Sunday, June 29, 2008

Brides everywhere!

Love is in the air for us this weekend! No - we didn't renew our vows or anything - but we got to share in other's people love. Saturday - we got to go to a wedding & there is just nothing like seeing a wedding. For me - maybe I'm just a sappy girl - it just brings back all the joy & happiness I felt on my wedding day. You can totally relate to how excited the bride is waiting to come see her groom. When they see each other - its just the most heart felt moment! And then the kiss - ahh, does it get any sweeter than that?

Its funny too because we are friends with the brides mother & we have heard about all the planning in this wedding - the money & events & decisions & all the sweat & tears that go into this. And it all is over within a 15 minute ceremony! WOW - all the planning over with so quickly. But its memories that last a lifetime!

Then I got to go to a Bridal Shower today (Sunday) & again - just to see the excitement of the bride to be. The anticipation of what her wedding day will be like. Her describing her dress to everyone & the colors & the day of her dreams that's going to be happening soon. You cant help but feel giddy along with the bride - feeding off of her excitement! .... And SCORE - I won the first game of the shower!

Aren't we a Bride as Christians? And isn't the Bridegroom coming back for us one day? What will be the look between us as we see each other face to face? Will be excited about the moment finally being here? Will it be everything we worked up to? Just like these brides - they planned every detail down to what they wanted. Do we take the time to invest in our time when we meet out Bridegroom?

There is nothing like a wedding to make you feel the presence of Love! Are you in love with your Savior?

On a nicer & sweeter note - yeah, I took pictures, but I had to post the ones of the cakes! First of all - I've said before - I'm a huge "Ace of Cakes" fan - the way they make cakes - & the wedding cake was UNBELIEVABLE! That bow around the cake - its icing! Its not a real ribbon - it was stunning! And the cake at the shower - in the words of the great Rachel Rey - YUMM-O! We found out after we ate it that the baker uses mayonnaise in his cakes - HUH? Its true! Who would have thought!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Don't Do It

This song has been stuck in my head for the past few days....& what a song to have stuck in your head! I dont know if you've heard from these guys before - Johnny & Chachi - but they are hilarious! They work for a Ministry called "Get in Here Ministries" & they are hilarious! Being a fan of the 80's myself - I love them! Their group name is "Hair Supply"!!! There are some other videos of them on You Tube if you want to look - some are called "No Hit Wonder" (and there are I think 4 episodes of this) following their journey as artists. Pretty funny stuff! So enjoy this video! And for all those married couples out there - be sure to let the men in your lives see it....

"so you marriage will be an oak"

Thursday, June 26, 2008


"Nothing makes us so lonely as our secrets" -Paul Tournier

That is the quote that is the lead of a second chapter of a book I'm reading. It comes at a funny time because a friend of mine & I have been talking lately about how secrets or unconfessed sins can really tear at you & make your life a miserable place.

But why? Why do we feel like we have to keep things secret? Is it because we're afraid of other's judgement? Don't we know that God knows all & we can't keep ANYTHING from His knowing? So why let it eat us up like we do?

I have seen books & web pages & blogs that are dedicated to people just telling their secret. I heard there is even a telephone number you can call & "let it out". Places that are set up as a "safe" area to let your secret out. Some place that holds no judgement - you can let it out - but you don't have to state your name with it or put your face on it. You can "release" it but not "claim" your secret. Does that help? I don't know - but I know they are popular places to visit so I know alot of people take advantage of them. I've gotten on a web page that people send in post cards with their secrets. Some are hilarious!!! - but some are horrible & some are just heart breaking!!

