Monday, April 30, 2012

Half Marathon #5 Recap

OK - so my weekend Roundup is getting bumped for my Half Marathon recap

Its what made my weekend anyways

First, let me say, I so appreciated all your thoughts & comments & I really took them to heart. But just like that sign said that I posted, It hurt worse to stop ...

& in the end, I didnt hurt at all...

maybe all your prayers are what pushed me through... I'll explain more as we go along.

Pre-Race:  Woke up & it wasnt raining.  They kept saying that there was a chance of rain & to expect to get wet.  It was still a little cool too & I was worried about the rain on my legs, but stuck with my original outfit I planned on wearing.  And I did end up just wearing my old shoes (that was a debate on my Daily Mile page)... they werent horrible & I didnt want to waste $139 on the shoes I just bought.  If they get too wet, they can warp. I'd be ok if they were a few months old - but not a few weeks.

I also got to try out my running skirt.... & now?  I'll never run in anything BUT a running skirt.  I was in heaven.  Comfortable & easy to run in.  I got this at Target & am seriously going to go there & buy as many as my bank account will let me...

(Before we left the house)

Start Line - Mile 1:  It took me about 10 minutes to get to the actual start line.  That's what happens when there was 18,000 fellow runners.  Congestions.  But I thought it was funny because the song that came on was a song that had the lines, "This is my moment.. my perfect moment" & I just felt like this race was going to be OK.... I felt fantastic through the start through Mile 1.  Even had a pace at 9:30 at one point... WHAT?  ME?  ... yep!

Mile 1-2:  The sun was out & the sky was blue... which meant I was warm.  The first water stop was in the middle of this mile. 

Mile 2-3:  I was nervous this mile because this was the mile, that last year, I got knocked down.  I actually got up on the side walk & walked this part.  I wasnt taking changes.  Got past it & started running again & felt like I already accomplished something! :)

Mile 3-4:  I hit my 5k at the exact pace I ran my 5k in March... I like this part of the race because you get out of the small downtown Louisville streets.  Once you hit Broadway, its like a fresh new race.  Water Stop #2

Mile 4-5:  Got to see my buddy, Corey 
who was running the full marathon.  We always seems to find each other, no matter what race it is... His energy just inspires me.  We call him "Superman" for a reason :)

It also was time for a huge DOWN POUR.  There was literally one grey cloud in the sky & it opened up.  Thank God I had on that hat because I was able to put my head down & block it from my face.  Others?  Not so lucky.  It made me nervous too because the old shoes?  They were slippery on the pavement & it slowed me down a bit.

But right when you get to mile the end of mile 4, you take a turn down 4th street & that's where the crowds are cheering.  They make the biggest difference.  There was a girl with a Hunger Games sign that said, "May the odds be ever in your favor" - I gave her the "Hunger Games" 3-finger sign & she laughed.

Mile 5-6:  That cloud went out of the way & the sun was back out.  It stayed out the rest of the race.  So much for a race of rain that they predicted.  But no complaints.

The sweat & the rain had my KT Tape coming off of my knees.  I was a little nervous because I knew it wasnt going to last.  Finally, at the end of mile 5, it was flapping & I knew I had to take it off.  I walked to take it off but then I was afraid of running.  Thought my knee pain would kick in.  But it didnt!!!!  I was so happy... but my inner thigh muscle REALLY got tight.  Maybe I was running different to compensate for my knee?  But I was still feeling pretty great.

Mile 6-7:  Great crowds down the road... lots of pets with their owners... lots of great signs... this is a weird mile though because they take you off the road & around a block.  It's just an odd move.. & the roads there are HORRID.  Lots of cracks & opportunities to break your ankle.  But it was nice because on the turn back onto 4th street, they had Walgreens sponsoring orange slices... that was a nice little energy boost of Vitamin C.

My 10K time?  Exactly like my race I did in March... I was sticking to my usual.

Mile 7-8:  Got to see a woman on the side of the road being arrested... that's always fun. 

This is a great part of the race because you make your turn into Churchhill Downs.  My ipod was on a J-Lo song & let me tell you, I was KICKING it on this part of the race.  Probably my fastest mile.  J-Lo will do that to you.

Mile 8-9:  I couldnt take it any longer... my inner thigh was BURNING.  I knew I had to stretch & I dreaded it.  I didnt want to waste one second of time.  So I made a deal with myself - SIXTY SECONDS.  So I got off the path & stretched each thigh for 30 seconds.  I was watching my time the whole time so I didnt go over.  It made all the difference in the world.

This is where you come out of the Downs (which was cool because they were running horses around the track) & you make the turn to go back Downtown... where the finish line is.

Mile 9-10:  I think there were 2 water stops here.  This race is great with keeping everyone hydrated & taken care of.

Mile 10-11:  This is where I started to get emotional.

See?  I've always done over 3 hr Half Marathons... I keep telling you all I'm slow... I truly am... but my goal has ALWAYS been to be under 2 hours.  I wanted that 2 in front of my number more then anything!! And I kept picturing it in my mind this year - that I was going to come in at 2:58.. dont know where I got that number, but I just kept seeing me cross the finish at 2:58... & then at mile 10, I realize - I can do it.  I can come in under 3 hours.  If I kept at the pace I was at, & nothing horrible happened - which I KNOW CAN happen - I was going to do it.  It hit me & made me want to cry... but inspired me to pick it up.

