Thursday, February 06, 2020

Thankful Thursday #258

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This week I am Thankful for:

Snail Mail
I got a card in the mail from one of my precious friends & honestly, every time The Hubs comes in with a piece of mail & says, "This is for you" & hands over a little envelope with my name on it- I feel like my heart just lights up.  It never gets old.

Two Coffees for the price of one
I had ordered a coffee at lunch & it was supposed to be with Almond Milk. I got there to pick it up (Love you  Mobile Ordering) & they said they had accidentally made one with Whole Milk too & I could have both.  The Hubs was excited - he got a surprise Flat White for free.  Coffee for everyone.

Tea Date
Ricky & I had to run out Saturday afternoon & it was chilly & snow flurrying & we both wanted some hot tea.  Our little local coffee shop has the BEST tea & even better, they sell honey that is actually made about a quarter mile down the road from us.  We love supporting them in their honey ventures.  Its the yummiest & I love it helps us with our local allergies because you cant get any more local than a quarter mile away bees.

BELIEVE Compliment
So I mentioned Monday how some of my HSM girls went to Believe to help lead the middle school kids. It was funny because they had told me that the speaker that weekend, they thought of me the entire time.  They said the way she spoke, the way she acted, it was just like how I do.... I've actually seen this lady teach before - her name is Heather -  & that to me is the BIGGEST compliment I can get. She's an incredible presence on the stage & it would be such a dream for me to have a career in doing what she does - going from place to place & giving messages to middle school kids on living for Jesus.  Oh my heart... when you think of "what might have been" - this is it for me.... so just to be compared to her & to know I do a similar thing in such a smaller area - but to know it all still matters to God, it made my heart smile

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My spirit animal

Repeatedly mentioned - we have awesome neighbors... chalk another one up for this true statement. I got home from church & saw this TAB cup sitting on our counter.  Our neighbors had a yard sale a few years ago & they had 3 TAB cups for sale - I had bought them all & told me about my mom's OBSESSSSSSSION for the beverage. So they were out & found another cup & bought it & gave it to us to give to my mom. Isn't that the kindest?  ... It was funny because I took to to her - she has the other 3 cups on her bedroom dresser holding some candy in each one.  But I went to get something out of her refrigerator & this magnet was on there... the exact same cup.  Vintage baby - Vintage!!!

Planner Desk
I used to use my desk for editing pics in my photography days - where I'd have 2 computers going & clicking away all day long. Since those days are behind me, I've cleaned up my room & making space for all my planner stickers & accessories & I'm having the best time going in my room in the morning on the weekend & getting my next week planned out - decorating it - getting to watch the sun rise from my window.  I've got another new little happy place in my home.

6:00pm light
Anyone else noticing we're getting a little more light in the evening? I can't stress to you how much I NEED more light in the evening. Those nights where its completely dark by 5:30? I just feel my soul being crushed.  But I was driving home the other day & at 6pm, I could see see the sun setting over some trees & I could see without lights being on.... Spring is coming!!! LIGHT is coming... PRAISE THE LORD!

This was taken going down my road at 6pm at night.... no headlights needed yet!

So tell me something good about your week

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