Monday, September 25, 2017

The weekend that I saw how big my grands are getting....

Back at it... another Monday... here we come...

(insert BIG LOUD DRAMATIC sigh)

Another weekend passed.  This was a nice weekend because we got to see our Nashville gang - always great to see them. Cant believe how big the boys looked to us.

Let me back up... my weekend started Friday, when I got home to get a letter in the mail that let me know that my health insurance, from Anthem Blue Cross, would no longer be offering ANY plan next year for me.  NOTHING.  NADA.

I actually called them to confirm what the letter said... & he told me that I was correct. They would offer NO PLANS next year.  They were very kind though by saying "We're sorry" a dozen times.  Yeah, I can tell you where to stick that 'Sorry' ....


Y'all... I dont know what I'm going to do. The ONLY other option in my area is a state run insurance which is SUPER HIGH, & offers hardly any coverage & the kicker, NO DOCTORS take it - like any decent doctor.  NONE of my own doctors take it.  SO basically if I am sick or need help, I have to go to the emergency room.  That helps with the health care system, doesnt it?  I am just numb over all of this.

I literally was just in tears all Friday night in a panic.

Needless to say, I'm on the hunt for a new job that gives health insurance.  25 years in a business counts for nothing when they dont offer you benefits - or I should say, took your benefits away.

Welcome to the United States of America in 2017... where they dont care if you die if you get sick.

What can you do?....

Saturday, I did what I do best to get my mind off things - craft away.  I'm working on a new project that I'm excited about... Hopefully I'll have pictures of it when its complete.

& after a late start, Julie & the boys got up Saturday afternoon.

We headed out to eat & we tried a new place that just opened, Chillburger....

& apparently they werent prepared for like a whole town to come check them out. This is the SMALLEST PLACE EVER.  Why they made it so small, I have no idea.  Luckily, they had outdoor seating & we were able to pull 2 tables together... & even more lucky, it was just a beautiful evening to sit outside & watch the sun set.

& luckily a place that serves burgers, which is a vegetarians nightmare, they at least offered amazing onion rings & I got a grilled cheese off the kids menu. You do what you gotta do.

We got home & tried to watch the new Beauty & the Beast on netflix with the boys - my service kept going out though & I was too lazy to put the disk in, & the boys were busy playing anyways... but we tried.

& I tried to get a good picture of the boys.  Isaac is 10 next week & just a booger about pictures, so his brothers pick up on that so trying to get a picture is like trying to pull teeth....

... but finally got at least ONE... all that counts, right?

... maybe I should just put on some IG filters because this one didnt mine getting his picture taken with this feature...

Sunday, I ended up staying home from church with Julie... it was just a nice relaxing time to just sit & chat & take in some peace & quiet.

Or as much peace & quiet that you can get with a 3 year old....

& Harvey Dent loved having the boys there too - constant attention

When Steve & the 2 older boys got back from church, I had put on Beauty & the Beast - the ORIGINAL... which was a debate because the boys said the new one was the original. The cartoon came on & one of them said, "Oh, is this new?"... How do these boys not remember that I have forced them to watch it every time they're up?... do they block it out of their memory or something?

But they sat through the entire thing & watched it once again....

& then we headed out to grab some lunch.

We walked in & saw some friends of ours, & then one of my youth kiddos & her momma came in as well - it's always great to see familiar faces when you're out.

I had to go over to the coffee shop to meet up with my next bride & groom - CANT WAIT for their wedding.  Such a precious couple, the groom is one of my old youth kiddos & he's just grown into such an amazing man.  Plus, I just ADORE his family - his wedding is just going to be like going to my own family's wedding.  I cant wait.

Julie & the gang had to take off from there so it was good bye for now....

& after our wedding talk, I had to jet off to meet up with my youth kiddos for another week in the bible study.  I couldnt miss this one because first, I missed church that morning & missed my girls... & 2nd, this is the kids last week before a 2 week fall break, & we wont have bible study for 3 weeks so I didnt want to miss out seeing them before this long hiatus.

& it didnt disappoint. The girls were full of great questions, ideas, discussion.... Those 2 hours went by in a blur... we didnt want it to end.

But it was time to get home & feed the dogs & do my own bible study for the day... & time to hit the sack...

weekends are fast, & exhausting... that's for sure.

How was your weekend?


  1. Oh - I hate that about your insurance. It's a necessary evil but I hope something comes through. I did NOT know the new Beauty was on Netflix - that's going to be on frequently at my house now! :)

  2. Oh my gosh I'm so sorry about your insurance debacle! That is crazy that your employer just decided not to offer it any more!! Those kiddies are getting so big! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Aw what precious kiddos! My boys rarely want to sit still for photos either haha but you give them snapchat where they get to do silly faces and they're all about that. I think it's a boy thing.

