Thursday, November 18, 2021

Thankful Thursday #335


This week I am Thankful For:

Free Book
I got my book in the mail from Steph & Jana from winning in their anniversary giveaway.  I'm so excited to read this too!!!

Sam's Scan & Go
I'm telling you - I need every store to do this.  Made it so easy to shop & just avoid all lines.  

Boys Vaxed
With the new age limits being lowered for vaccines, Julie had her younger 2 boys to get their first shot.  They are such troopers.  Being in a home where THIS is what their mom does, they understood it all & Julie said it makes her proud when they explain it to the people giving the shot on why its important to get.  

Book Nook
I mentioned this name of my coffee/library room on Monday. My friend Karen reached out & gave me that idea for that name & I instantly loved it - mainly because when I was little, there was a little tiny used book store down the road from us. It couldn't have been bigger than some bathrooms I've been in .... but my mom would take me there on the weekends & she'd get new Barbra Cartland novels - & I would get to pick out a new book too. I actually STILL have some of my Family Circle & Dennis the Menance books I got from there. They're probably worth money actually!... but it was such a homey place. So tiny but crammed with books everywhere. I can still smell it just talking about it.  So when Karen said Book Nook - it instantly took me back to 1977 & gave me all the heart feels. I like my room to have that same heart feel space. Book Nook may be the official name of my coffee / book space.  ... feel like I'm gonna have to design a chalkboard idea to make it official

Fall Colors
They're fading away quick now - but I just always love the beautiful fall trees & colors.  Everything has had such an Orange Glow to it & I dont think there is anything prettier.

Joining in with the precious Jennifer & Leslie... Love to have you join us sharing some great blessings in your life lately!

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