Mile 11-12:  I was truly on a mission at this point... but I was wearing down.  Was just hungry & spent.  I had a Lara bar & pulled it out to get some fuel & took a bite... & then DROPPED IT.. DANG IT!  But I knew I was so close, I wasnt going to let it phase me.


Mile 12-13:  Here we go... down the home stretch.  I knew Ricky was in the crowd too so I kept an eye out for him.  When I got to about 12:50, I saw him ahead of me & I kept screaming for him.  He almost didnt see me again.  He actually didnt until I was right on him.  He ended up running ahead of me (on the course) & took this picture.

The funny thing, then he was ON the course & the gates were up to block people so he couldnt get out! HAHA!!!!  So I told him he was just going to finish with me.

... & then I was at mile 13 & I had 2 minutes to get to the finish line to make my dream time of under 3 hours...

I grabbed Ricky's hand & he said, 'you're going to do it'... I was going to put the engines on FULL FORCE... I was GOING TO MAKE IT!!!!

We ended up rounding the turn - saw the finish line.  I thanked God that it was downhill & I turned it on. 

You run across a timer that lets them know your name so they can yell it when you run by... they said, "And there's Rebecca Vincent holding hands with someone" :)

Poor Ricky - it was probably a nightmare to him.  He hates crowds & here we are running down the road with hundreds of people watching us...

But we made it... holding our hands in the air across the finish line... & it was UNDER 3 HOURS!!!!!!!!! (I SO cant wait to see this finish line picture!!!)


Think I cut it close?

But I just kept thinking if I didnt take that minute to stretch, I would have been at 2:58!!!  Exactly like I was envisioning!!!!

I didnt care... I made it under 3

& took 7 minutes off my time last year... (I probably would had made it last year too, but with the knocked down thing?  Messed me up)


... & the best part - Ricky was by my side.  I just turned & said, "I DID IT" & threw myself in his arms... it was probably the best moment of my races EVER!!!!!!

Then I looked at the people & said, "GIVE ME MY MEDAL" - they just laughed at me :)

(Right on the other side of the finish line when I got my medal)

But Ricky even said, 'you looked so strong' - I felt strong.  Even being slow, I felt strong.. & I finished... & it was wonderful.

My neuropathy didnt bother me, my knee didnt bother me, my fingers didnt bother me... I think I was just in a zone... I KNEW I was going to do it.

We sat down so I could stretch for a bit.... I just sat with a smile on my face the whole time.  I felt PRIDE in myself...

I waited 4 races to get under 3 hours... my first year?  3:45 - that was the year I thought I would die (no joke)  2nd year:  3:15  3rd year:  3:07 

This was my year...

Ricky said, "you did it... now are you going to stop?"
I told him, "Now my goal is to make 2:45"

He just shook his head & said, "Dear Lord, give me strength" :) haha!!!

All my other running friends - & most people - get in under 2 hours - 2:30 at the most... & its always a stab in my heart.  But I remember that I'm 40 years old... I just started running at 37... & I NEVER thought I'd run my 5th half marathon.  So I try not to compare & I try not to focus on how fast everyone else is.

During one point of the race, someone wanted to cross the road & I told them, "Cross in front of me, I'm slow!"... a lady came up behind me & touched my heart & said, "Honey, you're not slow - you are as fast as YOU need to be"... it made me tear up a little.  I needed to hear that.  So while some may look at my time & laugh at it or roll their eyes at it, its MY time.. & I work hard for it... & I'm PROUD of it :)

So then Ricky took me to Jimmy Johns for a big ole veggie sandwich (I was craving the bread... give me CARBS) & then I came home & headed to the showers...

I didnt want to take my medal off though...

But I introduced it to my other medals... & more specifically, my other Kentucky Derby MiniMarathon Medals... & told them they'd be seeing another one next year

"Have I not commanded you?
Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged.
For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go"
-Joshua 1:9

(This was my verse that got me through... I kept repeating it all the way & truly found strength & courage within my self because of it)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Fragments

Friday... Thank God its FRIDAAAYYYYY

Mommy's Idea

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First, I'm totally surprised about yesterday's post.  I think every single person told me not to run the race on Saturday.  Not sure why that surprised me, but it did. 
(The phone call from my parents though, that gave me a lecture on running... AGAIN....  DIDNT surprise me)
I truly appreciate your concern ... that's why I love my Bloggy friends
y'all make me feel like Sally Field & say, "You like me, you really like me"
or maybe I should say, "You dont want me dead, you really dont want me dead"
I really do appreciate your thoughts & concern on the situation
But know I'm Italian & with that comes some stubborness -
(& Mafia ties)
So really, I still dont know what I'm going to do.
I'm just waiting to see how bad the rain is
My aches & pains?  That wont stop me... but heavy rains?
Just call me The Wicked Witch - I'll melt in heavy rains

Sophia Grace & Rosie
Are those little girls on Ellen the cutest things ever?
I love when they're on!!!

I have a friend that said that when she has a little girl, she's only talking to her in a British accent in hopes that she turns out just like Sophia Grace.
I love that idea :)

I boycotted American Idol this week
Still angry about Colton getting booted
I dont like when I dont get my way

Please Note:  That includes Survivor, The Voice, Big Brother, Dancing with the Stars (WHY SHERRI?????) & any other show that people vote on & dont get it right..

