Thursday, August 29, 2019

Produce, Hanging tough & my nurse is more hairy than yours {Thankful Thursday #235}

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This week I'm Thankful For:

Healthy yummies
Our neighbors are just blessing us with the yummiest of yummies.  All sorts of fresh veggies & always replenishing our fridge with cartons of fresh eggs.  So grateful that they share all these with us. I cant tell you how many nights, I've just looked forward to tomato & hummus sandwiches!!!  I wish I could give them something back in return - but the only things we have in our back yard are tore up tennis balls & stretched out tug-of-war socks.

One needle stick
It hurt like a dickens for the 2.5 hours it was in my hand... but I'm glad I wasn't a pin cushion this week at my infusion

Bruno still hanging tough
Some days, Ricky & I say, this is going to be it - the day we have to let Bruno go.... & then he'll find a spurt of energy & walk around all day long, & eat well & have some spunk in his step.  I'm grateful for every precious day I get to kiss my little boys face.

Harvey Taking care of me
Y'all think I'm joking when I say that Harvey takes care of me after infusions - but seriously - when I get in bed with my "infusion flu" - this dog does NOT leave my side.  Ernie will come lay down with me for like 2 minutes - until he sees something move in the backyard (usually Ricky) & takes off running. Harvey will perk up & look out the window - but lay right back down with me.  & nap time? He's ALLLL about it.  I just love my snuggly big boy.

Yep, he's asleep on my arm
Fall decorations out
I love when Halloween &fall decorations come out. Seriously - it gives me all the warm & fuzzy feels. My happy season. 

Washi Tape Clearance
I honestly can't believe how much washi tape I got on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  I got 4 of the LONG tubes of washi that are usually $19.99 - I paid $4.99 each... & there were short tubes I got for $3.99. That's the price of ONE kind of washi - I ended up with like 75 pieces of washi!!!! That's gonna last me awhile!

(I even got more washi after taking this pic!!!) - I need to take a pic of all of it together combined with all my other washi.
OG HSM buddy
One of my OG girls from MSM has been sort of MIA & I just have been so worried about her - reaching out to her & staying in touch.  So when I walked in on Sunday & saw her, I just ran up & hugged her so tight. I dont know if she'll return to us on a regular basis (I'm praying for that though) but I'm just glad she made the effort to come at all. 

Watching Sun rise
I talked about this on Monday - but it was just so calming & lovely & good for the soul to just sit & enjoy the beautiful day start.  Sometimes, we all need moments like this.....

"Be Still & know that I am God" -Psalm 46:10

Tell me something good about your week

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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

What's Up Wednesdasy

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What We're Eating This Week
So Ricky & I have become addicted to this vegetarian lasagna
Amy's Vegetable Lasagna
It fills us both us & we have leftovers for the next day too.
I'm really picky about anything "pasta" because there tends to be a lot of garlic - I'm not a fan of garlic. & dont feel bad, garlic doesnt like me either.
But this doesnt have a strong garlic flavor to it - but still a good spice/season flavor.
This is a weekly must on our grocery list now.
... & for all of you that have the time to make home made lasagna. I applaud you.
I feel equally as proud to put something in the oven & pull it out 40 minutes later.
Its like I slaved over the stove all on my own.

What I'm Reminiscing About
I miss Christian Bookstores!!!!
First Family Christian bookstores disappeared...
& now Lifeway has closed up shop.
Makes me so super sad.
I always loved going in there & finding gifts & cards & books & bible studies & especially Christian art & shirts & hats.
... & I know that Amazon & online shopping is the reason - but there was something special about going in these stores & browsing.

Makes me even sadder that we live in a world that Christian based stores can't make it.
At the heart of it, that's the saddest part of it all.

What I'm Loving
e.l.f. Instant Lift Brow Pencil, Red/Coppr
Click pic for link to Ulta
I had never tried any sort of eye brow pencil & I wanted to just see if it would really make a difference.
Enter this baby - I invested a big $2.00 to give it a shot.
& I LOVE IT! It makes a HUGE difference.
How can you lose for $2.00?

