Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thankful Thursday {Link up #41}

Thankful Thursday

"To God be the glory, great things He has done & greater things He will do."

This week I am Thankful For:

... spending time with my nieces in Toys R Us.  I never outgrow toy stores myself!  & I never want to.  I never want to miss out on any opportunity to hang out with these 2 girls either.

Twins bday:

... getting to celebrate their 11th birthday.  I still can't believe it.

... childhood faith still going.  When we were out at the toy store, Sophia had picked a Magic 8 ball as a gift.  She kept asking it over & over again, "Magic 8 ball, will we get cell phones"... yes, they are at that age where they want cell phones.  & the Magic 8 ball told them yes every time.  Madi even said, "We'll find out tomorrow if this thing really works or not"... I thought, we'll there goes their fun with this thing in just one day.  But I got to their house on Friday & first thing they said - WE GOT PHONES!.....  WHAT??!?!?  They really did!  They got little flip phones, good enough for them - they can text on them & take pictures - but Madi told me, "That Magic 8 ball was RIGHT!" ... let their hopes be dashed on another day - not their birthday :)

Sophia really did pick this Frozen one
.... it matches her room :)

... speaking of which, I'm thankful for the texts that I got from my nieces since they have their phones.

... thank you cards that the Ironman athletes took the time to write to the volunteers.  How kind is that!  It gave me a name to pray about during the race too.  I need to look up how Preston did :)

Thank you note:

... the beautiful weather we've had all week.  Still enjoying these last warm days.

...  I happened to drive out to get some sparkling seltzer water at a grocery store near me at work & found gas almost 50 cents cheaper then what it is at my house! YES!  I was on empty too so DOUBLE YES!

I still cant believe gas is available at $1 -something

when we were once paying near $4.00
... my sweet hubby.  He knew I was out running & as soon as I got out, I noticed dark clouds coming.  I kept running & thought that I would just run until I had to stop.  I look up & there's Ricky in the car.  He said he knew it was going to rain - I told him it would hold off - but he said he would stick with me in case I needed to jump in - so he followed me in his car for over 20 minutes. How cute is that?

He said with my busy schedule, this is about the only way he could see & talk to me

.... It didn't start raining until I literally pulled into the garage at home... I was right - the rain held off for me :)

Here it comes!!!!
... meeting new people doing something I love. I honestly & truly love getting to hear people's stories & capturing a moment in their lives.  I don't take it for granted one bit.

... the countdown to vacation is on.  8 days!  We're under double digits.  Thank you Lord!!!

... Sweet friends had us over last night.  They were the leaders of our Bible Study group that we had so many year ago & that continued for years after.  They invited us over to just do our own little Bible study - a reunion sort of Bible study... & we got there & everyone else has to cancel except Ricky & I.  They told us they didn't want to call & tell us no one else was coming because they knew we'd just say we'd not come as well - & they wanted us too. How cute is that.  So we just ended up sitting on their couch chatting, catching up, remembering why we love these friends so much.  We missed them dearly & want to really strive to find more time to visit with them when we can.

... I left our friend's house with 2 bags of yarn & new knitting needles! WHAT?  ... she said she tried to learn to crochet & knit & she just couldn't figure it out so to take it. I told her she needed a good teacher & I'd help her - but she's a quilter & said she'd stick with that.  So not only did I leave with a refreshed heart, I left with yarn goodies!  That's a good night right there!

What are you Thankful For this week?


  1. That is so sweet that your husband followed you in case of the rain :) And awesome that the rain held of just the right amount of time! I love getting random texts from my niece and nephew.

  2. Free yarn and needles...Awesome!!

    Vacation? Where are you going? Mine is 18 days away!

  3. Your husband rocks for following you!

    Where is vacation?

  4. Gas has been so cheap lately... I actually don't mind filling up anymore! lol

  5. I love that you immediately thought to pray for Preston in the Ironman trials! And what a sweet husband you have! Sweetness is all around you this week!

  6. Yay for cheaper gas!! And I am with you...I can always have fun in a toy store! Or candy store!!! Ok basically I am 5.

  7. Gas under $2/gallon??? Not here! Although it's certainly a lot cheaper than it'd been there for a while. What a sweet husband to drive alongside you in case it rains. He's a keeper.


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