...forget the fact that I dont vote myself


These are the coolest people ever! :)

At the Youth Conference this weekend, the comedians gave a shout out to
 "The Hunger Games" & gave this sign..

Half of us gave the sign back
The other half looked at us like we were crazy :)


I have to say, I love that Healthy Choice now has frozen entrees
that are 100% natural..
AND some vegetarian selections

if you read the labels, you see,
its all stuff you can pronounce.

And speaking of health - did you see the story where the
lady died from drinking too much Coke

People gasped that she drank 2 gallons a day.
PUL-LEZE!!!! I did that EASILY myself. 
That's just about 11 cans
Which I would do on a 'light' day...

how sad is that?

I'm now 5 week - NO DIET COKE...
Yes, I'll keep track until I'm a year out
then you dont have to hear about it yearly


I think my husband is really a 2 yr old when it comes to food.
I got some Swiss Chard in my Co-op basket this week
I've never cooked it, not sure I've ever ate it before
But found a recipe.
You steam it, then cook it in olive oil, red pepper flakes, & minced garlic
OH MY GOSH - it was heavenly!

But I asked Ricky to try it
He was THIS close to laying on the floor & throwing a fit
"NO!!!! Its GREEN!!!!"

So I had to taste it in front of him & go
"mmmm!! See?  I'm eating it... its good"

Then he tasted it
& guess what?

The spat then comes when he wants to eat it ALL himself
And the best part, in my basket this week was another BIG helping of swiss chard
The Hubs was giddy excited about it

Now, when my next spat is some other food name, I can just say the name & you'll know the same thing happened again :)


Hope you all have a Fabulous Fantastic Friday my Friends!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Everything against me...

So this Saturday is the Kentucky Derby MiniMarathon/Marathon

I think its the ONLY half marathon in the country that is called 'mini'...

Believe me... 13.1 miles is no MINI..

But tradition prevails & the name sticks

This will be my 4th time running this race... & I'm nervous

Yes, I've trained...
Yes, I've ran this course before & know what to expect
Yes, I LOVE this race

but everything seems to be against me this year

My training got derailed the past few weeks...

Yes, y'all know my neuropathy has played a part in it, but I also didnt tell you what happened a few weeks ago.

The only people that knew was Ricky & Julie.  I had to let her know as soon as it happened because she would understand. 
Afterall, she ran her half marathon with an injury too...

I know everyone gets sick of me whining... heck, I get sick me of whining....

But a few weeks ago, I was on the SAME DARN HILL
when my SAME DARN KNEE popped again. 

Who would believe that would happen again?

Runners Knee in full force


Last race, it was 2 weeks before my race
this time - it was 3 weeks before the race

So I havent been able to run like I like for the past 3 weeks

(Let the major whining begin)

Add in the fact that I'm having some weird thing with my sausage fingers
& a dry mouth that has my tongue hurting when I run

AND, I woke up with a horrible sore throat & feel a cold coming on.
Really? REALLY????

And if physical stuff wasnt enough, its gonna RAIN!

So much for new running shoes.
I wont wear them in the rain when I just got them 2 weeks ago
- it messes them up too much.  So I'll have to pull out the old ones that hurt my feet.

This is the first time that I'm actually considering NOT doing the race

... & that's a horrible feeling...

Ricky keeps telling me he wont let me do it if its raining hard & my knee isnt any better at all.... he said if he hears one tiny little 'ouch' out of me, he's hiding my keys & he's not driving me.

'Love' at work right there

But I'm not sure why I feel the need to torture myself -
 do it when I know its probably not the smartest thing to do.


I hate the idea of telling anyone I didnt do the race
I hate the idea of the misery I can be in with blistered wet feet
I hate the idea of my knee hurting worse

But I love the idea of pushing through
I love the idea of crossing the finish line
I love the visual of another medal around my neck

So at this point, I dont know what I'm going to do.

I think I'll know Saturday morning at 5:00 am when my alarm goes off

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hodgepodge - Wherefore Art Thou

Wednesday... my favorite day to Hodgepodge

1. Shakespeare's birthday is celebrated on April 23rd...when did you last read Shakespeare? What's your favorite Shakespeare play?

I honestly dont even remember reading Shakespeare!!! GASP!... did I just make all my Teacher friends get a little dizzy & faint?  I remember my Senior year doing some Shakespeare in English, but nothing stands out except when we finally got to watch the original "Romeo & Juliet" movie during class.

Imagine a room full of blushing high school kids during the randevu under the sheets.

But I will say, I am a huge fan of the updated version with Leo & Claire Danes... (blame the soundtrack) ...though I prefer to stop it before they both kill themselves.  I also do that in Moulin Rouge.  Make my own happy endings... that Shakespeare must have loved a tortured heart. 

They have medicine for that now Mr. Shakespeare.

2. What food(s) would you recommend a foreign visitor try when they visit your home country?

I'd tell the foreign visitor to RUN home & eat their own food. 

Welcome to America - the land of the unhealthy, full of wonderous fried foods.  Think other countries have fried twinkies or fried pickles?

.... now I'm hungry...

3. What's a lie you often tell yourself?

It doenst matter to me what people think

4. What's something you're good at that might surprise us? Remember this is a family friendly blog!

Games!!!!  Not as in sports, but as in games.  Board games, card games, drawing games, trivia games, word games...

I owe that to my  mom who had me play games with her everyday when I was growing up ... it was FANTASTIC!

