Monday, January 20, 2014

The weekend that someone blessed us....

Anyone else ready for more snow?  NOOOO!!!!! 

But yes, its heading here tomorrow morning (Why is it always during rush hour?) ... but let's worry about that tomorrow.  Time to look back on the weekend.

* Did a grocery trip... proud of myself that my grocery cart is basically full & I'm done shopping when I leave the produce area & the health food area.

* Snow was coming down ... & STICKING... so Ricky told me to hurry up & get out of there.  I had to stop at the Starbucks in the store.  BIG mistake. I'm not good at pushing the basket & holding a drink in my hand... not to mention it was slippery so I'm moving slowly & the parking lot is FULL of pot holes, of which I hit every one.  Every time I'd hit the pot hole, my cup would explode like a volcano.  It was HOT too... luckily, it was 19 degrees outside & windy so it cooled it down quick.


* I tried the Chocolate Chai Tea... blah... I've had 2 bad trials at Starbucks lately

* Someone was snuggly & grateful it was the weekend...

I'm talking about Harvey... though Ricky was happy it was Friday too

* We spent all of Friday night trying to find out about the SD Card in the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 ... which we finally found out Sunday after CALLING Samsung that you can't transfer anything on it.  That's just stupid.

* I watched "Pretty in Pink"... always loved that movie.  My views have changed on it since I'm an adult watching it.  I may do a post on it tomorrow.

* Watching "Sixteen Candles" as an adult still doesn't change my love of Jake Ryan though.

That part gets me every.stinking.time!!!

* Ventured into the cold to get to the post office for a package I had to sign for.  Yes, I had to sign for elk antlers.  OH MY GOSH.. This is the MEDIUM size.  It scared me because the box was so big, I thought the whole Elk head was in the box.  My dogs could care less about these, so Ricky had to end up cutting them in half & now, they are awesome

This is not the first time Ricky said to me, "You look like the devil"

* Speaking of dog fun... Harvey destroyed the "Everlasting Treat ball" in 15 minutes

* My back was killing me, but I still did my training for my half marathon.  Luckily, the training only called for 2 miles.

* Caught some ice skating.  I need to get familiar with the skaters before the Olympics.

* Stayed in & made supper... actually was glad to do it & not get out

* I made it through 3 more episodes of Breaking Bad... now halfway through Season 4... getting closer to the final season!!!

* I love our youth ministry... you have every kind of kid in the room with every kind  of personality... & they are just all so awesome together

* Ricky & I went out to lunch... & our waitress brought us our bill & we found out it was paid for... WHAT?  Yep, she said someone paid for it & wouldn't tell us who.  Our reaction should have been taped.  Ricky instantly jumped up from the booth & was looking around saying, "Who is it?  Where's Ryan?" (He & Ryan have a 'thing' about paying for each other)... the waitress was like "calm down"... I just sat in the booth & teared up.  I'm a sap for kindness.  We think we know who did it ... & its someone totally random & unexpected - which makes it even more special & full of kindness.
Yep... we're going to Pay it forward.

My reaction

Ricky's reaction

* I found Disney Puzzles... 4 of them in one box... I'm so excited about this.  I actually took off running down the aisle to show Ricky.  Its the little things.

This will get me through the rest of winter

* Starbucks again for my regular Café Mocha... now that's what I'm talking about.  Good ole favorites are always good.

* Yes, I watched The Bachelor Love Stories ... & got teary eyed with Ryan & Trista

* Downton Abby... Anna just breaks my heart.  Do you think she'll ever tell Mr. Bates?

Hope your weekend was full of fun, relaxing & joy...


  1. Aww your doggy is so cute!

  2. more snow! Bring on Spring!

    I've done that many times with my Starbucks (spilled it)! And even though it is really cold, I am really into the vanilla iced coffee lately...with about 8 T of sugar..ha!!...yum!

    Would love to hear your thoughts on our Brat Pack movie(s)! I still love watching them, but I think about my kids watching them now and I have a different view too! Ahhhh...Jake Ryan! I wanted to name Clayton Ryan Drake (think Kevin realized it was after this hot guy? ;)...he obviously didn't go for it).

    Those are some ginormous elk antlers!!! They SHOULD keep Harvey entertained for a while...SHOULD :)

    Love ice skating! We watched a little bit too. But then caught the ESPN 30 for 30 on Tonya Harding and Nancy wow!

    Paying it forward...I teared up reading your post! How thoughtful and sweet! I paid for a guy's coffee in the Starbucks line at Christmas time...I meant it as a nice gesture, but I think he thought I was hitting on him! Kevin just shakes his head at me. Next time I will do the drive thru...ha!

    I have Downton taped from last night. It breaks my heart too and she just can't get a break :( Putting my faith in the network that they make it right as it can be.

    Long comment...ha! Guess I needed to talk to you :) Hope you have a great day!

  3. Awww love that someone bought your lunch! So sweet. Speaking of TV.. we made it through 6 episodes of Breaking Bad this weekend (we were lazy!) and have started season 4! And I'm really hoping Anna tells Mr. Bates, ugh I feel terrible for her. I love chai tea latte's and have been wondering if the chocolate version was any good so thanks for saving me the $4! Have a great Monday!

  4. Way to go on the shopping, we don't need the other stuff!!! Those are two great movies. I am excited to watch the Olympics. Yes that was very sad with Anna and he has to find out.

  5. My goodness- your hand looks painful!! Lauren and I watched "Sixteen Candles" Friday night too! :)

  6. We can't buy our dogs very many toys :-( We even bought the KONG toys that are rated a 10 on the toughest scale (supposed to be strong enough for tigers) and they destroy them in a day.

  7. Where did you get the puzzle(s)?! The red cart it is in suggests Target...I'm going to have to check my Target :)

    I feel so bad for Bates and I hope Anna does tell him...and I literally cheered when Mrs. Hughes told off Edna!

    Loved your lunch story :)

  8. haha love the dog toy picture! it's like he heard everlasting and went challenge accepted!!

    love the pay it forward story. that is the coolest thing.

  9. I am soooo done with the snow and cold this winter. But alas, it's only January :(

    I need to pick up some new rawhides or something more for Lucy to chew on. She keeps going after our shoes and anything else she can find.

  10. My dog is non-destructive and destroyed that toy. So I don't think they can claim it.

    Hope you watched revenge tonight. So much drama. Not sure what is happening to Emily's brain.

  11. Bahahahah @ the Everlasting Treat Ball. ;P
    Pete and I were just talking about how we do the same thing with groceries... we stick to the perimeter for 90% of our food. That's the way to go for sure!

  12. We are 'bracing' for a big storm today. I always think of the instructions you get on an airline when I hear that word. Sad my bible study was cancelled this morning, snow hasn't started here yet, but they say mid-morning is when it will start getting bad.

    I am in complete agreement with your assessment of Jake Ryan : )


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