Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Weather roller coaster, your Aesthetic & Kindle Unlimited? {Weekly Check In}


... that time of year.  near 70s one day, snow flurries the next. Like, truly.  Its just been nuts that you dont know what to expect each day.  & of course, on the cold, snowy day where it just get out of freezing, our furnace breaks. Because of course it does! Luckily, Ricky works in a heating/air part warehouse & sees alot of people daily that do this sort of work so we had someone come out pretty quickly to get us back up & running. Always something.

Dogs in the sun with snow still on the ground - perfect pic to explain the weather

I have an old high school friend that we stay in touch all these years later & have a love of books together.  She let me know that her neighbor is the mother of an author.... well, that just feels like six degrees of Kevin Bacon an author sort of thing & I felt like I needed to read a book by her. I really enjoyed it too! Its a quick easy fantasy sort of book - about a painter who has a talent to paint people in their true form & when she paints the Autumn Prince's portrait & it shows sorrow in his eyes, all sorts of chaos ensues.  I'm totally going to check out more by this author

Speaking of books, I ended up looking for a book in Audible free section & was enjoying it so much, I wanted to get the Kindle to read when I wasn't able to listen... & then saw it was in Kindle Unlimited. As much of a reader that I am, I've never tried it.  I've always either bought the book, or gotten them from the library.  But I'm intrigued.... especially because you can get the kindle AND audio on a lot of these & I love doing that - being able to go back & forth.  So I'm trying it for a month with a free trial. I put on my Bookstagram account a question about it & got lots of reasons why people LOVE IT & why its not for others.  I see all the points so I'm just going to give it a shot.  I figure if I use it for 2 to 3 books a month, its saving me money & I may try it for awhile. 

I have a planner friend who sent me a Valentine's card with a little surprise in it.  It got here late but better late than never... & look at that vinyl sticker!!!! LOL ... Now the pressure of WHERE DO YOU PUT IT? I would put it on the front of my planner - but its already full.  Maybe my first sticker for my 2025 planner. ........... OMG - typing 2025 freaked me out.

Still loving this.... we've discovered a new black bean veggie burger they have that is FANTASTIC! ... made with brussels sprouts & those little potatoes were AMAZING!!!!

& this is the haul that came in this week. This is why I really like them - they send full size items. We got a full size tub of Oat Milk butter for a recipe that calls for just like 2 tsps.  & I'm excited to TRY Oat Milk butter! ... same with these artichokes. 

If you want a code, I think I have one that can save you $50 if you want to try it... just let me know.

Anyone else see that thing going around Instagram to pull up Pinterest & type in four different words & the first picture is your "aesthetic" ... The words are ACTOR / OUTFIT / AESTHETIC / QUOTE ... & this is what I got... it feels appropriate for me!

This cut off the outfit - she has on skinny jeans & white tennis shoes
But really love that quote!


I missed last season of Love is Blind & had been seeing a lot of posts about the couples this season - especially the "Meagan Fox" comment - so I had to jump in.... & what a dumpster fire this season is!  These people.  If any of them actually end up married in the end, I'm going to be shocked.

I'm also gearing up, getting closer to Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules. I had never watched it before & started binging it a few months ago & finally worked my way up ... I'm finishing up Season 9 this week & I am so anxious to get to the Scandoval of it all! 

Is your weather on a ride?

Have you tried Kindle Unlimited?

Did you do the Pinterest Aesthetic Challenge?

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Snow, organizing & V-Day {Weekly Check In}


It felt good to be back in the office actually after finally testing negative for COVID.  I do enjoy my Friday working from home, but it also felt good to have a reason to get dressed & put on make up & get out of the house too.  

I still had a lingering cough - but poor Ricky - he REALLY has a lingering cough. He still even spiked a fever through the week. He came home from work & would just crash.  Out of the 3 times he's had COVID, he said this has been his worse.  Hoping next week has it all behind us both.... please!

