Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday... Friday... Friday!!!


Send me good vibes, would ya?
I'm up to do another wedding tomorrow..
fun times!
But send me well wishes for 2 reasons
1. Its an outdoor wedding...
I'm so pumped about that - but I want to make sure the day is perfect & beautiful
2. I'm running in a race the next day...
 I'm usually sore as heck from walking over 10 miles during a wedding & bending & standing & getting in weird poses to capture a picture... & now I'm challenging myself to get up the next day at 6 am to go downtown to run a part of a marthon!!! ...
I must love a challenge
Look what I got to do yesterday
Got to go watch Sophia in her cross country meet...
Pic 1 - Look at her holding hands with her friend (how cute!) & look at her hair down. Her mom tried to put it in a ponytail but she wanted it down.
Pic 2 - Me & the one of the fastest runners there!! She came in 63rd out of over 200 girls!!!!  Right at 10 minute mile!!!! GO GIRL
Pic 3 - This is right at the finish line... she stopped short because people were in front of her getting their numbers of their place... she finished strong, believe me.
Pic 4 - Before the race... all huddled up... love she's getting a taste of teamwork!!!
Its been so nice, we havent had our AC on for 2 weeks...
at night, we turn on some window fans & its darn right COLD
... but I love to snuggle under the blankets...
Still loving my new car
I'm in the habit now of stopping & vaccuming my carpets once a week
(Black carpets will do that to me)
& even treated my leather seats & wiped down my dash to make it shiny
Anxious to see how long I keep this up
iPhone 5
I dont get it...
of course, I dont have an iPhone either
but people waiting overnight in line for it?
I can understand doing it for the next Twilight movie - but for an iPhone?
Look at my necklace I'm sporting today...
I never wear big jewelry like this
but back in the good ole days, I would PILE IT ON!!!
I remember people used to call my earrings "Hardee's ashtrays"
They really were that big..
but this necklace?
Its straight from the 80's....
Found it in one of the boxes my parents gave me of my stuff when they moved
Its true what they say - what goes around, comes around
at least in fashion

Summer Finales!!!!
Big Brother... just glad Dan didnt win
So You Think You Can Dance.... thought for SURE Cyrus would win for the boys.  Pleasantly surprised that both the boy & girl I liked won.
Drop Dead Diva.... did it just jump the shark with bringing back the REAL Jane in Owen's body? Me thinks so
Dance Moms.... I love Chloe
Bring on the Fall Season!
Dancing with the Stars
Once Upon a Time
Show I hope you're watching
I seriously love this show
Its funny... its sweet... even a tear jerker at times
Hope it works out because Matthew Perry is awesome
...all the characters are HILARIOUS!!!
I want to eat Edamame everyday
Spat of the Week:  Big Brother Finale
When we saw it was down to the final 2 - Ian & Dan
I said, "Ian's got it"
Ricky then proceeded to tell me how Dan could pull it out
...we went back & forth on who would vote for who
& then he had me convinced Dan MIGHT win
When in the end, Dan LOST 1-6,
Ricky still said he was right
His reasoning?
"I told you never to predict's people's behavior & I was right"
I love a spat where you can always turn it around & make yourself right

& speaking of making yourself right...
Enjoy a funny montage of Mr. Wizards World



  1. Wow, that's a lot of fragments!

    I'm excited to see how your even fuller than usual weekend turns out.

    The iPhone thing? I have an iPhone 3 (by now that's old school) and I love it, so I'm obviously out of touch, too since I have no need to upgrade. Standing in line for a day or more for anything when you can wait a little bit and have it/see it, makes NO sense to me. My time is worth more even if it means sitting on the couch instead! Eek!

  2. You sure had a busy week!
    VAMPIRE DIARIES! Cannot wait!
    I have an iPhone 4 and I love it. It was just upgraded, so I don't see the hype about an iPhone 5 either. Standing is line is crazy, so are the folks who stood in line for that dancing Elmo.

  3. I have an original iPhone ... a hand-me-down when my sister upgraded her iPhone. I have resisted paying for a data package, so it's essentially just a tiny tablet (wi-fi only). I dream of getting a more current iPhone and paying for a data package, but then I get cheap and stick with my non-smart phone.

    I, too, like it nice and cool at night ... love snuggling under the blankets.

  4. I'm glad Cyrus didn't win. He's great at what he does but I think the judges pandered to him every week saying how he was stretching himself so much. All of those other dances that didn't do well in styles that they didn't study in were ripped by the judges because they all had training.

  5. waiting in line for an iphone... I have the sliding one. Looks ancient, lol. love the spat! my brother does that ALL the time!

  6. Had to stop over and visit when I saw your comment at April's Straight From The Heart Wedndesday Hodgepodge post. I am a huge BB fan and watch After Dark each night. I wanted Ian to win and I think he would have had Danielle's vote too if she wasn't going for being true to Dan. I never wanted the coaches to join in the game. Just love Ian!!! **happy dance**

  7. I JUST got an iPhone 4 and I have to admit that I like it. A lot. However, I will be just fine to keep my iPhone 4 (which I got for free from Verizon) for a few years. There is NO WAY I would wait in line and pay all kinds of money just for a freaking cell phone. Unless it had an app for doing my laundry or scrubbing my toilets. Then save me a spot in line!

    Good luck on the wedding and the race! I am loving your pictures of the last wedding! I'm curious how you're handling the editing...did you get that wedding done before you shoot this one, or will you go back and forth until both are edited? I have a photo session every weekend from now until the end of October, and I'm nervous how I will stay on top of things!

  8. Not having cable means I miss all the summer reality shows... thanks for catching me up ;-)

  9. Yeah I won't be standing in line for the 5 I do have the 4 and love it but unless it does my laundry I'm not paying or standing in line to upgrade.

    I love love go on or "goon" from well done! Also loved up all night!

  10. Our two middle children participated in cross country when they were in middle school. I would stand and ball when they crossed the finish line - - - I couldn't HELP it. To see their little faces all beat red from exertion just touched my heart!

  11. Hope the weather is perfect for both of your events this weekend.

  12. We thought it was going to be Cyrus too. I think Nigel jinxed him. We are looking forward to Dancing with the Stars.

  13. I love edamame. MMMM.....

    I had a wedding today to. No I wasn't taking pictures thankfully, but I played the piano and sang. It was a beautiful wedding. The bride was so fun ad vintage. I LOVE vintage!! Her bouquet was made out of brooches of her mom, aunts, mimi's etc. SO beautiful!!

    I love edamame. MMM..... Have I said that? =)

    Your running tomorrow? WOW!!! I'm impressed!!!!!!!!!!

    I love you friend ~~ have a beautiful and Blessed weekend ~~ dawn

  14. You really have more energy than I ever thought about having, getting up after a full day and running a race! Yikes!

    Love the pictures of the kid's race! Adorable!

    10 years ago, I got a new car and swore I'd keep it spotless.......that didn't last long. It's about time for a new car and I've already said, don't expect me to keep it clean!


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