Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Let's see how this goes... I'm trying it at work... so this post may take me my whole work day
The Great Gatsby comes out today!
I love Baz Luhrmann
Moulin Rouge?  In my top 5 favorite movies ever
& I'm not a huge Leo DiCaprio fan, but I just watched Titanic last weekend & have a renewed soft spot for him
The only problem? 
Ironman 3 is also playing at theaters...
This is going to be a battle between the Hubs & I
I can tell
Downloaded the book "The Great Gatsby" on my Kindle
Its only 197 pages long
I think we had to read it in high school
(Isn't it a recommended reading book?)
But 197 pages is nothing
But in high school, 197 pages felt like torture, I'm sure
I ran for the first time this week with my back
Just an easy 2 mile trip
Not horrid pain... just the normal pain
so I guess that's a good thing?
I talked with the chiropractor & asked if this would mess up the progress with the decompression table.  He said as long as I kept it low miles, easy run, it should be OK
so we'll see how it goes

Anyone else having problems with Bloglovin' ?

I find my blog isn't getting updated in it
& then I check some of my favorite blogs & I'm not showing that there are any new updates... but there are new posts

Anyone else noticing problems?

I've contacted them repeatedly & they keep saying, "its fixed"
No... is not...

A big Happy Mother's Day to all you awesome mom's out there!
I don't know how you all keep it all together
I have a hard enough time taking care of 4 dogs :)
Hope Sunday is filled with extra doses of happiness for you!
Season Finales are coming up!
I'm so excited (& sad) to see the end of "The Office"
I heard the leak that Michael Scott will be back?
Must See TV
Scandal... this honestly is the best show on TV... Who knew the evil dude from Ghost could be so romantic & President-y
(I love making up new words)
Nashville ... someone's supposed to die?  As long as its not Deacon or Rayna, I'm good
Survivor - FINALE THIS WEEKEND!  This has honestly been one of the best seasons.  Even though I wanted to take Dawn's teeth & throw them back in the mucky water this past Wednesday.  Yes, I'm bitter for Brenda.  But I would really like to see Eddie take it all.  Underdog!  Odds are slim though - so I'll cheer on Cochran.  He definitely has been the secret stealth leader that pink-panty-man wished he was.
So this is the movie I talked about that we watched this weekend?
talk about WEIRD
it is about a man who takes women & keeps them prisoner's in his basement
When the story came out about those poor girls in Cleveland that got free,
Ricky & I were like, "This is just FREAKY"
Charles Ramsey- the neighbor
...the new John Cusak!
Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!


  1. Noooo! Not Deacon or Rayna!!! I haven't seen this week's episode yet....

  2. Survivor - I fragged about it too. I want Cochran to win and if not then Dawn. So see, we don't totally agree on this one....makes it fun!

    I have no desire to see the Great Gatsby, but for some strange reason I think I do want to see Ironman 3, even though I've never seen 1 or 2. How's that for a run-on sentence. lol

  3. I have two dogs and trust me, they are just as much work as kids sometimes ;) ...but they are my BABIES!! mad at Dawn...I liked her the first, not so much :( I wanted Malcolm, but now I am for Eddie...I think he might have a chance if he can make it to final 3...he would have Malcolm, Reynold, Brenda!!...he just needs two more votes...Pink panties will vote for me or!! Go Eddie!!!

  4. I want to see Gatsby and Iron Man 3, too. I'll be curious to see which one wins out for you this weekend! :)

    I was giggling over 197 pages being no biggie now, but torture in high true!

    Good for you running this week - and yeah, 'normal' pain is much better than 'horrid' pain. ;)

    LOVE Scandal! In fact, I'm watching it on my second screen at this very minute! :)

    And I also LOVE Nashville - I hadn't heard someone is supposed to die...I'm right there with you that it better NOT be Deacon or Rayna! They're my favorites!!

    Orphan Black Phenomenon, Princess Nagger’s Artistic Mad Skillz, Office Supply Art Fun

  5. What I'm finding with bloglovin' is that blogs don't update instantly. I have some people on my sidebar and I'll see a new post there, but when I check bloglovin' it hasn't updated. Eventually it does, just not right away. Also, there are a couple of blogs that I read on bloglovin, that I can't get the comment box to work. I have to go to their actual blog...I can't figure this out, because some are Blogger, some Word Press, some self hosted, so no rhyme or reason. I do like the format though, and I guess it will have to do for now.

    I think Leo is always totally believeable in whatever role he is playing. I feel kind of eh about him, but then when I see him in something I'm always amazed at his talent. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Ironman vs. Great Gatsby - about the big difference one could find. I remember enjoying that book back in high school. lots of symbolism. Your post has lots of frags which is good for FF postings.

  7. We watched Iron Man 3 last week so guess who wins this week?! So excited! I read it in high school and again right after college.

  8. The hour long Office special last night was a bust in my opinion. I was bored. I hope the finale is better.

  9. Hope your back just gets better! Run carefully!!

    The only one of those shows I watch with any regularity is Scandal.....the Superhero calls it my little touch of trash! :)

    Yes, I'm having trouble with isn't as lovin as it should be!

  10. That story--freaky. Someone told me about the book, The Room, in which a young woman is abducted, held in a room, and has a baby. If only the Ohio story were fiction, too. So sad.

    Enjoy whichever movie you get to see, my friend :)

    Four dogs? I hope they get you something for MOthers Day! :)

    Thanks for linking up! Have a great weekend.


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