 I have gotten in the habit of listening to some podcasts on YouTube every night when I go to sleep.  I'm always listening to either Mel Robbins or Jay Shetty - better that body and mind with information.  There was an episode from Jay Shetty that I was all into that I listened again the next day while I was wide awake - he had a Holistic doctor on there & the information was so insightful.  He talked about how bad sitting is for us. We know this but to hear it in terms of how each hour we sit, it raises our mortality level of dying of awful ways by 10%. That is terrifying.  He talks about setting a timer for every 45 minutes if you sit at a desk all day - which I do. I have some days that I dont get up at all - even forgetting to go to the bathroom till after 1 or 2pm - & I get to my desk around 6:45am. That tells me I dont drink any water either!!!! .... This has freaked me out so much. I am now getting in the habit of getting a small cup of water - making sure I drink it & also setting a timer so that every 45 minutes, I need to get up & get more water - AND it'll hopefully make me go to the bathroom more too - even more getting up & moving.   

Its awful that at the end of my long day, my step count is barely 3000 steps - that's just embarrassing. & then there's Ricky who walks over 15 miles a day - A. DAY.  PEOPLE.  & then when we get home, its like I'm more tired than he is - how does that make sense.  GET UP & GET MOVING!

Here's that YouTube link if you're interested in some health info & some holistic changes....

* Have you seen the new WICKED trailer?
.... I always say that Wicked is up there battling my Beauty & the Beast for my favorite musical. Its just the best story if you've never seen it. & to see more details in this movie adaptation - I CANT WAIT! .... though I am super bummed that they're breaking it up in two movies - like WHY. If the Broadway play can do the whole thing in under 2 hours - with an intermission - they can make a really good movie in 2.5 hours that people would sit through & watch.  I'm pretty mad they're doing this. & it really doesnt make sense to me. This part 1 BETTER be the most amazing movie ever or I'll wait for part 2 to come to video.

I dont think I ever shared the little marker that we got for Bruno's burial spot in our bad woods.  Every time we go back in the woods to walk with the dogs, we make sure to stop & say Hi to Bruno.  I'm wanting to plant flowers around it too this Spring. Still miss my little man.

Harvey & I on our little walk visiting Bruno

 I put my pink coffee mugs out & had to pick up that little coffee cup & donut stuffie at Target - so cute! & of course, changed up my chalkboard for the month.

& Ricky is always so good with getting me something sweet. He got me the most beautiful vase with 18 white roses. He knows I love my white roses! ... & a cookie cake... & the most beautiful card.  He's not really a card-kinda guy - but it is one of my favorite cards. He also picked up some dinner because I dont cook on Valentines Day. I dont ever want to go out either. Its too crowded & food & service always feels rushed.... I'm happy to eat in my own home some take out.

Of course, I got him a card - has the Flintstones on it LOL - he loved it so much! & got him some candy too - guys need to feel loved too!

If you know me, you know I have an obsession with all things pens, stickers, markers - all things stationary.  Since I got my new planner I'm using for 2024, it has very specific paper so I've been trying even more pens - & its been out of control. So I ended up ordering some organization things & I'm loving my work area at home is looking so nice & neat & straight.... & leaves room for MORE pens LOL

Click pic for link on all the things that have made my world better

*BOOK 6 of 2024
I enjoyed this... even though I was wanting to know more about the Real Housewives & the Jen Shah of it all - but there's not much Housewives talk in this book. But I love Heather & enjoyed hearing her story - & all the dish she shares about the Mormon church.  I did this one on Audio & zoomed right through it.

Click pic for more book details

We're into our 2nd winter.... its not unusual to get 3 winters up so Spring. Snow came in on Friday & made for a cold Saturday.  We didnt even get out of freezing on Saturday.  Luckily, the sun came out & melted all the snow on Sunday -  & we're back in the 50's by the next week.  Its that time of year where you never know what you need to wear for a day. A heavy coat? Or just a light sweater? Check your weather app on the daily up to April.

