Thursday, July 19, 2012


Remember when the world seemed so big?

As a kid, didnt things just look huge?

The playgrounds looked like Disney World...
A Milk Shake looked like a real Chocolate Mount Everest...
A present with a big bow held the world's possibilities inside of it...

I can remember my Elementary school.  It felt HUGE...
The hall ways looked forever long. 
The bathrooms were so scary with all the stalls in them.
The desks felt like my feet would dangle & never touch the ground...

I was able to go back to my Elementary School when I was 18 years old & I'll never forget the way it felt going back in...

Those hall ways?  They were itty bitty.  I honestly could probably stand in the center of the hall way & touch both sides at once just by stretching my arms.

Those bathrooms?  There were like 3 stalls & if an adult stands in them, your whole head would be over the door.  You'd have to squat as an adult on these tiny toilets made for children.

The desks?  I probably couldnt even get one leg inside of it, much less my whole body...

Things get smaller when you grow up - dont they?

That milk shake isnt enough now... its why someone created a 64 oz size
That playground looks pitiful with just a slide & two swings
That package?  When its so big, I just think, where am I going to store that?  I appreciate small packages now :)

We grow up... things get smaller in our world.

So when I was doing the youth lesson last weekend, I was really hit by a line that was brought to my attention from the movie, "Chronicles of Narnia:  Prince Caspian"

Lucy finds Aslan & when she sees him, she comments on his big he looks...

He says to her,
"I am not bigger... but every year you grow,
you will find me bigger"

How backwards is that? 

But we're talking about something more... something meaningful... God...

He does get bigger as we grow up, doesnt he?

We see His power... we feel His presence more... we see more of who He is.

When we're in Children's Ministry, singing "Jesus Loves Me" - its wonderful... its what our hearts & minds can understand...

But as we become teenagers & head into the fun world of being an adult - we learn wth each passing year, with each passing life experience... with each challenge we are given... how BIG our God really is...

at least I hope we do...

I love learning more & more of who God is.... how He works in my life... I'm glad to know more then the simple "Jesus Loves Me"... dont get me wrong. I love that too... but I also know more about His love, mercy, grace... His BIG-NESS! :)

Is God bigger to you today then He was 10 years ago?

I know He is to me....

... now if I could understand why my waist size keeps getting bigger too...


  1. Yes, He is bigger to me today than 10 years ago. Sadly, the church I attend keeps growing smaller(in my mind). Regarding your waist getting bigger, God works in mysterious ways. Just trust that there's a reason for it.

  2. I love that line: "I am not bigger ... but every year you grow, you will find me bigger."

    You're right ... it is backwards. But that's just the way God works ... the last will be first and the first will be last, the mustard seed, etc.

  3. I've never really realized the depth of God's love for me until I had a child.

  4. He certainly is bigger. I love learning more and more about Him.

  5. Way bigger! When I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior way back when I was 15, I had no idea just how powerful and mighty God really is...until now. He has brought me through some very difficult and trying times and I see now that His love and majesty are far bigger than I ever dreamed.

  6. I think as a kid, I always thought of Him as a type of 'super'man who lived in the sky. Now that I know better... He's bigger than I could ever imagine.

  7. Actually, when I was young, God seemed very big and remote. As an adult, he's still big, but personal, so he feels more intimate. He's big in that he's powerful, but he's not as mysterious to me today, b/c of his love for me. So..he's always seemed BIG, but these days, it's not frightening or vague. Does that make sense?!


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