And we'd sit & watch all the game shows during the summer & I was AWESOME!

They just dont make game shows like they used to.  Now you have to be a genius & be on something like Jeopardy.  Give me The Price is Right anyday!

5. Who is your favorite animal character from a book?

Umm... this isnt going to be hard for me... & it WAS an actual book... The BEAST from Beauty & the Beast... or "Beauty" as most books call it...

& I know he was technically a man - but he was turned into an animal so I'm claiming that side of him for this answer!

6. April showers bring May you have a green thumb?

Only when I clean the grass off my dog's feet ...

7. Speaking of rainy days, which one of the following activities would you most want to spend time doing on a rainy day-
sort photos and create albums
bake cookies
read a good book
hold an all-day movie marathon
clean and organize closets, cupboards, or bookshelves
try a new recipe
fix something that needs fixing

I do like me an all-day movie marathon ... it allows for knitting & lots of snacking

I've actually got to do this by next weekend.  With "The Avengers" coming out, I have yet to see "Captain America" & "Thor" - though my hubby can probably repeat all the lines to it.  So we're going to watch those & the IronMan movies (which I have indeed seen) before the big movie!!!

This movie is to Ricky what 'The Hunger Games' was to me

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Advantage of having to be at work at 6:00 am ... I got to work & realized today was our Managers Board Meeting.  I totally forgot!  I get all the financials & reports together for it. one gets here until 8 am & the meeting isnt until 9 - so with that early work time, I was able to get it all finished before anyone even knew I flaked out. 

The early bird got the worm today... or whatever that means...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Believe 2012

Another year of Believe...

I can't BELIEVE how many times I've got to go on this trip. 
Its always so much fun getting to hang out with Jr. High kids as they get to experience God in a fun, exciting way.

This year, we headed up to Anderson, Indiana - which is now officially the highest North I've ever been
... & which says how sad my travel life is...

Its funny because we usually go in February to Cincinnati & its ALWAYS cold so we thought, great, we're going in April - its going to be warm.  We wont have to worry about coats & jackets & warm stuff. 
It was so dang cold!
Wouldn't ya know.

But cold doesnt take away our excitement & joy.
We loaded up the vans & headed out

Here's my van load I got to truck along with.  The all-girl van.
The other van had 7 boys & 3 girls & when we stopped, one of the girls told me, 'The boys are already funking up the van"
Thank you Lord I had all girls

The trip was 3 hours but it really didnt seem that long. 
I guess when you're singing & eating snacks, that always makes a trip more enjoyable.

We got to our hotel - which was the BOMB-DIGGITY!!!
(& I didnt get pictures of before we bombarded it)
And then headed off to dinner at Taco Bell

We head to the conference.
Now, we're used to HUGE conferences at Believe - ARENA SIZE
We pull up to this small building on a campus & me & some other leaders just looked at each other & was like, "uh oh"

I mean, that's kind of the point of enjoying it....
being in a huge atmosphere
the energy of it
so we were a tad worried going in
but we all agreed that our jobs as leaders was to make sure the kids had a great time & enjoyed themselves
(you'll hear more about this topic later on)

The lobby was very small - just imagine a lobby of a auditorium at a college
 - that's what this was
But this picture is under the lights there.
Isnt it cool?
My artistic moment of the weekend

We get in the auditorium & see it probably holds a few hundred seats
& we were there early
so what are we do?

I got a group of people together & asked if they watched "Ellen" & the dance dare that she has people do...
its where you sneak up behind people & dance without them knowing it

I started us off
I am a leader after all :)
It was the funniest thing
But then everyone wanted to be involved
Before you know it - we were Dance Daring everywhere

And people who were watching us from other churches were cracking up -
The youth group leaders in front of us said, "I can watch this all night long - its the funniest thing I've ever seen"
& then without her knowing it, we dance dared her :)

Watch this video - the guy in front of her has to walk away because he's laughing
(We had got him earlier too - one of our first attacks & he thought it was hilarious when we showed him the video)
I have like 8 videos up on my You Tube account if you want to see the others

But then time for the conference to start.

This year's theme was "Hide God's Word"

It was so interesting because it showed the history of where the Bible came from - how God's word started out with the Ten Commandments, grew through time, how it spread through the Holy Lands, to Rome, to England, to print, & to America...

I usually blank out when it comes to anything historical, but this was pretty cool

And then we got to be reminded of the TRUTH of God's Word
How its fulfilled through the Bible
How its fulfilled in our lives
How we need to Hide it in our Heart

I loved the speaker said,
"We keep the Word in our Heart so it can KEEP US when we need it"


And throughout the time, these 2 guys came out to entertain us.
Hurt & Manley
I laughed so hard, I had tears & stomach aches
(could've been the Taco Bell - but I'll say it was the humor)

one of the BEST parts of Believe

Nothing like it

Day 2
Its always a tiring time - lack of sleep
But it was so worth it
The girls had a small group discussion together in one of the rooms
I think we could have talked ALL NIGHT LONG
But we had some great discussion, deep thoughts, great advice, prayers flying
it was amazing
THOSE moments right there make it worth the trade of 'no sleep'

Here's Jordan, resting before we got started on Day 2

Here's the speaker of the weekend - Scott Rubin
People like this inspire me
Makes me want to be a better speaker myself

During the 2nd session, the artist Eric Samuel Timm created this 'stained glass' while the worship was going on.
Isnt it beautiful?
This is like his 4th year with Believe & he just brings the 'cool' factor
& the most amazing art you can witness being created in front of your face

Then at lunch time - they gave us a mission
We were to take something out of God's WORD that we will memorize
or that we love & write it on something we found at our lunch location

Here is mine (the knife... & the rest of the verse is on the back of it)
& Chasity's - her cup lid...