I watched this over the weekend. Whew. It left me feeling all sorts of ways.  The power of the mind & how brilliant scientists are... & then how scary that brilliance can be used for. & to hear how Oppenheimer was treated.... by back room shady disgusting men who want power? I mean... I had no idea of this story.  & I had to just sit for a bit & research history on it.  .... this was heavy to say the least.  Its also mind blowing to me to think of these big major historical figures living in like "our time" - ... to think that Einstein was around in my dad's early years... & Oppenheimer was around the first few toddler years that Ricky was born. It feels like these people should be alive in a different century if that makes sense.

What is your favorite pen you use?

Did you celebrate Valentine's Day?

Did you see Oppenheimer? What did you think?

What was the highlight of your week?

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

A week full of sickies.... New weekly edition!

 I read on my bloggy friend Steph's blog where she's going to blog like a weekly update - I love this idea. I feel like its doable. I've just not wanted to invest a lot of time in front of the computer when I feel like I'm in front of it constantly & my free time, I just want to relax & read & spend time outdoors with my dogs.... but I'm going to strive for that - a weekly update. Because I do still enjoy connecting with the bloggers of the world... & I want to keep my memories in one place... so let's see how this works.

So here we go - the update for last week 02/05-02/11/25

* Yep, Covid got us.  Well, it got me first.  I woke up last Friday in the middle of the night with the worst sore throat & earache. Like, I was thinking I need an ER visit for my ears because I thought they were going to rupture.  I took at COVID test in the middle of the night at 2am & it was negative. OK - maybe just a sinus infection.  I woke up feeling worse & was so glad it was my work from home day.  The morning, I felt worse by the hour. Getting weird body cramps, in the back of my thighs, in my forearms ??? in my ankles ??? - so weird. I took another COVID test at lunch time & it was an INSTANT positive line.  ...& by the end of the night, I was feeling like death.  I had over a 102 fever & I was shivering & miserable - still couldnt swallow anything. It was awful.  It hit me hard & fast.

We tried to keep Ricky safe.  We stayed in opposite sides of the house - we wore masks if we came out of our designated spaces.... but by Tuesday, he felt bad & had to come home from work. He did the same thing though.  He tested before he went to work  Monday evening & then when he got home on Tuesday, he had that same instant positive test.  & he had the same symptoms as me - the sore throat & earache & high fever.  It was exhausting.

ahhhh - this is love - sharing in all things

We both still sound froggy & both still feel a little drained... but I'm so thankful this was nothing like my first go around with COVID. That still haunts me with the breathing issues.  I tested negative 9 days later & back at work.

* Love grocery delivery.  With us both sick, we had offers from my brother, Ricky's sister & a neighbor to go get us food (thank you to all of them!!!) but I pay the yearly fee to get my groceries delivered & its the best thing ever.  I hate going in the grocery store & fighting the crowds & there's never a line open that isn't 5 deep.  I used to do the Click List to pick up but that even got old to me.  Drop on my front porch - especially when we're sick.  This is the best thing if you have it offered to you & you dont enjoy grocery shopping either.

* Glad we got a taste of spring. To be sick & not go around anyone, I'm glad we had some temps in the 60's where I could get some sun on my face & get to throw the ball for the dogs.  Of course, we've been back in freezing temps at night again - but just the glimpse of Spring gives me hope - its around the corner!

* I finished a book - Daughter of Mine. I love that I got a preview of this book from NetGalley - it comes out in April 2024.  If you love mysteries & thrillers, you'll enjoy this. It took a few days for my brain to function enough to read with COVID Fog - but once I got started in this, I couldnt put it down. 

Click Pic for link on more info of the book

* I had to get 4 new tires for my car.  Bye money! Ouch!... my car right before I got sick was starting to do weird things with the steering wheel. It would just shake back & forth.  It started small but every day driving, it was getting worse & then my whole car was shaking, My phone in its holder was rattling so hard, I thought it would jolt off.  Ends up, there was a "bubble" in my tire & the tread was getting ready to come off another tire.  I've had my car going on 5 years & its the original tires so time to get some new ones.  Ricky told me I needed the more expensive ones because he knows I dont like tire noise - this is true... so I paid for the best & while they're still feeling bumpy to me wearing in a little - I'm glad to know I have some good safe tires on my vehicle now.

