Monday, September 21, 2020

The weekend that was the perfect weather to have a readathon with your foot propped up



That's the only word to describe the weather around these here parts this weekend.... absolutely GLORIOUS!

Fall kicks off tomorrow, but we got the best sneak preview ever of the season.  Every day, Friday - Sunday, was cool & breezy & not a cloud in the sky. It honestly didnt get any better than that.

For someone who couldnt do much with this stupid wonky foot... & knee...  shoulder of mine, it worked out perfectly for me to just go through my library books.  I honestly sat outside 90% of Saturday & 90% of Sunday.

Saturday, I finished one books - read through another one in literally one sitting - & Sunday, I started another book & got half way through it.  

Kind of a perfect weekend for me.

I also took the time to do my Bible Study - which I am loving! I havent done a Beth Moore study in the longest & I forget how in depth they are.  How they make you feel like every day's lesson is leaving you feeling like you're in Seminary school & pointing out things I would have never otherwise pieced together.

I did get in some Netflix watching too.

Friday, as soon as I logged off - the Hubs had brought in Pizza & we ate & then I went directly to bed to prop my foot up because it was basically like a balloon. I could honestly feel it SLOSHING when I walked.... GAG. Literally GAG!

But Friday night, I finished up Season 2 of Legacies. I'm still always down for all the Vampire Diaries series. I may even start rewatching TVD from the beginning & get through The Originals too. I am such a nerd for all of it. #TeamDamon #TeamElijah

Saturday, I ended up watching the new show on Netflix about The Space Shuttle Challenger. 

My heart hurt. Seriously hurt. 

Again, one of those things you remember where you were. I honestly can remember it like yesterday & I was in 8th grade.  I can remember the shock of it all & President Reagan talking about it.  I think I remember it so well because our Science Teacher had applied for it.  She said she didnt get far into the process of it but I can remember her talking about how it felt so real because it COULD have been her on that shuttle.  We all were invested with having the first school teacher on there & watching her experience.  Seeing the story through the actual facts of the circumstances & seeing - ONCE AGAIN - how money & politics seems to rule the world, I was just so angry at it all.

Watch it if you remember this ... watch if it if you are too young because you'll learn from it.  

& speaking of anger.... let's add in a dash of sadness too - because I know so many of us are just heartbroken about the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  I was SHOCKED. I hadnt heard the news because I just stay clear of news anymore & saw it on a friend's Instagram. I think the breath got knocked out of me.

I dont care what political party side you see yourself on - if you are a woman, I'd have to think you would  respect her work.  For me, watching documentaries about her, I always appreciated more than anything the power & strength she had in her soft, calm words she used.  Such a tiny little thing but someone who stood up to the biggest of them to get equality for so many.  What a legacy she's left behind.

Other side notes of the weekend:

* My ankle is doing better. The foot is still swollen but the pain isnt nearly as bad. I'm still having issues bending the ankle.  But the worst part is my skinned up knee.  It BURNSSSSS so bad. I dont know how it's going to scab over because every time I bend it, it makes it bleed all over again. This is going to be a slow heal on this one.  I told my friend it was like I just went slip N sliding down asphalt. Fun stuff.

* Ernie trucked over Harvey while they were playing in the yard chasing frisbees.  Harvey yelped out & raised his paw & Ricky had to carry him in.  His poor little paw swelled up & between the two of us, Ricky said the word STAY!!!!! more than he's ever said it on a weekend.  (Harvey's paw has gone back to normal size & hes walking way better than me)

* I baked a cake this weekend. It was pretty good. Going to totally make another one soon.

* I am loving all my fall scent candles right now. Bring on all the apple, pumpkin & cinnamon smells!!

* I slept with the windows open all weekend long.  Which of course made me sleep so sound & perfectly. Fresh cool air just brings on the most amazing sleep for me.

* I had to watch part of the Emmy's to see how they were going to handle COVID award season. What a weird 2020.  I always say every award season that it aggravates me that super rich celebrities pat each other on the back for being... well a celebrity.... when so many other people in this world need recognition for what they do.  But to watch it in a time where people still get to accept awards in their home... I dont know man ... weird isnt the word for it. But that's a discussion for another day.

Tell me about your weekend....

Did you get a taste of fall?

Do you have the fall scents flowing in your home?

Do you remember The Challenger tragedy?

Did you watch the Emmy's?