When the final session started, we had to give our things to the Believe volunteers & during worship, they put it on a pulley system & sent everything up front on stage.

As you can see - I was directly under the pulley line.
I seriously got hit in the head by so many dang pizza boxes
Finally, my group scooted down because they were afraid I didnt need anymore brain damage

At the end of the session, Eric once again made an amazing piece of art out of our things we used... all of these creations with Gods Words on them pouring into a heart

It was funny too because he was saying some of the stuff that was sent up... there were many napkins, boxes, a few 'hats' from Burger King & Steak & Shake... & even a sock someone sent up ??? haha!

And we asked the kids if they enjoyed this event...
it was different then what we were used to
They LOVED IT!!!!
Even MORE then the other place
They said they loved the closer environment
they got to talk to other kids
Didnt feel so overwhelmed by the big arena & getting lost
There were no lines to the booths to get shirts
The drinks were $1.00 instead of $3.50
Candy was $1.00 instead of $5.00
They were able to get right up on stage during worship
They were able to talk to the speakers easily as they walked around the auditorium

 Never have them because God knocks them all down
We were so thrilled the kids enjoyed it
That's all that mattered

Here we are before we head home
The coolest gang of kids around!!!!

I have hidden your word in my heart
that I might not sin against you
-Psalm 119:11

Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Roundup


* We got to go celebrate a young lady's birthday...She's been my little buddy since she was a tiny little thing. She's like my baby sister & I think the world of her - but she turned 18... EIGHTEEN! 
An adult? 
Shut up
... this kind of stuff blows my mind
...  &makes me feel old

* We ate at a Japenese place
I've never ate at one before
Where they prepare the food in front of you on the hot grill, throwing eggs on their head & making onions into volcanos.
A pretty cool experience
... & YUMMY food


*Wanted to sleep in as long as I could because I knew it was going to be a crazy, long, fun-filled weekend

* Packed up & ready to go


I will be posting a whole post about it tomorrow but I gotta upload pictures & when I got home last night, I was exhausted & ready for bed



* Getting into my little car after driving a huge rental, extended van for 2 days feels REALLY funny. 
& my car isnt really 'little'
its a Hyundai Santa Fe
Just anything after a extended van seems little

* our van was full of 10 girls
we sang Broadway songs & songs from the Glee soundtrack the whole way
I have no voice today... but it was worth it

I'm so exhausted, I cant even tell you
But it was worth it
seeing kids worshipping God is ALWAYS worth it....
& now, my next half marathon is Saturday
so I'm praying my body recovers & gets pumped

this could be ugly

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday... with a big weekend ahead... but we'll get there


First, a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Julie!!!!
She's also getting ready to celebrate her 7th wedding anniversary... exciting times.

We love you Julie!!!
Hope you have a great day celebrating!


I leave tomorrow, along with 18 junior high kids
 ... we're headed to Anderson, Indiana for the Believe Conference. 
We normally go in February to Cincinnati, but with the bridge being shut down at the time, it got moved.  It is a longer trip, 3 hours (UGH) & its late on Sunday that we'll get home & I still have my 4:30 am wake up call on Monday. 
So if you can pray for these things:
* Safe travels
* Good health ... it gets scary with that many kid... especially a load that gets car sick on a 3 hour ride (That's me included in that... Queen of Car Sick)
* My neuropathy to stay calm for the weekend
* A GREAT time ... drama free
* Most importantly -  These kids to really have a moment with Jesus!!!!!!


So I now have sausage fingers when I run ... dont know what's up. If its a neuropathy thing or something else, but after about 2 miles, my fingers swell so much, the lines even disappear on my hands...  & they even turn pale.  WHAT.THE.HECK?  I'm falling apart.  When I stop, they go back to normal about 20 minutes later, but until then, they hurt & go cold....

Someone told me that maybe I've got too much water & not enough electrolytes so I should try a water pill.  That does make kind of sense to me because it just started when I gave up my Diet Coke & only drank water & tea.  Maybe I need to dose up on a Sports drink before?  .... just another thing to add to my list of complaining....


Colton Dixon...
I want to cry!!!
HOW did that happen?
When he went off singing praises to God? 
Gave me chills
... & made me even more sad that he's gone
its who I gotta root for now


Got my first co-op basket.  Yummy, beautiful strawberries, some swiss chard, some sort of onion thing  - have NO clue what it is - & some beautiful lettuce.  I get home & take the bag of lettuce out of the box, only to see  a HUGGGGGEEEEEE spider in the bag on the lettuce.  I dont normally let bugs bother me - but this one had a big red spot on its back.  Red on a bug?  Usually not good.  So I took it outside & kept trying to shake it off.  I ended up loosing half of my leaves... but the spider hung on.  Tried to HOSE it off... lost more leaves on the driveway & the bug STILL hung on.  So I'm down to half a head of lettuce with a big spider...

I ended up flinging him with my finger ... poor guy, I think I killed him.  I tried to save him the whole time & with a flick of a finger - SPLAT... I tried...

