Thursday, March 22, 2007

Another Sock

Here is another sock I knitted. I just LOVED these colors. This is the Opal Yarn which I love for the patterns. I am getting more sock experience and am finding that I dont like the texture as much as I do other sock yarns, but I still can't help loving it because of the patterns and colors they offer. The only thing I hate about knitting socks - once you're done with one - you have to do another one!!! Oh well - Praise the Lord I have two feet - (Find the blessing in everything!)
The other gripe I have - I hate I have such big feet (Size 9) because it is so much more knitting to do to fit these Big Foot Feet! I envy the people who have size 5 shoes - socks have to be finished in half the time!
(Note to self - think of blessings!!)

1 comment:

  1. Hooray, you have a blog too! I know how you feel about knitting socks for long feet - I'm an 8. I'm knitting socks for my sister right now and she wears a 9-9.5!!! I modified the pattern to an ankle sock to make sure I'd have enough yarn.

    I'd really love to see detail pics of the Hannah wrap (that's my baby sister's name). I'm such a sucker for cables!


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