* Speaking of groceries earlier - we've been trying a new food delivery the past few weeks. So far, so good! Hungryroot is what I've been going with.  What I love most about it- the dinners are SUPER FAST. Like most things take 15 minutes or less. & they have great healthy options & a LOT of vegan, vegetarian things. What's different about this is it has like "grocery items" - you can use your alloted credits for meals or grocery items - or pay more if you use all your credits. I'm in love with their Cucumber Tahizi dip so I'm always adding that to my order.  But here's a perfect example of a meal - Butternut Squash Ravioli with steamed broccoli - it was fantastic!

If you have any questions or want to give a try, let me know - I can send you a link

* & to end the week - SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! I dont really care about any sports besides Tennis - as we all know - so I didnt really care about the game - but am always here for the commercials & the half time show.  Of course, we were super stoked to see roller skates involved.   & as much as I know about football, I loved Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce got their happy ending for this.  I love love.

How was your week last week?

Did you watch the Superbowl? Did your team win?

Have you avoided Covid or sickies lately?

Monday, January 15, 2024

The weekend I didnt want to leave my house

 I dont know about anyone else but I want a reset on 2024.  

I have not had the best start to a year. I think all new years should come with a guarantee of at least the first week or two being good.  We all deserve that I think.

Just 3 days in & you all know, we lost our old gal Zoe - I felt yuck most of the days with heartburn & nausea every night (stress?) - I've been having dental issues since I got a new crown put in (IN SEPTEMBER!!!!) & I have to go back & get a new crown done!!! - & finally, I backed up my car into a concrete pillar, which honestly, I thought I totally CRUNCHED it by the sound of it so I guess I'm lucky this is all it was....

& then this weekend, we've been hit with a cold snap that's going to last as far as the eye can see with single digit evenings & teen highs for the day. I get that may not bother some people & they consider that a good start for the year.... I do not. I think its horrible & yucky & its just stirring up in me even more longing of Spring. (65 more days)

Friday, before the cold & snow hit, we were hit with monsoon rains all day. Our back yard looked like a streaming river.  Gross.  

When I signed off work, we ran out & took Ozzie with us only because he had been stuck in the house all day & his ball of energy was ready to burst.  He's such a good car rider... I forgot he was in the car most of the time.

We stopped & picked up dinner at Chuy's & remembered that we hadn't eaten there since before the hit of Covid in 2020. That's a long time.  We've just been craving Tex-Mex, American sort of Mexican.  This wasn't it... not at all what either of us were craving. It'll probably be another 3 years before we go back. LOL

We woke up Saturday with snow on the ground & the temps plummeted.  & indoors is where we stayed the entire day.  Glad we had leftovers & some snacks so we were comfy cozy.

It feels so odd to me because when weather like this hits, we're used to carrying Zoe out to go potty - breaking out all the coats & gloves & hats & boots & keeping them by the door. To not have to go outside at all just feels so wrong. I'd gladly stand out in the zero degree night air to have her back.

I did finally get to a project I was wanting to do for 2024.  I pulled out the majority of the books on my shelf that I haven't read - my TBR (to be read) books - & I am determined to knock some of these out.

I ended up wrapping them & putting a number on them.... & then put numbers in a jar.  When I'm ready for a book, I'll shake up the jar, grab a number & there's my next book to read.  This make it exciting & takes the guess work out of "what should I read next".

I did pull out some books not to wrap - books that are a series, or books for holidays (Valentine's- Halloween books I have) & a few books that I know for sure I want to read soon when the mood hits.  But 48 books on my shelf to read.... YAHOO! & WOW!

