Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Fragment

My day started off with a surprise.
Got an email that asked if I wanted to review Angie Smith's book & then they'd send me another one for a giveaway.
If you don't know, I'm obsessed with Angie Smith.
She's my girl-version of Steven Curtis Chapman... that doesn't sing
She's my person that I just know would be my best friend if we ever met
.. her & Kelly Ripa..
Flashback Memory:
This was as close as I got to Angie Smith
I was next in line to get in & they shut the door & said the limit was reached
You can't tell, but I actually am crying
Everyone ready for the Super Bowl?
I'm not a huge fan of anything but I'll be rooting for the Denver Bronco's
Why?  Because my sweet friend Steph was a HUGE Bronco's fan
she loved John Elway something fierce
her son & family are still Bronco fans
So while I have never had a favorite football team in my life
The Bronco's are my honorary football team that I root for
Confession:  I'll only be watching for the commercials
REAL Confession:  I'll probably turn it over & watch Downton Abby
This morning, its 34 degrees.
I walked out of the house without a coat
It feels like Spring Time!!!
This is how I feel today
Its actually going to be in the 50's tomorrow
(before the bottom drops out AGAIN with more SNOW! next week)
But I've got fingers crossed that I'm going to do my run outside this weekend
4 miles...
I haven't breathed fresh air while running since October of 2013
I need a break from the treadmill
let's hope rain holds off
What is wrong with Madonna?
Isn't she getting a little too old for this sorta thing?
The rumor is she wants Miley to promote her daughter's new line of clothes so she's getting close to Miley to develop a friendship.
Its just starting to look a little sad to me.
I'll probably finish Breaking Bad this weekend
Only have 6 more episodes
breaking bad - canada
I'm a little sad about it
Need to find another series to watch
Orange is the New Black is one I keep hearing about - but that's just one season - right?
I may have to either do "The Walking Dead" or "Parenthood"
Could they be more opposite of each other?
I feel like Breaking Bad has me ready to watch Walking Dead
HOW is this stuff on regular cable?????
So I just used Spotify for the first time yesterday.
Mandisa had posted a playlist she created - that is awesome by the way-
& I went on there to check it out.
I'm not sure how this thing works, but I started creating Playlists myself
started following some Disney playlists
& of course Steven Curtis Chapman
Am I late to this party?
Anything I should know about it?
Anyone else?
Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!!!


  1. Funny how when you get paid , you're broke. Living pay check to paycheck.

  2. I started using Spotify a few weeks ago. My daughter kept telling me about it. I listen at work. Liking it so far.

  3. John Elway not Jim. Lol

    Can't wait to see a book review.

  4. I am not a fan of football ... but I am a fan of getting together, overindulging, and watching Super Bowl commercials. So we'll be at our neighbors' watching the game.

    34 and no coat? Yikes! At 34, I might put away the down-filled coat and get the one that Lands End sold as being warm at -10. I'll still have wool socks on with something under my sweatshirt. ha!

  5. Awww... I'm sad you didn't get to go inside and meet her!!!! But you look so happy from the outside looking in!!! hahah

  6. We just finished season 4 of Breaking Bad last night so we are right behind you. How crazy was that season finale?! I'd recommend Parenthood next. I binge watched it last Fall and it's sooo good!

  7. that pic of Madonna and Miley makes me want to poke my eyes out >:-(

  8. I thought it was me and I was just getting old but my 18-yr.-old granddaughter said she was grossed out by Beyoncé at the Grammy's, Mily and Madonna. That girl gives me hope in our youth:)
    Looking forward to the book review...

  9. You were just full of tidbits this week, weren't you? I enjoyed them all. Parenthood--I love it. It's excellent(realistic). I started listening to Orange is the New Black audiobook but got bored. I recently got hooked on Downton Abbey and watched all of Season Four already via

    I'm watching the SB comercials with one eye and otherwise trying to visit Fragmenters!!! Thanks for linking up :) Have a great week.


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