Wednesday, May 12, 2021

10 on 10...meh, 12th ... 10 Things I hate to do


Oh, this is going to be a fun filled / hate filled post. 
Joining in with the beautiful Leslie for her fun link up!

10 Things I Hate to Do

Taking Medicine
Yep - I tell all my doctors - I dont want to take medicine. I HATE it.  I always have reactions to every single thing I take & am so hyper-sensitive to things. When I was in the ER recently, they gave me some sort of migraine "cocktail" - not as enjoyable as it sounds - & it had Benadryl in it. I told them my motto, "I dont like taking meds" - but the pain was so bad, I asked if I could take a quarter of the dose. They told me that would be too small, but they'd go half of the dose. Let me tell you - they put that in my IV & the nurse wasn't to the door before I was OUT - like KNOCKED OUT COLD. I couldnt keep my eyes open until 3 hours later. & let's not talk about the vaccine reaction I've had. & all the reactions I always had when getting my Iron infusions. Me & meds = dont mix.

Putting on Lotion
Especially after a shower. EWWW ... that feeling on my skin. I know most  people like it. To me, it gives me the creeps. I cant put on clothes until it all fully dries or I feel like my skin is being attacked by an alien.  No wonder my skin looks like its 110 years old

Inside Out Clothes
I got this one from Dara - she brought it to mind & yep, its an every day HATE for me.
I dont know how he does it, but every single item - I'm telling you - EVERY.SINGLE.ITEM of clothes that I wash of Hubby's... its inside out.  How? How is this possible? & even worse is when a shirt is inside out, but one sleeve is right. It takes folding the laundry like 3 times as long. I've learned to just  hang his stuff inside out on the hangers & have been known to fold things inside out.

Sit anywhere other than the aisle
I get REALLY claustrophobic if I am sitting in a place where I feel trapped. When I go to the movies, or to a concert, or play (those were the days) - I had to make sure we got an aisle seat.  To have to do the "Excuse me, sorry, 'cuse me" with the scoot down the aisle?.... gives me all the anxiety.

This is how it feels if I'm not somewhere where I can get up & leave immediately

Walk down the C-Word (cereal) aisle at the store
I swear I smell it... & gag the whole time. If I have to get something on the other side of the aisle or something else that may be IN that aisle - I seriously hold my breath & avert my eyes. I know - I'm a weirdo.

Vacuum my stairs
So awkward - so hard to get to. It feels like a contortion act when I do it.  There's never a close plug for the vacuum & the hand held ones never really get the power to clean well. The worst.

Read a book with small print
Thanks old eyes. My eyes struggle with small print & some books, they make it itty bitty, teeny tiny. Thank goodness for my Kindle where I can adjust it - but my Book of the Month books, I have no control over & I hate when the font is so small. ...I'll also add to this I hate to read a book that just aggravates me - a really bad book. I've learned to stop & give it up. I used to not do that. I'd tough it out 

Leaving my dogs
I worry about my fur babies.  Are they escaping? Eating something they shouldnt? Tearing down the house? I need them all to be support animals so I can take them with me everywhere.

Sitting outside when its "buggy"
I really hate it during summer when there's a lot of flying bugs. Bugs dont bother me in general. But when mosquitos & flies are around me & landing on me... nope nope nope. 

Discussing anything political (... & isn't EVERYTHING political now?)
I mean... do I really need to explain this one?  How things have changed over the years. OFFENSE is the word of the last few years.  I remember the days where you could disagree with someone & have good discussion about it, possibly understanding the other person's side or at least TRYING to & maybe evening laughing with each other or leaving with respect for one another- now? Its a battle royale that ends no where except arguing. Sad really. Dont really comprehend where this is going to lead for us all.

So fun or serious - tell me something you really hate to do

....& dont say reading my blog HAHA!

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Show Us Your Books {May 2021}


Last month finally took a turn for me & I got some good books under my eyes for the year... 
Glad to say, this month is continuing the trend.  I'm here for all the good books!

I didn't read a lot compared to others - but I'm happy with 2 books a month - especially when they are enjoyable.