Sunday we woke up to another blanket of snow & even colder days. Horrible.  At least the sun came out for a few minutes. Seriously, the sun has been MIA since before Christmas.  We have been in the grayest gloom for so long.

We had to go out to take care of the horses & BRRRRRR!!!!!!! They're staying snuggled in the barn & Cochese has a coat on him as his hair isnt getting thick the older he gets.  I hate it for ANY animal that is outside.  Breaks my heart for wildlife that dont have a home - KILLS me when animals DO have a home but aren't allowed in.... literally stresses me out so much. I want to save all the animals & give them a loved life.

After we got done with the horses & visiting with my momma, we headed up to pick up some dinner & I dont know if its the cold but NO ONE was out. We drove back country roads & we honestly didnt pass a dozen cars. I dont blame anyone at all. If it wasnt for the horses, we would have stayed in too.

It gave us a chance to stop at the grocery too to pick up some quick things since we are both home today being off work for MLK day.... & another day of cold that we want to stay snuggled up as much as possible.

What else did I do....

* Finished a 980 page book - OMG... 980 PAGES! It FELT like 980 pages. Whew.... Kingdom of Ash - the last book in the Throne of Glass series.  I'm so glad to have finished the whole story, but that was rough. I just havent been in reading mode since Zoe. Hard for me to concentrate... but enjoyed snuggling & reading on the cold days.

* Got all caught up on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Reunion..... If you know, you know! CRAZZYYYYY!!! & also on Miami.  & Beverly Hills. I never tire of these shows.

* I'm also making my way on Vanderpump Rules.  Nope - never watched it before Scandoval & started back to good o'le Day 1... I'm now up to Season 6 (I think) - & its just so weird knowing what I know, where its headed & seeing how it used to be.  

* Started watching the new season of The Traitors.... Love this show because it really makes no sense.   You breath wrong & people are like "ITS THEM! THEY"RE THE TRAITOR" - but its fun to see people from other shows all join together & interact.

* Still sleeping with a fan on even in tundra weather. I can't sleep with these hot flashes without a fan. Even when I got to bed freezing, if I dont have a fan on, I wake up sweating so badly & sick to my stomach.  If its a fan, I guess it keeps my temp normal so I can sleep better through the night.  To say my room is an ice box in the morning would be a HUGE understatement.   Ricky hates it so much but I remind him once his body turns on itself & changes in every way possible with a hormone revenge, then he can complain & have a say in it.... until then, we freeze at night.  Pile on the blankets dude.

So how was the start of your year?

Are you getting hit with this cold weather?

What have you been watching or reading lately?

Friday, January 05, 2024

Zoe Christeen 8/1/05 - 1/3/24

 2024 has come in with not only a kick to the gut, but a Bruce Lee one-inch punch to the chest.

We lost our little girl on Thursday. & to say we are heart broken is an understatement. Its never easy to lose a loved one - a member of the family - one who has been around so long too.

I probably have told this story before but Zoe was a found dog... the story is how she got her name.

We were coming home from a ZoeGirl concert (Dating myself on that one) one winter January night. There was snow on the ground, it was still coming down & we were coming down our dark country road & the lights hit something moving on the road.  I said to Ricky, "There's a duck in the road!!!" - a duck? In January?

We pulled up close & opened the door & ZOOOOM - in jumps a little puppy that is so covered in snow - its packed on her an inch deep. She jumped across the driver's side into my lap & we just immediately took her home.

She ran into our house & ran straight up to our dogs we had then - Sydney, Buffy - who loved her & licked her, because YUM - SNOW! & then she ran to Bruno, who always was my Grumpy man & she decided she'd stick with the girls for now.

We had to work to get the snow off of her & eventually had to get her in a warm bath to melt it all. Poor baby girl!!!!  

Ricky immediately started on the "We're not keeping her - we're putting signs up".... yeahhhhh.... OK - he did put signs up but he swears I took them down behind his back. We gave it 2 weeks & no one claimed her so Welcome to the Vincent family Zoe.  The name worked perfectly coming from the ZoeGirl concert AND it means LIFE, which, if she stayed out there much longer, she wouldnt have survived.

