Wednesday, July 27, 2022

I've been thrown out of better places

 Something I forgot to mention yesterday.... 

Remember when I talked about how I was working hard at physical therapy, trying to do all the things right - trying to do it all to avoid surgery.

Do you know - I spent 7 weeks leaving work early to get to the stupid times they had.  I would go in & feel extremely uncomfortable because I was coming from work & had on work clothes & everyone in the PT place looked like athletes who were training for the Olympics.  Leggings, shorts, all the muscles.

& here I came in at the end of a work day looking like a bus had run over me. Felt like it too.

& do you know, over these 7 weeks.... I was doing the SAME stupid exercises from week 1.  Push a ball into a wall - forward - backway - sideways....

I will say, one week, I took a day off (this was before my coworker left for her surgery) & I had a new therapist. It was a woman - & she was amazing! She gave me a deep tissue massage in my shoulder & my bicep tendon. She worked my arm to make it move further than it had for months.  I was like, where have you been my whole life? .... she only works 2 days a week, in the morning. Tears. I want her!

Finally, after all this time - after ALL THIS MONEY (do you know how expensive out of pocket PT is, even with decent insurance???) - I have had no progress.

Worst of all - they made me feel awful. Very demeaning really. Like my pain wasn't real. I mean, they did this same exercise for 7 weeks  over & over & over for beginners - why was I not improving? #sarcastictone

The last day I was there, at the end of my session - Which - GET THIS - they left me in a dark room to do deep breaths... EXCUSE ME? I'm paying to inhale air for therapy on my arm now? 

.... they sat down with me & said, "What do you want to do? This obviously isnt working"... Ya think? 

In the end, they told me its not worth coming back until I had an MRI so they could work with me. 

OK... good with me.

I left in tears because mainly, I'm so frustrated & I had such high hopes. Plus, I left feeling so small. So out of place. So blamed for my issues & no progress.

Now, I'm glad I'm outta there... & looking for a new PT for when I eventually get surgery.  Going to feel like a real Pretty Woman moment in my life when I get my arm fixed & I drive by & give a good ole wave!

Or at least I hope so.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Little updates

 Hi all!

So what's the latest? Still in lots of pain... but I did get a new steroid shot in my arm - which has given me a SMIDGEN of relief.  But of course, if you know me, you know I dont get anything without it having some sort of effect. 

This time around, this cortisone shot has messed ME UPPP!!! My blood pressure has been high, I've been sweating buckets, my neuropathy has been flared up - I pretty much thought I was having a heart attack 20 times.  yeahhhh - I'm not sure I'll do that shot again.

I just need surgery to fix this arm. Just fix me people! No more band aids please.

But, while my arm is giving me a little break, I figure I'll do some little posts.

Like i've mentioned, my blog is for memory sake more than anything... so you may just see quick little posts documenting thoughts, my days, pictures, just simple things. ... talk about OLD school blogging!

I wont be hosting Thankful Thursday still because I dont know what a day will hold for me & Jen is doing fantastic at it - & if anyone wants to step in & help her as I think she is going to take a break soon too - please feel free to step in. You can reach out to Jen or send me a message & I can connect you! 

Some weekend highlights

* we almost got ANOTHER Aussie this weekend. My SIL tagged me on FB about an 18 month aussie that needed a home. She is GORGEOUS! We messaged about her & there was one other person ahead of us that reached out & they were coming to see her that day - they were going to message us if they didnt take her.... apparently they did. That's OK.  Glad she got a new home

* & Speaking of dogs... this big boy turned 9 this past week! 9!!! I cant believe it. 

* It feels like the world is melting. My goodness, its been horrible. & to think the worst of summer lays ahead in August. 

* A deer took its anger out on Hubby!  Ran right into the side of his truck... This is the truck that gets washed & waxed & cleaned every weekend to keep it in tip top shape. Ironically, Hubby's car was broken down the day before so he had to drive his truck to work & this happened.  Talk about bad timing!

* If you dont follow my Planner Instagram account, I am now getting to rep 2 planners & the cutest sticker company - check out the bars at the top of the blog for links if this is your thing.

* We got to celebrate my MIL's birthday last weekend!  Always fun to see the whole gang & play some games & catch up on the latest

* I got teary eyed at the trailer for the new Black Panther. #WakandaForever

* ..... & just file this under the "why women live longer than men"

I mean... there are 3 dogs that run without giving a care whats in their path that run in this yard.  Sure... this is a brilliant ahead. Wonder why I have gray hair?

* finally, we had a visit from our Nashville gang a few weeks back - just in time to go to a parade where it RAINED popcorn. Seriously. We had so much fun experiencing this Popcorn Festival in a local town near us.

Also note - right after this... this family got to go through covid AGAIN! This is the 3rd time for Julie! What in the WORLD! Geez. Gear up for the school year folks - its gonna roll hard again.

