Friday, August 07, 2020

Friday Favorites

Knit By God's Hand: Friday Favorites
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Favorite Mug
Hocus Pocus Mug And Spoon Set

Favorite Halloween Shirt

Friends Halloween Shirt

I love me some Halloween!!!

Favorite Cool Treat Maker

I need to get some of these to put some juice & fruit & freeze them up for some healthy hot day yummies!  I like this keeps them standing straight up.
I also saw in the description of this too people making frozen treats for their dogs too!!! I like that!

Favorite Sticker Book

So. Many. Planner Stickers.: 2,600 Stickers to Decorate, Organize, and Brighten Your Planner

I think I need this for my planner

Favorite Mask Holder

How clever is this - to keep a mask on you or to keep an extra one with you.
I know for The Hubs who has to wear them all day long in the heat, it'd be a good way to keep extras on him when the others got too sweaty.
This looks like something you could make too with one of those plastic folders!!!

Favorite Laptop Covers

Baggu Puffy Laptop Sleeve

Arent these fun to put your laptop in?
I love that black floral one

Favorite  Puzzle

Galison Book Club Puzzle

Favorite Make up Help

A bag of the makeup sponges.

I mean, these are so cheap, it'd be nice to just buy a bag to keep handy

Favorite Make up Sponge Holder

A customer review photo of the acrylic makeup sponge organizer.

I mean, this is just the perfect follow up to the sponges above

Favorite Funnies

Afternoon Funny Meme Dump 32 Pics

After Dark Funny Meme Dump 35 Pics

After Dark Funny Meme Dump 35 Pics

After Dark Funny Meme Dump 35 Pics

After Dark Funny Meme Dump 35 Pics

Afternoon Funny Meme Dump 32 Pics

Afternoon Funny Meme Dump 32 Pics

After Dark Funny Meme Dump 35 Pics

Afternoon Funny Meme Dump 32 Pics

Afternoon Funny Meme Dump 32 Pics

Afternoon Funny Meme Dump 32 Pics

Afternoon Funny Meme Dump 32 Pics I feel people look behind all the Twitter fights

Kevin GIF by Big Brother

...every time my Alexa gives a response that is totally not what I asked

late night GIF by Amazon Studios at 4:30pm today

Netflix Ben GIF by The Umbrella Academy

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!

Thursday, August 06, 2020

Thankful Thursday #277

Knit By God's Hand: Lots of surviving.... packing, ER visits, & old bones {Thankful  Thursday #216}

This week I am Thankful For:

Mask Helper
The awesome Dana totally surprised me when I got my mail & saw this lovely card with some goodies inside. These little babies are to put on the back of your head & to hook your mask on them to hold it tight on your face - but not have to put the pressure on your ears.  She had some extra & shared. How stinkin' kind is that!!!!  ... & how creative are people to come up with these sorts of things!!!

Working from home with vertigo attack
I have a few dozen things every day why I'm glad about working from home... but this week, I've been living in Vertigo world & man oh man, I'm so glad I'm at home & not having to get behind the wheel of a car.  Its just miserable!

Game Nights
I have talked The Hubs to play some games lately.  I could play games every single day & never get tired of them.  I've learned that's not for everyone.  So I'm glad when I get a few nights in with some game fun.

Google Mini
I forgot that Spotify sent me a free Google Mini a few months ago.  I got it all set up next to my bed & I'm loving having it set up on routines to end my day & start my day.  I've gotten so used to having little speakers everywhere to ask random questions.  SO MANY RANDOM QUESTIONS!!!!

Getting to see family
We havent had anyone in the house since March. It was funny when I answered the door for our West Virginia gang - I said, 'I have a few questions to ask you first - have you recently had a cough? Do you have a headache?'... LOL ... They asked if I wnated to take their temperature - I told them ot hang on & I'd get my scanning thermometer!!! (I DIDNT DO IT Y'ALL) ... we had a good laugh about it.  They said they were glad we're doing all the social distancing & all the things we should be doing too or they wouldnt have come over.  You can still spread this thing in your own family.  But it was good seeing them & visiting & getting to see how big the boys are getting so fast.