The thing I'm learning is that most people hold some sort of secret - no one wants to be judged. But instead of going to a web page or picking up a phone & telling a complete stranger - why don't more people just go to our Heavenly Father, who knows anyways, & tell Him about it? That should be the most non-judgemental place you could go - but I think most people think that's where you would receive the MOST judgement.
I'm just thankful that God knows all my secrets & loves me anyways!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


First, let me start off by saying I go to the best Bible Study! The people there are the best thinkers & you can just feel the Spirit among us once we get into some discussions. Love it! So, we started our new series that I mentioned before "A Heart Ablaze' - WOW! That's all I can say. It held so many revelations for all of us just in the first lesson. I couldnt even begin to explain here. But during some concerns we felt needed to be prayed for, it was suggested by the book & our group agreed that some sort of "Fast" needed to occur while we prayed for these things.

We learned that a fast doesn't necessarily have to be a "fast" of food. Fasting should be with anything that keeps you from seeking the Lord. It could be television, movies, computers games, the internet, newspapers, shopping, phone conversations - anything! "A true fast occurs when we abstain for the purpose of seeking God in a more focused manner."

So we all decided what to give up. It was interesting to see what held others back. For me - the answer is TV. I'm not lying - I started having a little bit of a panic attack thinking about giving up my TV for a week. And its just a week!!! That's nothing - but why the panic? How stupid is that? I love my shows - especially, of course, "Knitty Gritty" (& I know they're all reruns anyways, but I still love to watch it) & I love the TLC Channel with "Jon & Kate Plus 8" (aren't they the cutest kids!) & "What Not to Wear" (What are some people thinking?). So I'll have to give up these things for the next few days. I can do it!!!

It was funny though because we went home & I was feeding the dogs & I laid their bowls down & instinct & habit had me reach up to turn on the TV. WHOO - I caught myself but realize how much a habit it really is - that my body, my arm, would automatically just reach up to turn it on. How weird is that?

But I am looking forward to spending the time I watch TV at night & dedicating that to the Lord. I want to dive into some books & work on some lessons for the youth that I've been wanting to get around to - really get some good alone time with God in! That's the whole point & I'm excited to see what comes out of it - for me & for the other Bible Study Buddies!

I'm more anxious to see what happens to my poor hubby! He is giving up his biggest attention getter - his Xbox & Ghost Recon (Yes Julie - I heard you gasp from Texas!). I'm anxious to see what he does with his time now that he'll have his WHOLE nights available! I'm praying it reaches to him deeply too!

So wish me luck! And dont be coming up to me this week & asking "Hey, did you see blah blah on TV the other day?" - I'll probably scream & run the other way! But what I'm really hoping to find - that at the end of this - I'm willing to go another week, then maybe a month & then I find I'm enjoying my time with God more than watching shows that aren't really productive.

And on that note - I'll give an update! I'm doing awesome, for me, on the Diet Coke habit too! I will have probably one Diet Coke a day & I try to have that with the kind that has Splenda instead of aspartame. Progress! Slowly but surely - I never thought I'd even get to that! Oh - changes are never easy - are they!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


We're getting ready to start a study from John Bevere's "A Heart Ablaze" & we have to have the first two chapters read by tonight. So I'm reading & came across something that made me think. It was talking about how God's promises are conditional. It even referred to the Bible Verse:

"And so you cancel the word of God in order to hand down your own tradition" -Mark 7:13

So it make me go further & wonder - are all promises conditional?

I don't think we like to think of promises as conditional. After all, if someone is going to promise us something - they should follow through - right? It shouldn't matter on our part - but I guess after thinking about it- it really does matter.

The first thing that came to mind was wedding vows. You promise to love, honor, & in some vows obey (whole other topic!) for better or worse, through rich or poor, in sickness & in health. Is that conditional? It shouldn't be - right? You are vowing an oath. If there were conditions there - would it be love? Then it sort of hit me - you can give those vows, because someone is standing there giving the same vows back to you! They too are giving a promise with a condition - that you will do to them as they are doing to you - loving each other.

I guess another way to say it - if someone stood up there & promised in their vows to beat you, degrade you, make you feel like trash - would you still give the same vows of better or worse? Probably not - its a condition that you are both agreeing to.