Note to self - have a powerwash to clean my veggies


Whooo ...
that's deep.....

Anyone else think its crazy that Dick Clark, host of American Bandstand, and Don Cornelius, host of Soul Train, both pass away in the same year?

I spent many a Saturday morning dancing with my tv
... much as I do now with Dance with the Stars & So you Think you can dance
... some things never change


SPAT OF THE WEEK:  Shower schedules
There are only 2 of us in the house
We have 2 bathrooms with showers in it
So tell me why everytime I get home from running, where I'm sweaty & yucky & nasty - THAT's the time that my sweet husband will say, "I'm going to take a quick shower"
Really.... REALLY?
So I just wait when he gets out & while I wait to let the hot water refill -  I hug him extra oddles of time to rub my sweat on him
... I think of it as rubbing love all over him...


And just because I had to give one more shout out to the
Ridicously Photogenic Guy


Hope everyone has a Fabulous Fantastic Friday!!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dont want to be like her ...

I have some people in my life that are there because of circumstances...

you know the ones... people that you have to be around, not out of choice particularly, but just because of circumstances...

& some of them arent very kind people...

For those of you that know me, you know exactly who I have in mind... & you're humming a Disney song in your head that has to do with 101 Dalmatians... you folks get me :)

For those of you that think that last sentence makes no sense, its ok... hang in there with me.

But I was driving home last night thinking about all the things I see about this person that I DONT ever want to be...

* I dont want to feel like I'm better then everyone else - looking down on others
* I dont want to not care about other people's lives & what's going on in it
* I dont want to think the worst of everyone
* I dont want to make life hard on others
* I dont want to NOT find joy in simple things
* I dont want to walk around with a scrowl on my face
* I dont want others to avoid me
* I dont want to make fun of people behind their backs & laugh at their misfortune on situations that arent their fault

This is just a small example of who this person is in my life... & its not a pretty picture, is it? 

But then it hit me...

What do people look at me & think, "I dont want to be like her because...."


So I'm going to stop thinking about how "I dont want to be like someone because... " & start thinking about working on myself & NOT having say that sentence about me...

& focus on those people in my life that I DO want to be like

I have so many amazing, cool, Christian women in my life that I'm inspired by. 

I was thinking of my friends & the ladies that surround me in church & in my life & I see them & I think

* I want to shine joy
* I want to put a smile on others faces as easily as she does mine
* I want to have courage in situations
* I want to be the Godly wife
* I want to encourage others
* I want to make others laugh so easily
* I want to have the knowledge they have
* I want to use my talent like they use theirs

Yep... I'm surrounded by MANY more of THOSE kinda women...

I think I'll focus more on those ladies...

Because those ladies SHINE GOD

.. & isnt that who we are supposed to be more like anyways?

Yep... no coats made out of dalmatian puppies for me...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Wednesday... half way through the week... time to Hodgepodge

1. Spring is in the air (at least in my neck of the woods) and the birds are singing...what's your favorite bird?

My favorite bird is the one with wings... yeah.. that one :)
I'm not a big bird watcher, but I do love my hummingbird feeder that attracts those fast little boogers.  I love that I HEAR them before I notice them.  They are amazing little creatures.

2. Speaking of you tweet? If you do share your screen name and we'll come flocking to your twitter site. Even if you don't let's all pretend here that we do-in 140 characters or less, sum up your week so far.
I do Tweet ... my name on Twitter is RebeccaJoKnits ... creative, huh?
I've wanted to change it a few times...
RebeccaJoRuns - RebeccaJoPhotographs - RebeccaJoEats - RebeccaJoWhines
... but knitting is the original & goes with my blog, so it works :)
I always say that Twitter is like my imaginary friend.  I'm someone that talks to myself anyways - at least on Twitter, during the day, I can say what I think... & then sometimes, my 'imaginary friend' even talks back :)
My pretend tweet of the week here?  Dont even need 140 characters
"I'm tired"

3. It's been reported recently that employers are not only viewing the facebook pages of potential hires but they're also requesting your facebook password to have a look at what you've kept from public view. What say you?
Dont they teach you repeatedly to NEVER give a password out?  That's sort of private - right?  That's pushing the line to me.  I've got nothing to hide on my Facebook, but I'm also not going to give a password that has access to my private information.  Cant you even make purchases on Facebook that charge your cell phone account?  Yeah - aint no one getting my password.  If that would cost me a job, I'd say that I wouldnt want to work for those people anyways.

4. It's April and you know what that means-Major League Baseball is back in action. What's your favorite baseball themed movie? If that's too hard what's your favorite sports themed movie?
I'm not big into any sport besides Tennis... but I actually do love a baseball movie.
"The Natural" with Robert Redford... I always loved that.  My first taste of Mr. Redford.
But another favorite sports themed movie


Source: via Min on Pinterest
 Anyone remember this TOTALLY CHEESY 80's movie about gymnastics?  Its when all the craze with Mary Lou Retton & our USA team in the Olympics was rockin!  But the idea that Janet Jones (who is the wife of the Great One - Wayne Gretzksy - thank you 80's trivia) who is 8 feet tall could be a gynmist, is INSANE.  But it had a great soundtrack.

 5. Something else this season brings-asparagus. Yes please or no thanks? If it's yes please what's your favorite way to have it prepared?