The Silent Patient
***** / It was Amazing

Quick Summary: A woman who appears to have killed her husband no longer speaks so no one really knows what happened. A therapist takes a job at her facility convinced he can get her to talk.

I know this was the hot book years ago & I'll still see it come around - so I was excited to finally get to it & MAN OH MAN - I'm so glad I did. What a thriller.  & a mystery.  Though, I do like to pat myself on the back when I figure out small little things early in a book.  The mystery & the writing kept me in the story till the very end.

Really, its a hard book to see how trauma & mental abuse can effect the mind of someone.  

I especially loved how this book is a full circle book when we get to see glimpses back of Alicia's life & what made her who she is.  This book sat with me quite awhile after I finished it - a true sign I really loved it.

Somehow grasping at vanishing snowflakes is like grasping at happiness: an act of possession that instantly gives way to nothing.

People We Meet On Vacatin
**** / Really Liked It

Quick Summary:  Two friends that meet in college go on vacations every year together & we see their relationship change over the years.

I am in love with Poppy & Alex.  They are both just total opposites but what you can tell they need each other to complete one another.  It's such a fun read, giving you all the When Harry met Sally vibes.  You cant read the book or read reviews & not hear that over & over.

My favorite quote I'm going to post here - its actually from the Epilogue - gut this gave me all the feels....

... Really its less about the places we go than the people we meet along the way. But most of all, its about the ones who stay - who become home

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Monday, May 10, 2021

The weekend I was waiting to see if a Japanese rocket was going to land on my house

 Did anyone else pay any attention to the Japanese Rocket that was going to land.... oh... anywhere? Who knew where?  When they announced that last week, I was like, great - does that come with a Johnson & Johnson shot that can cause a month of problems - because that's my luck.

But seriously... I am not someone who understands the need for all the space travel, the money that goes into space discovery when we have so many needs on the earth - & how much JUNK is up there just floating around? That's gotta cause some issues in the future somehow.... anyways - I was waiting to see where this rando-rocket was going to land.  Indian Ocean for the win. At least that wasnt INDIANA!

Anyways - glad it was the weekend - & what a pleasant weekend it was.

Last week at work was so hectic, busy, stressful &chaotic, so I was so excited for 4:30pm on Friday... which was actually more like 4:50pm... because last week...& I was just ready to relax the whole weekend.  

Hubby had to meet someone Friday evening so I had the house to myself for a few hours, which I started to read outside, but then sprinkling happened so I just snuggled in on my couch & I had one snuggly puppy with me....

Saturday, I was up early & got caught up on all my Bravo Housewives.. NYC started - whooo hooo! & how is New Jersey only going to be like 13 episodes.  Disappointing.  But I'm excited for them to bring on Beverly Hills.  I love me some Housewives drama... as stupid as it is. Mindless watching - lets me escape the world from all the other stupid stuff going on.  My guilty pleasure.

Saturday afternoon was exciting for me because I was going to meet a friend I havent meet out for lunch in over a year. We usually like to do lunch or brunch every few months so this was just great to meet her & do a catch up.  We had a beautiful day to sit outside at Panera & enjoy the sunshine while eating some yummies... & I actually got to run into a friend from church I havent seen since last March.  A really good day.

After we finished eating at Panera, we headed over to Hobby Lobby because I wanted to get some flowers for a blue Mason jar that Hubby found in our back property clearing it out. Its such a pretty jar... & I like how I have it at work now...

I also found the cutest sticker book... one that has a ton of 2021 phrases in it & masks & all the STAY AT HOME quarantining has to hold.

I got home & ended up hanging out with Hubby back in the clearing out & just enjoying the fire he had going where he's burning down the stumps left over from trees he's cut down.  Something about fires that are just magical to watch... & I love the smell of a fire.  I was begging him to throw in some leaves too because burning leaves is my all time favorite smell.  

I ended up coming in when it was getting dark & finished up Part 2 of Selena on Netflix. I appreciated they played a lot of her music in this part... (The corny wigs & awful backdrops is another story - but & it left me again, teary eyed. Such a tragic story of a talent. You wonder what would have become of her life.  

Sunday, I woke up to some Krispy Kreme donuts in bed with some coffee - with my babies - LOL - perfect for Mother's Day.