And God does the same thing for us through His promises. He's saying - I'll give you eternal life with me, all the peace, happiness, contentment that I have to offer - you just have to believe in my Son, Jesus & accept him as your Savior. A promise with a condition.

The thing that I think trips it up & makes it confusing - I think you is LOVE. Like a parent can promise to love their child no matter what - unconditionally - & that's possible - but the parent cant give what they want to give their child without conditions being met. If you want to lavish love, support, steadiness, security on your child, but they are not willing to accept it - then you can't do all the things that you want to give. Again - same as God! He loves us regardless if we accept Him or not - it breaks His heart if we don't - it doesn't change His love for us - but He cant give us the things he wants to give us unless we follow His conditions.

What can I say - very deep thoughts going on in my mind last night & got carried into a 3 hr phone conversation with a friend. All good stuff!

What do you think? Is a promise unconditional?

Monday, June 23, 2008


I am at work this morning with blisters on my fingers! A knitting project gone crazy? No - I wish - but I had more important things to do this weekend! Our Youth Team gathered up together & are making some changes in our area where the youth meet. I cant say or show a lot until the big "Reveal" but its pretty awesome! There has been so much work put into so far - we figured out we spent 16 1/2 hrs on Saturday & 6 1/2 hrs Sunday on the room & its still got more work to go! The best part for me - my brother is helping on this project & its been great to have him involved in the same things that I'm dealing with. That doesn't happen 99% of the time - make that 99.9%! More to come on that too! It's all very secretive & hush - hush!

But here at least is a "before" picture of what it looked like to start with...

And Here is another picture of my niece who came to help - & by help, I mean going to the swing set & playing - got to love the fun of kids!

And finally - here is what we felt like by the end of the 16 1/2 hr night - someone was ready to lay down there & just be finished with it!

It has been fun so far spending time with people who I love & respect & just enjoy being around! We have laughed the whole time & No, it wasn't the fumes getting to us - well, maybe - but the company has been great! The best - finding an 80's station that was just torture to some people! For me - those were the "hay days" - brought back lots of memories! We found a station that was playing the top 20 countdown with Casey Kasem with the count down from 1987 - great memories. It made me think of one of my favorite songs - I had to put it on here! Anyone else remember it?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Knitting Lesson

I finally finished my 2nd Monkey sock while I've been laid up! Now, if you remember from my previous post - the first sock was a scary experience. I had about a foot of yarn left when I was finished & wasnt sure it was going to make it to the toe of the sock - but it did!!! So starting into this second sock, I thought - "OK, I know there's enough there, dont even look!" - so that's exactly what I did. I put the yarn in my handy knitting bag that goes everywhere with me & started the sock & did not one time look in to check my yarn! I actually put another skein that I had in my bag over top of it so I couldnt get a glance. And you know what - I never took a peek! I just knew this time around, there was enough yarn! I had the confidence! No fear!

Well, it was funny because I was at the toe of my sock, finishing it up when all of a sudden, I saw the end of my yarn dangling from out of my bag! I just had to sew up the toes, which I had plenty to do - but it was exactly like the first sock - just about a foot of yarn! But I have to tell you - when I saw that end dangling, my heart dropped again! OH NO! That instant fear automatically hit me again - even though I KNEW it was going to be OK from past experience.

How many times do we look away from the goal we're working on & see something that makes us feel fearful? Something that tells us, "you're not going to make it!"?

It made me think of our relationship with Christ! When we take our eyes off of him, do you get hit by things that scare you? Or do you have enough faith in Him that you dont even have to look anywhere else because you know everything is going to be OK! Just like I worked on that first sock & knew how it was going to come out - dont we as Christians know the end of the story? That we will be victorious in the end because of Christ?
I knew if I looked in that bag & saw my yarn running out - I would have had questions - "What if this skein is different than the first? - what if I knitted looser using more yarn? - What if? What if? But I chose to keep my eyes on the goal - having faith that everything was going to be alright!

