Wednesday, November 09, 2016

It's finally over....

We made it... its over.

That election we've been building to finally has happened.

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& as expected, its the day after & people are angry & upset.

It only takes common sense to know that there was going to be a side that wasn't happy. I mean, the divide is so intense & it seems right down the middle, so you can figure that nearly half of the US is mad this morning.

If Hillary did indeed win, it would still be half of the US upset this morning.

Its life.

I know there are two things in life you aren't supposed to talk about - religion & politics.
& while I do talk about God alot, I dont talk about religion.  I hate religion.  It divides & causes wars.
.... & I guess same can be said about politics.

I grew up in a house where voting was HUGE... (you know you all said it in the Trump voice)...
but it was made a big deal.  But politics wasn't pushed on me.  I was never told who I had to vote for, but that it was my right as a US citizen & I need to take advantage of that.
I dont think my whole life, my parents have asked me who I voted for.  It was my vote all on my own.

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So even now, I'm not one of those people who put out there who I vote for.

Mainly because I'm also the person who sees both sides. I'm like that in every situation in life.
It's funny because I took that test online to find out what political party best suited me.... it brought me up as a centralist. Which I didn't even know existed.  But that perfectly describes me in 99.9% of the issues in life.

I stayed up late last night to watch the results.  Amazed at it really.
Watched as reporters & commentators choked on their words & actually was speechless at moments.
One channel's reporter even insulting people who had voted for Trump.
& watched as Clinton's people realized that she wasn't going to win.
It was history in the making & I sat in amazement of it all.

I just have to say, I see a lot of people saying cruel things about other people that voted for another party than the one you like (this is both sides)... but I honestly think this election is bigger than the people that ran.

Big Supreme Court seats are open.
Terrorism is terrifying.
Gun control is a hot topic.
Health care has gone so far down, I can't even talk enough about that topic without my blood pressure shooting up ... & then I dont have good insurance to get that checked.

I think people voted looking at the bigger picture.  Not necessarily the person.
The way it should be really.

But we made it.
We survived this election.
An election that proved that anyone can run for President.
If Hillary won - it would have been amazing & so empowering to see a woman in office.
With Trump winning - we see you need obviously no political experience whatsoever to run a country.
... which honestly blows my mind. Its going to be interesting to see who runs for President in every year.

Maybe Kanye isn't too crazy an candidate after all?...nahhhhh...
... but I also said that about Trump when he put his foot in the race.
Ya Nev'r Know!!!

Image result for kanye for president
haha!!! ... that these pictures are out there is funny... & terrifying!

Today, let's all try to be nice to each other.
We need each other - to get through the next 4 years - to get through every day really.
& let's be thankful that we do have a country where we have a voice in the form of a vote.
Let's try to be understanding when the voice that has spoken isn't one that may not be for your side.
That is really all the power of America...

& today, I'm ordering you all to go to YouTube & put on some videos of puppies or people falling down & just laugh.  Lighten your soul today.


  1. Oh Please not Kanye in 2020 or I'll really have to re-evaluate my life!!!
    Did you see the dog video I posted on FB last night? That really sums it up!

  2. I won't lie- I'm one of those angry people. (I know you know this, lol.) I'm trying very hard not to be, but it'll take some time and some prayer. Regardless, I believe in kindness and love and respect- no election or candidate can change that. I think a lot of Americans feel that way, both republicans and democrats. I know there are bigger issues, I know we all voted for different reason. I'm just nervous and worried. (I'd have been nervous and worried if Hillary won, too. Just in a different way.) It doesn't matter in the end. When we get to Heaven we never have to vote on a "president"- the perfect person is already in charge :)

    1. Thank you for trying not to be angry. So many people are resigned to being hateful and pissed off, rather than finding a way to be the bigger person & working to make this the best country we can. I think you hit the nail on the head that we would be nervous no matter who won, but in different ways & for different reasons.

  3. VERY well said!! I've not told anyone who I was voting for either...only that I was voting and hoped they would do the same!

  4. 100% of north america was up late last night watching the election. canadians typically have a pretty relaxed attitude about politics (our politics) and are open to discuss who they voted for etc. many people i know don't give two shits about politics (myself included) but let me tell you, every.single.canadian was keeping an eye on this campaign because i think this one will go down in the books.

    whatever happens, america is strong enough to handle it. you guys survived Bush Jr (twice!) so I'm sure you guys can survive Trump. Besides, he'll probably be impeached within the next 6 months so there's that LOL

  5. I'm glad it's over! Time to put God first again!

  6. Today, I would like to let everyone know that I am thankful for puppy pictures & videos. As well as videos of babies laughing. My FB is full of hate this morning - and it makes me sad & angry. So I'll just be over here holding my coffee mug all wide eyed.

  7. I'll add a positive note: Measures to improve animal welfare in Oregon, Massachusetts, and Oklahoma all passed. It was a win for animals last night, and that's a great thing!

  8. That is a really good point that you don't need any political experience to run for president apparently - that's wild! I just pray for our country to stay united over the next weeks and months.

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  9. Last night I started binging on cute cat pictures because I was in literal pain. Still am. It's over but it's not over. And now I have to go hug my cat.

  10. I so much agree with what you said here. I was so disappointed when I saw all the hate and mud slinging back and forth on social media. People degrading others because they voted for a third party and "wasted their vote" or said ugly things because they voted for Trump. At the end of the day, the people have spoken and we all have to go on living with each other. We can all still be friends and show love and compassion. And let's hope that we all still support each other and maybe we can get something good going. Like clear up these insurance issues because dear goodness mine is sky rocketing next year and like you..I cant afford the drugs and therapy to handle it lol.

  11. i am very thankful for videos of cats and people falling over today. i am trying not to be angry, but i am upset and scared.

  12. You said this beautifully! I jut know I'm really tired today from staying up so late! :)

  13. I love this...thanks for the positive note. We didn't get into it with the kids, but we did tell them that they had a civic duty to vote and they went with us...start them young!

  14. Thank you for the puppy videos! I am all about self care and cute animals definitely fall into that category :) As does kindness and generosity.

  15. That is so well said, Rebecca. One of my close friends wrote today "God was not shocked when he woke up this morning." It really hit home for me today.

  16. Well said. I am thrilled with the results and look forward to the next four years! Time to move on!!

  17. I agree completely. I am so glad it is over. I never say who I am voting for because I don't want to hear criticism. We can all have our opinions, but we don't need to be mean and hateful to each other. So glad I don't have to look at people's fb anymore and wonder why we are friends.

  18. I am baffled. We've had a lot of videos of cute animals playing in the house today. And I'm not even American! I can only imagine what you're all feeling at the moment. I imagine vaguely similar to how we felt after Brexit.

  19. Well put. And you're right---I think it was policies, not people, that really pushed the votes this year. But PHEW! So glad that's over! (Now we can just get on to everyone griping about the results for the next foreseeable future, ha ha.)

  20. Love your voice on this topic dear lady!! I think we all needed to hear this today and also to engage in some lighthearted cuteness!!

  21. So well put! I can't believe how much hate and ugliness has been put out into the world by this election - from the candidates, but also from us. I don't know why people think it makes it okay to call others names based on who they voted for? The whole thing blows my mind. But I'm just glad it is OVER!

  22. Yup! Just wish people would act more mature about the whole thing. Riots and protests aren't going to bring any unity and you are right, either way, 50% of the people end up upset.

  23. I'm just ready for everyone to stop with the political rants on FB. I know it's their right, but geez how about some cute kid/pet photos again? lol

  24. Yes! We need to be loving and kind no matter who is in office. Thanks for sharing :)


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