Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

***Do I have awesome friends or what?????? My buddy Jen, who lives in Canada, apparently is in love with Cadbury Chocolate. We had a discussion over the topic - & she asked me if I've tried such & such candy bar. I didnt know what she was talking about... (Canadian language?) - well, there are Cadbury chocolates I didnt even know existed! So this is what kind of friend I have - she got me a BUTT LOAD ... & by Butt Load - I mean, my butt will be gaining at LEAST 5 lbs... look at all this... are you drooling? I know I was...

***Which brings me to the SPAT OF THE WEEK: If my friends send ME Chocolate - do I HAVE to share it with my husband? He reminds me that marriage vows consist of "What's mine is yours & what yours is mine"... yeah, that works now, but wait until I ask him for cash for shopping - THEN it doesnt apply!!... hehe!

***For the record - I was right in the SPAT OF THE WEEK with the Kohl's 30% off & returning... Just wanted to brag...

***Look what else came in the mail this week? YARN... lovely, beautiful yarn! Its sock yarn... anyone need socks? But I found a buddy blogger, Knit me Together who wrote up the pattern for the hat like Hermione wore in the Harry Potter movie... now, I cant decide if I want to use the blue or the brown for the hat.... mmmm...

***The Bachlorette - Everyone happy it was Ed? I honestly gasped when Reid came back. We all knew he was - but just to see how happy he was - & how surprised Jillian was. Only to be let down .... AGAIN!!!! And the "After the Final Rose" & Reid... oh, my heart just broke for him. SB, I'm still saying you need to go find this man!!! You can offer him a rose yourself! .......Now, what do we do with Monday nights?

***Did I get a tattoo? No!!!! But while I got my hair done this week, one of the hair dressers put a fake one on my foot. It looked REAL! But the whole night, I was thinking a bug was on my foot & I kept swatting at it...

***Anyone ever see the movie "LEGEND" with Tom Cruise? I've never seen it, but Julie told me that I would love it since it's a "fairy tale" of sorts.... so I got it this week for like $7.00... cant wait to watch it!

***I have been on a lucky streak... look at this prize from a bloggy giveaway from my buddy Julie at Shabbywears that I won.... I was too excited! I just got a wiff of this scent a few weeks ago & bought some body spray & lotion... & then get the mother load of Sea Cotton from Bath & Body Works.... Thanks Julie!!! You rock girl! Go visit her too - she's another Sister in Christ who loves the Lord - loves her family & is just a pink loving fool!!! You gotta check out her daughter that sings as well ... big thumbs up for my blog buddy!

***The countdown is on... this time next week, I'll be heading to Women of Faith! I dont know who's more excited me - or Ricky... I think he looks forward to being home alone... He can crank up the TV without me yelling "ITS TOO LOUD!"... it'll sound like aliens have attacked our house - or that Batman is saving the day... some sort of dramatic BOOM - I'm sure!

***So You Think You can Dance Fragment...... YES - My Evan made it to the finals!!!!! I cant believe it... I was ready to stand up & scream because I thought this would be his week to go. WHOOO HOOO!!! I thought it was very fitting too that Ade & Melissa went out together. And Mark & Chelsea were back for my favorite dance - "Bleeding Love".... Loved seeing Twitch back too - loved that guy! FINALE next week!!! Cant wait!

Have a fantastic Friday all!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Inner Nerd Revealed...

I had one of those "get to know you" fill in tests the other day - one of the questions was "What was your favorite toy"... I put TYPEWRITER... someone sent me an email & asked, "Seriously?"

Oh yes... I have been typing as long as I can remember... here is proof. I found this picture the other day. My mom marked it on the back - "Bec 3 years old - loves to type on Papaw Beanblossom's Typewriter". That is my great grandfather... & yes - this is the good old fashion, his the return bar ON TOP of the machine (not some fancy "Return" or "Enter" key) & the type where the "sticks" would get STUCK & you'd have to push them all back down... & Nope, not auto correct on this baby....

My brother is 6 years older then me & when he learned how to type, he came home & taught me - so I "officially" knew how to type still at a pretty early age. My fingers were also in proper alignment! No "pecking" for me.