What We've Been Up To
We're on the car hunt.
I got my brakes "fixed" about 2 months ago & yeah... they're not fixed.
They're worse than ever.  They JACKED up my car something crazy.
I've had my car for 7 years so I'm debating on taking my car somewhere else to get it REALLY fixed, or looking into getting another car.
Ricky on the other hand - he NEEDS a car. His car gets to work & back home only due to prayers being lifted every day. Its bad.
So we're seeing if anyone can give us a deal to buy TWO cars.
We've done that before & it pays off for us.... so we'll see.

What I'm Dreading
See above - a car payment

What I'm Working On
Me.  right now, I'm really trying hard to work on me.

What I'm Excited About
Fall. Enough said.

This adorable graphic tee is a must-have for ladies who are in love with all things fall!

What I'm Watching / Reading
I've been hooked into the new show on Hulu Four Weddings & a Funeral - super cute!

Image result for four weddings and a funeral hulu

& currently reading An Anonymous Girl
Image result for the anonymous girl

What I'm Listening To
I have always ALWAYS been a fan of Priscilla Shirer & when we were at Women of Joy, we found out her sister, Chrystal, is going to be speaking next year.
So I looked her up & have been addicted to her podcast ever since.
Those Evans girls... man, they have a blessing poured upon them with speaking.

Related image

What I'm Wearing
I tried out a new bralette from Target ... its a Jockey Cami Strap Bralette.
I LOVE IT! It's so comfortable - gives pretty decent support - especially for small thin straps.
I love it! For that price, I'll keep stocking up on these babies!
Jockey GenerationĆ¢„¢ Women's SeamfreeƂ® Cami Strap Bralette - image 1 of 3

What I'm doing this Weekend
Hopefully NOT doing an infusion.
I'm really thinking I'm going to skip it.
I see the Hematologist next week so I may just cancel this one & if she says I HAVE to have it - then I'll put it at the end. I just dont want my long holiday weekend to have yuck involved.

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month
Getting back into a women's bible study group.
I'm joining in with my precious friend & a bunch of ladies that I've "churched" with over the years.
I am looking forward to going & soaking up the messages & conversation & not having to lead this go around.  I enjoyed leading the Women's group I was involved in for a few years, but I know everything has a season & I have too much going on in life to take on too much right now.
So I'm happy to just sit in the group & talk all about God!

What Else is New
Ernie is still in his agility training & its crazy to see how he listens to Ricky with a new intent.
I know going forward, when we get a new puppy - because we all know we'll get another puppy - we're going to start them in agility training early on.  Gives such discipline.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

How I can mess up a game of Would you Rather

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I always love a good game of Would you Rather - forcing you into picking a choice/side... so I had to join in with Dara at Not in Jersey to play along!

Now, before going into this - know I'm a Centralist.
Through & through. I see both sides to most things - not all - but most things.
So watch me mess this game up. I'm good at that.

1. Would you rather start your day without coffee or start your day knowing you had to stay up until 3 AM?
So if I started my day without coffee, does that mean I still have to stay up to 3am?
Or does it just mean I dont start my day with coffee - because that happens all the time.

& if I had to stay up to 3am - could I still have coffee SOMEWHERE in my day, just not morning?
I have questions.

2. Would you rather spend the day at a nude beach where you don’t know anyone there or spend the day at your neighborhood beach (or pool I guess!) wearing a skimpy bikini?
So can I wear a cover up with this skimpy bikini in front of people I know?
If not - I'd do the nude beach.
I'll never see those people again - & let's face it, people at nude beaches give no cares what they look like - I'd fit right in.

3. Would you rather lead a glitter craft party for 6 year olds or put on a home fireworks display with 13 year olds?
This one, I can give a full on answer to
I'd totally do a glitter party. I'd be throwing it in the air alongside them.
& I'm 100% not a fan of fireworks!
This one was easy.
Image result for throwing glitter gif

4. Would you rather wake up and discover a new space in your house that you didn’t know about or discover a bank account that you didn’t know you had with $10,000 in it?
I'm on a roll - I have another answer!
Totally take the $10,000!!!! SO MUCH TO DO WITH IT.
The room would just be another room to clean. No thanks.

5. If you had one child permanently stuck at a certain age, would you rather have them stuck at 3 weeks, 18 months, or 3 years?
3 years old is a TOTAL no... & 3 weeks are the wake up every few hours
so 18 months is a no brainer.
PLUS - it'll keep you in total shape chasing those newly walking babies.

