Friday, October 23, 2020

Friday Favorite


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Favorite Puzzle Helper

I dont know about anyone else, but I work more puzzles in the winter & this is GENIUS!!!!!
A good way to sort your puzzle pieces  by color instead of little piles on the table.

Favorite Mask
Favorite House Slippers

Favorite Socks

As someone who knits socks, they can be expensive when they're hand made - but these have some really cute patterns (click the pic to see all the patterns) & for the price - I want to try them out. Because there is nothing better than warm wool knit socks when its cold out!

Favorite Bracelet

Favorite Bag

Because I'm a sucker for a monogram

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Literally the best video of 2020 to me!!!!

Favorite Funnies


.... me at 4:30pm today


Happy weekend y'all!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2020

I'm the queen of rare things


I got in the mail this week the sweetest card from a friend wishing me good results on my latest scans I had talked about having done.  (Thank you Christina!) ... I actually mentioned the tests in passing & that's right when my rush to get an xray for my ankle happened & I just sort of forgot all about talking about it here..

So let's go back....

You all know I dont care for the doctor & put off things as long as possible.  Probably not a smart choice in a lot of things, but really, I just get a ball of nerves when I think about the doctor.  Though, I'll stop & add in really quick that I really REALLY like my new doctor & hope she sticks around for awhile. My last 2 doctors (I prefer DO's instead of MD's) have all left the practice I go to .... & its not easy finding a DO around here.  This new doctor, she moved her because her husband teaches at the University of Louisville - so I hope they are in this area for quite awhile.

Sidetracked... sorry...

If you've been around awhile, you may have heard me talk about my myofascial issues... which was new to me when I was diagnosed with it - but let me tell you - IT HURTS LIKE A MOTHER!  It's a chronic pain disorder... & basically it causes trigger points in the body that just cause some intense misery.  It sounds similar to fibromyalgia - but Myofascial tends to deal with muscles more.  

Did you know you were getting a biology lesson today?

For me, they said they think there is scar tissues from an appendix that had ruptured & we didnt know for years later...(That story is HERE if you've never heard it)  ... between that scar tissue & gall bladder removal in 1995, they think the scar tissue has basically weaseled its way around my body, from litreally top to bottom, causing the myofascial pain.

All that to say - if you know nothing about it, know this one thing....IT HURTS LIKE A MOTHER!!!

I've been in the emergency room with it twice because I've had such severe pain in my ribs, I would lay money that my ribs were broken.  I've gone to a few doctors about it, been tested for liver & pancreatic cancer each time, bone cancer - a lot of scary tests & then they send me to a myofascial therapist for myofascial release ... these are real things y'all... & still, every now & then, it comes back periodically & rears its ugly painful head on me.

I've been having some pretty bad pain again lately... which again, my pain can be from the side of my ribs, all the way down to my belly button ... I say its basically a big rectangle area on the right side that pain can pop up any time, in multiple places, for months on end....

Well, it got so bad, I couldnt lay on my stomach.  It felt like I was laying on a softball. Honestly. A huge knot feeling in my stomach - more so under my ribs.  I would have to shift my body to get off this "ball" - the pain would wake me up, or not even let me sleep... that got me worried enough to call the doctor.

My doc said she didnt think anything was wrong after poking around, but to be safe, it was time again to do a CT scan of all my abdomen area.

You saw the pic of my wonderful contrast I had to drink.... & the test was easy peasy... minus the salty metal taste for 2 days after from that contrast... ewwwww....

 via GIPHY

That was honestly me with every thing I ate or drink for 2 days....

So a few days after my scan, my phone rings... & it was the doctor.


I honestly thing I may have blanked out for a minute because that was terrifying.


This could not be a more accurate reaction from me when I picked up the phone.....

Bless her heart.  She said, "Rebecca, Its Dr. So & So ... EVERYTHING IS OK... "... 

I was like - repeat that!  She said she knows that's scary when the doctor calls but she wanted to go over the results herself with me because she said if I saw them in my records online, I'd probably be confused.... because we all know, nothing is easy when it comes to me.

BIG WHEW!  Everything was OK!  She said there wasn't anything wrong - liver, pancreas, stomach - everything looked good. She called to talk to me though because the radiologist said it looked like I had colitis, which she says there is no way because you apparently are very sick with that in ways that I'm not.  She said it looks like the contrast didnt have enough time to work, or I might have moved or something made the bottom half of the scan look fuzzy.  But since I had a colonoscopy less than 2 years ago, & everything was fine with that - she wasn't worried at all.  So that's such a relief.