And this is where I REALLY show my inner nerd... guess what I'd do for summer vacation? I'd take my books - because you all know me - I've always been a big book person - & no, that's not the nerdy part. The nerdy part is I would take my books & type them out... FOR FUN!!!! Yep - I'd type the stories out. I have no idea what I would do with them - I just had fun typing them. Is there a NERD ANONYMOUS button I can get somewhere?

When I was about 13 - I got my first ELECTRIC typewriter..... if they had "Sweet Sixteen" on MTV at that time - I would have probably thought I deserved to be on there for that gift. I thought there was nothing BETTER!!!! It even had.... gasp.... auto correct!!!!! & the auto return.... Life was so good!

And then when I got to high school & I took my "first" typing class - I STARTED at 90 words per minute! Yep - easy A+ in that class! I felt so bad that jr.'s in high school were learning where to put their FINGERS... what was wrong with these people? And this is before computers were a norm... like kids today - they already "GET" the typing thing... not back "in the day"... I sound so old - dont I? hehe!!!

Can you imagine my delight now that on Facebook, there is a GAME called "Typing Maniac".... I am in HEAVEN with this game... nothing makes me happier then testing my typing skills. So far, on that, I think I've gotten to level 21 or 22... & gotta try & get one more level up each time. I feel like a kid again - my fun of typewriting "gaming" STILL LIVES!!!!

See - told you - I'm a nerd... just another reason...

What was your favorite toy as a kid? Anyone else a typewriter freak?

Favorite Summer Items...

Playing along with Mama Kat today & the prompt I am choosing is: Name my favorite 7 summer items...

#1 - How can a girl not LOVE pony tail holders for summer? My favorite are the Goody ones that are the "no-snag" kind... no metal or anything on them... I have pony tail holders on my car mirror, in my purse, actually have one on my wrist right now... & between me & Ricky - we go through these puppies!

#2 - I live for summer for Old Navy Flip Flops... I do like any sort of flip flops, but I really do prefer Old Navy's... why - first, they are CHEAP!!!! Second, they just seem more sturdy for a "cheap" pair. I've bought some for $7 & at the end of the day, the bottom of my feet are the same color as the flip flop - hate that! I love to watch when they go on clearance at the end of the year, & I stock up for the NEXT summer!

#3 - To keep those toes looking good for the flip flops for summer - OPI nail polish! A MUST! At first, I hated paying that much for polish when you can find some cheaper ones - but OPI really does seem to be the best polish - it lasts so long & there are so many colors... Every time I polish my nails or toes though, I have to start singing that song "Yeah OPP - you know me"... dont know why... OPI... OPP - close enough...

#4 - A summer MUST - FUDGSICLES!!!!! I'm not a big ice cream person - AT ALL!!! But I do like these little frozen bits of chocolate on a stick... mmmm... a good way to cool down too! I wont eat them in the winter at all - but when summer comes, they are normally in the freezer...

#5 - And going from junk to healthy - FRESH VEGGIES!!! Nothing like home grown goodies from the garden in the summer!! Someone gave me some squash & zuchinni the other day from their garden - we put it on the grill with fresh corn on the cob ... WOW ... nothing says summer then that! Funny thing is too - I'm not a fan of vegetables.. but home grown stuff - I can eat... I know - I'm odd...

#6 - FANS!!!! I love a fan in the summer time - especially when I'm sleeping! Love to have a fan blowing right in my face. Probably doesnt help with all my ear infections - but love to have cool air shooting at me on a warm evening... I feel claustrophic alot & fans help me - makes me feel the air so I dont feel like I'm suffocating & when its warm & humid - I love having that air flowing...
#7 - Yeah, its not an "item" - but its my favorite thing about summer... LONGER DAYS!!!! I love that the sky has light in it until close to 10:00 & its bright again at 6 in the morning... when the days get shorter, I get sad knowing summer is going away... so I'm loving every day we have left!
So what are your favorite things about summer?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What you CANNOT do...

Yep, I WAS going to share what I learned this week in my lesson at church - but I MAY be teaching it to another group of kids on Sunday - so as not to give anything away, I'm going to wait until next week to share...

