Monday, June 12, 2023

Remember those little twin girls from a long time ago?

 March 10.... what in the world ... that's how long its been since I blogged last. I literally gasped when I saw the date. I thought it MAY BE possibly 2 or 3 weeks.  If you dont think time doesn't go by in a blink... think again.

But I'll say it again - I really want to get back in the swing of things.  This blog o' mine has so many memories - going back so many years. I cant give up on it - I need to do better at keeping it updated.  

What really made me remember that was when my twin nieces graduated high school last week. A few of my fantastic blog family reached out & commented & messaged me & was talking about how they couldnt believe they were grown up enough to graduate. Why? Because you that have been around for so long, have watched them grow yourself.  The twins have "Blog Aunties" - what I refer to you as. I know I've been a Blog Auntie to some of your children as well!!!! 

These comments were my nudge nudge to remind me - BLOG! Get those memories down! Memories are precious & I want to look back on my blog when I'm old & my memory is fading (next month?)  & see all the pics & thoughts of events in my life.... 

So here I am... again... 

& I'll start with the graduations last week.

Just like their lives, its always been double the fun, double the adventure, (double the trouble? - NAH) .... & of course, their graduations had to be the same way. Double the crazy!

They ended up going to different high schools starting their Junior year - & honestly, I think it was just the best thing for them. Twin life, I'm sure, can be hard when you're always compared to your sister/brother/twin... that they could have more of their own identities - I think it was a wonderful change for them.

Wonderful wasn't the word though when we saw their graduations were just a few hours apart of one another.  One started at 1:00pm - the other at 3:30pm. That's 2nd one, its very limited seating! Families got like 4 tickets a piece. You could get one or two more for certain circumstances - but you needed to be in the gym by 2:30pm to get a seat... & when the first graduation doesnt get out till nearly 3 - there's a problem.

Needless to say - it was a rush of a day!

Madi's graduation was up first.  She had 7 tickets available so Ricky & I were able to make this one.  We had to park nearly a mile away though... & by the time we got in there at 12:30 - it was already packed - but my brother & SIL saved us a seat.... at the VERY TOP of the bleachers.

You know me.... MISS QUEEN OF VERTIGO! the time I got to the top ... I honestly has to stop a second & wait for the world to stop spinning thus I drop down a few hundred steps. Good times.  But then, here they came - what we saw as little kiddos playing dress up in a cap  & gown.

 I'm such a sucker for big milestone events & I was trying to hold back some tears... especially because I didnt want to get dehydrated & get even more dizzy & take a stumble.

Of course, the girls last names start with a W so its the end of the line ... & when we were watching the clock for the next graduation, it felt like it was taking FOREVER!!!!....

But then, our girl made her way across the stage!!!

& look at those shoes!!!! Madi just has the coolest style!!!!

Before we knew it, she turned her tassle & she was officially OUTTA THERE!!!!

As soon as it was over, we gathered our stuff & tried to run down from the top of the world as fast as we could... only to get half way & the gym was like a stand still.  

I wish they would have let the kids out first so the parents didnt find their child in the middle of the gym & want to take pictures right there. It was so claustrophobic! I told my SIL that we should have made a sign to hold up that said, WE NEED TO GET TO FLOYDS GRADUATION ASAP!!!! so hopefully people would have compassion & let us through.

Great ideas always come after the fact.

SIDE NOTE... this is just too cool!

So if you remember anything about my dad, you know the number 444 is associated with him. Always has been. & dad put in a letter we found after he died that every time we see 444, we know he's near. .... On the drive to Madi's graduation, the car in front of us, the license plate was - you guessed it - 444.... I had a chuckle & said to Ricky, "Looks like dad is going to Madi's graduation"......

Tell me how funny it was when we get to the car & head up to Sophia's graduation & the car in front of us - not the same one mind you from previously .....

yep... another 444 license plate!

Ricky was like... mkay - that's just weird now.

Dad wasn't about to miss his girls graduations!.... but isnt that just the most awesome thing?

Sophia's turn.

This was even more nuts than Madi's... there were about 200 more students in this graduation so again, tickets limited on who could get in to watch. Ricky & I went to the overflow section to watch the graduation on their live stream... but I took the opportunity to watch them walk through the halls

... was able to give a high five & give some love & watch her go through the doors to her big day....