YES!  My sister in law just made some for my BIL's birthday party.. it was DELISH!  And I actually get some asparagus in my co-op basket Thursday. I've never cooked it myself, but if I can get anywhere close to what my SIL did, I'll be in heaven.

I think it involves LOTS of butter... good bye healthy food

 6. What drives you? (Don't you love how I sandwiched that one in between asparagus and jugglers?)

My car ... ba da-dum ... come on, I know I wont be the only one that says that...

OK - serious answer... my chauffeur...

...Sorry, couldnt resist...

I think my future drives me... I look ahead & dont want to be 'old' ... I dont want to be out of shape... I dont want to be sick... I dont want to be miserable... looking at my future makes me want to make myself a better, healthier, happier person today...

7. April 18th is International Jugglers Day...can you juggle?

Does 2 items count as juggling?  Then YES! :) 

More then 2 items?  Then no...

But I'm a MASTER at juggling a full schedule!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Neuropathy still sucks

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Prom 80's style...

On the radio, they were talking about Prom...

we're in full Prom Season around here...

Prom is SUCH a big deal now..

Not like it never wasnt, but the way the guys now have to ask a girl to go - so dramatic.  The more creative, the better.

Did you go to prom?

I went to 3...

One with a friend that I worked with... it was horrible... I made him bring me home at midnight.  I stood at my door at midnight & my mom opened the door & gave me the most confused look ever & said, "James, you can come in"... I said, "No, he cant... (with an eye to my mom to tell her to SHUT UP) I dont feel good" ... 

I went to another prom with my buddy Brian.  That was the most fun I've ever had a prom.  It was just relaxed & he loved to dance & Brian could make me laugh like no other person in the world anyways....

My senior prom though... oh the memories.  Friends meeting up for dinner at the priciest steak house around, lots of hairspray, lots of big dresses & big flowers... lots of DANCING! 

No - my legs arent that white... I have on white hose... & yes, my garter has feathers on it... (Do they even still do garters for prom?)

I went with this guy who loved to dance... I totally LOVED that. Most guys didnt dance. This guy DANCED! There was a local place for kids under 21 to dance... when I was there, he was there... we were dance souls that needed to dance at prom.
Here we are...

You'll have to remember that the TALL Fresh Prince - Kid N Play hair was in for guys...
and WHY do I have on white shoes?  I just posted how much I hate white shoes on me... maybe its because of this.

...80's style is definitely unique...
But I did love my dress...

So did 2 other girls... there were 3 of us in the same dress.  Most people would have been freaked out with that... not me.  I took my picture with them.  And THEY didnt have on white shoes.

But how cool is that big white bow on my back?

And did your prom have a theme?

Ours is SOOOO 80's...

"Where do we go from here" by Stacy Lattisaw & Johny Gill...

I dont even remember the song... I just remembered the chorus of it.  It was like the recurring song of our Senior Year...

& I know the song title makes you think, "where do we go from here" in the sense of where does our journey take us...

No, this song is about a couple & where do you take your relationship...

High School students are dumb in picking prom themes

But Prom memories stick around

I can tell you everything about the night... the fun, the dancing, the drama...

its a rite of passage...

And I'll leave you with a slice of 80's stupid prom theme music ... (they didnt even make a video to this song... that's how stupid this song is)

Go Male Class of 1990!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Roundup


* Friday evening was "The Backyard" ... its our program for kiddos but I tell you what, I probably laugh louder then anyone there.  Its just the funniest thing.  I help out in the singing & we had major FAIL on the mics that night.  Doesnt phase the kids though - they just keep dancing.  Exactly what they should be doing :)

* I fall asleep earlier on Fridays then I do any other night of the week... Party Girl, I am not


* Had a photo session scheduled early for the day & when I went to bed, the rain forecast was only 20% ... woke up & it was cloudy, thundering & the rain chances were 80%... so much for overnight changes.  We ended up pushing back the session till later in the day

* With a free morning now, I did NOTHING :) I cant tell you how long its been on a Saturday where I just laid in bed for HOURS.... it was heavenly

* Met up with this beautiful Senior & we ventured to do some pictures.  The rain was still lingering a bit so we just did some pictures & agreed to meet the next day for more.  ... here's one of the pictures we got in the midst of running from rain... still turned out cute, huh?

* I met up with Ricky after the pictures to go look at some running shoes.  Say hello to my new lovers

My Saucony Triumph 9's ... with all the weird colors of the 80's

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

& also meet my new Fila Skele-Toes!!!

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

A friend told me how much he loves them & I see so many other running friends who just cant speak enough about them.  I figured I would try them.. especially because I hate running shoes on the treadmill - they just feel 'clunky' on them so that's going to be a starting point for me.  I'm definitely sticking with my Saucony's for the race in 2 weeks.

* The sun came out in the evening... BEAUTIFUL evening... yeah, my luck


* AMAZING youth class today... we dont offer an 'alter call' often in youth service, but every now & then it happens... the Youth Pastor delivered the message & with Easter just passing, he offered the invitation.... to see so many kids raise their hands & ask Jesus into their hearts, we were all teary eyed & had chills.  THAT's why we give so much of our times... for Jesus to have new friends :)

* Met up with my Senior again & this time, my wonderful friend, Chasity got to come with me & assist.  We got some great pictures & just had a fantastic time.  I just love getting to talk to new people, hear their stories, get to capture a time of their life for them.

