Tuesday, July 07, 2020

One Sentence a Day - June 2020 Edition

Knit By God's Hand: One Sentence a Day - September 2019

1 - Mon /  Another month closing while working from home #ThirdOne #WhoCouldHaveKnown

2 - Tues /  Totally forgot it was my hair appointment day until my stylist text to see if I was in the parking lot. #ZOOMEDTHEREFAST #nohairdrying #nostraightening #stayinmasks

3 - Wed /  Walked outside to get my mail on the front porch & felt like I stepped into space where there's no air #SOHOTANDHUMID

4 - Thurs /  Jen Hatmaker's book is challenging me in ways I've never thought could happen #DeepThinking

5 - Fri / Finished the 8 week study with my coworkers, even though we had to do it on zoom for 7 of those sessions, & feel so accomplished. #sogood #FinishWell

6 - Sat /  Felt like my dad's funeral was finally over years later when we go to see his headstone finally placed #beautifultribute #missyoueverydaydad

7 - Sun /   Finally had pizza from a restaurant after 3 months #tookithome #noteatingout


8 - Mon /  A lot of mask orders had me sewing for hours after work #MyKitchenisSewingCentral

9 - Tues / I get to take the bank deposit to the bank now instead of a runner so I actually had to put on presentable clothes & shoes for a day! #thatsnew

10 - Wed /  So nauseated for the whole night #donteventalktome #justwanttosleep

11 - Thurs / Just sat outside & read until the sky was so dark I couldnt see, & then went inside & finished the  last 10 pages of my book. #readingmojofulleffect

12 - Fri / Was super relieved that a day I thought would be super chaotic with 4 people out for the day in our team, turned out to be a really easy, low key day. #Funsurprise #everyonemusthavebeenoff

13 - Sat / Ventured out to buy more material & treated myself to the first Starbucks I've bought in over 3 months #tastedamazing

14 - Sun /  One of the most beautiful days of the year with it being so cool & crisp - in June! #stayoutsidealldaylong

15 - Mon /  Its always tore when you have to work & its perfect weather outside! #moveworkoutdoors

16 - Tues /  Went for a walk while it was gorgeous out at night & even tried to run a little & its amazing to think I used to run every day #feltsohard

17 - Wed /  Had so much fun on a Zoom call & finally got to see & hear my sweet blog friend of over 10+ years Nathalie. #shesevercuterinperson

18 - Thurs / I had to run downtown  to the office to grab my mail for the day & it was just the weirdest vibe with everything boarded up & no traffic or people walking on sidewalks looking for lunch #riotenvironment

19 - Fri /  You know it's been a bad week when you have to work nearly an hour & a half overtime on a Friday! #justgetmetotheweekend

20 - Sat /  I'm getting my sewing mojo down where I can do bigger batches of masks at once. #factoryinmykitchen

21 - Sun / Missing my dad on Father's Day. #sad

22 - Mon /  Loving all the lightning bugs out now! #IthinkofRay #Princessandthefrog

Learn to Draw series: Ray the Firefly from "Princess and the Frog ...

23 - Tues /  Had to drive back downtown to pick up mail again #whatisthismadness

24 - Wed /  My rib pain is back with a vengence #hurtstomove #orbreath #orlive

25 - Thurs /  Enjoying the last night of cool spring like weather before summer hits us in the face again. #stayawayhumidity

26 - Fri /  A zoom meeting at work had me running around frantic would none of my zoom apps would work. #gotinjustintime

27 - Sat / Ran down to Joann's to get all new princess fabrics for more masks #whodoesntwantaprincessmask

28 - Sun / We had to go to the funeral home for my sister in law who lost her father & luckily restrictions were lifted more where they could have a pretty normal funeral visitation. #lovemysisterinlaw

29 - Mon /  Beyond thankful everything went smoothly with my brother's surgery today #noonecouldstay

30 - Tues / Glad to see about 80% of people in the grocery were wearing masks #keepitupeveryone

Was June any better for you in this nutso year?
What's the best thing that happened in your month?

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