And I must say - in the end - I have the pair of the most beautiful socks I have ever made! And I'll always remember the lessons they have taught me!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

All's Well!!!

WHEW! All is well! I went to the hospital this morning - got registered & sat & waited..and waited...and waited! But that was OK - I had my knitting with me to ease my nerves & it struck up many a conversation during my waiting time! Isn't knitting great for that?

But the ultrasound showed my veins are all good & flowing as they should! Praise the Lord! It didnt feel too good with the technician pressing in on the bruises - but he said all was good. He did say though that it was bruised all the way through - had a technical name - but I was like "HUH?" so he explained that it was a pretty deep bruise causing all these problems.

So I still am to keep it up for the next few days with ice & heat - so looks like Ricky has a few more days of waiting on me - hate that! (hehe!)

No slip-n-slide is going to get me down!!!

Thanks guys for all the prayers & concerns & emails & thoughts - you are all the best!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Darn leg!

For those of you that saw my post a few days ago of my leg from the Slip-n-Slide Accident - its even worse!!!!!! My whole leg is now swollen - my toes are all swollen, my ankle is now big & has turned purple too!!!! The leg is getting hot & then cold & hurts to even touch so yes, it sort of freaked me out & I went to the doctor - & I HATE going to the doctor.

Well, the doc took some blood to check for blood clots (how does that work?) & it came back a little off, so I have to go to the hospital in the morning for an ultrasound to see if there are any dangerous blood clots in there!

OK - how do I go home & not think that there are possible dangerous blood clots in my leg? Can I tell you - I'm a tad bit nervous, anxious & jittery right now!

So say a quick prayer for me that the ultrasound shows that everything is OK & its just going to take time to heal.

And believe me - I learned my lesson - I wont be going back to Jazzercise for a few weeks now! No jumping on this leg for awhile - darn it!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I was watching the lecture that Randy Pausch had given on Achieving your Childhood Dreams. You've probably heard about this man - he's dying of pancreatic cancer & wanted to embrace the last bit of life he has & is doing an amazing job of it. His view on life is just so inspiring. But he said something that in an interview that really struck me. Someone asked him if he could give any advice to his baby daughter when she grew up, what would it be. He said, "Dont listen to anything anyone tells you - just watch their actions" - he went on to talk about this in a "dating" sense for her when she was older & it made so much sense! People can tell you anything they want but how they treat you or others is really so much more telling - isn't it? Someone can say they'll be there for you - but if they're not when you need them the most - doesnt that say more of who they are? Or someone can tell you that they'll change - but if they dont change in their actions - can you see more of the truth in that?

Then it made me think - lets take the words out of the Bible & just watch it - sort of making the Bible into a movie with the sound on mute. What would we see from Jesus? Would we still see the man we know about without words?

I sat & visualized the difference scenes - of a boy standing in a temple with respected leaders watching him with awe & respect.

Of a man walking on water while others were in a panic sitting in a boat

Of a man with 2 baskets in front of him & a crowd of people who had food in their hands

Of a man who would lay hands on someone sick & later seeing that sick person looking completely healthy

Of a man who had a crowd of people following him wherever he went

Of a man who would talk or touch people that no one else would

Of a man who stood before a grave & had a friend walk out of it, shedding his burial clothes

Of a man who was on his knees praying so hard that blood would trickle down his face

Of a man who stood & took a punishment that he didnt deserve

Of a man who was beaten, & cruicified & died on a cross

Then of a man who was whole again - who we saw being put in a grave, now walking & talking with the others - who had rose from the dead!

Of a man who ascended into Heaven while others looked up at Him in reverence.

Jesus showed in His actions so much more than I think we can imagine. Then add the words - WOW! But I think its safe to say that his actions spoke louder than words!