6. Would you rather change a poopy toddler diaper or clean up dog poop from a rug?
Oh please.
Cleaning up dog poop from a rug is like my daily life.

7. Would you rather have a huge surprise birthday party thrown for you or have everyone forget your birthday?
Who would turn down a party thrown for you?
Bring it on baby!!!
Another no brainer here!

... sorry - this made me start singing the song from The Breakfast Club

Image result for dont you forget about me meme

8. Would you rather take a job you are a little under qualified for or one that you are way over qualified for?
Is this game based  off my life - because once again, here we are.

I had to take an entry position after working at my last job for 25 years - but I had to do it to get a job with health insurance.
& I actually really liked it because you learn more I think when you start on the ground floor. See how things work from a different perspective.
& you can only go up from there, right?

Plus, who would want to live up to the pressure of a job that your under qualified  for?
That gives me anxiety just thinking of it.

Image result for underqualified for job meme


Image result for underqualified for job meme

9. Would you rather have a full house of guests for a week or be alone in your house for a week?
I love visitors, I love talking to people, I love conversation & laughter & games with loved ones... but y'all - a week in a full house?
All the panic is arising.
Give me a book & my coffee & dogs & I'm good in my house alone for a week.

Feel free to join in - or add any questions you come up with.
I have that card game of Would You Rather- I may start a new monthly question link up :)
See how weird we all think.

Monday, August 26, 2019

The weekend I'm about over it....

As long as Friday took to end, how is fair that Saturday & Sunday went super fast? 
I'll answer that - not fair at all.

Especially when half of the weekend, you feel like crud.
At least it was a gorgeous - GORGEOUS - weekend. The little smidgen taste of Fall. Not even Fall really. It was in the low 80's - but that felt like fall. That's how hot it has been lately. When 80 feels cool.

Friday, I spent my whole evening out on the back porch reading. I was determined to finish this book... & I had 40 pages left when I couldnt even see any longer in the light - so came in & finished it on my couch. 

What a sweet book... I'm glad I let it take up my evening.

I was so worn out so I just went to bed after I shut the cover on that book.  I go to bed on toddler time on Fridays. The weeks just wear me down.

I knew I needed the sleep because I slept for 9.5 hours!!!! GLORIOUS!!!!!

Plus, the morning was so cool & fresh & crisp... a perfect morning - all except, I had to pack up my infusion bag & head back Downtown to get needles jabbed in my veins. Good times.

I have really been having discussions with myself on if I want to continue with these. They make me feel so bad... they hurt... I dont think they help because I feel like I'm just going to be back to where I'm at in 3 months anyways... I'm just sort of over it.

& ready for some TMI?... I say that for everyone else because I have no shame - nothing is TMI for me.  Have 3 surgeries on your bum in 8 months time & have a colorectal surgeon as your most used doctor over a year & again, no shame.... But ever since I started these infusions, I've been bleeding like my period.  But is a period if you bleed for 3 weeks straight? ... & that's what kicked off my hemoglobin dropping to a 7 because I at one point was bleeding for 6 months straight. & when I say bleeding, I mean, bleeding - like day 2 of a period bleeding.  Sorry if there's any guys reading this. All the ladies are totally giving me sympathy right now - they get it. 

I dont know what it is about these infusions that gets me started again on this non stop blood rush (ewww) but I feel like I'm sitting there suffering through these treatments for absolutely no reason.

I dont know what to do.....


They did get the needle in this time on the first time - but let me tell you - it HURT - the entire time.  At one point, it burned & hurt so bad, if I didnt know I only had 30 minutes left in the treatment, I would have rang the nurses buzzer to get the needle out.

When the nurse took it out at the end of the treatment, she was one of the ones that was trying on me when I had to do the 7 sticks... she said, "Look at that - we are leaving today with no tears"... I was like YEP!... & then got in the elevator & cried!!! HARD! My hand was hurting so bad, I couldnt even use it. I couldnt turn the key to my car, I couldnt lift my phone - talk about dire pain.

Even now, it STILL hurts... & I have all these veins now popping up in my hand that also hurts...
anyone know what the heck is happening here?

I have no luck man....

When I left my treatment, I feel 'iffy' but know the "INFUSION FLU" is going to hit me about 2 hours later... so I had been wanting to get to Hobby Lobby all weke & made a mad dash in there - knowing I had a plan to get in & out.  Planner stickers were on sale & washi tape was on clearance - I had that tip from my work sister Liz so I was in & out... didnt even stop at the yarn section!