* I left immediately from the pictures to go to a SURPRISE party for my brother in law.  His birthday is today actually, but he's done so well the past few months.  Today, he's 138 days sober & he turns 38 years old... YAAAHOOO!!!!.... but the family wanted to let him know how proud we all are that he's doing so well with his sobriety... so a great excuse to get together.

* Home late but had to start editing pictures while watching 'Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion' ... the screaming even got on MY nerves & Ricky came in & said, 'you HAVE to shut that up'... it was irritating

Now onto a new week!! Hope your weekends were wonderful... mine was so busy & productive & full of good stuff... a great weekend all in all

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Fragment... health update, addiction, & Mr. Grumpypants

Mommy's Idea

Friday... & the WORST kinda Friday.. the kind where Ricky is off & I'm working... UGH!  He deserves it though.. he earns Fridays off by working 2 Saturdays & then getting one Friday off every few months... he needs it because he works so dang hard.  But its just something when your spouse gets to stay in bed sleeping while you get up at 4:30 am... that's a messed up thing. 
To get my mind off my sleeping husband, I think I'll just frag.


I went back to the neurologist yesterday.  Found out all my tests came back perfectly fine.  I knew they would... no diabetes, no B12 deficency, no Lupus, no rheumatoid issues... perfect. 
So the doc is all befuddled. 
We went over again everything that I had been doing, taking, husband trying to poison me again ideas. 
I told him about a Super B-Complex I was taking - it has MEGA MEEEGGGAAA doses of Vitamin B.  Well, it has like 200 mg of B6 ... you're supposed to have 2 mg a day.  And apparently, overdoses of B6 can cause neurological issues & neuropathy being one of them.  Who knew?  He said that's the only thing he can 'hang his hat on'

... so he took 6 more tubes of blood (which I dont have much anyways... literally, 3 tubes in, my blood stopped coming out... it took about 10 minutes to get the blood & the nurse thought for sure I was going to faint)...

But he's testing all the B levels (& my zinc & copper levels) - which I think its kinda past the point - I stopped taking those vitamins in January.  Apparently, it takes awhile to have the toxic effects get out of your system though... so we wait... again.

12 weeks is the number this time.  If I'm not better by then, he's sending me to IU in Bloomington to a specialist that does nothing but periphael neuropathy.  I'm just praying in 12 weeks, I'm improved so I dont even have to worry about it.

Will you pray for me that this is the issue & I'll steadily get healing?  PWWEEAASEE? (thanks)


In these next 12 weeks, I'm to take no vitamins or supplements at all. Actually, he said I could take a daily multivitamin that had NOTHING but 100%... do you know how hard it is to find a multivitamin with JUST 100%? 
Everything is added in now & its CRAZY... .I spent an hour reading vitamin labels & decided not to take anything.

But then, I discovered something... I'm ADDICTED TO VITAMINS!!! After dinner, I sat & looked at my vitamins I normally take & it was like I had the shakes.  Seriously!  I was freaked out that I couldnt take them!  How messed up is that?  Its like I rely on these vitamins to make me feel better. 
DANG YOU DR OZ for making me feel that way!
.... but I've been reassured by the doc (& my family & friends) that eating healthy is the best way to get the vitamins anyway... so I'm breaking the vitamin hold. 


Speaking of holds... I am now over 3 weeks
I cant believe it... Diet Coke & Vitamins... who knew I'd have this kind of addiction...


Boo - No juice fast for me either per Doctor's orders...
 I'm to juice something once a day, but no fasting until after the 12 weeks. 
OK, if I MUST eat, I will... hate when I'm ordered to eat! :)


Enough of boring health stuff...

Guess what my new love is....


I think I can eat a container every night
I need to learn to make it myself...
so I can lick a bowl of it... mmmm...


Too much Hunger Games? 
I'm re-reading the book since I saw the movie
(Let me tell you - reading it again?  Its EVEN BETTER)
But it must be imbedded in my mind.
I dreamt last night I was IN the game
& woke up in the corner of the foot of the bed, tangled up in blankets, with my arms around Buffy, our yellow lab. 
Thank goodness I woke up!  I may have tried to snap her neck, Cato style!

I need a Hunger Games break...
after I see the movie again


2 weeks till my next Half Marathon!!!  It'll be #5 ... amazing


... NO!! Not that kind of cheating... let me explain! 
Saturday, Ricky had to work.  Let me give you a math equation:
Saturday Work + Ricky = Mr. Grumpypants
But I just finished the best run EVER at the Zombie run & couldnt wait to tell him about it.  H
e gets out of the car & I run outside & show him my 'brain'-flag. 
He looks right at me & says, in his Mr. Grumypants tone,
"You cheated, didnt you?"
My face dropped.

Really?  That's your first reaction?  That's what you think of me?  You'd instantly jump to the conclusion that I would cheat?  That I couldnt make it otherwise?

Yes - I asked him all those questions...

It was a heated argument...
& a heated argument with Mr. Grumpypants is never pretty
... & then in the end, I had to tell him that I did indeed cheat...
what?  I'd never make it to the end otherwise!
Just dont INSTANTLY think I'd cheat
... I prefer to say I'm SNEAKY...
sounds MUCH better!

Funny of the day:

Just another "Ridicuously Photogenic Guy" meme...
I cant get enough... AND its a Hunger games reference... 2 worlds colliding

Hope you all have a Fantasticly Fabulous Friday
... with no Vitamin B6

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