Sunday, May 23, 2010

Project 365-16

Clickin away this week... let's see what we came up with...

Sunday - Wizin't it Wonderful?.... Box seats, with my mom, watching "Wicked" - it was INCREDIBLE... I am still listening to the soundtrack now that I have visuals in my head of the play along with the songs... I want to watch the Wizard of Oz now to see how the play makes me look differently at it...

Monday - Cupcake Celebration.... A birthday in the office calls for a sweet treat... & oh my goodness - these cupcakes were DA BOMB... that was for you Trina ...And because the only small things on my body are my hands, I got everyone's rings from the top of their cupcakes... SCORE!

Tuesday - KISS ME.... Finished the Disney Puzzle - how cute is this - all revolving around Disney Kisses... love that Belle is on there avoiding a kiss from Gaston ... love seeing Esmeralda from Hunchback on here too - she never gets any Disney shout outs!

Wednesday - Diet Time for Bruno .... Bruno went to the vet for his check up & we were told he's gained a LOT of weight... not surprising... so poor little boy is going on a diet & getting more exercise... I took him for a walk & felt like Jillian from Biggest Loser pushing him to go a little further.  He only made it a half mile before he collapses... poor Chub-a-wumba... (I actually call him that & he knows that as his name)

Thursday -RESCUE team to the call.... It was the cutest thing EVER - we saw Zoe out laying on the ground just watching something... we ran up to see what she was getting into - it was a dragon fly - a BIG one too - but its wing was hurt & couldnt fly away.  Zoe just kept taking her nose & touching it real gently, like "Fly little thing" - but it couldnt... Here comes Bruno & did you see the last picture?  He would eat this poor dragon fly, so Ricky got it on this cardboard & put it over in some flowers... hope its little wing healed up.. I choose to believe it did & he's not flying around happily ever after

Friday - Boys will be boys.... I walk outside & smell smoke... I come around the corner & see Ricky with a magnifying glass who was using the sun to burn through receipt papers... "Come, watch this"... you would have thought he was a 5 yr old... he was so proud... (It was pretty cool really)

Saturday - Doing my share... It was time to drive to the recycle location... In all those bags are plastic bottles -  you cant even see in my back seat of the car, there are 5 more bags!!!  The tote is full of cardboard... & I still had to take another load of newspaper... Later in the night, Ricky went to throw away a water bottle & I yelled at him & told him, 'If you dont throw it in the recycle bin, you're like the oil spilling in the ocean" - he just rolled his eyes at me, but he threw the bottle in the bin!  I win...

Hope you've all had click-worthy moments...


  1. I just found out I am going to Wicked in Aug. I can't wait.. Have a great Sunday..
    Timmy is also on a diet.. Oops..

  2. so glad you like Wicked...but how could you not?! The sound track has all new meaning now after seeing it, doesn't it? Love that show!

    wow, honestly I thought every where had recycling pick up....I am proud of you for taking it yourself...I am not sure I would do that!

  3. I loved Wicked!

    That is so funny that your dog answers to the nickname you have for him. LOL

    Good for you on the recycling analogy. I may have to borrow that!

  4. I would LOVE to see Wicked - LOVE.To.See.It.

    Those cupcakes look divine and I love the rings!

    You go girl - make that man recycle!

  5. Wicked is the BEST! Saw it last summer and loved it! (read the book to...which is way different BTW!) And Happy happy...what fun cupcakes and rings!

  6. RJ,
    You are the recycling queen!! Good for you girlfriend!!!

    Love ALL your pics, and how sweet that Ricky is saving the dragonfly. Yep I am totally believing that little dragonfly made it with his bummed wing. I think I'll call him Nemo =)

    Love you girl ~~ have a Blessed week,

  7. Great week!

    Oh how I remember those days, what is it about boys and fire??


  8. Those cupcakes look AMAZING!!!! :)

  9. I thought of you when we went with the name Belle.. I knew you would love that name.. It is a good one..

  10. Loved Wicked!! It does make you look at The Wizard of Oz differently.
    Cute cupcakes!
    Good for you getting that puzzle done!!
    What is it about "boys" and fire? I don't think they ever out grow it!
    Have a super week!!

  11. was that wicked picture from new york?! we went and saw that when i was in new york with my family. so amazing. you never knew people could have such talent!

    way to recycle! we recycle our pop cans.

  12. Really cute post this week!
    Congrats on getting to see Wicked.
    Those cupcakes are adorable and are now making me crave buttercream frosting. (Not that it takes much...)
    Poor Bruno.
    Poor dragonfly. (Loved this story, by the way.)
    Yay for recycling!!!


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