I dont know if it was the rainy, windy, gloomy day, but I was just tired all day. I had my first nap in the afternoon....

& then headed over to see my momma & take care of the horses.

I had gotten some things for mom & got these beautiful BLUE flowers, got a beautiful blue vase to go with it too.... but it was so weird because every time I took pictures of them, they looked PURPLE or lilac in the camera. What in the world.

Hubby went to go see his momma (Missed seeing her - I love my MIL) so I got home & took a shower & ended up taking nap #2 - I hate naps too so this was really a messed up day.

Woke up to my babies wanting attention & giving me some love.... I'm sure they were just wondering where their daddy was at.

Hubby brought some dinner home & honestly, it  was just a good end to a lazy day....

So how was your weekend?

What are you watching on Netflix right now?

Did you pay attention to where the rocket was going to land?

How was your Mother's Day?

Friday, May 07, 2021

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Lap Desk

Favorite Charger

Favorite Light

I have one of these for my phone & I LOVE IT! 
I use it actually faced OUT to take pictures of my planner... but I saw someone use it on their LAPTOP for when they're having ZOOM calls. WHATTTT??? I never thought of that.This charges with a USB port so you can keep it charged up while using it on meetings too. Game changer. You dont have to worry about setting up big tripods or anything huge to get some good light.

Favorite Mug

I should get this for Hubby for Father's Day... because the running "joke" around here is how he lost my Yeti - I LOVED my Yeti too...I remind him every day I miss it. & he assures me he didnt lose it... as he says bringing in 20 mugs from his car.
Maybe I'll get one for ME on Father's Day - LOL - that would be pretty funny.

Favorite Car Garbage Holder

You actually can use this for multiple purposes - but I like you can put like a grocery bag in it (it hooks on the side) & you can use that top to put garbage in.  Open it up when its full & just lift up the grocery bag & toss.  I need this for stuff like straw wrappers or napkins or tissues.  
Favorite Canisters

A friend got me a canister in this line for Christmas for my coffee bar - it holds sugar.  I've seen the ret of the line in Target - its the Magnolia line - I want them all now - so simple & elegant. Really heavy duty too.

Favorite Funnies

... my dogs every time I stand up from my desk while working from home with hopes its play time

.... when you see people for the first time in a year because of COVID

... me at 4:30pm today going down my hallway


Biological, Adoptive, Stepmom, Fur baby moms, all the ones that love on kids whenever, however you can - if you have loved a child & made a difference in their life

Thursday, May 06, 2021

Thankful Thursday #309


This week I'm Thankful For:

Working out
I havent really gotten to work out lately because I've just felt so bad - so I'm really thankful for sore days that means I'm getting my body stronger.

Cat came home
While mom was in the hospital, we take care of her cats while she's not a home.  One of them, we think has passed away - he hasn't been home in 2 weeks now.  He's an older cat too... so when mom was in the hospital, I was anxious to make sure the other 2 cats were safely tucked in the house.  When one of them wasn't running in immediately, I got so nervous. I drove over 3 times in one day to try & find her - & she ended up running around the corner at the last minute before I left on that 3rd trip & I was so thankful.

Car Clean
I love when my car is clean.  It gives me that attitude for the next few weeks of "NO EATING IN MY CAR"

Pie Kitchen
Hubby & I stopped at the Pie Kitchen the other day when we were out & they had a new pie... a cherry pie with Chocolate on top of it - OH MY GOSH - this thing is amazing. We each got a slice & we said we may need to get a whole pie next time.  Delicious.

I finished my first month in my Jesus Calling Note Taking Devotional. I am loving it. I've been using it just like a Bible Journal but I have a designated place for each day to journal or draw. I'll try to do my Planner post this month & I'll take some pictures & show more. (I put a sample of it on my Instagram stories that will be up for a little bit longer today if you want to see it)

All the Green
All the trees have really bloomed out & its just a sea of green everywhere - loving it.  My sinuses may not love it - I am allergic to grass - but it just gives me so much joy to see all the green again & all the evenings that have light skies until after 8pm.  Best time of the year.

Tell me something good about your week

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