Tell me the latest with you since I've been MIA - what have I missed?

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Thankful Thursday continues

No, I didnt fall off the face of the planet... I'm still around.  Just around in misery & sporting ice most of the day.

What's happened?  Well, you know I've been complaining mentioning about my arm pain & how awful it has been.  The past week & a half, I am now covering for a coworker, who ironically is out with issues with her arm as well.  A friend asked me, what is happening at your job that everyone's arms are falling apart? Great question.

I literally am so busy, some days, they are so hectic, I just blink & the day is gone.

& after a full 9 hours of typing & writing & shuffling paper, by the time I get home, I am in tears. Legit tears.  The pain is excruciating!  I come home & I can barely even lift my arm up.  

Alas, no blog because I cant even think about typing one more thing - moving even my fingers makes the pain shoot up my arm.

So that's where I'm at. 

I miss blogging - miss hearing all about your worlds... I'm trying to stay caught up... & I hope to be back soon.

I go to the ortho doctor next week & I'm anxious to see what he says. Obviously, physical therapy isnt helping & I'm hoping another shot gives me some relief (Please Lord) & my PT told me, I just may have to go ahead & have surgery & just start on the road of recovery.... which I wont be able to get the surgery at least till my other coworker comes back - so that's still 2 months of pain ahead.... sigh.

Anyways - I wanted to give a quick note that my friend Jen is still carrying on Thankful Thursday each week with a link up. Be sure to join in with her - I'm so happy she's still hosting this.  Jen's link is right HERE.  

Keep being thankful everyone!!!

Friday, June 24, 2022

Friday Favorites

Click PIC for link

Coffee Ice Cubes

Favorite Measuring Spoon

This has a CLIP on it too - so if you measured coffee, you can close the bag with it too! & get the perfect scoop each time.
Good to use for protein powder or tea too!

Favorite Make Up

I love a matte look but I dont like it settling in lines... I need to try this out

Favorite Straws

These are flexible. 
I need to try these. I have metal straws & sometimes I hate they dont have any give to them. 

Favorite Sponge Holder

You push down & it puts soap on your sponge.  Handy!

Favorite Veggie Peeler

Who doesnt remember those pencil sharpers that you used in school?
Well, scoot over pencil - time to use it for a carrot or other veggies!

Favorite Flip Flops

I love me some comfy flip flops ALLLL summer long

Favorite Funnies

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Thankful Thursday #363


Break from the heat
I still am grateful we had a nice weekend because the heat has been blowing back in our face this week. I THINK we're getting another break in the tropical air next week.  Whew! I still cant decide which is worse, these horrible humid days or frigid, icy days.

I always have loved to swing. Even as an adult, give me a porch swing & I can sit for hours. So when the park was empty on early Saturday, I hopped up like a kid & would swing to my hearts content... & that means, until the motion sickness kicked in. Adulthood + swinging aint like it used to be as a kid - but it does still give me joy - even for a few ups & downs.

Great Book
I just really loved the last book I read & excited to join in on the Zoom call to discuss it with 35 other ladies!  Its always interesting to see what others take away from it - some things I totally miss.

Juneteeth yummies
Our work on Monday, in honor of Juneteeth, bought some goodies from local Black Business owners. A HUGE basket of cookies & brownies & blondies!  Along with some yummy Punch-tasting lemonade.  Yum Yum!

There is a local lady who is famous for her cookies. Everyone around here calls her "the Cookie lady" - she used to walk around downtown with a basket on her head & people would buy them just right on the street.  She has a storefront & is so well known now. & her cookies - YUMMM!!!!  I love our Firm really respects diversity.

Here's the Cookie Lady's link right HERE if you want to order.  

Its funny - the name of the store if Kizito Cookies - but you even google "cookie lady Louisville" & it comes up.  It's worth clicking to just read the ABOUT section. 

WOBOT Summer Rep
OK - you may remember that I get to be an Amplify Planner rep for the next few months - well, I get to add for the next 2 months a new representation - I got selected to be part of the Summer Team for Wobot & Friends stickers.  I have used these stickers since this young lady started it a few years ago. She's now a recent college graduate (she started this when she was in college for extra money) & she just designs the cutest little stickers & washi tape & just cute little odds & ends.  I have a link up on my top bar too - but you can use REBECCAJO15 for 15% off.  I just love supporting her even more so as a young woman in business.  LINK to site

Tell me something good about your week!

Join in with me & Jen & Leslie

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Things learned from my dad....Hodgepodge


Joining with JOYCE

1. Something you learned from your father? 

A few things come to mind...

