Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I absolutely LOVE - am always going there looking for Bible studies, books & neat little gifts - they always have AWESOME Christian shirts/sweatshirts - just fun stuff!

Every Friday, they send an email for Friday Bargains - things they just marked down...

This past Friday - I opened it up & almost SCREAMED!!!! There was something there that had literally traumatized me since I was little... seriously! What is it... Oh, I hate even putting this picture here.... but I'm going to show you what has bothered me over MANY, MANY years!!!!

Yes - that right there freaks me out - the cartoon version of "The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe"... THAT exact movie!

Let me tell you - I have no idea what year that came out - but look at the graphics... I think its safe to say, its been at least 25 years! But I can remember watching it when I was little. And it totally tore me up!!!!! So much, in fact, that when the movie version came out - I refused to see it! And Steven Curtis Chapman - my main man - wrote a song for it ... nope, still couldnt go see it!

I remember Aslan & in this cartoon, his sacrifice, & the way they treated him... his laying there with his mane shaved, ropes holding him down - the strong King knocked down to a fragile being... I can cry STILL thinking about it!

Now, I'm a animal lover anyways - so that made it horrible ANYWAYS...

& Yes, I understand the symbolism of it being Christ, but as a small child, all I saw was this animal that sacrificed himself only to get tortured... It was horrible....

So needless to say - I still havent seen the new movie - or even the follow up, "Prince Caspian"... thank goodness there was never a cartoon version of that!

And look - I found this video... look how corny it is - its funny to think about how this could frighten a child so much - but just the line "experience the charm, the treachery.... the battle between good & evil.... & the breathtaking act of selfless courage".... oh dang... I swear, I got sick to my stomach at just that again...

I see where the whole movie is on You Tube too.... I thought I'd give it a shot watching it again - I can't do it... I need some serious counseling on this issue - right? hehe!

Anyone remember seeing this when they were little?


  1. Oh, Rebecca, you're missing out on one of the greatest movies ever! The theater version of this story is phenomenal...I read the book with the kids, then went to see it with them, and we all loved it.

    You need to give it a chance.


    I can see how the cartoon version would freak you out, though. Just the picture looks scary!

  2. Oh I loved the cartoon version!! I agree the graphics are a little creepy, but it was a good attempt at bringing such a wonderful story to life. You need to see the live action one. It is sooooo very good.


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  4. I remember watching this movie when I was a little kid after church! I loved it, but you're right about the graphics - kinda scary!

  5. Haha, it is so funny the things that scare us as a kid and we carry into adulthood!! You do need to watch the 'real' one soon though, you would like it!

  6. Of course I remember watching this when I was little. It was so intrigiung because I never watched the whole thing in one sitting. It was on TV and I'd always miss parts of it so I didn't quite know what was going on so it was like a quest for me to watch the whole thing.

    Yes, it was very very sad, I agree, but hello? It works out in the end right? Hmmm, at least I think it does, maybe I never saw the end...

  7. RJ,
    I have never seen the cartoon version, but girl the one that came out a couple of years ago is truly wonderful. It is better than Prince Caspian, but both are good. Hope you can watch it soon.

    Love you girl,

  8. My sister got really freaked out from the movie "The Dark Crystal" when we were kids and still can't even see the box. I was thinking about getting it for her for her birthday, but I'm not that mean...yet.

  9. I took my son to see the play at a local theatre when he was younger but he never expressed an interest in seeing any of the movies, maybe this is why! The tagline is a little mature sounding for a kids cartoon movie!

  10. The cartoon, "The Hobbit" gave me the willies - still does. Gollum is creepy in the live-action movies, but the cartoon version is enough to freak me out!

  11. I TOTALLY remember this video. Too funny! Watching it was like stepping back to the days of my beloved Saturday morning cartoons.

    Totally made me smile. Thanks for this.


  12. I am telling you, you must watch the movie! It is so worth it to see him come back in the end stronger than ever and ready to make everything right! Just like Jesus.
    And, again, I tell you, READ the books!!!

  13. I didn't watch that one, but I wasn't usually scared of movies. However, if they made me sad, I couldn't ever watch them again. I only within the last year or two have been able to watch It's a Wonderful Life.

  14. Nope, I never saw the cartoon version. I think I've only seen the "real" version maybe once or twice. huh. Sorry you've been traumatized!! It's a really good movie!

  15. No I never saw this! But I do have other movies that traumatized me. Most recently was I Am Legend *shudder*

  16. I'm that way with the Princess Bride. That movie freaked me out as a kid, and I about flipped out when I rediscovered it (I hadn't remembered what the movie was called, so my friends made me watch it with them as a movie I just "had" to see...yikes!).

  17. lol I never knew they had a cartoon version! Wow!


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