We headed into the auditorium & watched the live feed - which was interesting... but glad to see it this way better than nothing...

... except when she got her diploma, again, there were only like 5 people after her - we got up to beat the crowd leaving the auditorium & only then did I see, there was a clear shot from the back of the gym that I could have stood at & took pictures through!!!! Especially because Sophia was in the back row! Geez! ... kicking myself.

At least I was able to snag these two pics at the end.

It was a mad house after wards & I never did find the girls or my brother & SIL... I went ahead & hiked the mile back to my car when my brother text me where we were going to eat at.... AHHH - reinforcements. A dinner of celebration... & finally, a little bit to get off our feet & just relax ...together!

They did it.... Into the big world - with lots of opportunities ahead - roads they dont even know they're going to go down.  Adventures all waiting for them to tackle.  & I'll be their proud aunt cheering them on every step of the way!

Its bittersweet to me too because this is like the last graduation I think I'll see for awhile....but then I just remembered - our oldest grandson graduates in 4 years.... Now THAT? CAN YOU BELIEVE???

Love you girls... Know you're going to do great & amazing things!!!!

Friday, March 10, 2023

Friday Favorites

Click Pic for Link

Favorite Lounge Wear

This comes in a lot of colors too!

Favorite Small Bathroom Organizer

This is really cute.. .if you click on the pic, you can see the space inside of it - it can hold toilet paper, or some cleaner or soap or small washclothes.

Favorite Blazer

 I've been looking for some cute blazers.  They just make a basic outfit look so much better - classier.
I used to wear blazers like crazy in the 90's... glad to see them back!

Favorite Kitchen Chopper

I got one of these & forgot about having it...then I saw a video on YouTube of someone using one & I was like - HOLD UP - I HAVE THAT. 
It has been game changer for me. I'm forever cutting up an onion & some sort of pepper - or mushroom -basically every night. This makes it so nice to have it small & uniform shape.  
Plus, it takes out my aggression to slam slam SLAM it down!

Favorite Sweater Hack

The good ole Dickey's! LOL... Still makes me giggle like a middle school kid.
But man, these look better than the turtleneck ones they had back in the day... 

looking at you Cousin Eddie!

Seriously though... as someone who doesnt like the bulk under a shirt - nor like the heat of additional clothing (Thanks Menopause) - I really do like this idea.

Favorite Shoes

I'm going to need these for the warmer days ahead - even just to walk outside around the house or throw on to run to the store.

Favorite Make Up

I havent tried this yet, but I'm all about a smooth finish on this wrinkly face.
& I love Elf products because they're not costly to try things out!
I may have to give this a go.
Anyone try putty's ... do you like it?

Favorite Ice Maker

Am I late to this game knowing how this works?

You pour water in this, twist on the lid - that's it!
No more putting water in a tray & having to do a balance act, or make sure it lays totally flat so it doesnt spill.
This, you pour in, then when it freezes, just crunch the container to release it off the walls & pour the ice cups out!

& they're pretty! Pretty ice cubes scientifically make ice coffee better! FACTS

Favorite Funnies


Turn those clocks forward this weekend!

Wednesday, March 08, 2023

Hodgepodge... you ready for some 1990 pics!


Joining with Joyce 

1. We're in to a season students call 'spring break'. Did you/your family travel over spring breaks when you were growing up?  Tell us something about a 'spring break' you remember (from childhood or adulthood, either one). 

My family never did travel during Spring Break.  My dad was a factory worker & we only got a vacation during the fall - that is if we could afford a trip even then ... but ironically, the fall is when I still take off at work myself.  Family legacy travels down the line. 

I do remember traveling with my friend & her family during my Senior Year to around the Myrtle Beach area.  It was VERY memorable.  I went with one of my best friends & her little sister brought one of her friends. It was a girls trip as their mom had to go down for, I believe, business. I can remember one evening we went to the movie theater & watched Pretty Woman too.  Anytime I hear the song, "It Must have been Love" by Roxette... ALL THE MEMORIES!

Look at how tan I was!!!
& those black sandals came back in style!
& do you know, I STILL have that Mickey Mouse shirt!

2. Last thing you broke? Was it a big deal? 

My fingernails... I've on a kick where my nails are just trash. They wont grow, they're like paper, they bend & crack & break at any sort of activity. I dont get it. I've been trying different strength polishes... nothing is working.  Anyone know any tricks to get them back in shape?

