Friday, September 09, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Is it Friday?  I'm so confused with a Holiday on Monday - & then I took off on Tuesday, so its only been a 3 day work week... do you KNOW how miserable & LONG next week will feel for me?  Oh geez... we'll worry about that when we get there - until then, let's FRAG!!!!


I'm now doing deep tissue upper body massages for my tendonitis.  Now THIS is therapy I can deal with... ahhh!  I'm going for my 2nd trip today after work.  I had to laugh when she would massage my arms & each of my fingers... they popped - every one of them.  My body is just full of SNAP, CRACKLE & POP!!! I will say, 2 days after the massage, I felt sore in m neck & shoulders - where I actually should be because she digs in with her fingers to try & break up some of the inflammation.  How crazy is that? That's like Ninja-skills by making someone sore with just the touch of your finger tips!   Needless to say, I'm tired so I have a feeling I'll be snoozing during today's massage... heaven....

My Erin Condren Daily Life Planner got shipped yesterday.  I'll be like a little kid sitting, waiting for the mailman to come now!  I'm just a sucker of having anything monogrammed or having my name on it! I'll be sure to take a picture of it when it comes in... I'll probably be hugging & kissing it too...

(Mine is in shades of pink... & will have a big REBECCA JO across it... cant wait!!!)

I had the twins after work yesterday.  Madi was going through all my drawers, in the kitchen, in the foyer, in the living room - she loves finding things.  She pulled out a little hand held game.  I'm not even sure what it is - maybe a handheld poker, or word scramble game - its so old, it doesnt even run anymore.  The batteries are probably older then she is in the thing.  She looks at it & turns it around in her hands & then brings it to me & says, "Is this the kind of thing you take with you when you go to the toilet?" - I just laughed & said, "What are you talking about?" - she said, "My dad likes to take games with him on the toilet & sit & play for a long time" ... hahahahahahaha!!!! I had to tell that story just to embarass my brother... that's what you call PAYBACK ... you know, the brother/sister kind.  Love ya Tony!  & remember, your kids tell everything on you! :)

me & my brother during Christmas 1970-something :)
I'm so upset they are putting Dancing with the Stars up against The Sing Off... & up against the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!!!!  Life decisions can be so hard sometimes!!!!


I went to our local Health Food Store this weekend & am now addicted to the place.  If only because of a product that has 2 words.... VEGGIE CHIPS.... Oh my goodness!  They are like Ruffles Potato Chips, but made of carrots, real potatos & spinach... I'm glad I have a members card for rewards if you spend so much money, because I have a feeling this lady is going to be in there quite often. 

I also got my dog some treats from there that have only natural items... I'm trying to convince Ricky to try them :)  He said he would if I would... but they have buffalo in them & this girl still hasnt had red meat since January.  If it wasnt for that ;)


SPAT OF THE WEEK:  Car Keys .... I've had to leave for work like in the middle of the night to get there in time since they have shut a lane down on the bridge I have to cross.  Not really the middle of the night, but 6:00 am still feels like its kinda too early.  Anyways, I'm on my way into work this week when my phone rings - its Ricky, FREAAAKKINNNNGGGGG out!  "Where are my car keys?" - I said, "like I would know?" - because he is the type of person who even though we have a key holder, he will just toss them wherever, whenever.  He may toss them when he walks in the door, so they could be in the kitchen draw, on the fridge, in a bowl in a cabinet (that's happened - believe me) ... or he may walk downstairs & then toss them in his recliner, in the floor, on the TV... you get the point - he makes no sense with the keys - so when he called me screaming like I took his keys, I just said to him, "Calm down & dont forget to shut the door" - because when he gets frazzled, he'll literally walk out the door & forget to shut it, the garage door, anything... so that just made him madder.  I think he was yelling something at me when I just happily & merrily said, 'OK sweetie, good luck finding them & have a good day, love you"... I could hear the screams going when I hit the lovely red button on my phone.  ....

FYI - he found the keys in the back garage later that day

Your tip of the day!!! Isnt this AWESOME?!?!  A magazine holder!  I'm totally heading out to some this weekend!  I HATE having those boxes stacked on top of each other in a cabinet, only to have them all fall out when I open a door... This is reason #578 why Pinterest is incredible

 Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!!!!


  1. What a great use for a magazine holder! Awesome idea!

    Joe is the same way with his keys, wallet, cell phone, etc. Drives me crazy. Good for you, not getting caught up in his drama.

    Enjoy that massage!

  2. I also saw that on pinterest! I love the one using a wooden version of the magazine holder, bolted to the wall as a little corner shelf.

    Maybe you can make that for Ricky for his keys. ha! :)

    I hope your arm starts feeling better!!

  3. You are so smart using the magazine holder that way!

    I don't know how you can handle that deep tissue massage. Someone did that to my arms at BlogHer and they bruised!

    That bathroom comment is hilarious!

  4. Oh my hubby has the SAME problem with KEYS!!! Drives me crazy....His wallet too but that's a whole other story! Love the pic of you and your brother. I put one of me and brother(from the 70's) as my facebook profile pic once, he was not happy! I, on the other hand, thought it was hysterical!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Love the planner!!! So cute!!! The bathroom comment cracked me up...expecially since you can use it against your brother!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Take me with you to that deep tissue massage please! :D

    Ricky sounds like my hubs and his keys. He never puts his wallet, keys or ring in the same place so he's always misplacing them and then asking me if I've seen them. HAHA!

    I've been trying to make it to my health food store to pick up some cacao nibs. Have you tried those yet?! I hear they are awesome!

    I am loving my planner! I got it on Wednesday and just adore it! I got the kaleidoscope in teal. Was going to get the peacock, but it was too abstract for me.

    Hilarious about your brother. I have people in my family that do that too. I won't call anyone out tho LOL

  7. I love your helpful household tip. As a greener wanna be, I don't use much plastic, more wax paper and parchment, but those boxes just won't balance.

    Oh, and I like to call hours like six, "The butt crack of dawn." I didn't coin it, but I stole it and it makes me giggle.

  8. Ok, let me just say that you are the sweetest little blonde headed girl!! Who knew you used to be so blonde, my sweet red-headed friend!!! That picture is SO sweet!!

    SOTW ~~ Hahahahahahahaha - Heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee - Hohohohohohohohohohohoho - You two every time!!

    I love you friend ~~ have a Blessed weekend ~~ Dawn

    PS Dak invited me to lunch today....ahhhh..... I don't know what that has to do with anything, just thought you'd like to know =)
    We had a lovely day!!! ~~

  9. I will sometimes leave my keys in a jacket pocket and forget to take them out, then try to remember what jacket I wore last, but never misplaced them in a separate building like that! There's so much to remember. Glad your hubby found them!

  10. Love the holder idea!!! Thanks for sharing that!!

    The thing your niece said...oh my goodness...out of the mouths of babes, eh? TOO FUNNY!!!!!

  11. What is Pinterest? I have seen people talk about it and I was wondering what it is.. I always lose my keys.. Have a great weekend..


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