Friday, September 18, 2020

Friday Favorites


(Click Pic for Link)

Favorite Bookshelf

I love the little division in between the shelves.
Gives such a retro vibe to me.

Favorite Pumpkin Candle Holders

Favorite Hair Help

I'm so bad about putting products in my hand & then in my hair.
I always end up looking like a T-Bird from Grease.
But if I can spray things, it makes it easier.
Plus - this has ALL the stuff to make hair shiny & healthy looking.

Favorite Toiletries Bag

This is pretty genius.
It holds quite a bit & has areas where you slide in bottles so they wouldnt fall over.
But you just raise the sides of the bag up & cinch it up & you can carry your full size products with you when you travel - or if you even just want to throw under the sink at night.
I'm thinking college kids - this would be perfect for to take to the bathroom.

Its under $10.00 too & comes in different colors.
I'm thinking of all the ways to use it.

Favorite Dog Food Feeder

We have the taller feeding trays for our Aussies & this one, I REALLY am interested in.
You put the food below it - talk about easy to feed them!!!

Favorite Cake

This is just fun to give to someone celebrating anything.

Favorite Winter Boots

Yes... these are a little bit pricey - but they come in some cute colors
& if you have to walk on sidewalks in the rain & cold & snow - it may be worth paying for the security of good boots AND some that are a little more fashionable

Favorite Egg Maker

I know I put one of these on here before 
But I've been using mine every week to make lunch & I am in love with it all over again.
I make hard boiled eggs at the beginning of the wee & put it on toast with hummus or Guac
Delicious! - trying to find the ways to get in some protein.

Favorite Laundry Help

I love laundry bags to wash my bras with the hooks & straps
& have been using them lately to wash masks in them.
But this excites me to get some that sweaters can go in.
You know - the ones that snag & pull easily? Protection is here!

Favorite Funnies

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2020

A quick one... because I'm taking FALL literally....{Thankful Thursday #283}

 If you've seen my Stories, you saw I took a little bit of a stumble walking yesterday

..... because I'm talented like that.


I went to Urgent care & they had to check out my ankle - which is about the size of a baseball....
& my shoulder & my knee on the other side & a scrapped up palm of my hand because that's how I landed.
I honestly feel like I've been in a car wreck.

I told my brother, I'm now at the age, when I fell, I'm like, "Let me do a whole body check before I move"
But I had to move quick because I was laying in the road & on the country roads, over a hill - I just knew a car was going to fly up over at 70 mph - as country road drivers do (that gives me ALL the anxiety on this road)

Anyways - nothing is broken. Thank you Lord.
Just bruised up, scraped up, SUPER SORE - feeling in love with Alleve.

They cant even touch under my ankle - it brings me right  off the table. 
& when I walk, it  pulls that area, all the way back into my Achilles heel....
The doctor told me to give it a few days & see what the swelling does & if its still so painful to walk on or touch, get in with an orthopedic doctor to get an MRI & see if any ligaments are tore.


Leave it to me....

Anyways - doing a quick Thankful Thursday because I'm going to bed & propping up my leg & getting ice on it.

This week I'm Thankful for:

Fall like temperature days

My new curtains

Beth Moore Bible Studies

Hobby Lobby pictures sales

My new cell phone

Ankle not broke. 

My brother got me to Urgent Care. 
My jacked  up ankle is on my right side  so I couldnt drive myself & I'm so thankful my brother was over here in like 5 minutes & got me to the doctor so fast.

Tell me something good about your week!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

I'm trying out ALL the planners lately {Keep it Together}


I've missed the last few months of posting with the with the beautiful  Alexandra Lauren

And so much has been going on in my planning world.

I ended up winning a few planners & I've been looking around Instagram at planning accounts posts & my head is spinning at all the possibilities for 2021.

Let me show you what I've been playing around in lately.

This is called the Passion Planner Daily Planner....

Every day has a timeline marked out - with some areas to put your personal & work check list. It also has an open space where I end up putting a food diary.  A lot of people put thoughts or gratitude there or scripture of the day. Possibilites are endless.

The other side is a totally blank page so you can do ANYTHING with.
I've used it for journaling before or documenting the day or drawing - ANYTHING. 
It's fun to put stickers & washi on it to make it pretty.

I've been using it since August & really enjoy looking back & seeing such detail of my day. 

Talk about a good memory journal.