Now - for us - what do our actions say? Do we say we're a Christian or a Christ Follower? But if we turned the mute button on our lives - would others still see us as Christians?

Monday, June 16, 2008


The reason why its dangerous to hang out with teens at a lock in!!! OWWWIEE!!! This is the result of a slip-n-slide accident - or more like collission - at 30 mph! Well, maybe not that fast, but it felt like it! Regardless - after this injury, some water balloon attacks to the head & mishaps, it turned out to be a fun time! I particulary enjoyed when it was raining & some of us just gathered around a table & played board games. That's where the best laughter came from! I have said it over & over - but we have the best youth group!!! These kids bless me every time I get to spend time with them & get to know them more & more! For that - I'll take an injury or two!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Pappy Day

Ricky with his 3 girls! This is my gang - love them all!!!

And I want to say Happy Father's Day to my Daddy - the best Dad in the world!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Joseph's influence

I was getting a lesson together for Sunday & centering it around Father's Day. Looking through the Bible, it made me think of Joseph. Why is it the Bible doesnt say a lot about him? He's such a mystery & yet, he had to be such a part of Jesus' life. After all, its because he was the husband of Mary (Matthew 1:16) that put Jesus in the lineage of King David - but we dont know if he was old/young, had been married before, had children from previous marriages, or his age when he died - all things that people speculate.

There are a few things that we know for sure. Being the parents, Joseph had to be a Spiritual influence on Jesus teaching him the laws they followed. You can even see in scripture where Joseph followed the laws of Purification & the Feast of the Passover. I wonder when it hit Joseph that Jesus had more knowledge than he could ever teach?

And we know that Joseph was a carpenter. Looking at some research - at that time, Carpentry was probably a high profile career. It was a job that was in demand. It wasn't like people could run down to the store & pick out a choice of tables & chairs or furniture. These were hand made items that took time & work. Plus, they probably made farm equipment (like yokes made to plant seeds) or used soft wood to make bowls or even chests people used to store things. Plus, I learned that in that day, the carpenters were responsible for the forests & the trees. They would plant seeds for the trees that they would take - how awesome is that! Also - think of the mind of a carpenter - they would have to have a designer or architect sort of mind - which shows that Joseph had to be a very intelligent man. So the images that we see with Joseph & Jesus working in a shop, staying secluded - probably isn't the case. They were probably out visiting people, seeing what needed to be made, working in the forest to maintain the lumber - out constantly visiting & tending to what people needed. Couldnt that be an awesome influence on Jesus?

And it was funny - I never noticed it before - but I read where Jesus was talking about some of the parables he used - one being the speck in your brothers eye when you have a log in your you think working with a carpenter as his father could have influenced that parable? Something that Jesus understood? Of course, there was a bigger message there - but could Joseph had influenced him more than we know? And even the parable of building a house on solid foundation instead of sand? Yes - we get the deeper meaning in that as well - but with his earthly father doing construction out of wood - another influence?

We may not know much about Joseph - but he was a big part of Jesus' life - he must have been a pretty special man!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I dont know if you are in the area & realize - there is a fairly new Christian station that is on the air - THE WAY - it is the best! Do you know in this area, we are so blessed to have FIVE! Christian stations you can tune into your radio with different areas of Christian music or talk Christian radio!!! (I really recommend you link onto this station & you can listen online - & its the best one I've tried streamming - enjoy it all over the country!)

So the discussion this morning was about prayer & how sometimes its not answered how you wanted it to be - but it was answered. Its always so funny to hear other people's experiences & stories but it made me think instantly of one myself.

My Ford Explorer - which I loved - broke down & after doing everything I could to save it, Ricky wouldnt let me invest any more money in this old car. So I had to find another car. Luckily, my sister in laws family was getting rid of a fantastic car. They gave me a terrific deal & it was going to be mine. Well, in Indiana - you can't transfer a car without the title, & in this state, it is a state-title-holding deal.....never knew this until I had to change a car over! So we had to wait, & wait, & wait.....It was going to take like 3 weeks to get this title. The loan paper work couldnt go through without a copy of the title too & it was right at Christmas time & everyone was on vacation in all sorts of areas - it was a very hectic, stressful time! But because these people knew me & we are virtual family anyways, they let me drive the car even though it was still in their name!

