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January 2023 - All the Good Things


Instead of doing a weekly Gratitude post... & instead of doing a One Sentence a day post... I'm combining them. I actually saw someone do this post awhile back  & thought it was a great idea - if its you, let me know!   & thank you for the idea.

& dont forget, Jen still hosts weekly at her blog- so feel free to join her every Thursday!

So let's kick off the first month of the year with this...

January Gratitude

1.  Seeing my aunts when visiting my mom.

2. Day off work.  There's something about getting off New Years to recover after a year's end & start a new year... its just wonderful!

3. Enjoying 60 degree temps in January - especially after a frigid cold spell that froze my windows - INSIDE!

4. Birthday gift card from work... I love my work gives out gift cards for your birthday - to Target at that. COME ON TARGET!

5. Coffee... some days, it just hits the spot better than others.

6. Winner winner! ... I won the Color Street monthly contest from a friend's FB group. I got the cutest little bag & a set of nails. So fun!

7. Finally got my new curtains up to go with our new couch. .... it feels like a lot of blue. I may look for a different color curtain - but for now... I'll stick with it. I still have to get new lamp shades & new art for the walls. But I'm in no rush - I want to get what I want - not rush it.

8. Lazy mornings tucked in bed on a weekend. The best!

9. Beauty & the Beast stickers.... my sweet friend Miranda had sent me a belated birthday card with the cutest stickers in them. Made my whole day after a rough work day.

10. Online portals for doctor's appointments... I love where you can do so much regarding your health & your visits online. Makes it so much easier.

11. Ricky found me some pots & pans for a great deal. I've been needing some new ones - I have actually been using some of the same ones I've had since we got married & what we got for a wedding gift. No joke. 27 years old... so I dont care if these last - they're better than what I have.

12. Safe driving in storm.... it was awful driving into work. Thunder - LIGHTNING. I was so glad when I pulled into the parking garage!

13. Working from home... especially on a day where it snows!

14.I did it... I did a TREAT YO SELF moment & got myself some Corkcicle mugs. They have a new Princess line out & I had to get these Beauty & the Beast mug &tumbler.  Because if you're going to splurge - REALLY splurge.  Isn't it just beautiful! Worth the splurge.

15. Just a day of nothing but reading.

16. Dogs didnt get cats! ... our neighbors have some cute little kitties that like to come over & relax on our front porch. One actually gets in our rocking chair & rocks herself to sleep (too cute)... but I opened the front door one day & they took off ... & my dogs were on the chase. Ozzie was good at listening to me & stopping when called. Ernie & Harvey - no cares. Chased one cat away, the other up a tree. I was just glad they got away. I cant imagine my boys would know what to do if they caught them - but I'm glad I didnt find out!

17. Ricky picked up groceries... I do the click list thing even still. Hate getting in the grocery. & it worked out great coming home one day when Ricky was stopping to get himself some root beers & I asked him to get the groceries for me. It worked out well - I was able to jet home & get Zoe out.

18. Cupcakes at work to celebrate a birthday.

19. Saved house shoes!!!! .... my beautiful pink house shoes I got for Christmas. I came home from work & looked out the window & found one in the yard! & it had just started raining. I ran so hard - SCREAMING like someone stabbed me. Luckily, my shoe wasn't damaged too bad. 5 minutes later - DOWNPOUR. If it got ruined, I would have been heart broken. So glad I found them when I did.

20. Move went well. Moving from 10 to 28, it went faster than I expected.  Now, to get used to my new home.

21. Homemade Vegetarian meatballs. I got a food chopper for Christmas solely to make a recipe from a YouTuber Vegan cooking channel. I used it to make some meatballs for dinner & they were great!

22. Snow on a weekend. I love it when I dont have to worry about driving when it snows.

23. Enjoyed reading with a view at work.

24. Survived a LONG work day. Some days... it just takes everything to get through them.

25. Safe Trip.  My mom needed to go to the store to pick up some medicine after work. I was thinking if I should go before dinner or after. I made the call to do it before & SO GLAD!!! When we were coming home, it was sleeting & snowing. I'm so glad we got home when we did. I couldnt imagine going out after dinner when it was a slushy slippery mess.

26. New Monitor at work. When we did the move, one of my monitors didnt enjoy the move & went all dull & gray. It was so bothersome. Luckily, our IT coworker was right on it & gave me a new one to change it out - Perfect!

27. My new little notebook I got from Plum Paper.

28. Walk in the park on a sunny, warmer day! ... giving me the taste of a spring day!

29. Perfect Tea! ... I saw on Instagram a man who talked about how someone told him how to make the perfect tea.  I've been doing his method & its really working for me now.  He said you brew the water, put in your tea bag & steep it for 6 minutes.  That's the key.  6 minutes.  I put a little sugar in it & some milk after 6 minutes & YUM. I dont know what's special about that amount of time, but I set my Alexa to 6 minutes now every time.

30. Found my phone! ... we have to go up 4 floors to use a microwave so I went up to warm up my breakfast, traveled down to my 28th floor... & was sitting & noticed that my phone was missing. Scared me to DEATH! I dont think I ever got up 4 floors so fast in my life. There it was - sitting on the counter still. WHEW!

31. Hair Day!!! Bye gray!!!

Tell me something good about your week - even better, about your January!!!!

I'm going to post these the first Thursday of every month if you want to join along!

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