Thursday, August 21, 2014


"I am thankful for my struggle because without it, I wouldn't have stumbled upon my strength"
~ Alexandra Elle
08.14.14 A hidden find
I found this DVD in my pile & never realized I had never done it.
It really is one of my favorites now.  A sweat fest.
& I just love Bob ... without his weird 70's moustache.
08.15.14 Ice Packs
Bicep Tendonitis totally & royally bites.
I'm thankful for my ice pack that numbs me up for a little bit for some sort of relief.
Some days, the thought of them cutting that tendon doesn't seem that bad.
08.16.14 Returning Clients
This was the 3rd year I got to see this family... & love they had a new addition!
I think we spent more time talking & catching up then taking pictures.  I honestly was so looking forward to seeing them all & meeting this little man.  He's already a pro in front of my camera too. 
(I'll post 'real' pics when I finish up)
08.17.14 Wolverine is mine!!!
Love my shirt my hubs got me.
He surprised me with it & said, "I give up trying to fight your obsession with Wolverine"... he secretly means Hugh Jackman
... we also had that conversation about Steven Curtis Chapman...
& yes, he has bought me many SCC shirts through the years too
08.18.14 Beauty & The Beast makes me smile
It's no secret I'm slightly obsessed with Beauty & the Beast.
But I was thankful on this day when I realized I love looking over from my computer & seeing some of my favorite B&B things that just make me smile.
.... & instantly put the movie's songs in my head....
08.19.14 Hello Running my old friend
I'm always working out every day, but today had me actually running again.
Abet, slowly... & weirdly... trying to make sure the knee stays not completely straight & leaning to my right side... but I did it.
& looking forward to trying to build up some miles again.
I miss my daily 5 mile runs.
08.20.14 Lysa TerKeurst was here
Not only did I get tweeted by two celebs, the thought that Lysa TerKeurst was here on my blog, reading it ... & said "So good!" .... let me fangirl for a second & scream!
I need to create a button that says "Lysa TerKeurst was here"
What are you THANKFUL for this week?


  1. I say that shirt of yours ROCKS! How nice of Ricky to surprise you with it! Yep...he's a keeper alright! Oh, I have no doubt that your mileage will be back to where you want it to be with your positive attitude. You've got this, girl!

  2. I love your celeb tweets, so exciting! I also love that pic of you in your new Wolverine shirt, so cute :)

  3. Even I was so excited when I saw that Lysa Terkeurst tweeted you! AND read your blog, that's awesome!

  4. love your beauty and the beast collection! so awesome!

  5. So cool about the celeb tweets - that's always the best!

  6. "I give up trying to fight your obsession with Wolverine" Bahahaha! Embrace it!


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