So once again, it's chalked up to myofascial pain... & she said that sometimes it can cause "knot like feelings" in  muscles.  I'm just glad to know I have muscles underneath all this flab.  

The funny thing to me, she said, "The cysts on your liver look the same"

.... excuse me? Look the same?  Cysts on what?....


She said that when I had my scan before my surgery in December 2018, it was noted on those scans I had 2 itty bitty cysts on my liver.  Which - can you believe it- is very rare
Geez man - what is it with me & rare things?

She said they're so small that its nothing to worry about - especially since its been nearly 2 years & they havent changed at all.  But it is something to maybe keep an eye on & get checked every few years.  

Always something. Always.

So have you ever read a post this long to only hear - EVERYTHING IS OK.
Sorry to be long winded.  I guess its all the alone time at home.  It's giving my dogs a break from me talking to them.

I know. I should take a note from my doctor & start off with that.

I'm just chalking this up to yet another year of getting older & falling apart.  
.... & 2020.

Have you had to drink that contrast?

Did it leave you with a salty metal taste?

What's the oddest health thing you got going on?

Have you ever heard of Myofascial pain syndrome?  Know anyone that has it?

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

6 new things I tried & really like... & 1 that didnt make the grade

 I mean, when you dont do anything or go anywhere (thanks 2020) you go to the grocery & get new products to try.  That's what you call some exciting living.  Calm down with the madness.  Seriously though - what else is there to do?  So here we go - a few products that I've gotten lately that I'm really impressed & happy with....

& because I'm lazy & its rainy & I just am ready to get in bed with a cup of hot tea & watch the hot mess of The Bachelorette, I'm not putting any links on here.  I'll say where I got things from. I can give you a heads up - its either the grocery or Target... so basically, everything is at Target.

METHOD BODY WASH  / I am OBSESSED with this body wash.  I get this at Target.  The smell of it is so clean & FLORAL.  It really does remind me of peonies & roses.  & it feels good on my skin too. I've tried this brand before in other scents - but this one wins out above all of them for me.  Now... if you know me... I have zero knowledge about skin care so I know some of you are super picky about what you put on your skin. For me, if its something I can grab as I'm strolling the aisles at Target, I'm good.

PUMPKIN SPICE ROLLS/ I picked these up because I had seen in the bakery department at my grocery a pumpkin bread loaf & it looked amazing. But I didnt want a huge pile of cake in my house so I walked past these & thought, a mini version!  I had never had these before - but my goodness. Delicious.  They're not TOO pumpkin flavor - just a hint, with a cinnamon sort of flavor.  I really enjoyed it. I may pick up a few more of these before they're gone for the season. I assume Christmas things will replace these soon.

KALE LITTLES / OK - I know these look gross. But they come in dinosaur or teddy bear or star shapes - so that makes them ok, right?  Actually, these taste REALLY good.  The Hubs found these & wanted to give it a try.... it was those fun shapes, I'm telling you.... & they really impressed us. We've picked up some more of these & had them a few times the past few weeks.  We find these at Target.  You can see behind, I burnt these a little bit - & they still tasted good. Had a little bit of a crunch to them.  Hey, anything that helps you get some greens in a day.

KUNG PAO CAULIFLOWER / OH MY GOSH... these will be going on my grocery list every week! That's how good these are.  I made some fried rice to mix with this & The Hubs & I both were just chowing away on these.  They are HUGE pieces too!  The thing that makes these so delicious is the sauce you mix these with once they cook in the oven.  Cook them long enough to make the outside crispy - & that sauce...mmmm.... I thought it was going to be a little hot - but its more like a sweet tang.  Again - found these at Target.

THE GREEK GODS YOGURT / OK - I lied. I didnt get this at the grocery or Target... I got this at Sam's Club. & this HUGE tub is like $5.00!  I wasn't sure if I was going to like it because I'm super weird when it comes to Greek Yogurt  - but this stuff is really nice & smooth.  Not too runny - & sweet! You dont have to add anything to it if you didnt want to - but I mean, fruit & honey in it makes it like a dessert.  I like greek yogurt for all the protein I can get.