3. March 7th is National Cereal Day...are you a fan? What's your favorite? If not cereal what's your favorite breakfast? Your typical breakfast? 

...... why..... WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY is this question on the day I try to come back to Hodgepodge?

If you know anything about me - or if you're new around these parts... nope. NOPE -NOPEEEE!  Its called "The C-word" to me because I cant even talk about it... I can smell it now... & I'm really gagging...

My typical breakfast... usually an egg of some form. On a english muffin, or a breakfast burrito...its about the only protein I get in a day. Sadly.

4. Break ground, break of dawn, break down, break the bank, break one's stride, break the ice, break a law, break a habit, break bread...choose one of the idioms listed and tell us how it applies to your life currently. 

Why does "break down" feel appropriate lately in these crazy days?

& whose going to say "Break a law" ... I need to find people that say that & hear these stories!

I feel like "break the bank" is appropriate lately. I've been watching my budget - started a budget planner. & WOW... I sure like to spend money. & lately, I just cant stop buying books. Like, the struggle is really REAL.  Why cant things just be free?

5. Where do you go to connect with friends and family? What do you like to do most when you're home alone? 

Go to connect with friends & family?... I'm confused. Family - its just random. Usually someone is visiting - or we connect on social media- or texts - just every day stuff ...friends? You'll usually find us in a coffee shop or out for lunch.

Me at home & what I like to do? ... a book in hand.  Easy answer! & with the warmer air coming in soon - a book in the hand while I'm outside! COME ON BABY!!!!

6. Insert your own random thought here.

Can you believe we're turning the clock back this weekend?  I struggle so hard with the time change. Like, it takes me a full week of adapting to losing an hour's sleep. Maybe this year, it wont be as bad. I mean, I'm now fully in the habit of waking up every 3 hours with Zoe - my sleep patterns are just nightmarish.  Hopefully it wont be too severe on me this year.

But GLORY! HALLELUJAH! PRAISE! We have more light at night. I cant even begin to express my joy in that. Every time we get through winter - I feel like I've ran a ultramarathon & I crossed the finish line. WE DID IT!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Monday, March 06, 2023

Winds... then hail, floods & darkness... what's next

 It really was an unbelievable week in our neck of the woods.  I had jokingly posted what the next plague was going to be.... but really, its not too funny anymore.

You know the winds that ripped through our area last Monday knocking down my mom's tree.  We also found about 20% of her shingles on the roof of her garage has blown off too...of course.

Then Wednesday, we ended up having a storm roll through that brought so much hail - it was CRAZY! I have never in my years of living ever seen hail like that before. The SOUND of it too... it was chilling. Sounded like our house was being under attack.  It was just binging off the roof & hitting the windows so hard, I thought the glass would break.  

Look at this...

You can see white everywhere. Look out in the yard, it looks like snow!

I took Zoe to go potty about an hour later & there was STILL ice piles laying every where.  I'm glad my car was in the garage - all I have to say about that.

Friday morning, we woke up to our back yard basically flooded.  Sure.  I need a back yard pool installed by Mother Nature.

I work from home on Fridays & only 45 minutes into work, our wifi went down due to the storms & guess what - more winds!  I ended up packing up my stuff & heading into the office.  I was about half way there & got notice that the wifi was back up, but I figured it was going to be a rough day, so I went ahead & went into the office.

It was like a ghost town there. Our schools were actually canceled due to the winds & storms coming in. I didnt even know that till a coworker told me. 

Being on the 28th floor in the middle of all day storms & winds gusting at 50-60 mph... that was a new experience. 

I got a call from Ricky to tell me our electricity finally popped out around 2:30... & that's all she wrote on that.

Luckily, me being a reader, I have a nightlight that goes around my neck so I had a book that I had just started so I was good to go.  

Plus, Ricky had rigged up some sort of battery for a tool into a little antenna TV.  We ended up holing up in my library & watched the 20/20 special on the Murdaugh trial - which... did anyone watch all of that crazy mess?  Its all so tragic & sad... & just crazy!... but the TV is like a little 7 inch tv.  Our vision was strained FOR SURE....but it was nice to have a little bit of "normalcy" with the TV on during the night.

