Thursday, August 01, 2013

Doctor's appintment left me depressed....& fat...

I hate going to the doctor... everything about it makes me anxious & ready to throw up a little.  I mean, my blood pressure at home does good to get over 100/70 ... in the doctor's office, I'm a stroke candidate.  Not really... but it was 135/80 ... I'm stressed.

Why did I go to the doctor?  Because I'm ready to throw something, scream, kick a can, or yell at Ricky as much as possible for no reason.  I've done maybe one of those things, but I'll never admit to which one... & don't ask Ricky either...

I just keep gaining weight... I mean GAINING...

OK - I could understand if it was something that was happening & I wasn't taking proactive measure to NOT let that happen.

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It may not seem like it... but I actually don't do just this....

I mean, hello - I work out at least 5 days a week.  Run at least 10-15 miles a week.  I track every bite of food that goes into my mouth... & the results every week?  The scale either stays where its at, or it goes up.


It's not always the cute Disney movie of an old man whose wife dies... (Doesn't that sound like a 'cute' movie idea?)

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OK... so this is a little cute...
I mean, 2 weeks ago, I got more miles in then ever.  Felt stronger then usual.. & gained 2.5 lbs for the week!

Ricky & I had just watched "Extreme Weight Loss Edition" that Tuesday before & the woman on the show had gained 30 lbs in just a few weeks.  Ricky said, "How is that possible?"... I got off the scale & called him & said, "You wonder how its possible?  Look at me!"

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... ugh...

So I went to the doctor to check & see if something is off.

They took my blood & are going to check my thyroid, sugar levels, basic stuff...

& I showed her my food diary on My Fitness Pal & my exercise records (Thank you technology) & she was even confused & said that with the calories I take in & the calories I put out, it shouldn't be happening like this...

& then she informed that since she saw me last, I've gained 25 lbs...

25 lbs?!?!?!  Are you kidding me??!?!?!?

That's just embarrassing, frustrating... & as I told the doctor - plain TICKS ME OFF!

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Oh Molly... you got me through  my teenage years so you know exactly how I feel

The doctor looked back at when the weight started... guess when it was. 
When I turned vegetarian....
I also pointed out that was when my body reacted so strangely to those steroids for my bicep tendonitis that had me in the ER with a MRI & neuropathy nightmare.

So I wonder if the steroids just threw my body into a loop?  if so - is it ever going to get back?

The doctor's thoughts?  She noticed that I don't get enough PROTEIN on a vegetarian diet.

I've had this conversation before with people who tell me, "You get enough"... but I really don't. 

On average, you're supposed to get like 60g... work out & see how much more you need!  By the end of a day with a run, I'm supposed to have like 90grams ... but I'm eating like 35grams a day... & that's with a protein shake that is giving me 21 grams in itself...

She said if I don't have enough protein, my muscles won't build & muscles burn fat...

There's your science lesson for the day

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See - science can be cool.... even if its NOT about me getting fat

But apparently I'm messing up that cycle somehow in my diet...

I can tell the difference in my muscles since I've gone vegetarian as well... they have gotten more flabby... more 'shaky' when working out...

so that sort of makes sense to me....

She wants to send me to a dietician to see what they say... but y'all know how wonderful health insurance is... especially self insured health insurance...

needless to say, I won't be seeing a dietician

I'll be researching everything on Google... & battling against everyone who says, "you don't need that much protein"

These may be the same people who would tell me, "Steroids won't bother you" ... or "Too much Vitamin B6 won't cause problems" ...

My body ain't like most bodies... I'm special... & not in the cute little kind way your momma tells you about.  I'm more "weird" then special... & my body is reminding of this... every stupid pound of it...

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The doctor also told me to maybe add ONE MORE day of cardio... great... 6 days... & said, "maybe you need to make your body more uncomfortable"... my response?  I looked at her & said, "You see what I weigh now - everything is uncomfortable"

She laughed... I cried...

So we wait & see if any of the blood tests come back strange.. .or if its just being in my 40's... or if its the veggie diet...

She told me to incorporate at least 2 of those protein shakes... so watch out... I may turn into Hanz & Franz ...

Yeah!  I'll cheer myself up with a throw back to the 80's!

Anyone else struggle with protein in a day?

Are you frustrated with weight gains yourself?  Cry with me...

Does the doctor make you nervous too?


  1. She is right on the protein... gotta have it for building muscle and burning fat.... besides the shakes try adding protein bars.

  2. Your body requires protein, fat, and carbs to function properly.

    Don't add another day of cardio either, because it won't help. Nutrition and exercise are one area that drs. don't really know a lot about. They are not taught any of it in medical school.

    You need strength training. Good old fashioned weights. Cardio is good for lung and heart health, but your muscles need resistance.

    I'm not sure what your reasons are for going vegetarian, but would you consider adding meat back in? God designed our bodies to eat a certain way, and when we try to tweak that ie. vegetarianism our bodies get messed up.

    My chiro was a vegetarian for 15 years, and then went Paleo (for the last 12 or so) and has been healthier than he ever was before.

  3. If you would like more information I would be happy to send you a weeks worth of reading :)

  4. My husband had gastric bypass surgery and protein is what he definitely needs. He does two meal replacement drinks and one protein drink a day instead of eating meals and then when he does eat he is supposed to stay with as much protein as possible. When he stays with this plan he feels much healthier than with eating real food.

  5. Most people would love your 135/80. That is so crazy about your weight especially because you exercise so much and eat well! Yes I am very frustrated with my weight. I was on oral steroids for 18 years and my body is a mess because of it. Having severe asthma and now COPD has kept me from doing exercise. I did lose 39 pounds last year on low carb. I also worked with a high protein diet which ended up giving me a very bad reading in my Triglycerides and Creatinine. Finally got those down. Hard to believe that you have put on weight becoming a vegetarian.

  6. Doctors make me very nervous. Definitely have that white coat syndrome and my hubby is even worse.

    Hope it all gets figured out for you soon.

  7. I hope they get some answers for you!!

  8. tell you the truth I am a bit surprised she didn't throw out the perimenopause word. I am at the tail end of menopause...thought I would be done with it all FINALLY and suddenly my hormones have gone CA RAZY....ugh.

  9. That is strange. My husband and I like those Cliff bars for protein.

  10. I'm sorry you're having so much trouble! I don't care what anyone says, I think I'd die before I started eating meat again but I'm also not having the issues you are. I agree with adding strength training. I'm not sure all cardio is really useful for losing weight though bravo on the blood pressure! I'm very anti doctor so I don't have any advice other than try acupuncture? Idk. Good luck!

  11. I wonder if this is why I can't lose weight. I hardly eat any protein at all. I too am a vegetarian. Well, I will eat eggs. And sometimes I cheat and have a BLT. =)
    I'm sorry you are having a hard time with all of this. But THANK YOU for talking about it. I am sure you will be helping a lot of folks out there who had no idea (like me) how our carbs vs. fat vs. protein really works.
    Hang tough girl!

  12. They are jumping from one crazy fad diet or exercise routine to another, while losing sight of the important fat loss goals, and what really works. The trick to fast and lifelong fat loss is to learn how to work smarter not harder.

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