This holds about 4 months of pages so you can get 3 of these to cover  your year. 
The cover is so nice too & it lays flat.

What I love about it too is it's a small size - but not too small to not write it.

But it fits well in your purse. I've taken it in my bag when I went to the doctor & used it to journal  while I was sitting in the waiting room.  & have taken  it to a meeting & used some back pages for notes.  I really like this!

I also won the Weekly planner from Passion Planner on Instagram....

It's similar to the one above except its a weekly lay out.
& this one is a size of about a standard note book.

What I like about this is there's a LOT of space on the bottom....
& the time line is still on it too.

In the back, there are a lot of blank pages for you to add in what you want.

This planner is about goal planning so at the end of each month, it offers questions to have you review what went good for the month - & what you can improve or work on next month.  

The pages on this - I LOVE - you can honestly write with nearly anything & it doesnt bleed through either. I was impressed.  

You can also get a planner that starts on a Sunday - or a Monday.
The one I was given was an undated planner so I can put in the dates myself & start it any time of the year - but they also make ones with dates on it.

I WANT YOU TO NOTE!!!!!.... you can go to Passion Planner & download samples of all their planners - so you can check it out & try it before you buy too!!!! I did this with the Daily Planner to see how it feels & if its something you'll use.  You can even print the samples of the different size planners so you can tell if one is too small to write in.  

I think its pretty awesome they offer these free downloads.  I've used most of them.

Finally.... I won this one from the company - Amplify Planner.

I'm going to start using this in October so I'll come back next month with some pics on how its working for me.

The thing that makes this one different is it holds a Monthly - Weekly AND Daily planner in one.
The ONLY weird thing is ... its a quarterly planner.

So you would need a small monthly planner to keep all 12 months if you need to look that far ahead.

They sell a small pocket yearly calendar you can put in the pocket in each quarterly planner.

I like on the monthly spread, it also had a habit tracker at the top
& I really like the boxes on the side - you can use for notes in different areas of your life - or dedicate a box for people in your family.

This paper is again SUPER NICE - thick. Holds the bleeding to a minimum.

The space & layout is different than the Passion Planner Daily... but you can make it your own with the boxes on the side.

The Daily pages

& I've seen people use the Weekly section for different things. 

Write down plans or to do lists.
Even better - they draw vertical lines & make like 3 columns on it - one for home, work & Misc & put different check lists under each one.

Or you can use the weekly page for a journal - or a gratitude area.
I was even thinking of using it as a faith planner section.

Again - all the possibilities!!!!

That's the thing with all these planners.  So many options... & its just finding the ones that fits you.

I'm excited to use my Amplify for the last quarter to get the feel of it.
& of course, I'm still in my Plum Paper planner.... it still makes me happy too.

& just to note- all my stickers still work in these & make the pages still look nice.

You can always check out #Pashfam #Passionplanner #Amplifyplanner to get some ideas on how people use these on Instagram

We'll see what combo I end up using in 2021.

Do any of these stand out to you?

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Monday, September 14, 2020

The weekend that Verizon & Target tried to suck away my joy....

Well look at me... doing a weekend post.

I've just had the hardest time blogging lately.  Call it mood.  Call it busy.  Call it priorities.  Call it 2020.  But here I am - yahoo!  & I actually had things going on in my life this weekend.  Now THAT's exciting stuff.

Friday wasn't anything amazing.  But I did get to see my niece.  

I had to head to the bank for work & then ran & picked up a little goodie bag to take over & see one of the twins.  She just had surgery this past week on her shoulder & I've  never had shoulder surgery - but I've  never heard anything fun or good about it. I've  only heard PAIN & MISERY with it. & even this tough little 15 year old, I think could agree fully with that. God love her.

She was still laying in bed trying to get some sleep so I didnt bother her too much or too long...

The Hubs had picked up dinner on the way home so I came home & had dinner on the table. Look at them apples.  Since well...March.... I'm home when the Hubs gets home.  This was different.

& I'm not sure why... but I was in bed & sound asleep by 9:30.

This is how I roll now.  I know... the WILD & CRAZY life.

Even worse? I didnt wake up till 8am on Saturday.  Geez. Think I needed some rest?

I got up & did some things around the house & then got caught up in a bunch of 9/11 documentaries that National Geographic was playing.  I still get chills. I still get nauseated at it all. I still will cry real heart ache tears over it.  If you lived through it & remember it all, I'm sure you feel the same way.