Speaking of surviving - Zoe is the one that left me terrified of having another girl dog & having them spade.  When she had her surgery, we did all the right things. Kept her kenneled so she couldnt run with her siblings - made sure she was contained.  

I went to work a few days later & came home & ran to get her out of the kennel to go potty & as she's walking behind me, I notice a trail of blood..... this gets gruesome - but a happy ending - so be warned.

I look down & her intestines are dragging the ground - DRAGGGINGGGGG THE GROUND!!!!!

Her stitches apparently were bothering her so badly, she gnawed through them, actually ripping the incision open so wide that her intestines came out.  

I picked her up, turned her on her back so her guts would stay inside & not hanging out - threw her in my car & drove like I've never drove before.

I always say I imagine it looked like a horror movie - because of course, I had a white shirt on & carrying her, it was covered in blood. I stormed through the door, her upside down in my arms & I scream HELP ME!!!!!!! .... I always say I'll give that vet's office a gold star forever because they had her out of my arms & in surgery in under 2 minutes..... I had to call Ricky & tell him what happened. He always talks about how he couldnt understand a word I said & had to repeat it a few times before he got the story.  

They told me her intestines had just a little bit of pink in them so they were able to be saved. They said if I hit traffic or was 10 minutes later getting home - she would have died because there would have been no blood flow to her intestines. ..... yeah... having a girl dog & having them spade is now in the top 5 nightmares & fears for me.

After that - Zoe went to work with me for the next few weeks. LOL. No joke - I set up a corner of my office for her & she loved it - everyone in the office loved it. Give that girl a 7-4 job

Like every dog, Zoe had her own personality.  She was probably the most independent dog we had - she loved her alone time - didnt like people coming to our house. She would go & hide until anyone would leave.  

She is part of our Fantastic 4 - Sydney, Buffy, Bruno & Zoe... they are the 4 that got us loving the idea of 4 dogs. They made it easy.  They were a team.  To think she has actually shared life with all the the dogs we've had since 2001 is mind blowing to me. She's a staple in our dogs.  The middle man - the one who took control.

The Core 4

That saying - Though she is but little, she is fierce is totally the perfect description of Zoe.  She would back down any big dog & hold her ground. When bones got passed out, she would go & grab them from the other dogs & dare someone to come take them from her.  

But she was also the care taker of everyone.  It was a nightly routine for Zoe, Buffy & Sydney to just sit in a little circle (or triangle) & clean each others face. She was ever the care taker for the dogs - as well as us.  She loved to be near us & snuggle. 

Its so crazy to think she's been around since our first grandson too.  Or when my twin nieces were just babies.  She's been around for what feels like forever.

She knew how to bring on the cute too to get whatever she wanted by sitting up on her hind legs & giving those sad puppy dog eyes. & yep, she'd always get her way.

She had her nick names... Zoe - ZoZo - Zoe Girl - I always called her our Baby Bird too because when you would give her a treat, she would just hold her head straight up & stretch that neck just like a baby bird takes food. So darn cute. ... I would also carry her & sing "Make way for Queen Zoe" in the Aladdin tune. LOL... it fit her perfectly!

& she loved her little treats.  Eggs were her favorite. & give her an empty peanut butter jar & her whole head would fit in side of it to get as far down as she could. The other dogs would wait till she was done because she could neverrrr just reach the bottom.  But they'd have to wait till she left the jar because that was her game.  Just protect it knowing they wanted it.  She knew she couldnt reach it, but she'd be darned if you were going to take it from her.  She was too funny.

Zoe is also the dog that got banned from so many groomers. We would take her to get a hair cut & we would get phone calls - "Come get this dog".... not even joking. She HATED getting her hair cut - I think more than anything, she hated being confined. When they would put the thing around the neck, she would alligator roll & try to get out of it. They thought she was going to hang herself - they couldnt leave her for a second.  Finally, we were asked not to bring her back. Not even kidding.

