Thursday, August 08, 2013


I tend to be a little dramatic...

I can hear my husband right now... "A little?"....

I mean, I'm never one to not break out my best Evita pose in stressful situations

& give a good heart felt scream of "WHY?!?!?!?!!"

I mean, I'll do this for the most basic reasons... like this weekend, when I would lose in a game of Carpet Ball...

to me knee's I'd go & give a heart wrenching scream... WHYYYY????? ... may even throw in a good "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

I love a good dramatic flair...

I need this cat... dramatic animals make me smile...

But honestly, I find myself a lot of times really meaning it... WHY?  Why do things happen?  That scream of 'why' when I feel like things aren't fair... that helpless feeling of honestly not understanding...


& usually, I do it with my hands in the air - with my palms open...

We're starting a new Bible Study this week with Proverbs 31 ministries going through the book "What happens when Women say Yes to God" ...

The first challenge of the week is to go into this with our palms up... & not screaming "WHY?"... unless we really feel that way about trying to understand God.  But to look at it a different way... in maybe that pose of asking God 'why' - remembering our hands are open for a reason... to accept what he has to say.

When your palms are up & your hands are open... & more importantly... your heart is open, you're willing to accept what God has in store to give back in return...

That's exciting...

makes me want to be a little dramatic

 Animated Gif on Giphy
yep... those palms are open....
So here we go, into a new study... hope to see you around here on Thursdays as we do Blog Hops & see what everyone else is getting out of this book.

Have you ever read this book?

Are you a dramatic person?

Do you have your hands open waiting to see what God is going to give to you?


  1. Hands open to give it up and to receive....Sure do like that image! Thanks!

  2. Love the images, they are great visuals!!! And yay for being #PALMS UP!!! :)

  3. I'm doing this bible study with Proverbs 31 too.....I'm loving it. #palmsup #yestoGod

  4. Friend of mine - THIS is exactly why I heart you so stinkin' hard! Dramatics unite! Instead of "WHY!!!!!", (we like to yell "KAHNNNN!!!!" - 100 points if you get THAT reference...) "Why, praytell, Lord" is what I'm aiming for from here on out.

  5. My family would probably peg me as on the dramatic side at times but I refuse to believe it...great post.

  6. I am not at all a dramatic person but I totally loved your post! Awesome!!


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