I got home & was still feeling pretty decent... thought, "look at me, I may not get sick this time".... & then tick tock... 2 hours hit & down I went.

Even after 9.5 hours of sleep, I was knocked out. So mad that I had to spent this beautiful day inside feeling bad.

I ended up waking up about 2 hours later & still had a fever so I just stayed in bed for awhile...

I watched RBG & loved it!!! Gave me all the feels....

Image result for rbg documentary

& then I watched a documentary about The Fittest People in the World - about a Crossfit competition. I love that kind of stuff.  Nothing like making you feel bad about yourself seeing all these fit people living their best life & I'm stuck in bed like a beached whale.  hmph.

Sunday, I guess with all that sleep, I was up & at em at 5:00am... I tried to go back to sleep & just couldnt. So I made the best of it & made a cup of hot coffee, got a blanket because it was 59 degrees outside & sat on my front porch to watch the sun rise.  Loved it.

Ricky woke up & came out there in time to see the sun rise too - we sat out there for about another 45 minutes just chatting & enjoying our time together in a rare still moment.

Then off to HSM & I was so glad to see my MSM Sister, Jana - I hadn't seen her in awhile & I was so excited to just hug her & tell her how much I've missed her & loved her.  What a special soul she is!!!

I came home because I still wasn't feeling all that great & loaded up a new book on my Kindle & went outside to to read it... only to take another nap. Maybe I'm not up to par just yet....

My momma called & told me she needed to go to the store so I went on over & took care of the horses & we headed out to pick up some things.  Can I say how excited I am that Halloween decorations are out everywhere?  Forget Christmas - I could decorate for Halloween so much better. I love it all!!!!

Got home to do some more reading & getting my planner ready for the week - I mean, goodness knows I'm all prepared with all the stickers & washi!!! - Speaking of which, I'm taking pics to join in with the beautiful Alexandra for her planner link ups so I'll be talking more about my planner each month... if that sort of thing interests you.

& we're back to Monday... let's all count down because this next weekend is a LONG WEEKEND! YAHOO!... just another reason why I dont want to do the next infusion. Who wants to spend it sick?  But also dont want to spend it exhausted... but these infusions make me exhausted too... Its a lose lose situation. Seriously. .... can everyone do a big sigh with me?


How was your weekend?

Do you like all things planners/planning?

Any thoughts about these infusions?

Take votes... is my hand going to explode with my painful veins?

Friday, August 23, 2019

Friday Favorite

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Favorite Toilet Cleaner

... I never thought I'd have a favorite one of these...
but how cute!!
They even have a white cat too

Favorite Cleaning gadget

I had no idea there was such a CUTE way to clean the microwave.
Yeahhh - you can just use a boil of water, but would that bring a smile to my face? 
I didnt think so
... plus, they have ones with different colored hair.
There's even one that reminds me of Belle with a yellow dress & brown hair!!!

Favorite Chip clips

ahhhh... furry babies!!

Favorite Hair Barrettes

I NEED - NEEEEEED - those bows in my hair!

Favorite Baby Gift

So its a nightlight & sound machine (Y'all know I love me a sound machine) & then just the magical kid experience of fire flies in a jar.... ahhh... forget the baby! I want this!

Favorite pens

give me all the alpacas and/or sheep products
#alpacayarn #thebest

Favorite Halloween Shirt

Bibbidi Bobbidi BOO - Halloween T-Shirt - Fall - Disney - Cinderella - Pumpkin - Mouse Ears - Mickey

Favorite Headband

I love a soft headband to take my make up off at night
... who thinks of these cute things???

Favorite Funnies

#coffee #letterboardquotes

Morning Funny Meme Dump 35 Pics

Morning Funny Meme Dump 34 Pics

Morning Funny Meme Dump 35 Pics

Morning Funny Meme Dump 38 Pics

Afternoon Funny Meme Dump 37 Pics

Afternoon Funny Meme Dump 36 Pics

Morning Funny Meme Dump 37 Pics

.... when I have the perfect comeback to reply 

GIPHY! ( October 6, 2016 at 06:53PM

... when I get my Target total when I just wanted to run in for some toothpaste

GIPHY! ( August 19, 2019 at 08:49PM

... me walking by the meat section of a store & the butcher is in front of the counter

GIPHY! ( February 11, 2019 at 12:54PM

... when I watch Ernie all day long on our home security cameras

GIPHY! ( July 30, 2019 at 06:26PM

.... me at 4:30pm today

GIPHY! ( August 15, 2019 at 04:40PM

Happy weekend y"all!