But I did run across this yesterday & I really wanted to share it - its called "What we can do as Parents" - but besides the line of "I gave you life" - it can be taken for any of you that teach or lead or inspire young ones... very powerful

I gave you life... but I cannot live it for you
I can teach you things... but I cannot make you learn
I can give you directions... but I cannot always be there to lead you
I can allow you freedom.... but I cannot account for it
I can take you to church... but I cannot make you believe
I can show you right from wrong... but I cant always decide for you
I can buy you beautiful clothes...but I cannot make you lovely inside
I can offer you advice... but I cannot accept it for you
I can give you love... but I cannot force it upon you
I can teach you to be a friend... but I cannot make you one
I can teach you to share... but I cannot make you unselfish
I can teach you respect... but I can't force you to show honor
I can advise you about friends... but I cannot choose them for you
I can teach you about sex... but I cannot keep you pure
I can tell you the facts of life... but I can't build your reputation
I can tell you about drinking... but I cant say NO for you
I can warn you about drugs... but I cant prevent you from using them
I can tell you about lofty goals... but I cant achieve them for you
I can teach you kindness... but I cant force you to be gracious
I can warn you about sins... but I cannot make your morals
I can love you as a daughter or son... but I cannot place you in God's Family
I can pray for you... but I cannot make you walk with God
I can teach you about Jesus... but I cannot make HIM your Saviour
I can teach you to obey... but I cannot make Jesus your Lord
I can tell you how to live... but I cannot give you Eternal Life

Keep doing ALL that you can... then pray about the rest knowing that that is in God's Hands.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gardening Birthday & Gangsta Princess VBS

Yes - it was my daddy's birthday Friday - so we all got together to celebrate. I got what I thought was the cutest cake (I've decided I'm always drawn to green - green purses, & now this green on the cake) - well, my mom doesnt appreciate ANYTHING that doesnt have blue on it - so she had blue icing in the house & she "decorated" it... I use the word "decorated" loosely - VERY loosely... the dots are supposed to be FLOWERS... my mom cracks me up!

Then the twins came over & I got to love on those girls...

And they sang Happy Birthday to their Papaw & we had some yumminess with a Shaky's Pizza (If you are around the area - its EXPENSIVE but sooo yummy! 2 large pizzas cost $68.00!!! No joke)

Then the girls got to go out in the garden with Papaw... they LOVE to find everything out there...

This is what they pulled out for the day!

All in all - a great birthday celebration!!!!!!

Then we had Vacation Bible School on Saturday & like I mentioned before - I was doing crafts.

We got to draw on umbrella's since it was centered around a Veggie Tale Movie about the search for Noah's umbrella.

There are some talented kids in there!

The most talented is my buddy Jordan - one of the youth girls that you have seen some of her drawings on here if you've followed my blog - she's drawn me some AMAZING pictures... but this is her umbrella - look how artistic it is...

Ready for my creation... ITS ME!!! yeah - my tiara is crooked... I said I'm a "gangsta Princess"...

Yeah - ok - I know... I'm sticking with knitting!!! I always say I'm "CRAFTY" - not "ARTSY"... I have no drawing skills... At least I remembered ears... along with earrings! That count for anything?

It was just great being with the kids... all except for the WASP STING I got on my hand... OUCH!!!! My hand was swollen, red & numb for a few hours... dang it! I get hurt even at VBS...

So today, I'm just exhausted... we had lunch with Ryan, ran into my brother, SIL & the twins up at the restaurant, then went shopping & I found more bargain yarn... so its really been a fantastic weekend... now, off to rest.... Hope your weekend have been full of fun...

Tomorrow- "What I learned" from my lesson from church... I loved this one - so come back now, ya'll hear?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Six Word Saturday


We're having a one day VBS today at church - from 11:30 - 5 - a day full of snacks, singing, dancing, messages, FUN & crafts! That's where I come in... I LOVE doing crafts with all the kidos...

But I have a feeling I'm going to come home glittered & paint covered.... all worth it!

Have a WONDERFUL Saturday!!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

To top off the first Fragment of the day - its the most important...

ITS MY DADDY'S BIRTHDAY!!!!! Happy Birthday Dad!!!! I love you!!!

