Thursday, February 20, 2020

Thankful Thursday #260

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This week I am Thankful For:

Brother check up
Tony had to go back to his surgeon for a check up & he got another thumbs up that everything is healing as it should.  Such a relief!

Workout Room
During the holidays, I lost my work out room to STUFF. You know how the holidays brings out STUFF. A bunch of totes from decorations, things to throw in there to keep the house presentable when company comes - it piles up quick.  I'd been using my upstairs room to do a few workouts, but come on - we all know that during the holidays, working out is sparse anyways.  But I got the room I work out in downstairs all cleared out & my space is back.

It makes life so much easier for me because the laundry room is off this space & it keeps me up on laundry. Put a load in before the work out - goes in the dryer when I'm done. This is why my laundry pile was outrageous during the holidays. I need my routines to get me through life!.

Free Tea
Starbucks did it again - another free drink. I had ordered a drink coming back from my lunch with The Hubs & when I picked it up, she said, "We just made this black tea - it was meant to have ??? (I couldnt make out what she said) - So this is just a plain brewed black iced tea if you want it" - SURE.  It was pretty yummy too.

Umbrella service
We had our Women's Group meet up last week & it was raining CRAZY - like BUCKETS - like FLOODING EVERYWHERE rain. I pull up to the home of our host & do you know she comes out with an umbrella to make sure we get in her house without getting soaked. HOW PRECIOUS IS THAT?  That's hospitality.  I'm the person who stands on my front porch & yells - RUN!!!! - if someone comes to my house in this rain. I need these examples of service that our beautiful leader just lavished on me.

MMAB Group
I havent seen my awesome group since December & had missed them something crazy.  It was great to see everyone (was missing one though #tear) & just catch up & laugh & vent & talk.  We are all such different people with different passions to us & I just love how we can come together & learn from one another. Hearing everyone's different take on things & how God uses everyone's talents differently - its just so cool to realize.  Love these ladies!

Warm Home
It was around 10 degrees Saturday morning. I had gone out to take pictures of the sunrise & running back into the house, that heat that just washed over me.... ahhh... comfort.  I instantly said out loud "Thank you Lord for a warm home". It always just rips into me to think of people - & even animals - that have to suffer in the cold & have no warm place to go.

After about a 10 day stretch of no sun - it was just the best sight in the world!

Frozen Ground
SO yes, I was glad for sunshine - but while the temps were down in the morning, it made it SO MUCH EASIER to go let Baby out when the ground is frozen. After all the rain the past week & a half, its like a awful mud pit. The kind where you put a foot down & nearly have to use your hand to lift your other leg back up - & hope the suction doesnt leave your boot behind.  With the frozen ground.... no slipping, no sinking - just hard, solid ground to jump & run on.  Baby that is - not me. (not all the time anyways)

Church with Niece
I'll stay this & add it EVERY TIME my niece wants to go to church with me.   Love having her there beside me. & just enjoyed talking with her on the drive & doing some shopping together.  I love who my nieces are turning into as young women.

Tell me something good about your week!!!

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