Monday, August 11, 2014

The weekend that swarmed my house with pillows....

Another weekend in the books.... & it zoomed by way to fast, as weekends tend to do.

This one was busy, as usual, but with nothing in particular.  Here's some highlights...

* The Backyard was Friday night.  I ended up doing my dance-thang but Chasity was downstairs with Emerson so as soon as I got off the stage, I had to head downstairs & soak in her cuteness.  I can't believe how big she's already getting.  Coming up on 2 months.  Amazing.

* It was a late night of editing wedding pictures.  I'm rounding 3rd on them.  It's the most I've ever edited.  I hate doing too many really because it overwhelms the bride & groom, but I hate throwing away great pictures.

* The Bride wanted a picture with me & Chasity - I love she wanted that... it is a great memory for me to keep.  I really need to do this with all my brides...

Photo: I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Megan wanted a picture with us, her photographers.  We love our brides so much & after spending the whole day with them & getting to be a part of such a special day, I love having the memory to keep myself.  <3 ... keep an eye out, the preview of the whole day is going to be up in a few days :)

* Saturday morning, I cleaned my kitchen.... Sunday night, it looked like a disaster area again.

* It was a rainy Saturday morning... I actually like rainy days (when I don't have a photo session) & especially on days where I don't have plans.  I woke up & went on our back porch & just inhaled the air.  Ricky woke up & came outside with me.  The dogs then all came out & laid with us... a calm moment. I need more of these.

* Sam's Club... I had forgotten my card last time we shopped there.  So I had to get a new card, with a new picture.  Dang it.  I had on my knitted hat & thought they would have me take it off. Nope.  So I said I looked like Curious George's owner with that bright yellow hat on.  Ricky said I look like I have a banana on my head... nice...

* Got a huge bag of coffee to try & make iced coffee without a coffee maker.  I've been seeing all sorts of posts about how you put it in containers with cold water & let it sit for 8 hours - or overnight - & then strain & its supposed to be even better then normal coffee?  Let's hope because if not, I'm going to have about 5 lbs of coffee I probably won't use.  Or I can use one of those reusable K-cups & use it in my Keurig.  I just hate the clean up from that.  But I did just see little filters for that.  That would make it easier to clean.  Plus, they're do dang cute.

* Got these beautiful mason jars to do this coffee experiment.  I just want more of these jars to store everything in.  They're so beautiful.  I already filled up 2 of them with walnuts.

* So, if you didn't see, I posted Friday about the germs in pillows.  I went with my 30% off at Kohls & headed to get new pillows.  & then come to find out, if you spend $20 in home goods, you GOT a free pillow. I walked out with 3 pillows.  Ricky walked out with 2 pillows.  Then when we went to Sam's Club, we saw a deal on pillows so we walked out with 2 more.  We're all set to throw out germ ridden old pillows now.  It was funny because everywhere we looked, people were in line with pillows too.  A lady next to us in Sam's had about 4 packs of 2 pillows.  I told Ricky everyone saw the same report I did about the germs.

* Saw pictures where Julie & her gang ran a race on Saturday morning.  I so love she has planted that seed of health & running in my G-boy's lives.  She mentioned she was pregnant last year during this race.  It won't be long, that little baby will be out with his brothers crossing a finish line.

A family that runs together.... sweats together...
(I had no witty ideas this morning) :)

* I could watch The Breakfast Club every time its on

*  We had family pictures for the pastor of my church & his family.  3 of his kiddos are in our youth group & the oldest is leaving for college.  We will miss him so much. He is such a good leader himself in the class.  But they wanted to get family pictures before he left this weekend.  Oh mercy, how I love all of the kids in this family.  They are just amazing.  I was so happy the weather held off.  It was 'if-y' all day long with rain & we got there & the sun was actually shining.  We could hear thunder & saw dark clouds, but never once a rain drop.  I called Ricky on the way home & he said it had been down pouring at our house (which was about 8 miles from where we did the pictures) ... God kept an umbrella on us.  I'm so glad.

Photo: Had so much fun with a fantastic family tonight. One of their kiddos is leaving for college this weekend. With him being in our youth group for years, we had to get one picture with him before he heads out into his new life. How do these kids grow up so fast?
Good Luck at college Eli!!!!

* This shirt. At Target. Must have!!!!

The only sizes they had were small & extra small
... shut up Target...

* I was freaking out that Big Brother wasn't going to be on TV.  Stupid golf.  Was glad it came on at 10.  Did anyone else watch?  Frankie?  Winning that contest on his own?  That was pretty epic.

He's not my fav in the house, but the win is much a deserved HOLLA!

* It was a late Sunday... which means I'm dragging like a sad injured creature today...

Happy Monday everyone!
How was your weekend?


  1. Oooh I'm eager to hear how the iced coffee turns out!

  2. Sounds like you had a really good, busy weekend.

  3. That was a busy weekend! Too funny about all the people making the mad dash to get new pillows... Why don't we respond like that when we hear fast food is bad for us, cigarette smoking causes cancer etc... All about where we lay our heads huh? :-)
    Love me some Big Brother, we recorded it, can't wait to watch.
    Have a great week!


  4. Sounds like a great and productive weekend!! I'm jealous that you got some new pillows...i need some so badly!

  5. Rainy days are my favorite. Especially rainy mornings... and then I find myself getting annoyed when the sun starts to come out :) Stocking up on pillows as SOON as the move is over!!!

  6. you ever slow down? Oh, my word...I couldn't believe that Frankie won the competition last night! Wonder what all the house guests will do when he discloses that he's the brother of Ariana Grande? Should be interesting!

  7. What a busy weekend but it looks like a blast! OK, love the KISS shirt, it would have been perfect when we went to the Kiss concernt a few weeks ago. I actually had one but my husband was t-shirtless. :)

  8. Yes I loved that Frankie won the game on his own!!! I love BB and BBAD. You have been so busy. I do love a rainy day when we have no plans. I saw that Target has the green Bell Jars....I must get some!


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