GREENS & GRAINS RISOTTO / Got this one at Kroger.  So simple to make. It's in the freezer section & you just pour it in a pan & cover  it up & 10 minutes later - you have this delicious dinner.  Again - MORE GREENS in your diet & it has a nice little crunch with wheatberries in it.  The Hubs suggested that we put mushrooms in it next time - which YES!  I'd love to make some cornbread or something like that to eat with it too.  A really good thing to keep in the freezer for a fast dinner or a night you dont know what else to make. A good standby.

.... ANDDDDD - one bad thing....

DOVE SHOWER FOAM / This gets a big NOPE from me.  It was on clearance so I thought I'd give it a try.  I love me some foaming hand soap so thought I'd enjoy the body wash.  To me, it doesnt foam up on your body. I pump it on my loofa & put it on one arm & ... fizzle... & have to pump more... & fizzle... I just didnt care for it. I need SOME BUBBLES when I use body wash.  I could basically stand naked & I look like I have on a white body suit with all the bubbles I like... this doesnt do it for me.

Have you tried any of these?

What's something new you tried & really like?

... or something you found you didnt like?

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

It's all just a bunch of Hocus Pocus

 Did anyone else see this picture & get a little excited?

So fun to see the Sanderson Sisters together.

I understand its something that they're doing for a charity event virtually.  But you know this just sparks all the talk about a new movie.

I REALLLLLY hope if they do a new movie, its not based on the book that is out ...

I tried to enjoy it - I WANTED to enjoy it... I didnt even make it half way & I had to just give it up. It didnt have the same magic to me as the movie. To me, it was more about making statements & making it SO modern, & the book is supposed to be geared toward ages 8-13 & I remember thinking I would be very upset if my 8 year old was reading this book about sexuality.  

I'm probably not in the majority on my thoughts on the book because I see it has good reviews on all the main book review places.  Wouldnt be the first time I didnt agree with the masses on a book.  Though, I do see I'm not alone in my opinions of it either.

& who knows... maybe if I saw it on a screen & saw the Sanderson's on their brooms & vacuum, I'd be all into it.  I'd totally check it out first before taking my child to see it

I'm just hopeful if they ever do make a new one, they'll just come up with a whole new story line.

& if they dont... there's always the Hocus Pocus movie marathons all October long.  The one time a year the phrase "Amuck Amuck Amuck" gets stuck in my head.

Just for fun... here's some cute Hocus Pocus things I found on Etsy

Face mask!!! 

LOL!!! They make them with each of the Sister's faces!!!


I think I could wear a Hocus Pocus tee all year long!


A Billy Pillow!!!

I always love things with characters you dont see often!



Arent they so cute on here?

I mean, I didnt mean to turn this into a Friday Favorite or anything
Nothing is affiliated ... I just think its so fun for the season.
Who knew this would become such a staple of Halloween....

Do you like the movie?

Have you read the sequel book?

Monday, October 19, 2020

The weekend I had a camera in my hands again

 I know... where was my post for Saturday if I'm so dedicated to Blogtober.  

Hmmphh... I failed.

But with a good excuse.

Friday evening, I was busy charging up equipment, packing equipment, going through check lists.  All because I was loading up for a wedding.

This was super fun for me because I actually was a second shooter for my cousin through The Hubs side. She has ventured into the world of photography for a while doing family & senior sessions & wanted  to dabble that toe into the waters of weddings.  That's a raging river too if you could imagine.  She even said at the end of the day, I never really knew what this side of photography was at my own wedding. Its a JOB - let me tell you - an ALL DAY JOB.

Jen is doing so well at tackling all the photography things & I was so thrilled to be able to help her on this day.  Especially because the bride, I know her as well. I had actually done many of her family sessions through the years & have seen her kids grow up. (If you're my Facebook friend - her daughter & the first photo session I did with her is in my cover picture - that little girl is now nearing 16 years old!)  The bride is just the kindest & sweetest & just instantly makes you feel like family.  She had contacted me when she first got engaged & I just wasn't ready to dedicate taking on a wedding on my own again... when my cousin started considering wedding photography & she took on the job - it worked out so well that I could help her & still get to share in my friend's day capturing moments for her.

So that was a very long opening to say why I didnt post on Saturday.

Mainly because my alarm went off on Saturday morning at 6am & I was out the door at 7.