*I always wanted to go to New York - but now, I want to go for another reason! I want to go on try wedding dresses at Kleinfields!!!!! Yes, I am already married (& ironically, theres my wedding dres above) but I wanna go try on these gorgeous dresses & I want to meet a certain man.... he would be my BFF - I just know it - the man?
Randy from "Say Yes to the Dress"!!!!!! I just love when Randy makes appearances on the show! Dude knows how to pull a dress for a woman! Working with him HAS to be fun!! Dont you think?

*So I read the book, "The Time Traveler's Wife"... first, that is one long book - over 500 pages! But luckily, it was perfect reading weather! I sat on my front porch for probably 75% of the weekend reading & got it all finished. Sad to say, I was disappointed though....the "story" was interesting in the sense that the time traveling was neat when you'd see the visit through Clare's eyes at age 17 & then to see it through the Time Traveler's eyes at say, 32 years old.... but, just certain language, certain words & the certain content just wasnt my thing... I will still go see the movie though! Gotta see how they make it all come to life. Plus, I just love Rachel McAdams. I think I look like her! Stop laughing! I know - in my dreams!...hey - we both have red hair! Close enough!

*Speaking of reading weather - it only hit 70 degrees here Saturday - IN JULY!!!! Its insane! It broke a record from like 1914, or something like that! Everyone else having weird un-summer like weather?

*SPAT of the week: Returning something to Kohl's if you used a 30% off coupon - do you loose the 30% or does it apply to an in-store credit?

(Ricky & I have the stupidest, dorkiest, the most idiotic spats over the stupidiest, dorkiest, most idiotic topics... this is probably going to have a weekly topic on Fragment Friday)

*Bachlorette Fragment - dummmm, di dumm dummmmmm - the big FINALE is Monday! See Reid holding a ring in the last few seconds of Monday's show???? What does it all mean? Anxious to see how this madness all ends up! ... & did anyone else think David still looked a little crazy - even more so with the facial hair! My vote is still for Jake or Michael to be the next Bachlor!

*I really tried to listen to our President with his speech the other night on health insurance reform... I am just not made for politics... I was lost & uninterested in about 5 minutes. Had to turn it off... that's why I count on my friends to fill me in... in "Rebecca language"...

*So you Think you Can Dance Fragment - Dang... I cried like a baby on Melissa & Ade's dance for Breast Cancer! To see Mia & Nigel so emotional too... oh my! I think if you have ever dealt with anyone close with cancer, this just had to touch your heart. When she lept into his arms - or he put her on his shoulders & carried her off.... And that song! ... "This Womans Work"...I have listened to that song for YEARS - I do have to say, Kate Bush's version is MUCH better!

Here's the video for that version... the video alone is also powerful! Dont say I didnt warn you!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Things I know about a Hairball!!!

I know that this is a picture of my dogs... notice they are all blond or black & white

I know this a picture of me & I have long red hair

I know this is a picture of my husband - who yes, also has long red hair

so..... I can gather that THIS is not something I can blame on our dogs...

Is that the grossest hairball ever?

I was vacuuming & the wheel wasn't turning right- so I turned it off & flipped it over.... HOLY GIGANTIC HAIRBALL!!!!- it took about 30 minutes to cut all this out... & excuse all the dust on the vacuum - I stirred it up while cleaning the bottom out... but Mr. Vacuum is all clean & dust free now...

But I know that I between the two of us - me & Ricky loose ALOT of hair...

And I know if he sees this, he's going to think it's all his & he's going to panic that he's going bald... (again, look at his picture -he's obviously not, but its a guy thing)

I know it scared Zoe!!! Seriously - she kept looking at it & wouldn't pass it in the hall way where I was working... awww - poor Zoe! I laughed at her every time she looked at it...maybe she thought it was another dog we brought into the house?

And finally - I know I'll get a call from my dad saying "Do you have to share everything Rebecca?"... Dad - the answer is YES - when you have a Gusiness Book of World Records for biggest Red hairball - its gotta be shared!

Literal Version

Have you ever seen these "Literal Versions" of videos? Oh my gosh... if you haven't - I'll warn you now, do NOT drink anything before watching this or it may result in nose burning as it will shoot out of it... or if you have an easy bladder, go pee before you click the Play button...