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Thankful Thursday #234

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This week I am Thankful for:

Physicians Assistant
SOOO... I had to go back to my colorectal surgeon this past week - STILL having pain... (cue the tears & me throwing a 2 yr old tantrum on the floor).  But I am so thankful for the PA.  I love my surgeon too - she's wonderful - but this PA - she is just the kindest soul. ALWAYS has a smile on her face. Comforts me when I cry - which we all know, is EVERY TIME I have to go in this office.  I'm just so thankful I have gotten in with a good team for these issues.  If you gotta have a pain in the butt, I'm glad I have good people I trust.

I love they carry my face wipes that I can ONLY find there (Neutrogena Natural face wipes - only kind that dont break my face out)... but I'm love Walgreens to pick up fast stuff to take on my out of town trip. Give me ALL the snacks.

Pharmacy push up my order
OK... I could complain because I went to drop off my prescription from my surgeon & they had to make it - a compound prescription. I get that. No problem.  So I come back 24 hours later & was told, its still not ready - it would be ANOTHER 24 hours. GEEZ - come on man! I was leaving to go out of town for the weekend & then they're closed on Sunday so it would be 5 days till I got it? Not cool at all. So I told the tech that I was leaving for out of the town the next day & was there anything they could do? ... they told me to come back in 2 hours, WHICH I wasn't too thrilled about -I had to drive all the way home & back again... BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got it. Man. Its hard sometimes to find the joy in some situations - & I was grumbling the whole car ride back down... but I am thankful I got it on Friday instead of waiting another few days to get it on Monday.

New Roof
We were nervous picking out a new color for our roof.  Ricky is very particular on how roofs looks - me? I've never paid attention to them before - but when I realized that this was going to be what our home would look like for the rest of our lives - THE PRESSURE!!!!  ... but it turned out really great & the contrast of the new texture of it is just so pretty. We love it!!!!

My Sisters in Christ
Loved getting to spend some time with my framily on our trip up to Indianapolis - just laughing & conversation & worshiping - this was just on the drive up.  Not the actual conference. I love my sisters.

Women of Joy
This was just one of the best conferences for me.  I know a lot can depends on the topics or situations you are going through - but man, I just enjoyed EVERY single speaker & just loved the whole thing.  I didnt even think I'd enjoy Mercy Me as much as I did. It was just a soul filling experience.

The beautiful ladies I got to go with...
I'm actually in the very back row with one other that you can't see & a quarter of a face you can see :) LOL
Greenville has some pretty special ladies at it
I will say it every time - there's something special & heart tugging to worship in an environment of thousands of others doing the same thing. Just a SMIDGEN of what Heaven will be like - & I can't imagine that experience. What a day of rejoicing that will be.

Touches from Heaven
I talked about it on Monday - but I loved the touches of Heaven that God gave me on these 2 days from my daddy & my friend.  & Just felt the goodness & mercy of God the entire weekend.

Hubby text
Ricky had called me Friday night when we were in the middle of the concert & I just picked up the phone & not being able to hear him, yelled, IF SOMETHING IS WRONG- TEXT ME!!!! .... & then my phone buzzed with a text. Uh-oh - I thought something was wrong.  But it was so cute - he text me that he missed me & loved me.  Brought a big ole smile to my face.

My own bed
There really is nothing like your own bed to sleep in

Image result for sleeping in your own bed meme
Basically me Sunday morning

Sister leaders
We started HSM 3 weeks ago but I hadn't seen my sister leaders yet - they both were out of town the first week & then I didnt go the 2nd week with Julie & William visiting... so it was so good to see them for the first time in awhile since summer break.  Love Rachel & Bekah so much - so glad to hear their wisdom they share with the girls too.

I am so excited to have found these babies at Michaels... with a 40% off coupon. I only needed 5 markers to get all the ones they make... & BAM! I now am the owner of all the Mildliner colors... makes me happy!

What good things happened in your week?

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