The bad thing was the temperature. It got down to 32degrees & our house never got below 60, but it just felt bone cold.  I think it didnt help that we have Zoe who goes out every 3 hours through the night. So we'd go outside & where you could usually run inside & warm up, it just wasn't happening this time. It was throwing another sweatshirt on & another blanket after each pee run.

When we woke up & it was still off, I was bummed. I had big hopes that we'd be up & running when my eyes opened.  Nope.... at least I watched the sun come up & opened the windows to get all the warmth in.

Five layers of tops, a scarf around my neck... but the SUN shinning on my face

We headed out to get breakfast... & I told Ricky, I'm needing coffee NOW! It was funny though because a local coffee shop, their line was wrapped around the building & out to the road. I wasn't alone in my need of caffeine.

But driving down the highway, it looked like a tornado had ripped through everywhere. I cant even begin to tell you how many trees - HUGE trees- we saw down. & the limbs & branches... it was just jaw dropping.  There ended up being over 9,000 people out just in our area that uses the electric company we have.  

We were in the 784 outage area

While we were out for breakfast, my brother text me & told me they just got up... & I called my mom & hers had come on earlier - YAHOO... we were all up & running by the afternoon.  PRAISE THE LORD! When our power came on, Ricky & I literally ran to each other & hugged & screamed like we had won the lottery.  True story.  You really never know the things you take for granted sometimes.

The rest of the day, it was just charging up everything again & just relaxing...finally! A sunny day!

Not too much dramatics for the last part of the weekend...a lot of cleaning up.  I'm just over all the weather trauma.  & I'm seeing that the country is getting plummeted with snow & winter storms...its just nuts.

I guess its why they say March comes in roaring like a lion, goes out like a lamb. I've heard enough ROARING for awhile thankyouverymuch.   We'll be back down to normal temps, which means freezing nights- I hope we dont lose all our budding flowers that have popped up.  As long as its calm though, I'll be happy.

SIDE NOTE - a lot of Louisville is still down with power... so giving a big HUG to everyone going on day 3 of no power!!!

How was your weekend?

Do anything fun - or did you relax?

Thursday, March 02, 2023

February 2023- All the Good Things


Joining with Jen who hosts weekly Thankful Thursday!
Be sure to visit her!

1 - Hot Chocolate & Sweet treat break at work.  ... just what it says. Work sent out an email saying to get us through the cold days we've been going through, they had Panera deliver some hot chocolate & cookies & brownies. YUM. 

2. Courage to take a leap of faith!

3. Encouragement from Hubby!

4. Moosa online workout - they have some good music! I need music & I've been so let down with Beachbody & some other work out apps that either use generic elevator sounding music, or no music at all. WHAT?

5. Christmas tree is down!!! That's so early for us!

6.  Sweet text messages from Ricky boosting up my confidence.

7.  Coworkers who stand up for one another!

8.  Picking up Subway for a quick dinner after shopping with mom

9.  A good cry - sometimes its much needed.

10.  Treadmill walk at lunch.  Such a good benefit of working from home & getting that work out in during the day.

11.  New Coffee Recipes to try.

12.  My brother was OK after needing to go to the ER with chest pains

13. A good walk at lunch.

14.  Waking up to a Valentine surprise in the kitchen. & love throughout the day!

15.  The temp hit the 70's... give me these glimpses of Spring!!!

16. Coworker got my printer hooked up for me at work. IT kept letting it drop on the radar so we always say our team has to take care of each other to get things done.

17.  A lazy night after an INCREDIBLY busy day.

18.  Finally got to sleep in! Zoe is just our night owl & we're up all through the night with her - multiple times. I dont know the last time I actually slept through the night.

19.  The fun of picking  & starting a new book!

20.  Day off work!!! So needed!

21. My sweet bloggy friend Andrea sent me the cutest mug!!! I am a Rae Dunn fan anyways (the mugs are SOOOO big) but this one... made me squeal with joy seeing Belle on the back of it!

22. $1.00 off gas! WAHOOO for Kroger Fuel Points!

23. Support!

24.  So glad my work from home day was today - my stomach just kept me in a state of nausea all day. I'm so glad I could keep my sweats on & just be  more relaxed at home.

25. Panera breakfast date.

26. New book at Target with gift card.

27. So glad the fallen tree missed mom's house in the most damaging way! We'll take a broken porch over a broken roof & kitchen!

28. Our new modem was easy peasy to set up!!!!

What good things happened in your February?

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