after he heard the chickens freaking out that he realized something was happening. He thought it was a raccoon... nope - 2 strays....I honestly could never have chickens because i would be devastated to loose all my chickens in one crazy, wild incident. Heck, I WAS devastated - for our neighbor's chickens. That just makes me so sad.

I finished up Sunday with another day of my Bible Study, a shower, & getting my Overnight Oats prepped for the week.  I will say, I have a new obsession with these.  But I'm all about more oats & less liquid.  & putting honey on them in the morning. MMMMMM.... I'm looking forward to my alarm going off already.

.... ok... maybe not THAT excited.  After all, who is EVER looking forward to alarms going off after a weekend?

I finished my weekend by keeping my computer & tablet by my head & watching the Ironman finish line. Yep - it was in town this weekend.  & I felt so bad for the participants this year. It was SO COLD on Sunday - in the 40's - with a misty rain all day long.  But these people are literally IRONMAN - they were still out there, doing their thing, & crossing that finish line with those arms in the air.  I love watching the finish line - not even knowing anyone who is doing it. I still get weepy & teary for total strangers. Especially the ones who you can see are so emotional themselves.  I can literally watch it for hours on end - till it goes till midnight - but I can never stay up that late ... but love to go back & watch those last finishers.  THAT'S the EMOTIONAL ones right there.

The dream.... 140.6 miles.

It's funny because I wanted to walk down to the Ironman Village on Friday at work ... but it was too chilly & too far for me (maybe 2 miles) haha - I'm TOTALLY not an Ironman.  I totally applaud these amazing people.

So how was your weekend?

Was it chilly in your neck of the woods?

Do you do overnight oats?  What's your favorite way to do them?

Do you have any ideas on what to do about dad's Facebook account?

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Celebrating mom, & Ernie... hay abound... & enablers!!!! {Thankful Thursday #191}

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This week I am Thankful For:

Friends Results
We were waiting anxiously for a friend's test results last Monday .... & praising the Lord that all came back well for her!  It's so good to hear good news still exists. I've not gotten much of it lately so it's encouraging when it happens for others- especially those you love.

Mom's birthday
I knew it was going to be strange feeling celebrating my mom's birthday without my dad around... but we made due - & still celebrated with big hunks of icing. As one should celebrate life.  It felt especially strange because one of the twins wasn't there this year.  She was on a Washington DC trip with her school (the other twin could care less - haha - twins & their different personalities) - but I've always taken a pic of mom with each of the girls so we had to improvise.

Brothers Patience
OK - so my brother is NOT the most patient man. But I have to give him props where its due. He had to take my mom to a new doctor last week & the appointment was at 4pm... so when I see a text at 7pm that he's still at the doctor with mom, I was like SAY WHAT?  & I dont think he & mom left the doctor's office till after 8 pm - more like 8:30. I would have lost my ever loving mind. Maybe I'm not the patient one & he is.... however it is - I'm thankful that he hung in there with mom. 

South Carolina Represent!!!
I 'met' Jenny so many years ago in a neuropathy support group page. Me & her were the only two people in this group of people who suffered from numb feet & still ran.  Everyone else didnt even want to exercise but we were like, What's your next race?... we've stayed in touch ever since & she's just been the kindest person to me through the years. She's the one who sent me my Belle shirt to run my half marathon in with a yellow glitter skirt to go with it!!! & she's been the best supporter of my Etsy store.  So here I am once again in gratitude of her kindness when she's sent me my next mug - straight from South Carolina. Where she JUST moved to.  I told her this was a good mug for her to learn more about her new home :)

Ice Enablers!!!
Y'all... I have a serious addiction - SERIOUS! Like I think some days I need to be on My Strange Addiction on TLC.  I can't get enough ICE. Like I CRAVE it - & chomp it all day long. & I'm all about nugget ice or my house chopped up ice. I even bring TWO stainless steel cups full of ice from home to get me through the day. I wish I was joking. It's CRAZY how I can't stop eating ice.  But I've also ran out of ice (with the TWO containers full of it) & luckily, I have a Jimmy Johns right around the corner from my work. It's 27 cents for a large cup of ice. Ask me how I know... because I'M ADDICTED!!!!!! & they must know it there because a few times this week, when I walk in with my 27 cents, they tell me, Just take a cup & go. :) Enablers.  That's what they are - enablers..... Oh my gosh - all this talk - I'm now craving more ice.

Winter Hay
After nearly running out of hay a few weeks ago, I had some friends give me some contacts to get some hay for the horses for winter.  So glad we got some winter stock up now for the big babies.  I think it'll get us through.  We ordered a little bit more than my brother thinks my dad ordered last year... but at least now, we have a contact person & he told us if we run out, he is more than happy to help us. Come to find out - he even lives on my street! How funny is that! Small world!!!!

Baby likes where we put the hay
.... we had to move it over some.
Sneaky little girl!

Check Error
I write a check every 3 months for our garbage.  OK - the bill is 52.50 - easy enough. Been that way for years.  So when the garbage company called & told me they shredded my check, I was like, WHY?  They said the bank issued the check for $5250.00 - SAY WHAT? I was shocked. Looked & indeed seen where the bank did write the check for that much. I had to laugh. & then was mad. Come on bank - get on the ball!!! ... OK, so maybe it was my error - but you'd think they'd catch that sort of thing when a vendor has the same amount every 3 months for years on end.  Geez.  Thank goodness someone at the garbage company was on their game.

One Year Old!!!!
Our fur baby is now 1 year old! No more "months" old. I can't believe it. I told him he has one more year of puppy acting up & then it's all adult expectations. yeah, right. Tell that to my 18 year old man who still can do no wrong.  Babies forever.

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