Zoe Time
Our sweet old girl turned 15 this past weekend & even more than that, we just have had the most fun with her lately.  We put her up in the bed with us when we play games & she loves all the attention.  She'll play with us & wrestle with us... she doesnt act like a 15 year old dog to me... minus the slow, achy walk she does.  But that's why we carry her - keeping her Diva style up keeps her young.

Mask Wearers
I was standing in line at Pet Smart the other day & there is a mask mandate out for our state.  Signs on the door stay that they are REQUIRED to enter.  So tell me why there was a mother & a daughter in front of me with no mask on?  The mom was younger than me... the daughter, a preteen.  They were laughing & joking... & when they got to the counter, the cashier had said, "When you return, we are asking that all our customers wear a mask"... the mom said, "I dont feel like we need to"... if my eye rolling could cause a tidal wave, it would have.  How I keep my mouth shut in these situations is only by the grace of God.  What if people feel like doing whatever they want every day.... can you imagine the chaos? ... I heard a doctor on the news the other morning saying "Our freedoms is what's going to continue killing people"... I dont understand why everyone cant let that sink in.  For the - I've lost count week - I am so grateful for everyone who abides by mandates - & more important - the people who listen to science & MOST importantly - the people who care about those around them.

Image tagged in wear mask,covid mask,face mask,covid-19,coronavirus,pandemic  - Imgflip

In a time where we still feel seperated & tensions are high & going onto Facebook & seeing comments can be disheartening & frustrating - I am thankful for all my blog friends who take the time to still  come here & read & comment & join in with me in this crazy ride of life.  Every single day, you all put a smile on my face. I dont say it enough - I am super grateful for all of you!!!

What good things have happened in your week?

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Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Prime Purchases

Prime Purchases
Linking up with Tanya

Pet Grooming Clipper Blade

Ever since Zoe got kicked  out of the groomers & they refuse to take her back (true story) we have been doing her ourselves. While she looks pretty decent on some days & pretty ratty on others, we get it done. & we needed a new blade when the other was wore down.
Simple to change out & I'm glad we can just get the blade & not have to buy all the equipment

MyBaby Soundspa

Baby showers have been abounding lately 
Love buying all the cute things
This shower is over so I can share :)

Baby Headbands

Baby Girl Nylon Headbands Newborn Infant Toddler Hairbands and Bows Child Hair Accessories

Those colors! I want these myself!!!


So our microwave has been a fight every single day for the past year.
The buttons on it get stuck & you have to hit it JUST right.
Do it JUST RIGHT when you're in a rush. I mean, the purpose behind a microwave is to do it in a HURRY.  So I told the Hubs, THIS IS IT - I'm buying a microwave.
& I did.
I told him its mine - he's not allowed to touch it! (he totally is - but its still a fight in our home when you bring up microwaves) - but he still uses the button sticking one for the MAN REASON of "This is FINE"... & I use mine because I dont even have to TOUCH buttons! Actually one - I hit the Blue one on the bottom & just say what i want & Alexa takes it from there.
Seriously!  How nuts is that?? This is a smaller microwave - which is good when you have to cram in TWO in ONE kitchen. LOL

100 Pack Multipurpose Sewing Clips with Tin

My sewing friends told me about these & how much better they are than stick pins.
YES. Couldnt agree more. They are so nice to hold fabric &  not have to bleed all over it.

Singer Bobbins & Case

Yep, being new to sewing, I only had a few bobbins
I love that this case holds them too! 

Egg Cooker

I'm not sure WHY I wanted this - but I did.
 & it works pretty decent too.
Perfect when you get that hard boiled egg craving.
You can make eggs different ways too - I've just stuck with the hard boiled version.

What's something you've gotten from Amazon lately?