LoveThisPic offers We Will Never Forget pictures, photos & images, to be  used on Facebook, Tumblr, Pi… | We will never forget, September 11 quotes,  911 never forget

The documentary showed things I'd never seen before - played clips of the terrorists recordings on the plane - showed more footage from inside & around the towers before they collapsed.  I can feel the weight of that day all over again.  That's such a surreal feeling - the power to bring back memories & the emotions of it like it's just happened.  

I wanted to head out & go to Hobby Lobby & after feeling like an emotional tornado has hit me - retail therapy was JUST the answer.

I've been doing a little - what I like to call - a "poor man make over" in my bedroom.  Changing curtains, bedspread, lamps, pictures in my bedroom.  I'm pretty excited about it actually.  Hobby Lobby was having their 50% off their pictures so off we went.  The Hubs even went with me to help pick out the pics.  ... & by "help pick out the pics" - he was monitoring every thing I chose to see how heavy it was & if it was going to entail a lot of work hanging these things.

This is going over my bed...
The pics are 2 .. & I'm putting the wreath in between

We left there & The Hubs asked me where I wanted to go & I said I cant handle it anymore. I gotta go get a new cell phone.  For the past, ohhhhh.... 4 months... my phone just randomly dies, reboots & comes on... dies, reboots & comes on.... rinse & repeat.  I have to take the battery out to make it stop.  It's a mess.  I've been on some important calls & NOPE... the series starts & I cant get back in touch with someone. VERY frustrating.  

But who wants to spend that kind of money on a phone? UGH.  Especially when I'm doing a "poor man make over"... but we live in a world where cell phones are like clothes.  Cant leave home with out 'em.  Our lives are so much on these little hand held contraptions.  

We ran over to Best Buy - & let me tell you.... THEY WERE AMAZING.  We've always gone to the cell phone stores our whole lives to get new phones. & its like buying a car. Stressful & pushy & makes me want to come home & bury my face in a pillow crying.  We walked into Best Buy - I told them what I wanted, they rang me up, TRANSFERRED MOST OF MY STUFF OVER (who knew that was even possible????) & BAM, an hour later, I have a new phone.

Now.... I say "new" - but everyone told me "oh, that's old". Well its new to me. I got a Samsung Galaxy S10.  Blah blah blah - I know the S10+  & the Galaxy Note 5000 or whatever it is - & yes, the new Samsung Galaxy 20 is out - DONT CAREEEEEEEEEEE.......

Echo Sushi. Do It. - Happy or Hungry

We are always behind on the times on phones.  I really dont care about a lot of the latest & greatest gadgets. I'm like - give me a good camera & Instagram & I'm happy.  

But honestly - I went to Verizon the next day to get a protector put on & they were like, "That's so old - we dont carry any protectors" ... bite me Verizon.  & not 10 minutes later, I went into Target to find a case & the guy told me, "Oh, THAT's your new phone? We only carry the latest phone cases"... BITE ME TARGET.   All these evil cell phone snobs taking away my joy of a new cell phone. I mean, I havent gotten a new cell phone in over 6 years.  Seriously. Ricky still has a Samsung Galaxy 6.  So can SOMEONE please be excited for me about my phone? GAH.....

We left Best Buy & was starvinggggg so we ran over to Culvers & actually ate outside there.  Y'all ... this is a big step for us.  Now - granted - no one was sitting outside with us & if someone came up, I'd probably have gotten my food & eaten in the car.  

Can I say - I LOVE Fall at Culvers because they have the BESTTTT Pretzel bites. THE BEST!!! The pretzels are that kind of hard on the outside & soft & chewy on the inside. & the cheese? .... OK - I want some more now.

But we both scarfed down the food quick & headed to Home Depot for The Hubs to enjoy the day too. I mean, Hobby Lobby & me a new phone - he didnt think the day was all that great.

My first picture with my new phone!!!! WHOOO HOOOOO

I got home & searched all the YouTube videos on my new phone to learn the new tricks & tips.  & again, all I cared about is the photo options.  & getting my Beauty & the Beast ring tone back.  #priorities

The one thing I will say I'm bummed about... my One Second a Day stuff didnt transfer over because its on my SD Card on my old phone.  I've  been doing it so long, it feels a little funny not doing it - but honestly, life has been pretty boring & it may just be a relief to let it go for awhile.  Farewell One Second a Day... maybe we'll pick it up again in 2021.