My buddy, Rachel (who is the mommy to that cutie pie, Emma on the left) - sent this to me a few months ago.. & seriously, I watch it any time I'm having a bad day... & it is 100% effective in making me laugh... every time!

Dont know what part is the funniest - the dancing Fonz-i... the possessed choir boy.... the angel scene... Dancing Ninja's that like to twirl???? Just too many to name... hope you all get a laugh out of this.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Dont these pictures look like fun? You too can do fun moves like this at your local Jazzercise class! Are you saying, "But why would I want to?".... I hear its supposed to be good for you - that's the word on the street anyways!

Yesterday in class - we did get to work on inner thighs. I have to say -this is one of my favorite areas to work... why? I guess I'm just a sick, sick person! But it is a "problem area" that I like to focus on... (What am I talking about - my whole body is a "problem area"... but that's another story!)

The thing for me working out yesterday though, it started & I could feel my thighs kicking in... OHHHH, how I could feel it kicking in. Then I noticed that my hip flexors were hurting more then my thighs. My thighs weren't hurting at all, but dang dang dang, that little area in the hips were on FIRE!!!

I asked my Jazzercise instructor at the end why this was happening - if I was doing something wrong...

she told me that when the muscle fatigues (my inner thigh) - its just natural for it to weaken & some other part of the body will kick in to compensate - to try & help out. For some, its the back, or the outer thighs, or maybe the abs...

she told me you have to sit & concentrate to put the focus back on that muscle that has weakened out - because obviously, it needs to get strengthened. Like you can bend over & it not bother your abs, but sit & concentrate & tense up your abs, you can feel a "sit up" sorta move just by concentrating on the area...

tried it.. & yep, could feel the difference...

On the way home, I thought of our Spiritual lives - how when we get in things that we're not too strong on - we weaken & just sort of give up in that area - let other areas compensate... but God wants us to be strong in ALL areas of our faith! We need to concentrate - focus on our weaknesses & work to become strong in them through God's help!!! Its natural to want to give up... but as Christians, we're NOT quitters... & while we may never be the STRONGEST in something - like my thighs are NEVER going to look like the Jazzercise instructors thighs - I can make them as strong as they can be for me... some strength is better then no strength - right?

So, onto another class today... hope inner thighs arent a part of the routine today... oh well - if they are, it'll only make me stronger!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Who needs clothes!

I had a 30% off coupon for Kohl's this weekend - LOVE THAT! - & after trying on tons of clothes & coming out of the dressing room with NOTHIING (sigh!), I was down in the dumps! Nothing is fitting, the styles just arent my style - I even tried on a dress that was $95.00!!! If it fit & looked good, I was willing to get it - it fit, but didnt look good....

So how do you have a 30% off coupon & NOT use it? I did what I normally do - head over to the kiddo's section & look for some clothes for Grandbaby or the twins. I did find great deals for the twins so now, have to make a visit to see them - & then wandered in the picture frames. Now, I'm a professed picture FREAK! I would have pictures EVERYWHERE on EVERY inch of my walls. Ricky has to hold me back! I even have every place on my frig covered in pictures.

But I have one picture that I LOVE - it took me awhile to find it & once I did - not just any frame would go with it. The picture? A picture of Jesus....

Do you have a favorite picture of Jesus? There are so many - but I received this picture on a little plastic card one time & I instantly fell in love with it. Its not a picture I see very often. I found a 8 x 10 of it in Gatlinburg probably 7 years ago & snagged it up quick! Like I said though - not just any frame would do...

Walking through Kohls - the perfect frame finally sung out to me...

I came home, pulled out my precious picture of Jesus & put it in... it made me tear up... its perfect! This picture of Jesus just seems to REAL to me - He has such a caring face - such a grin that says its all going to be alright - just a face that speaks to my heart...

I instantly hung it by my bed so it will be the last thing I see every night & the first thing I see when I wake up...

Do you have a picture of Jesus that speaks to your heart?

And pphhfft - who needs clothing - I got the best thing I could have purchased today!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Having Magical Lunch with Harry Potter!!!!!

I'm off with some friends for lunch & then to see the... & I mean THE - movie!!!

Cant wait! But I'm nervous because I know the ending from the book... going with tissue in tow!

Have a great Saturday! Mine is going to be magical!

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