Such a dirty window & I couldnt use my window cleaner because it was actually below freezing & I didnt want my window frosted over with the sun shining STRAIGHT in my eyes

The wedding was a little over an hour & a half away from where I live down in Kentucky.  I was actually surprised at how much the leaves havent changed down there when we've been in glorious fall season for the past few weeks.

I met up with Jen & her hubby about half way on the trip & followed them the rest of the way & we ended up at the cutest little winery where the wedding was to be held.  

Yes please, give me an outdoor wedding in these crazy COVID times.

It was just a GORGEOUS day too. It had been cold the day before but this day warmed up just wonderfully & it felt just perfect for an outdoor celebration.

The bride had sadly just lost her step father and her father recently & we all just kept saying it was a gift her dads were sending down to her.  The day held so many emotions centered around these men & it tugged my heart deeply for her.

We did have to obviously go inside to take pics while the bride was getting ready but for most of the day, we got to spend it outdoors with fresh air.  The reception was in a barn on the winery & the front doors were open the whole time & I stood near them most of the time.

Regardless of being outdoors, alllllllll day long - this was me... masked up.  

I think I washed & sanitized my hands a few dozen times too - my skin was feeling pretty dry from all the cleaning.  It was pretty strange seeing so many people in one place though - I havent been in that kind of environment since... heck, I dont know when.  I was taking no chances though.  My mask was on from 9:30am until I left at the end of the day around 7:30pm... took it off twice to drink some water - & that was in my car.  For people that say they cant handle masks, you really do become so used to it. I honestly didnt mind it at all. I actually feel vulnerable & naked with out it out in public now.

But that picture... that's all I got from the day. LOL.  That's what happens when you're a second shooter. You dont have any of the pics of the day & the gorgeous bride or any of the beautiful scenery from your camera because Jen is the one uploading & editing them.  & you're also totally in the mindset to get pictures for the Bride & Groom, I never got any for me on my phone.  I meant to get a pic with Jen too .... another fail.

How did my ankle do? It survived.  Honestly, it did better than expected. I was slow moving & limping. At  one point, it really started hurting & swelled up a little bit - but I took Alleve with me & when I took it, it helped me make it through the rest of the day.  It was definitely stiffer Sunday morning when I woke up... but it survived!  

I even got a new badge on my Garmin for all the walking & steps in the day #weddingphotographymiles ... I EARNED that baby knowing it was on a bum ankle.  It's more than I've moved in the past 4 weeks.

How was it holding a camera again? Super fun.  I always say I enjoy taking pictures & capturing moments.  What I really enjoyed about second shooting was not having to be in charge.  It was nice to let Jen lead the way & I got to enjoy snapping away.  Jen was just AMAZING too on doing her first wedding. She took such good control over the day, directing the bridal party & putting things back on track when schedules get turned around - as they always do on wedding days.  I was super impressed. It definitely didn't appear to be her first wedding.  I cant wait to see what she does with her love of photography... & I'm totally down for a second shooter job any time.

You know after a day where you're on your feet (& jacked up ankle) all day, Sunday was basically a stay on the couch day.  The Hubs even brought me some hot tea in bed to get some healthy green tea in my system.  

I checked out some Halloween shows on Netflix, watched The Babysitters Guide to Monster Hunting- which is a really cute kid's movie if you're looking for one for the family

.... finished The Haunting of Bly Manor & caught some of the Halloween movies on Freeform, like Twitches 2 & Beetlejuice.  Such a perfect fall, lazy day.

How was your weekend?

Have you gone to a wedding during COVID season?

Do you like hot tea?

What's the best new Halloween movie/show you've watched this year?

Friday, October 16, 2020

Friday Favorites

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Favorite Measuring Helper

Can you believe this? A cube...
It's really cool actually.... all the measurement in one gadget

Favorite Security

I didnt even know something like this existed!
But its a extra security you can put on a door knob if you're traveling - so you can put on your hotel room door - or even an AIRBNB... & I was reading the reviews & it said its good for colleges or even in lock-down situations (terrifying).  Who knew!

Favorite Advent Calendar

I think these squishies are so fun any day - but to open a new one each day of Advent - what a fun thing to look forward to. I want that Santa!!!

Favorite Ice Maker

Favorite Sketch help

I love doodling & love little helpers... I'm totally putting this in my cart right now

Favorite Art work / print

Click the pic & check out this Etsy's store doodles.... 
Some of them are so cool - the city skylines are nice too

Favorite Funnies

Whoooo... that's deep


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