Friday, January 07, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Oh Friday Fragments... how I've missed you.  The past two Fridays have been on Christmas Eve & New Years Eve - or you can call the it day of Ricky's birthday & the day after mine... Wow, we're some special people cramming in birthdays during all the hustle & bustle of the Holidays...but we're back - kicking off a new year of Friday Fragments...

Starting out - gotta give a big HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY to our grandbaby, Luke!  He turns one tomorrow!!! And its moments like this when the distance of where they live just really bites!  I cant believe we have grandsons that are 1 yr old & a 3 yrs old ... before I know it, we'll be talking graduations...
Happy Birthday Little-Ricky-Look-a-like!!!

Its official - I'm addicted to documentaries.  And I can blame Netflix for it.  Last week alone, I think I watched 7 different ones.  And to see the span of what I watch, in the same day, I watched one on Mother Teresa & another one on Joan Rivers!  I think its fair to say they are two different women - but both shows were great.  I have to say, if you get a chance to see the one with Joan Rivers, I was really impressed.  Say what you will about her, she's very witty, very smart & clever & has some spunk still in her!  I always love a funny gal anyways...


They announced yesterday that the New Kids on the Block & the Backstreet Boys are coming to our town in July... I felt like I was 14 yrs old again... I screamed & started jumping & wanted to instantly make signs that said "I LOVE YOU JORDAN!!!" ... who says you cant relive your childhood?

This whole dead bird thing is freaking me out.  I told Ricky that I think its a sign that Jesus is coming back... & then I saw this & I just thought it was the funniest thing ever... Jesus or the weather... one or the other...

SPAT OF THE WEEK:  Dog food.... we go through the dog food.  3 out of the 4 dogs all eat the same kind of food so we buy the big 40 lb bags.  I can pick up the bag & get it in the basket & pay for it & get it home.  Its not easy, or fun, because that big ole bag is just awkward to hold, but I can do it.  Now, getting it to the containers that hold the dog food is a different story.  If I cut the bag & try to pour it in, I cant hold it up... so I ask Ricky to do it.  I'm one of those people who can see the dog food will be out in a day or two - so why not go ahead & empty the food into the containers? NAAAHHHHH - that'd be too easy.  "Oh, they have food for today - I'll do it tomorrow"... then guess what he says the next day?  And the next day?  Until there isnt a crumb & he HAS to empty the food... & of course, that day always seems to be the busiest, most hectic, gotta hurry up & feed the dogs, kinda day.... geez... One day, when he does this & the dogs are waiting on him, I'm going to put peanut butter on his face & just have the dogs lick it off... that'll teach him...


I am loving Oprah's new channel - OWN.  I can tell I'm going to love "The Miracle Detectives" & the show with Peter Walsh having people clean up & organize their stuff.  I'm also anxious to watch the mess that is called "The Judds" ... but I can tell I'm going to have to DVR everything because its like every 5 minutes is a commercial.  Thank you Fast Forward Button.


Only because I grew up learning martial arts does this picture make me smile... a sword in a 6 yr olds hands... but look at that form!!! She's going to be a natural!!!!  GO SOPHIA!!!  (I have a picture of Madi with a BIGGER sword but I cant flip it... take better pictures with your phone Tony!)

OK - hope you all are getting back in the swing of things... I know its kicking my butt...
Happy Friday!!!


  1. Oh, Netflix. How I love you. Because of Netflix, I have watched things I would never have dreamed of watching. Like Keeping Up With The Kardashians. And I love it. I am so addicted to their drama.

  2. Happy Friday.. The bird thing was pretty wild.. Have a great weekend.. Great shot again with that sword.. Wow..

  3. Ahhh...the heavy dog food issue.

    I buy 50lb bags at Sams (way cheaper), and you are so right...emptying them out is a bear! I bought a 60lb container at Sams, so I go ahead and fill it up when I get home with the food. We're usually down to the bottom anyhow.

    I have found that scooping some out first helps lighten the load (I usually do the chore myself because either nobody is home or it's just easier than nagging).

    Different topic: Happy Birthday Luke! He's just getting cuter and cuter!

    Different topic (and response to your comment on my blog since it's easier to do it here) - Chicky colors in the lines because she was taught by the best -- me -- and we both know how anal I am about things. ;)

  4. Ha! I love that bird quote....or it could just be weather related...made me laugh!

    Little Ricky look a like is so so adorable!!! Look at those eyes and that smile! I want him!

  5. Happy Birthday to little Luke! He's definitely a cutie!

    I have never watched Oprah, so I probably won't see much of her network either. I'm just not a TV watcher.

    Love the bird sign!!! Jesus or the weather!!!

  6. Yeah, fragments are back!

    Luke is already one?! Oh my word. He is really an adorable baby.

    Procrastination, thy earthly name is Ricky.

    LOVE that last photo!

    Have a good weekend, honey. Stay warm in these frigid ole temps!

  7. OH RJ how I wish I was Fragging today. I even had a really funny one in my head, but just couldn't make it happen. Been going since EARLY this morning and haven't been home very long and SO much to do. But you know my sweet man is right now cleaning the kitchen. Have I said how much I love him lately? Well, let me just say it. I LOVE MY MAN!!!!!

    Now what ANY of this has to do with your post, I have NO idea.

    But I do LOVE little one's sword pose and that outfit, so cute!! Do they make those boots in my size?

    Love you girl ~~ have a Blessed weekend,

  8. Shhhhh... don't speak to me of documentaries. I've got quite a task ahead of me as I muddle through oscar nominees - a totally self-imposed task complete with a check list.

  9. I'll go ahead and admit this...I bought NKOTB's album and haven't been able to STOP listening to it for about 10 days. It's starting to take over my life... :)

  10. That Luke sure is a cutie pie! Love Netflix!

  11. I love me some Netflix! And the bird comment is VERY funny!

    I haven't looked at the OWN channel yet but you have peaked my interest! I may have to take a look....

  12. Your hubby with the dog food sounds a lot like my hubby! Why do they do that?!?

  13. We have every movie channel known to man, so I haven't succumbed to Netflix. I want to though - I really want to.

    My husband doesn't help. Rarely, really. He does other things I suppose :)

    Kristin - The Goat

  14. I'm cracking up over the bird comment!
    I swear I could have written the part about the dog food, except I can't pick up the bag at all. So we buy it together but then it stays in the trunk forEVER. Then He goes to work with the food in the trunk so even if I could lift it, it's not here.
    Can you feel my frustration? LOL
    I saw the New Kids & Backstreet Boys on the New Years' Eve special and acted like a total 13 year old! That would be great if you could go see them.

  15. The baby is so adorable and oh how it stinks they are far away. Mine are only an hour away and it stinks!
    You are the first blog I have visited that mentioned the is the creepiest thing isn't it?
    I LOVE fast forward I cannot even stand to watch anything now unless it has been recorded. My husband even figured out that if he waits 16 minutes into the recording he can start and still fast forward all the commercials...
    Happy New Year hope you are off to a good start!


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