Well, me & my views, I wanted the car transferred - why was this taking so long? What was the problem? Why did the state have such a problem getting us the title? It was weeks of stress & aggravation. Well - let me tell you how good God is! There was a problem with the car when I was driving it - of course - the way everything was going, this was par for the course! BUT because the car was still in the original owners name & was under the miles - it was still covered by warranty! The parts that my car needed was over $3,000!!!! And everything was completely covered - didn't have to pay a thing! And then as soon as everything was fixed & back to a brand new car - the title came in the mail!

I had to laugh once again at how we loose patience with God when we dont see things in our time or in our ways. But God was looking out for me the whole time - probably just laughing at me & my lack of trusting! That is just ONE of MANY prayers that God answered - but not the way I expected it. I'm sure everyone has some great stories like that - God is just so faithful! That's all that matters - isn't it!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Darn Diet Coke!

I've been hearing so much lately about how bad Diet soft drinks are & especially aspartame, so I'm going to try & make the change to give it up! Now, for some people - that wouldn't be a problem - but I LOVE my Diet drinks. My favorite is Diet Big Red with Diet Coke right behind & I thought I was doing pretty good thinking its got Splenda in it & not the aspartame - but come to find out - still not so good!

But looking at the horrible things that diet drinks do - its surprising. First of all - the artificial sweetener is supposed to make you crave more foods! HUH? That's the point - to save calories but in the end, you may be taking more in! Plus, the chemicals are also bad for your teeth & for women its suppose to eat away at the calcium in your bones - not good! And I heard last night that aspartame is actually very close to rat poison too! Oh - that's discouraging!

So I've been buying my water bottles & getting the little individual mixes you can pour into them to add some flavor (who thought of those? High five!) but I've also been liking the Lipton Diet Green Tea - but guess what - that has aspartame in it too - DARN IT!

The hardest thing for me - I'm not a coffee drinker. I love the smell of it but the taste of it - not so much & my morning Diet Coke is my "coffee" - its what gets me going in the morning! And then of course, I need another boost at lunch time & then I need one to get me through the rest of the afternoon....what a vicious cycle. Needless to say, I'm going to try & break the habit. The bad things - habits can be very hard to break sometimes!

So wish me luck! Hopefully I'll eventually cut them all together! I keep saying if Ricky can do it - I can do it - but he's much more stubborn than me (its true!) That man use to drink literally a case of Pepsi's a day! Honest! Then when he was diagnosed with his Barrett's Esophagus, he gave them up - cold turkey! The only thing he drinks now is water or tea or Vitamin Water! I never thought he could do it! So at least I know its possible! Now, its just doing it! UGH!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


With every up, there is a down....with every beginning there is an end....with every happy, there is a sad.....with every visit, there is a good bye! Isaac is getting ready to leave......the visit went too fast! The house will feel so empty tonight!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Isaac - Day 2 & 3

Oh - I've been so busy with loving on this baby - I havent been able to do a "daily" update - so here is a quick little update of Friday & Saturday. This baby doesn't meet a stranger. He got to go visit some friends with Julie during Friday while I went to load up on groceries, but he was back home ready for bathtime & this baby LOVES bathtime! Dump a load of water on his head, he loves it! No tears here. And he was slipping & sliding in the bathtub & thought that was the funniest thing ever.

Saturday was the busiest day for him. Ricky's family all got to come over & meet the new member of the family. I keep forgetting they havent even seen Isaac yet - so I was good & shared him with everyone! I wasn't happy about it - but I did good! Isaac just loved everyone but poor thing is just not wanting to take his naps in case he might miss something for a few minutes!

