Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Confession Time....nails, new mammogram guidelines & Harvey does it again

... I'm sorry - I'm screaming CONSPIRACY on this one.  How can they change the guidelines for mammograms & exams for breast cancer after all this time?  AND especially when its October - Breast Cancer awareness month - & all month long, we've heard that chances of being diagnosed with this raises at the age of 40.  There was even a story on the news earlier this week about a young lady fighting breast cancer as a TEEANGER!   I find it quite coincidence that this info came out the same week I, along with a bunch of others that use Anthem Blue Cross & have to purchase their own health insurance, got notice that our rates are raising CRAZY RIDICULOUS HIGH next year.  I just feel like health insurance companies don't want to pay for all the mammograms & all the doctor's visits.  Something fishy is going on.  I have no doubt.  #Itrustnoone #notwhenitcomestohealthinsurance

... its time to switch over my closet from summer to winter stuff. I cant begin to put into words how much I dread this process.  #toomuchstuff #allthelaundry

... my favorite smell in the world is the smell of leaves burning. Fall has that smell drifting everywhere right now.  I can't get enough of it. ... & then I just saw on a friend's blog yesterday that they make candles that smell like that?  I gotta find these babies!  NOW!  #SniffAway #BestSmellEver #firehazard

... I can't for the life of me make a good vegetarian chili. What is wrong with me?  I honestly have tried so many Pinterest recipes but it always just tastes like a can of tomatoes with chili powder in them.  #ChiliDesperation

... I've got Harvey Dent & Bruno loving carrot sticks. When I pull them out of the fridge, they think they are solely their treat & sit up tall & cant wait to chomp on them.  Zoe on the other hand gives me a look like, You can't be serious - give me the Pupperoni Sticks.  Make a note that Zoe is the only girl dog.  The other 2 - boys.  #GirlsKnowsDietFoodWhenSheSeesIt

... Harvey Dent was at it again this weekend.  I usually take the pictures because we can usually find humor in what he destroys.  This time, it hit Ricky to the heart. Harvey tore up his work shoes. Remember that Ricky usually on a typical day walks 15-18 MILES... so his shoes are important.  Well, thanks to Harvey, they now have a hard piece of plastic that sticks out the side into Ricky's ankle.  Yeah... not time for a picture on this yet. #thingsharveydoeswrong #timefornewshoes #NoHumorwithSoreFeet

... I don't know why I waited so long to try my Jamberry Nails. I'm 4 days in & I'll already call that a success. If I painted my nails on Saturday, my nails would already be a chipped mess. Plus, I always break a nail when I do a photo session (I have no idea why) but having these on, I didn't break one nail on Sunday's session! #itsamiracle #protectthosenails #inaprettyway

... I already went & ordered 4 more sheets of Jamberry nails #newobsession #addict

How could I resist getting a bunch of these for my nails?

... I ordered some stickers for my Erin Condren planner off of Amazon. Wanted to get started on getting some cute goodies for it - (have you ever looked at some people's planners?!?!?!  They are amazing & so cute! ) - Welllll.... I probably should have looked what I was ordering. Half of the stickers have words on them... in another language. I have no idea what language it is.  I think maybe French?  Ooopsie  #BellewasFrench #BonJour

... I couldn't miss the Real Housewives special where Teresa Checks In... so sad. But did anyone else see it & freak out when you saw how grown up their oldest daughter looks?  She's like a mini-Teresa now.  #theygrowupsofast


Anything you need to confess today?

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  1. I still have never tried jam berry of these days

  2. Oh, insurance! I have SC state insurance and they don't cover a yearly physical with my OBGYN. You would think that preventative measures would be covered 100%. It makes NO sense to me! And poor Ricky! So sorry to hear that Harvey has destroyed his shoes.

  3. Ummm I NEED THOSE CAMERA JAMBERRY NAILS! haha. so cute. Also, I must not have very many clothes. I think I am the only person I know that doesn't have to switch clothe between seasons.

  4. Oh nooo. The shoes. That is painful. I also photograph my dogs' destruction except when it hurts my heart. LOL

    Something is VERY SCREWY about the mammogram. If anything, they should be giving them younger. RAGE.

  5. how cute are those nails? dang that sucks about the shoes. My cats have destroyed a few small things, thankfully they stay away from shoes. lol @ the stickers and french words. you're so silly.
    health insurance drives me bonkers. definitely a point in the 'moving to Australia' column.

  6. Ohh I will have to look for a chili recipe I made recently that didn't have meat. Those jamberry nail wraps are so fun!

  7. Oh Harvey! Brady has really surprised me with having zero interest in shoes - I'm probably jinxing myself here though ha!

  8. Those camera jamberry wraps are so cute! I've really enjoyed playing around with the different jamberry designs. I feel like the slow cooker might help with the chili? It seems like the longer cooking allows the flavors to meld better. And I like putting some beer in it too to mellow the tomato-y taste. Maybe something like this one? The butternut squash in it would probably also help take away that canned tomato taste.

  9. I keep thinking about trying the Jamberry nails but second guess myself. I'd be interested to see just how long they last you, I mean since Saturday is awesome, but I'd love to know if they make it to 2 weeks! That's really too bad about the shoes - Gunner hasn't destroyed any shoes yet (knock on wood) but I would be livid if he did. Also, I have a really good chili recipe I've been making this has meat in it but I think you could sub the meat for beans and have one rocking veggie chili. Bonus, it's a crock pot recipe! Here's the pin:

  10. The guideline was produce by American Cancer Society, so it probably has nothing to do with fishy insurance companies. I work for a medical society that produces medical guidelines and they usually come with tons of research from doctors and hospitals, not insurance companies. Again, it's just a guideline so you and your doctor can follow it or choose not to follow it. We'll see what the insurance companies do with it.... :(

  11. The whole mammogram thing is weird! I love the smell of burning leaves but not a fan of the candle. I wonder is Teresa still has all her sass, I missed the episode.

  12. Ohh I might have to try Jamberry some day! I don't know what the mammogram guidelines were or what they changed to...yikes. I should probably know about things like this.

  13. Health insurance needs a major overhaul in the States and I ain't talking Obamacare. Sorry dear. Hang in there.

  14. Dude, I am SUCH a conspiracy theorist when it comes to medical stuff. Don't get me started on flu shots! I'm serious.

  15. Don't even get me started with our healthcare and how screwed up everything is in this country!!! Affordable my butt. Obamacare? Pfffft!!! I call bull on the whole mammogram thing as well. I am not one of those crazy conspiracy theory people, but I am when it comes to our health care and everything surrounding it. It is messed up! On a lighter note, I hate when I order something online and it is so not what I thought it was.

  16. Oh man insurance is just plain CRAZY!!!

    I'm loving those nail wraps!

  17. Sad about your chili.... no clue as to how to fix...have you tried food network?
    Whats invisible and smells like carrots....bunny farts. Yep I told it.

  18. I've been VERY curious about Jamberry! Will you keep us posted on how long it does last?
    Bad Harvey Dent! :)
    Trish - tales from trish

  19. Pete's parents' dog Mo is obsessed with carrots, too! lol SO WEIRD!

  20. What are the new guidelines, I didn't see anything about it. Living in Southern California I never switch my clothes but I never did it in Chicago either. Our dog and daughters dog both love carrots. Actually I'm going to buy them some tomorrow. Nice treat! Yes I watched the RHWNJ and she is definitely grown up. Have you watched The Manzo's at all. I really enjoy it.

  21. i missed the teresa ep but wanted to see it. her kids are so grown up now!! craziness. i don't think joe is a good guy though. idk. just a vibe i get from him.

  22. Have you tried this chili:


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