  •  My dad always would say, "Never believe anything you hear & only half of what you see"
  • "Nothing good happens after midnight" - his excuse why I always had a curfew - even in my 20's LOL
  • How to cut, sand, create things from wood.
  • Work ethic.  You go to work no matter what! Sickness, weather, nothing short of needing to go to the ER - you get to work. (My dad later told me he regretted teaching that to me & my brother - after he was retired - but my brother & I still live this idea)
  • Floss every night (even though our whole family has horrible teeth - genetics aint kind)
  • This one - we laugh about & I dont agree completely, but appreciate the point - but my dad enjoyed life & always said, "you're going to die in debt to someone anyways - so dont worry about the cost of things - enjoy life"
  • You go to church, you serve in church.
  • Jesus loves you

2. Do you like onions? Raw or cooked? How about onion rings? What's something you love to eat that calls for onions? 

I used to HATE onions... but honestly, since using Hello Fresh, I have come to really enjoy them cooking with them.  Even pickling red onions has become something I enjoy. - put them on a pineapple pizza - YUM!

& Onion rings.... MY JAM!  Some people are experts in wine - I feel like I am an expert in onion rings. The batter, the way the onion stays together, the taste - I love me some onion rings
FYI - Locals - I think Mike Linnings has the best onion rings around!

3. It's officially summer (in the Northern hemisphere)...your favorite and least favorite things about the season?

I feel like I say this a lot - but I LOVE the extra light. The drive into work with sunshine on my shoulder at 6:30am... & sitting outside till 9pm with light on my face.

The least favorite - sweat, sweat & more sweat.  Oh, & frizzy hair.

4. When you think about the summers of your childhood what are two or three things that come to mind? 

Summers of your childhood- was there anything better?

Sleeping in... playing board games with my mom ... neighborhood kick ball games...all the day time game shows (Bucket list - be on The Price is Right) .... soap operas (I'm old - 80's soap operas were the best).... swimming at my aunt's house.... shopping with my grandmother....late night TV watching with my mom (Miss you David Letterman)

5.  A hot mess, the heat of the moment, beat the heat, if you can't stand the heat, catch heat, in a dead heat...choose a 'hot 'phrase and tell us how it applies to your life right now.

Why do I feel like "Hot Mess" just applies to the world right now... 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

If you read Monday's blog post, you know Harvey Dent tore up his PJ's... which we have 3 more pairs coming in from Amazon tomorrow.  & then we put a blow up cone of shame on him. WELLLLL....Hubby started the lawn mower yesterday evening & that always gets the dogs going - like they're going to attack the lawn mower.  & instead of attacking the lawn mower, Ernie ended up turning around & grabbing Harvey's inflatable cone & POP!

So much for that ...

I went & got a different kind of inflatable cone (The same kind we had on Zoe a few weeks back)... with 2 cones, 4 pairs of PJ's, this hot spot is costing us close to a $300.00 so far. Notice, I say SO FAR.... LOL.  The things we do for our dogs.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Prime Purchases


Joining with Tanya

Click PIC for links

100 Inspirational Stickers

I love these for little throws of cuteness & personality in my planner or in my notebook.  There are all sizes that are included in these. & they're vinyl so they work on water bottles or laptops.  Just fun to play with.  

Readers Sunglasses

I need just a little distance in my vision when driving so I got these to wear behind the wheel. I've tried some readers before in sunglasses & they were all distorted before - these are actually nice. The frames feel nice too.

The TubShroom

You can imagine how fast my tub gets clogged up with all this mop of hair.
I'm forever digging out hair out of the drain - so I've tried this & actually love it. 
Now,water is slower to drain with this in - but it does catch the hair on it where I can remove it a lot easier than taking something down the drain & trying to unclog the pipes.

Tile - Keys & phone Finder

It took 3 wake up's at 4:30am from the Hubby trying to find his keys that I said, Yep, buying this.  He is forever losing his keys... so I got him one & then thought, I'll get one too.  I really like this. we've used it a few times already! Once to find keys & you can also click the button on the TILE to find your phone too.  We've actually used that more than the keys.  Handy to have!

Collagen Face Cream

I am just enjoying all these products. 
I use so much of them now.

Massage Gun

I know these were the hot gift over the holidays & I ended up getting one for myself & man... I LOVE this baby.  I will quite often pull a muscle  in my upper back & neck & it takes at least a week to heal. I pulled it not too long ago & used this on the spot throughout the day & it only ached just a little bit the next day. I was SHOCKED! 

Iced Tea Maker

My new best friend for summer

Dishwasher Accessory

Got this because  Hubby is forever asking me if the dishes are clean or dirty in the dishwasher.... 
Take a guess if this helped him stop asking. LOL
I try though. I try.

Vegan Cookbook

I am loving learning how to do vegan cooking but some of the recipes have crazy ingredients - so I wanted to look for some easier ones - this is a decent & fun cookbook!  Totally not your dinner party recipes but its good for some quick & easy ideas

What's something you're loving from Amazon?

