Friday, September 16, 2022

Friday Favorites


Favorite Bag

Yep - this is actually me  & my janky arm on the left... that's how high I can raise it! BOO!... but this bag is the CUTESTTTT!!!! At work, we were out at a food truck & I saw someone with a similar bag. A coworker asked where she got it & she said Etsy & I had this ordered by the afternoon. & had it at my house 3 days later!
It actually holds more than you'd think. I put my wallet, my keys, my phone (which is a clunker) & it still has room. 

I wish I could link it - but they're sold out from where I got mine.

Here's a link for a similar one!

Favorite Hooks

They hold up to 30 lbs... & I love how beautiful & simplistic they are!

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

This is a badge holder!!!! Isnt it the cutest little thing.
I'm VERY tempted to get it. I'm just afraid I'll bang it up... but it'll be cute until I did bump it too many times!

Favorite Lights

This is a WIRELESS library light that you can put over top of anything!
A picture.. over your bed with two over top of each side...
I'm even thinking over top my coffee bar for those dark early mornings!

AND... it turns on with a remote control!

Favorite Floor Helper

I have seen this at my hair stylest salon & ever since, I've wanted one.
You just sweep all the Yuck up to it & it like sucks it in...  you dont need a dust pan or have to bend over. Like magic. & then you just empty the container!

With all the times I have to sweep with the dogs, this would be like a miracle.

Favorite Sneakers

I am on the hunt for yellow sneakers.
I had a pair years ago that were my favorite... I even bought another pair of them when they wore out... but they quit making them & I've been on the hunt ever since. These are a little muted than the ones I had before - but they have such good reviews... & a good price too.

Favorite Drying Rack

I really feel like this is a product if I got, it would be like, "how did I live without this?" ... perfect for washing produce & putting on there - or even washing a few dishes & letting it hand over the sink to dry... I even see in the reviews, someone puts how pots on it to cool!!!

Favorite Funnies

Y'all have great weekend!!!

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