Tuesday, August 04, 2020

One Sentence a Day / July 2020

Knit By God's Hand: One Sentence a Day - September 2019

More than half way through the year... trucking through summer
... & the world is STILL crazy.  
These posts are going to be something to look back on down the road to remember what a dumpster fire 2020 was

1 - Wed /  The hubs was one happy person to finally get a zero turn lawnmower #dreamfulfilled

2 - Thurs /  Found out our return to the office date just got pushed back #notcomplaining

3 - Fri /  Pretty sure my uterus is going to just rupture into pieces #somuchpain

4- Sat /  My 4th of July was all about Alexander Hamilton #onrepeat

I will send a gallery of Hamilton memes to remind you of my love ...

5 - Sun  / My brother got to come home from the hospital!!! #Sorelieved

6 - Mon / Thought the day was going so well & smooth for a Monday, when all of a sudden everything broke down & it was RUSH to the bank when it closed in 40 minutes & I live 35 minutes away. #GETOUTOFMYWAYSLOWDRIVERS

7 - Tues /  I felt like a genius fixing my check scanner! #moveoverITdept

8 - Wed / A trip  to the OBGYN to see what the heck is happening. #talksofhystercotomy

9 - Thurs / Kentucky is losings its mind when the Governor makes masks mandatory. #gottatreatkidslikekids

10 - Fri / Love that the place that does mammograms & screenings, ultrasounds is open late on Friday & even on Saturday. #fridaynightultrasound

11 - Sat / COVID finally has reached someone in our family #NashvilleGanginQuarentine

12 - Sun /  I couldnt be happier to see that Kroger Click List is back to normal & not an hour wait. #inandoutin5minutes

13 - Mon /  I had 3 special requests in my Etsy store for masks so spent the night sewing. #happytooblige

14 - Tues /  Had to do a bank run for work at the end of the day & put on my mask to run in a restaurant to pick up a to-go order of nachos #DELISH

15 - Wed /  Reading Bob Goff's new book Dream Big & thought I didnt have any dreams left but finding out the total opposite. #makealistofthingstodo

16 - Thurs /   The hair salon can use dryers now so I finally was able to get my hair straightened the RIGHT way for the first time since March! #makesitlooksolong

17 - Fri /  Sweating it out working in the barn & just didnt want to leave this Baby girl #thesweetestanimalever

18 - Sat /  We had so many plans to go out & do some things but the heat was DISGUSTING so we slimmed it down to a trip to Target & picking up Tumbleweed to go #stayintheACasmuchaspossible

19 - Sun /  Went over to see my mother in law to celebrate her birthday #BirthdaywasFriday

20 - Mon /  We were so excited Julie got her COVID negative result!! #gladsheishealthy

21 - Tues / Happy 7th Birthday Harvey Dent! #ourbigbaby

22 - Wed /  I got to take off a half a day at work to go to the hematologist to get more blood drawn to see where my levels are at #knowingitsgonnabebad

23 - Thur / .... ANDDDD I was right. #nowonderImdragging

24 - Fri / Today would have been dad's 76th Birthday & I hate not celebrating with him. #HappyBirthdayDad

25- Sat / Finally got to see Sophia play some tennis for the first time in 2020.  #WINNERWINNER

26 - Sun / Saw my first Pumpkin Spice sighting of the year #itsSTILLJuly

27 - Mon /  We FINALLY got some rain but it came in the form of storms while I was working & was surrounded by scared Aussies while Zoe ran for the closet. #poorbabies

I throw all my overnight envelopes next to my garbage can so they dont fill it up - it makes the perfect safe space for Harvey

28 - Tues /   I honestly just have to stay off Facebook because people are giving me anxiety with all their arguing & comments about all things COVID, schools, treatment, politics. #icanthandleitanymore

29 - Wed /  I am having a heck of a time with a sinus infection & of course, you instantly think, "The Rona got me" #sorethroatfordays

30 - Thurs /  Between the migraine & the vertigo that hit me at night, I basically thought my head was going to explode #MISERABLE

31 - Fri /  Days like this make me so glad about working from home because I couldnt have drove with the world spinning like it was #vertigoisnNOTfun

Tell me something good that happened in your July!

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