I loved it though because I got a picture of Ricky's mom, Ricky, Julie & Isaac - 4 generations! Pretty neat thing to have.

Then some friends got to stop by & I have to say, Erica is truly a pro at getting those belly laughs from Isaac! Don't mess with a professional!

Of course, I'll put today's updates on later- its been busy! With church & lunch with friends & Isaac's aunts coming over & Yaya & Papaw coming over....the schedule has not stopped! And I keep thinking today & tomorrow is all I have left with him.....oh, I get all misty eyed thinking about it!!!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Isaac - Day 1

OK - I know every day is going to be FULL of pictures while Isaac is here - so I figure I'll just do each day to cut back the entire load at once!

Julie & Isaac made it safely in & what does any good Nanny do? Took him to his first yarn store! It was the very first thing we did & he LOVED it! The colors - he was just staring! And he wanted to touch everything. There was one time we turned around & he had a wad of purple fuzz in his hand - oops!

We finally stopped for some lunch & he was such the good boy sitting in his high chair watching & waiting.

The ride to the store & then home was pushing it for him - he needed a nap, but he woke up & was just full of smiles! I was so happy because Julie & Ricky went to go get some supper so Nanny got to baby sit! I got to feed him his food & I did pretty good - usually I get really gagged out by that - but he was just too darn cute.

And bed time came quick tonight but he just was too busy laughing - Ricky is actually in there right now & I can still hear giggles coming out of the room!

I'm going to love every minute of being with him!

And I have to tell you - the dogs are LOVING this baby! Isaac just stares at the two smaller dogs & laughs at them. They let him pull their hair too which makes him even happier. Isaac was laying on his back, had a hold of Bruno's tags & wouldnt let him go. Bruno just sat there - happy to oblige. Ahhh - my little family all together!

Today's the day!

Oh, I can't even tell you how excited I am!!! Today is the day! Julie & Isaac get in in just a few hours! I can't even tell you the anticipation levels! I get to hold that little man in just a little bit!!!! Last time we held him - he was 3 weeks old! Now, he just turned 8 months old yesterday! He's going to have a personality & everything this time around. I already told Julie to get use to not seeing her son because he's going to be in my arms the whole time! Her response - I'll have time to knit! See why I love this girl! I can't wait to spend time with Julie as well! Maybe I can coax the idea of a move from Texas back up to Indiana? I'm just going to enjoy every minute with them both! So be prepared for TONS of baby pictures over the next few days!!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Who I am

I had to laugh - I was driving into work & happened to look over on my dash board & noticed the things that I keep up there. Most people keep pens or maps or paper or napkins or some people even keep it cleared off (who are those people?). But looking at my dash, I thought, man, that says so much of who I am. Someone could look into my car & pretty much know alot about me just by looking at these three items that were there.

First thing - my pink Bible! I love that its pink - it just drew me to it the first time I saw it - but its so handy to have a pocket Bible in the car. Anytime a verse is mentioned on the radio that I really like, I have to stop & mark it in my little Bible. Or if I have to wait on Ricky for something, its always good to open it up & read up some good scriptures!

Then, my knitting! Sitting there ready to go! This project has been on the needles for awhile -& when its done, I'll start another dish cloth & put it right back on the dash. This knitting is what I call my "Traffic knitting" - anytime I ever get stuck in traffic - its ready to go - & perfect for releasing stress. I've even mastered the art of driving with my knees at 5 mph when traffic is just creeping so I can keep on knitting!
And finally - my tiara! A friend had to borrow it for a project & I've just put it on my dash & keep forgetting to take it back in - but I love it there - it catches the sun light & sparkles so pretty! It reminds me of 2 things - Steph bought that for me from an antique shop she was in one time - so it reminds me so much of my friend & it reminds me of all the wonderful friends I have in my life now - but most importantly, it reminds me of exactly who I am - A PRINCESS!!! THE DAUGHTER OF THE KING!!!