Zoe hated to get her picture taken too.... if we got a picture of her looking in the camera - it was a good time.  Why do some dogs just hate looking at the camera? Trying to get pictures was a struggle LOL

We had to learn how to groom her the past 10 years. I think we did pretty good actually for someone who didnt know how to do it. I'm sure our neighbors heard our "grooming" days because she would just scream the entire time - she hated everything about being held down.

We'd let her hair get long to put it off as long as possible!

As Bruno was getting older, Zoe was too...but Bruno needed like full time nursing home care... & it seemed the minute he passed away in 2021, Zoe immediately started needing our attention.  

Her front leg was bent always - the vets said this breed has a tendency to have legs like this & the age didnt make it better. She really hated to be carried - Miss Independent again! - she would struggle to get in & out of the doggie door on her own.  & then it became harder & harder for her & she ended up needing - & appreciating our help getting in & out.  

We would have to do potty trips at 1am - her favorite was 3am... & in the rain, & snow...& we were so happy to do it for her.  She gave us such joy - we were going to take care of her when she needed us.

In 2022, she ended up getting a small bump that came up right under her tail.  We took her to the vet & they lanced it but they said it would keep coming back. ... & it did.  She had to live on a prescription of antibiotics every few months to keep the infection out of it - but it continued to grow. They couldnt do anything about it because of the location - & her age. At this point, she was 17 years old & putting her in surgery for a delicate procedure wasn't an option.

It never really bothered her in the sense that it prevented her going to the restroom or giving her pain.  

So between having to clean this tumor & her legs giving out, our little girl was so dependent on us... & I think the last few months - maybe year, she didnt mind it. She loved the hugs & the attention & special care.

Probably a few months ago, she was starting to lose control of her bladder so we had to start using diapers on her. She actually didnt mind it & they helped her so much.... but we could see she was wearing down.  At this point, she's over 18 years old....

Zoe's last birthday

... which we're still confused of her age.  I thought her birthday was 8/1/05 - & we found her 1/15/06... but looking back in pictures, I see pictures of her posted in May 2005.... so was she born 8/1/04 & we found her 1/15/05?? I'm so confused. 18 and a half - or 19 & a half? ... regardless, she was getting up there... & being such a fighter. Her style.

New Years Day, we noticed a dramatic turn in her.  She just flopped down.  Didnt hold her head up well.  Didnt want to eat like she usually did.  She ate still & drank.... but Tuesday, she didnt want to drink anything. Didnt want to eat either.  I got her to eat some Peanut butter in the morning but it didnt sit well on her stomach.  Ricky had to run home at lunch to check on her & she wasn't feeling well.  

I ended up working from home on Wednesday 01/04 & just kept her near me all day.  It was a tough day. She would sleep but then wake up & you could tell she was uncomfortable. At one point, I held her over my arm & worked & she rested that way.

Ricky got home from work & she was resting.... but then she woke up & things took a really bad turn.  At that point, she hadnt ate or drank anything in nearly 24 hours. We were taking syringes of water & giving to her & it would make her sick. She started barking - something she didnt do - & we knew it was time to help her.

We got to the vet & she just barked the whole time... it was like she was asking for us to help her get relief from the pain.

They put us in "the room" - we hate this stupid room where they put you when they're going to put your animal to sleep -& we held her & loved on her & she just was in pain at this point. The vet heard her cries & came running in.  He gave her a shot that just relaxed her & gave her instant relief.... & he left us with her for the next 10 minutes to hold her like that & say our good byes.  I'm so thankful for this time. She wasn't crying any longer.  She was relaxed & comfortable.... & we were able to thank her for all the incredible & wonderful years she gave us.  

so many years.... she has been a part of our world & so many friends & family's world too....

I told her she was going to get her hearing back & her sight back -& her legs would be good & she could get her ZOOMIES back - to find her sisters & yes, Bruno & run with them like the wind.  Go take their bones & run my sweet girl.

