Monday, September 28, 2009

The muppets, some slips & the BAAAZZZZZ

Before we even get started... the MAN is in the house... Baaaaazzzzz... the maker of Moulin Rouge & Strictly Ballroom AND Romeo & Juliet... love this dude!

We get started with Joanna & Derek - I still dont dig this girl. Cant help it. And WHO in the heck decided she needed to look like Rapuntzel tonight? That was some massive hair....

Natalie & Alec - the Million Dollar Mermaid! This girl, I think could be the diamond in the rough. She was so elegant & I thought she did a great job. Of course, judges had to pick on the one thing she mentioned in her piece - that she holds her breath. Would they really have known that if she didnt say anything about it? hmmm...

Chuck & Anna - SCARY... only word I can think of... dude looked like he would KILL you if you said anything bad about his dancing... so moving on....

Melissa & Mark - love the polka dot dress & the shoes. Jive was just a little too much for her little Sabrina the teenage witch feet.... they needed some magic put on them.

Michael Irvin & Anna - He definitely has improved his dancing. But no wonder - the man is working like 20 hours a day & says mantras of "I know pain".... that makes dancing sound like SOOO much fun

Debbie Mazar & Maks - this is why I'm going to like this couple - she's already telling Maks to quite talking to her like an idiot. She's going to be a good equal for him. And this couple is pretty darn smart! Using Baz's own soundtrack from Moulin Rouge. I'd choose them to win just for this dance with this song alone! ... who says I'm not easily swayed.

Louie Vito & Chelsea - again - his smile is going to pull him through the competition... not his dancing... but it IS just a darn cute smile! Aaron Carter & Karina - Who picked that music? The Muppet Show Theme? Seriously? All the music out there in the world & you pick the theme to the Muppet Show? weird.... I will give it to Aaron though - even wearing that hideous green suit - he did dance well!

Kelly Osbourne & Louie - I LOVE this girl. I love her face gives it all away - when she messes up & when she's happy. Poor thing obviously messed up - but I love that Tom whispered to her "Dont give up" & that her mom gave her the fists of "HANG IN THERE".... I just want to root for her!

Kathy Ireland & that hottie Tony - "Shall we Dance" from the King & I... weird costumes... stiff dancing... but smiles always on her gotta like her regardless of how bad her dancing is.

Mark & Lacy - a stumble at the beginning - but the master martial artist recovered like the grasshopper he is! And Lacy just looked so cute in her 1940's look...

Mya & Dmitry - OK - besides Dmitry looking disturbing as a nerd with his FLOOD waters - not even HIGH waters - this dance was A-MAZ-ing!! She looks like a pro!

Tom Delay & Cheryl - Poor guy... I really like this guy. Seriously - compare him to the likes of George Hamilton & Jerry Springer & some of the older guys of the past seasons. This guy really has rhythm & can dance. But my heart broke for him at the end where he stumbled & almost dropped Cheryl. The look on his face just about killed me.... he looked so disappointed & like he let Cheryl down. It just made me sad..... I dont know why - but I like this guy!

Donnie Osmond & Kim - I've been waiting all night for him to dance!!!! And I wasnt disappointed... cant say anything bad about this guy!!!! Glad they saved him to the end...

So who do you like? And did you notice all the dances seemed WAY short tonight? Or is it just me? Thoughts? Who do you think is going tonight? I'm thinking Kathy... lets talk some dance!


  1. Oh girl...I was waiting for this've even got ME taking notes now! My son was like, "Mama, what's that for?" It's so I can comment intelligently! LOL's my take...

    Joanna and Derek - I like Derek, just not his pursed lip partner. Sorry, honey, but you're not doing much for me.

    Natalie and Alec - LOVE her! Her face is so eager, and she has a grace that shines through. Natural talent just waiting to be honed! LOVED her purple dress too!

    Chuck and Anna - He was ferocious! I agree with you in that he was better than last week.

    Melissa and Mark - Oh boy, it hurt to watch her dance. She's trying so hard but missing the mark, I fear.

    Michael and Anna - I do not care for this couple. He did improve, but I don't think he's going to last many more weeks.

    Debi and Maks - Dynamite tango! They're like fire and ice! I think he's met his match!

    Louie and Chelsie - You know...I don't think he did too poorly. He's very youthful and endearing!

    Aaron and Karina - Very good...especially considering it's only Week Two. I don't care one iota for her, though. You know she's already picturing that mirror ball at the end.

    Kelly and Louis - My heart hurt for her. Her lack of self-confidence really affected her tonight. I hope she stays, though.

    Kathy and Tony - Please tell me she did not say "Narly" in her opening comments. Gag. She's too old to use that word! I thought Tony looked like a bellhop, and the dance was something that Julie Andrews would have sung or danced too. Quaint but not very good.

    Mark and Lacey - I really like this couple. His smile is magnetic and really draws you in. Such natural talent!!

    Mya and Dmitry - Wowsa! That girl can shimmy! He was totally adorable dressed up as a nerd! LOVED the dance!!!

    Tom and Cheryl - I thought this dance suited him, but his body let him down at the end. Poor guy. Hope he didn't wrench out his back!

    Donny and Kym - I still do not like Kym (cover up, honey!), but he's a wonderful showman and so enthusiastic. He's going to go far in this competition.

    Can't wait to see who gets the boot tomorrow night!

  2. Great breakdown! That Muppet music left me scratching my head, too! So strange! Donny is still my favorite!

  3. Oh girl,
    Can we just talk a minute?!! There were some w-e-i-r-d moments in this one tonight, but some REALLY good ones too.

    I told Dak that I thought the dances seemed short to me too. Picture this, me in teenagers room hanging out on his bed with him on the other side of me talking his head off every time the dance was over. He couldn't wait to get me out of his room so he could watch Season 3 of Smallville on DVD, but D was in the other room watching Heroes, so he let me in and even watched the first hour with me. Wasn't that sweet?!! hahaha it was so funny. He was just NOT impressed. hahahahahahahaha

    I really like the little snow boarder and the swimmer and Mia and Donnie and Tom (poor guy) and Miss Kelly. This is going to be a fun and interesting season.

    Okay thanks for letting me ramble.

    Love ya ~~ Have a Blessed day,

  4. didn't the show seem a little lackluster last night? I couldn't get into it for some reason.

    I did love Baz's accent though. And Dmitry is so hot that even with his nerd outfit he wasn't half bad :D

    I felt so badly that Kelly messed up. She is trying so hard!

  5. I loved, loved, loved Donny's dance. It was fun and not over the top. The show was very slow to me. I so want Kelly to do well, bless her heart!!

  6. So glad to find someone else that is addicted to DWTS. I love Donny. I've loved him for my whole life no matter what he does. Would love to see him in Vegas. I think the ultimate fighter guy will go tonight. As far as the pros - I love Derek Hough. Just think he's so good and just adorable.

  7. It was a great night of dancing. I still like my snow boarder.

  8. I sorta half watched it and I feel bad that I missed so much!


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