Thursday, December 27, 2018

Back at it, NJ shout out & celebrating my love & Jesus birthday {Thankful Thursday #201}

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This is the last one of the year.  Whew... what a year it has been... but still, lots to be thankful for.

I just reached my 1000 things for the year.  1000 things to be grateful for.  That's saying something with the year I've had.  I always say, I started this after I did the gratitiude jar... where you put something in to be thankful for & then you pull it out on New Years Eve & look back over  your year & see the blessings you've had.

I took it up a notch & label these posts & I just go back & reread them on New Years Eve now... & its so much more fun when there's pictures, right? ... but yeah, I'll really need to look back over this year & remind myself, in the loss of my dad, & so many loved ones, & the 3 surgeries I've had to had & the pain I've endured.... there is always good.

So let's finish off this year....

This week I am Thankful for:

Made it back to work
It helps that I really like my job & enjoy my coworkers, but I'm also a person of habit. While being at home is nice, it just throws me off not being on a regular schedule. So while it was tough the first two days back (I worked last Thursday & Friday), I was glad to be back.

Long weekend
.... saying all that, it was wonderful to go back for 2 days & then get a 4 day weekend & then just have to work for 3 days. It's been really helpful easing back into the work schedule.

Early Birthday card
This precious lady, Christina, is just the most caring thing. She has sent me so many cards the past few weeks with my surgery, with the holidays & then an early one for my birthday.  What a fun surprise.  I especially love her Christmas card with her fur-baby's picture in it. I love your all's fur babies.  Seriously.

HSM appreciation
So sweet to feel appreciated - & when I got a card from the incredible HSM ministry team with a coffee drink on them, how do you not feel loved?  They are seriously the most amazing people & SHINE JESUS & do the work of the Lord every single day.  I'm so honored to know these people.

Vincent Christmas
I know how lucky I am to love my in-laws like I do.  They are just FUN people to be around, with good caring hearts to them.

Season of Headbands
I am so glad that if I was going to be laid up for 2 weeks, I was able to make a little something for my family.  & I love that everyone loved them. How cute is everyone in their headbands?

All different colors - all unique - for each uniquely beautiful lady here!

New Jersey in da house!
I know so many of you know the beautiful Sierra & I was so shocked to see a package in the mail from her with the most beautifully lettered Christmas card... & then a New Jersey Starbucks mug! YAHOOO!!!  My collection is still ever growing. I really do need to get a picture of all my mugs together. I seriously look at them all the time & think of everyone who took the time to send these to me & I just am so full of warmth in my heart & feel so incredibly blessed to know you all.

Remembrance Tree
Yes, I talked about this yesterday.... but so thankful that someone opened up their tree for others to come together to give honor to those no longer with us.

My Love's birthday
My Christmas Eve birthday boy.  I am so grateful for the creation that God made in him - his caring & selfless heart - the man that he is. So thankful for another year of life for him.

He had his first cake pop ... & love them as much as I do!

Survived Christmas
Got through this first one without my daddy.  We did it.  We made it. We survived. Together.

My coworker was so amazing at getting all these pillows made for my family. She made me 5 pillows & every time she'd bring one in for me, I just wanted to run home & give them to my family - but had to wait to Christmas. So I'm so glad my coworker made these beautiful keepsakes & I'm even more grateful I was able to finally share them with everyone.

Warmer Holiday weekend
I know most people want a White Christmas.... I'll take a holiday weekend in the 50's any day!  All that running around? I dont want to freeze my face off every time I get out of the car & have to load & unload packages. I loved the sun was out & it was cool, but not freezing.  Sorry snow lovers.

Advent Study
While being laid up the past few weeks, & for the season, I have loved going through my Daily Grace bible study - Waiting for Advent. It was just a good time when you get forced to slow down to really dig into God's word & focus on what the season is really about.

What are you thankful for this week?

... or go bigger - what's something that stood out to you as the biggest blessing of 2018?

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