Monday, June 20, 2022

The weekend we didnt want to let the weather go


You know those weekends you dont want them to end ... I REALLY didnt want this one to end.  Mainly because we got a break from the horrendous heat wave we had last week. It was just awful last week.  We couldnt spent more then 5 minutes outside with the dogs & everyone was panting (the dogs) & sweating (me)... it was record breaking all week long.

Then Friday, a storm came through.... & it changed everything.  You can see the wind blowing here...

This was the beginning of our weekend change...

I started my work from home on Friday (GLORIOUS) & ended up signing out a little early - because good ole Physical Therapy time.  This week, we're working on trying to get my arm behind my back. OHHH NO - its not happening. Its so bad.  I will say, I'm 3 weeks in & I am seeing a tiny bit of progress, but they told me it would be a slow going process.  

I got out of PT & then headed to my new favorite place....

I am now slightly obsessed keeping my car clean. Its like it was when I first bought it. I'm discouraging foods & drinks & if there's any trash, at every stop at home, I'm reminding Hubby to clean his side out.  There's worse obsessions in the world.

I hadnt been able to cook all week because the heat. It was so bad, we didnt want to add any heat to the issue with turning on the oven.... so we basically did pick up every night last week. I had all my food from Hello Fresh so I made sure to get one dinner in so it wouldnt get wasted.  OMGGGGGG - this recipe was a new one & it was AMAZING!!!! It was Edamame Cauliflower Rice fritters... with a roasted broccoli salad. This may have been one of my favorite recipes I've made from them.

We were getting ready to settle in for the night when we noticed a hot spot on Harvey Dent that he had irritated by licking... by the end of the night - it was REALLY flaming irritated.  So we had to do a rush drive down to Feeder's Supply to get him a cone of shame... & as we were checking out, Hubby found these PJ's. We know they are for cute purposes - but we knew they would cover the area on his leg. Worth a shot -

Plus - SO DARN CUTE!!!!

Ready for bed!


We woke up & it was actually chilly. It was just wonderful.  This started my time of being outside. All weekend, I just tried to stay outside as much as possible.  Soak up the cool air.

I ended up going to the park for an early morning walk &  no one was there. It was all mine.  

I love  our little park because they have a art installation that highlights local art work by some of the local schools. I always love seeing what they change it out with.

& every month, they change out a story that is focused throughout the walking path. Every station is like 0.10 miles apart & I actually love reading the new story each month.

This story was so cute. I actually was a little teary eyed on the last page. It was so sweet & I hope people take their kids to enjoy this little park attraction. I love kids books anyways - theres such sweet stories & life lessons in them.

I got home & it was play time with the dogs...

& then we noticed Harvey Dent did this....

Drats... ok Harvey - into the cone of shame you go....

It doesnt stop him playing.

My morning was just full of hanging out with Hubby back in the woods, reading outside, more playing with dogs.

We ended up going out & ate outside at a restaurant - where it was funny.  Hubby ended up running into someone who came up & asked what his name was. Ends up, they used to skate together over 40 years ago. Talk about a small world!

We got home & honestly, just sat outside & talked & just did not want the day to end.  We didnt want to give up the cool night.


I had the worst nights sleep. I had an awful dream where I was all alone & had a stroke, & I couldnt get help. & I was laying in my home & I just kept worrying about my dogs thinking no one was going to ever find any of us - it was awful. I ended up waking up at 2 am having a panic attack. I hate dreams that do that to me. I could not go back to sleep. I couldnt breath - I felt like I was smothering.  I ended up turning on the TV &tried to distract myself.  Thank you RuPaul's Drag Race.

I ended up falling back to sleep near 4 am - but was back up at 6:30am.

I was ok with it because I headed right back outside again. & I needed a sweater - it was so chilly!  Talk about all the puppy energy flowing with this cool air!

I ended up finishing my book that I had just started on Saturday.  It was so good - I really enjoyed it.

With it being Father's Day - we went up to go to the cemetery so I could give some shout out to my dad.  & because its Father's Day - I always used to get his gifts at Tractor Supply & ever since he passed away, I still stop there & get something for the horses.  I was so choked up throughout the day.  4 years.  A part of my heart is just gone.  Words cant describe how much I miss him.

Hubby & I went to Culvers & ate outside... & enjoyed a couple next to us that had their 2 dogs with them enjoying some pup cups. Look at this unhealthy food - YUMMM! (Grilled cheese for me)

We went over & spent some time with mom & took care of the horses & then it was time to come home & a little bit more back yard reading, relaxing & dog playing - usual weekend stuff. Hello my life.

& now, we bid adieu to the beautiful break in the weather. So glad it landed on Saturday & Sunday because we're back in the triple digits this week & stay in the 90's for the next 2 weeks... so glad we had this little enjoyable time.

How was your weekend?

Did you do anything for Father's Day?

Are you obsessed about keeping your car clean or have you given up?

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