Monday, June 04, 2012

Weekend Roundup... full of "Impromptu"


* The Backyard .... little kids were rushing the stage while we were singing & dancing... that's the cutest thing EVER :)

* Ricky went with me to the Backyard for the first time ever, so afterwards, we headed out to eat... a impromtu Friday date...

* I learn I really like the word "impromptu"


* SLEEP!!! I actually slept in till 8:00 am!  HEAVEN!  Actually, I woke up at 7 & just lounged in bed till 8... why cant I do that everyday?  I bet I'd be a nicer person

* Headed out for a run... & had COMPANY!!!!  Ricky went with me... & what is impressive?  We did a little over 5 miles & he wasnt even phased... I guess that's what happens when you walk over 13 miles A DAY at work...

* See my new running shirt? ... love it... but feel funny wearing the word "athlete" ... I need to write in above it "Fluffy Athletes Run" :)

* We got home & tried out some Chocolate Coconut Water ... Coconut water is so full of electrolytes, potatssium - great stuff to hydrate & replenish sodium lost during running.  Add in Chocolate & YUMMY!!!!!!  Ricky even said that we need to get a big bulk of this stuff.... I never turn down the idea of a big bulk of anything chocolate

* Headed to our little Princess friend's 3rd birthday party... Here is Emily with her beautiful momma ready for her little dose of sugar

(I totally snagged this off Facebook...)

* Went looking for cars... here's another IMPROMPTU event... we had no intentions of buying a car, just getting an idea.  I need a new one... my car is over 180,000 miles with no AC, so its time...

* WHEW... that's all I'm gonna say about car searching... car salesman are CRAZY INTENSE... one even took my car keys & didnt give them back because they wanted us to drive their car out of there.  Hostage much?

* We ended up driving home a Ford Escape for the weekend (from another car lot) but we were in it for 15 minutes before we said, "This car aint it"

* Ricky stayed up most of the night looking for cars on the internet to go hunt down on Sunday....


* Church!!!!  It was a fun surprise to see the video I posted the other day was used in the Sermon... if you havent seen it, check it out.. you'll be inspired


* Ricky & I matched at church... & EVERYONE noticed! ... it was totally unplanned,  I told everyone we even had matching ponytails! How many people can say that about their spouses? 

* WW Cousins for lunch... they're known for their burgers.  I know them as the best salad bar EVER... its amazing!  And then, they have the best Sugar Cookies.  After having a salad for lunch, it just makes sense to balance it out with a dose of sugar cookie.

* Another car lot trip... Cars have come a LONG way since I got one... rear view cameras... your car talking to you through the speakers... the COST... YAWWWZZZAAA!

* Back to church for Senior High...

(I'm running tech for worship)

* Ricky came up & met me after Sr High & we headed down to pick up a quick snack for dinner... pulled in a parking lot & had another IMPROMPTU date...


... & I 'm done...

& exhausted...

Fingers crossed this week is a wonderful week for everyone!!!


  1. Impromptu is an awesome word! Glad you had a few impromptu dates :) So much fun! Sounds like you had an awesome weekend! :) Hope you have a great week ahead of you!

  2. You know, I had so much to say about this post but then I decided to watch that video. And you got me again. I don't know whether I feel inspired or just lousy about myself that this kid did such a remarkable thing and I hardly do anything at all with my healthy self. I guess I just feel kind of ungrateful wasting what was given to me.
    Your Friend, m.

  3. Sounds like a good weekend! Loved the video!

  4. I love everything about impromptu dates!

    So...I'm guessing you did NOT end up with a new car yet?

  5. Love ya! Thank you for this inspirational post and video.

  6. I enjoyed this post too, until I watched the video, then I forgot what I wanted to say! Just got so absorbed in the video and that precious young man! My heart is bursting...I don't even have words to say how beautiful it was. God bless that child! Thank you!

  7. We spent all day Saturday looking for a car, and we knew all along which one we wanted. Still don't have it yet, though. Waiting to see which dealership is going to have the lowest price!

  8. I love impromptu, especially when it involves my man!! That is the best kind of impromptu.

    My dear,
    And you make me happy.
    And I like you.

    I hope you have an amazing week!!!

  9. Completely laughed at your impression of the Ford Escape. THAT is what I drive. It wasn't my choice, but when we were looking to change cars from our gas guzzling Durango (which I absolutely loved, by the way), this car was what the Mr. decided on. Though we've called it the "Crap Car" ever since we drove it home from the lot, it's been a good one...hardly ever any repairs and way over 100k miles now. The best part? It's completely paid off!

    Good luck as you continue your search!


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