Tuesday, November 01, 2016

One Sentence a Day - October 2016 Edition

November... I guess with the end of Halloween, its what ushers in the beginning of the Holidays.
Even though it did used to be after Thanksgiving... but I've already seen way too many Christmas decorations & trees in stores... Lord have mercy.

But it was another month full of adventure... & loosing teeth.  
What a year that's been for me. Lord, have mercy again.

So here's a quick little look at October, one sentence at a time.

1.  Got to celebrate my momma's 69th birthday.

2.  So happy the rain held off for a beautiful senior session with a returning client.

3.  The drive to work was so much easier now they have opened up a ramp on the expressway that has been closed for 3 months.

4.  Allergies are kicking back in for the fall season.

5.  How it is hot & humid again?

6.  Funny how when one person is out of the office, how quiet it feels.

7.  Needed that Starbucks Salted caramel frap to kick off the weekend.

8.  Made some crockpot chili for a fall day.

9.  I got to catch Ironman Athletes & was so blessed in the process.


10.  Thumbs up for another Blue Apron meal that Ricky said we have to recreate on our own.

11.  Got my hair done & then went to see my momma who was in the hospital after not being able to keep anything down for a few days.

12.  Momma still in the hospital.

13. We were a nervous wreck waiting for my mom to come out of a 30 minute procedure & we were still waiting 2 hours later & hearing nothing.

14.  Mom finally got to come home!!!

15.  Started my morning watching my niece play tennis & ended it with another Senior Portrait session.

16.  A fun day at MSM & then off to a wedding consult with my next bride & groom.

17.  Tempted to turn our AC back on when its close to 90 degrees again!!!

18.  I literally stood amazed when my crown came off for the 5th time!!!

Y'all..... I can't make this stuff up. My crown just came off... AGAIN!!!!! & note the black spot where they cracked the porcelain last time. Plus, they just sent me a $140 bill for that tooth they screwed up.... & came off 5 weeks later. Lord, help me.  #iamgonnacry #tooth #cantmakethisup #dentalproblems:

19.  Got my tooth cemented back on (we'll see how long this lasts) & got out in time to stop in to my friend's Lularoe party.

20.  Made up recipe of a Taco Pasta bowl that turned out to be a winner for me & the hubs! #winning

21.  Did a photo session with one working eye.

22.  Spent my whole day revolved around eye doctors & getting new glasses.

23.  One more photo session to settle out October.

24.  Went to get some new bedding which Harvey Dent seems to love over anyone.

25.  Got my yearly mammogram & then kept going on my health by getting in a 5k for the Ghouls on the Run race.


26.  Stayed in my PJ's all day long & finished a knit hat that I'm keeping for myself.

Finished up a thick & warm creamy hat. Perfect for every fall outfit. This one is staying on my head. ❤🐏 #rebeccajoknits #knit #knittersofinstagram #knithat  #knitstagram:

27.  Spent 90% of the day on the couch.

28.  Had the best day with my husband of 21 years celebrating our years together.

29.  Went to a wedding & then went to dinner for one more day of celebrating our anniversary.

30.  Got to have lunch with the grand kids before they headed home & we went home to enjoy yet another 80 degree October day.

31.  Since we get ZERO trick or treaters at our house, I spent all night on Facebook & Instagram looking at everyone's fun costumes.

So what's something that stood out in your October in your world?


  1. I can't believe it is November already! Really I can't complain though cus we've really had beautiful weather here.
    Did I miss your Ghouls on the Run race recap? Love the shirt!
    We don't get Trick or Treaters either. We stayed home and watched a spooky episode of DWTS..lol

  2. Whew! What a month of emotional highs and lows for you. I am very glad that it ended on a good note with your anniversary! I didn't have any t-o-t's either, but I live in the city!

  3. Sounds like a really full October! We're lucky to like in a neighborhood with a bunch of kids so we had fun trick-or-treaters for most of the evening. I love seeing the kids in their cute costumes.

  4. Zero trick-or-treaters?? That's a bummer :( I love that knit hat! It looks perfect! And you look so fantastic in that 5k photo! Seriously- so healthy and joyful!! October sure had a lot of ups and downs for you... I hope it's smooth sailing the rest of the year! Only two months left. Whaaa??

  5. Wow, what a month! A lot of amazing things and then a lot of not so great things. That's life in general though, I'm starting to think.

    I LOVE your fresh hair in that photo - simply gorgeous!

    All of your portraits are wonderful too.

  6. You did so much in October. I still love your hair!!!

  7. You have had quite a month! I always love these posts, a little reminder about each day. I can't believe it is November?! It sure doesn't feel like it!

  8. I get zero trick or trickers too but I live in an apartment. I used to buy a ton of candy in anticipation but ... well, that proved dangerous. To my belly and hips. :) Now I just buy candy for me! LOL! I love your pictures as usual, the one with the little girl and baby is so precious. I'm glad your Mom is back home and hopefully recovering well!

  9. I love when you do this! So fun to look back and reflect on your month. I'm glad your mom is out of the hospital!

  10. Congratulations on 21 years! That's awesome! Man, it was kind of a crazy month for you! Mine was basically home + reading, or working my butt off non stop... Roller coaster ride. This one sentence a day idea is super fun! XO - Alexandra

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