Goodbye sad bye GIF on GIFER - by Starray

It was no shock that after nearly 12 hours of sleep, I coudnt go to bed Saturday night... 

Sunday, I got up & did my Bible study & then made a big breakfast.... & then an AWESOME church service online.  

Who knew a message on sticks.. yes, sticks... could be so awesome.  Check it out right HERE if interested.

Then I ended up hanging my new curtains.  Well - I TRIED to hang my new curtains.  I honestly tried. I want to do this all on my own but I was struggling with the drill.  The Hubs saw me struggling & ended up hanging them for me .. & I AM ALREADY IN LOVEEEEEEE.... Even better, I got to take the blinds down that were in there. I've  over blinds. Gross.  

& these are room darkening curtains... which the Hubs loves. Me? I love all the light, but something about the darkness in the room gives me the snuggly feeling.

But I did the little trick of hanging them high to make the ceiling look taller or whatever mojo HGTV dishes out.  I  cant wait to hang my pictures & make the rest of the changes.

I'm still trying to decide what accent color I want to go with the gray I'm using... light blue?  dark lilac purple?  Sage green?.... I'm going on Pinterest to check out some ideas because I still am going to paint my lamps & get new shades. 

This is when I got all the cell phone abuse from Verizon & Target.... BLAH.  But I ended up soothing my feeling by buying some more pens & planner organization stuff at Target.  

Headed home & The Hubs & I went over to take care of the horses & see mom.  She wanted me to do her nails for her putting on some Color Street Nails I had ordered for her.  I drove Ricky back home & dropped him off & went back to mom's to get her nails all taken care of.

Arent these fun? Of course they're blue.  & I took over a few of my left overs to do a little accent nail on hers & even did a fancy french manicure on one of her nails.  I love these things.

Time to get home & feed the dogs & get the kitchen all cleaned up (Anyone else feel like they cant go to bed unless their kitchen is cleaned up?) ... & still have a list of 100 things I need to do for the weekend... but what can you do. It'll all still be there waiting.  The mode of 2020.  

So how was your weekend?

Have you done any fun changes in your home during quarantine/COVID days?

What's the kind of phone you use?

Do you remember all the details of 9/11?

Friday, September 11, 2020

Friday Favorites

 Knit By God's Hand: Friday Favorites

(Click Pic for Link

Favorite Tart Warmer

Halloween Multicolor Fragrance Bar Warmers

I really like the silver skull for Halloween... perfect to put in a good cinnamon or pumpkin tart to melt.
The coolest part - when its on, those eye balls light up with the bulb inside!! SO COOL!

Favorite Nail Help

My cuticles & nail beds have been so dry lately - I used to use Solar Oil a lot time ago & loved it.

Favorite Game

... because I'm basically singing every minute of every day.
If you love music, this would be a good one to play

Favorite Car Cleaner 

The mountable wet/dry vac with long hose

Its a wet or dry vac.... GAME CHANGER for my dirty floor boards.
Working in dad's barn keeps my floor boards horribly dirty.

Favorite Chip Clip

Why does this make me happy?

Favorite Knife Cleaner

You can use it on all silverware.  I always get really nervous washing knives with a rag - so this really is nice to not worry about slicing your hand.

Favorite Phone Holder

the red rain boots holding a phone


Favorite Funnies

After Dark Funny Meme Dump 39 Pics

After Dark Funny Meme Dump 39 Pics

After Dark Funny Meme Dump 42 Pics

After Dark Funny Meme Dump 39 Pics

After Dark Funny Meme Dump 42 Pics

After Dark Funny Meme Dump 42 Pics

After Dark Funny Meme Dump 42 Pics

After Dark Funny Meme Dump 42 Pics

After Dark Funny Meme Dump 42 Pics

After Dark Funny Meme Dump 42 Pics

After Dark Funny Meme Dump 42 Pics

... every time I see one of those Animal Rescue videos with Sarah McLachlan songs

Cry Cry Cry GIF by MOODMAN

... every time the Hubs throws his clothes on the floor instead of the laundry basket

Madea Whats Wrong With You GIF by BET Plus

... every time I get around stationary & new pens

Steve Mnuchin GIF by GIPHY News

... me at 4:30pm today

Music Video Dancing GIF by 99 Percent

Happy Friday Y'all!!!

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