So, if you're ever in my car - feel free to ready my Bible - try a knit stitch, or you can even wear my tiara if you want! I'd be happy to share in all the things I love!

(PS - notice the picture - I took it while driving - am I talented or what!)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Knitting Ups & Downs

Man oh man - did I have some ups & downs in my knitting last night! I have been working on my "Easter wrap" since April. The intent was to be done by Easter, but I should have known better - Easter was early & with all the projects I have going on at once, it was not going to get done. So I have changed the name to "Spring Wrap" - even though its now 90 degrees & summer is just around the corner.......the name for it now is just "my pretty wrap".....

So I was excited because I was finishing up my last skein - the end of the project was near. I was on a mission & even though it was getting late, I was determined to finish it! Checked out my yarn - had just enough to do the cast off row & it was done! Yes! Pulled the knot, cut the yarn & then took to to the mirror to see all the beauty that was knitting! But WAIT! What was this? It was too short!!! HUH??? It barely came around my shoulders & touched my elbows - too short for me. I just stared! Why didn't I wrap it around while it was on the needles? I just had too much confidence that it was finished like I wanted it - just goes to prove that sometimes when we are confident in something - we can still be wrong!

So I had things running through my mind - I'll just give it away to someone else or I'll just toss it in my "whatever" pile & then I was just angry - darn it - this has been a lot of work! So I go back to look at the pattern & guess what I found - ONE MORE SKEIN!!!! Where did it come from? I could have sworn I was on the last skein, but there it was, right under the pattern, tucked away! So where I thought I was done - I still had a few more rows to add on.

It was late, but I was determined to get started on this so I just wouldnt put it to the side. I ended up snipping the end & putting it back on the needles. Here's my picture of my wrap getting put back onto the needles that were already so proudly stored away because I was finished! Let me tell you - it was a late night!

SOOO - one more skein to go! And this time, I'll be wrapping it around to see if its at a desired length before I cast off to see if I need to go buy another skein - or to see if another skein magically pops into my bag again! Oh, we just learn something with every project, dont we?

Monday, June 02, 2008

Golfin' with the bugs!

After church yesterday, I got to go out with some friends & have some lunch & then someone suggested we play FRISBEE GOLF! I haven't played that in so long - my parents use to take me & my brother to a park that was close to home that had a Frisbee Golf course. It was so much fun - especially because I come from a family that is cut-throat when it comes to anything like that - Miniature Golf being the #1 "take you down!" sort of game!

We all went home, changed up in some tennis shoes, grabbed the frisbee's - which for me, wasn't as easy with the 4 dogs! They assumed that meant they got to play themselves - they love to run & leap after the frisbee's! So after a tossing of treats & a mad dash of pushing Ryan out the door before the dogs turned on us - we made it to the park.

Now, I'm a decent frisbee thrower - have had frisbee's in my hands my whole life! I can remember my dad & grandpa or uncle & my brother standing out in the middle of the street throwing frisbee's for hours!!! My grandpa could even do the coolest little "skipping" of the frisbee off the road! I'll need to ask if he can still do that!

None of that mattered - I wasn't all that hot playing this game - even though I bet I had the most experience! Just goes to show you - it can always be anyone's game!

The winner of the night - the BUGS!!! We were all being eaten alive by the mosquitoes! Poor Ryan - he was the preferred meal of the night though! He was ready to loose his mind! Ricky was smart by wearing long pants! Joe - he's so easy going, he didn't complain one time. Erica - she was too busy making flower necklaces for everyone (how cute is that! - & by the way I still have mine!)

So after a fun day with friends, arms tightened up from throwing discs all over a park, & having flesh being torn away from little blood sucking critters - I cant wait to go back! The competitiveness of it all already has Ricky looking for "PRO-Discs" to use! Watch out - he's on a mission now!

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