  4. I am so sorry about your insurance! Good luck searching for a new job, that just honestly sucks. Looks like you really made the most of the rest of your weekend though!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  5. Ugh insurance! Oh my what darling children, so glad you got great time with them, onion rings and all, ;-)

  6. UGH - I remember how tough a time you had deciding on insurance in the first place, and now to be back to square one with basically no options? How frustrating. I am dreading open enrollment in a few weeks, it's such a short window to make lots of decisions.

    Right now Mr. Sass and I are still each on our own insurance, since neither are BAD. But we are considering joining forces and hopping onto the same plan. HOWEVER, his job contract is up 12/31 of this year, and there is still no decision on if their benefits will change or the cost of them will. And at this point it's not looking like a decision will be made prior to 12/31, which means when it IS made it would be enforced from that point. So, if we hop on his we would basically not have confirmation as to cost or coverage until we were stuck already for the year. Frustrating.

  7. Oh man I'm so sorry to hear about your Health Insurance. I know how frustrating that is. My friend just got the same letter and is so devastated. I wish I had some advice but I don't. I don't understand how they can just do that and it is legal. I thought of you this weekend as I finally saw Beauty and the Beast on netflix. It was soo freaking good. I loved it so much that I watched it three times! haha. Well, I started it for the third time last night, I will finish it up today. Loved it!!

  8. I'm so sorry about your insurance! That sucks so much! It's unfortunate but job hunting for a place that offers insurance is probably you're best bet. It makes me so angry that there are no good healthcare options for those who don't have a job that provides it or works for themselves. Why is it so difficult? It looks like a great weekend with the grandkids. I remember when my nephews got older and no longer sat still for a good picture. Now their 20 and 19, and it's still hard. LOL!

  9. That is just awful about the insurance thing. So are they no longer offering to anyone or just you? Why doesn't Ricky's insurance allow you to be on it?

  10. That is just awful about your health insurance. Our country is just so messed up when it comes to healthcare. How can we be "so advanced" when we cant even get basic healthcare coverage to our people that is affordable. I have benefits through my job and it is still crappy coverage...but at least my doctors take it. I am sending you all the hugs.

  11. Perfectly posed or not, your grandsons are adorable!!

  12. Outdoor seating is the best!!! They have so much of it here in Europe. <3 And we have a health care Christian sharing ministry that we love; would that be a possibility for you?

  13. what?! I remember back when you were trying to figure it all out, and now they take it away, grrr...your grandkids, what a great visit!

  14. That is so awful about your health insurance. I hate that. Mine is a high deductible insurance that I have to go to the emergency room or have surgery to get even close to them paying anything of it. I hate it. Sucks. I hope you find something. Sounds like the rest of the weekend was good. Grandbabies visiting you guys!!!

  15. Sure hope you can find a solution to the health insurance issue. ObummerCare has ruined our healthcare system and President Trump is being thwarted at every turn, trying to get rid of it. I'm so sorry! Hope you can find something. The kids are so cute and how great that you got the whole weekend with them. Your girls are so lucky to have you as their leader/mentor!!

  16. Can't even discuss health ins. It's a mess right now. We pay for our own private ins. and it takes a CHUNK every month. (Then barely covers anything.) I'm sorry yours is being taken right out from under you. I don't seen a solution in sight :(
    Glad you got to see your fam and your girls this weekend!!

  17. Gosh I am so sorry to hear about your health insurance. I can't stand when companies don't offer plans or options. I really hope something works out for you. Haha, that sounds like my house and trying to take pictures with the boys. They're definitely boogers. Beautifully Candid

  18. I'm so sorry to hear about your insurance. The whole system is just insane - I can't believe that people balk at some kind of system that will cover EVERYONE. Don't they know that we all end up paying for all these emergency room visits in some way or other? Sigh.

  19. Ugh, I'm sorry to hear about the insurance letter :( That's such a mess. The photos of the boys are cute, even the ones where they're messing around :) I imagine those probably reflect reality a bit more anyways.

  20. Oh no! Health insurance can seriously be SOOO stressful, and that's just so frustrating! That's got to be so hard to feel like you need to look for another job after sticking with your current one for so long. Fingers crossed you're able to find something that works soon!

  21. Sure looks like a beautiful day for eating outside! And health insurance research is no fun--since we moved overseas a few years ago, we have to find and buy our own since the job doesn't come with benefits. And because we're foreigners we have to have international health insurance...we actually switched this year from one company to another after a lot of back and forth and calculations and quotes. Thankfully we've never had to use any of the benefits from our health insurance since moving abroad! I'm always grateful for that--far better to pay for something we never use than to actually experience health crises.

  22. Your grandkids are absolutely adorable! What a fun family! I'm sorry you're in that mess with health insurance. (I kind of agree with President Trump, let it implode and then see if congress will finally work together to find decent health care.) I hope you find a solution soon. We have Regence, it's excellent insurance!


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