Every single day when I leave the house, I tell my dogs, "Take care of each other - Momma loves you".... I left her with those last words when she left this world - Momma loves you sweet girl.


Wednesday, January 03, 2024

One Sentence a Day - December 2023

So I meant to post this on the first but I'm always a blog slacker - & life has been so busy, at work, at home, with my dogs... its just been a lot - so that its up on the 3rd, I'm patting myself on the back.

Also - I wanted to remind people - my sweet friend Jennifer over at Overflowing with Thankfulness is going to continue a link up for Thankful Thursday so if you enjoy doing those posts - be sure to go check her out every Thursday - & all the other days - she does some other fun link ups! 

So here's what December looked like to me:

1. Fri / I havent worked from home in weeks with a busy work schedule & covering for people, so on a rainy, cold Friday, I was more than excited to be back in my home office for the day. #dogslovedittoo

2. Sat /  Finished my first book of December #NeedstobeaHallmarkMovie

3. Sun / Woke up to a lake in our kitchen floor where Ricky was trying to give Zoe at bath at 5:30am #WetDog

4. Mon / When that alarm went off at 5am, I honestly wanted to cry. #WantToSleepIn

5. Tues /  We tried out the diapers for Zoe for the first time & it was a SUCCESS! #savedadogbed

6. Wed / All I could think about was 9pm where the conclusion of The Squid Games Challenge came on Netflix! #happyaboutthewinner

7. Thurs / My poor brother has been feeling awful this week. #Tisthecold/flu/covidseason

8. Fri / I got the most shocking phone call to hear one of my dear friends passed away after surgery complications #RIPKelly 

9. Sat /  Spent most of the evening the ER with Ricky & the pain he was in with kidney stones #atleasttheERwasempty

10. Sun / Just relaxing & letting Ricky try & pass these stones #lazyday

11. Mon /  Had my yearly appointment to get my prescriptions for the year. #lifeofanoldwoman

Yes, I have 2 pairs of glasses LOL

12. Tues / Love everyone is decorating for Christmas in our office #makeitcheery

13. Wed / Love getting my old girl out of her bed & holding her & loving on her. #keephergoing

14. Thurs / Went to the funeral home for my friend & it hit me all over again that she's really gone #unbelievable #loveyourlovedoneseveryday

15. Fri / I needed a work from home day so badly #staycomfy

16. Sat /  It was such a nice day to go shopping & we even sat outside for lunch #Tistheseason

17. Sun /  I love keeping this burning in my house during Christmas to make my home smell like real trees are inside #yankeecandlesaresogood

18. Mon /  one of my work family got me the best surprise for Christmas!!! #hadthisinmycart #LOVELOVELOVE

19. Tues /  We got to reveal our Secret Santa's at work & it was a fun year of elf-ery #sneakygifts

20. Wed / Finished another book for 2023 #bestreadingyear

21. Thurs /  I love me some Kroger Fuel points!!! #onedollaroff

22. Fri /  Finished the work week with over 10 hours overtime #thebusiesttime

23. Sat / Got to spend Christmas with my Vincent Family - minus a few who Covid got ahold of #itseverywhere

24. Sun /  Happy Birthday to my Hubby & my side Christmas celebration #abusyday

25. Mon / I love we enjoy relaxed & easy Christmas days #finallyarelaxingday

26. Tues / Going back to work the day after Christmas is just THE WORST!!! #trafficislightthough

27. Wed / 2 years since I had my TIA & I still remember every little thing about it #onemoreyeartillclear

28. Thurs / My reading life has taken a hit with how busy I am at work. #comehomeanddonothing

29. Fri / The office was so empty today & I loved it #getalltheworkdone

30. Sat / My birthday falls on a weekend but still had to work #oldlife #howdidIgetto52sofast?

31. Sun /  Spending the day loving & taking care of Zoe #gladshesmadeitanotheryear 

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