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Remember the good ole days of blogging?

I think blogging is so different today than what it used to be. Nothing wrong with different. I read some great blogs every day of people that share their lives in such a fun & beautiful way.  I've  made some great friends through recent blogs & I've made some amazing friends through blogs of years past too.  So many blogs that I have watched their children grow up & become adult men & women. Blogs where I've rooted & cheered people on... & celebrated all the highs... & cried from afar when people have shared their losses & struggles.  I've been in it for a long while y'all.  Years behind the keyboard trying to share my life in a way that is true to me because I really do love blogging & all that comes with it.

Years is key here though. 

I started blogging in 2006.  I know some bloggers who were probably in high school then.  ... oh my..... 

This is the very first picture I have on my blog.
& I think these socks got destroyed by one of our dogs. RIP socks.

What is the point of all this "looking down memory lane of the good ole days of blogging"?

Because I've lost it. Yep, I've really lost it.  It may have taken 14 years, but my blogging mojo is just disappearing & I really feel the loss of it as really a loss of myself.  That's what happens when you do this for so long.  I'm talking about that inspiration that makes you excited to do a post, & the excitement to share some news or a picture & talk about what's going on in my little corner of the world - even smaller corner of the internet.  

I've been thinking about changing some things up.... & here's what I've come up with.

BLOGTOBER!!!! Or  does Bloctober fit better with October?  I've never been very clever with names.  I'm the one who when I was little would name all my baby dolls Ann, Sue, Mary - or the ever creative - Baby.

Anyways.... what I'm thinking is, every day in October, I'm going to just typeShare my life.  Use my little blog as my brain space.  Letting you in on the good, the bad, the beauty, the ugly, the frustration - because hello 2020.  

One day may just be a post on how my day went.  Another may just be a scripture I read & my thought on it that day in my devotional.  One may be just a picture or pictures I've taken - because I really miss sharing my photos from my good camera & seeing the world through those eyes.

I'm not even sure how its going to look... & that makes me nervous & equally excited.

This all sounds pretty much what my blog is now, right?  So what's really the different?   I think the thing is,  I have been so trained, as many bloggers, to have the posts that get posted on certain days of the week & you set a schedule & you know what day something will be a link up. NOTHING wrong with that at all. I so appreciate & value the link ups to join along with other bloggers & I've met so many friends through some link ups.  & I'm still probably going to post some for link ups myself.  ... Like my September One Sentence a Day - I mean, I've been documenting every day of September so I'm totally sharing that.  But I may have it at the end of a post.  I will also not give up the Show Us Your Books post too for the next go around because I love that day & seeing what everyone is reading.  My Goodreads would see no action unless those posts didnt happen once a month.  

As for Thankful Thursday & Friday Favorites... I think they may be on hold for October.  ... & did I just hear a moan?.... well dont. Because I hope to share my gratitude in EVERY day's post!!! That's sort of the point of doing this.  & maybe a Friday Favorite will still show up.. but maybe not as big. I know so many love the funnies... I just may put some funnies at the end of some posts throughout the week too.... because that's the whole point


That is what blogging can look like....

I think anyways. 

My brain is getting old... but I THINK that's what blogging used to look like.

My plan... every night, end my day at the computer & just share.  & that includes weekends, which WHAT? Hardly anyone blogs on weekends.... but I'm really wanting to do a post every day in October.  We'll see where this goes. Maybe it will just be a new & fun way to post & you all will enjoy it & more importantly, I - MYSELF- will enjoy it & it will just spark some joy (that's for you Maria Kondo) & I'll continue through the rest of the year.  Because dont we all want to see how much I love the Holidays.

... & if you know me well, you know that right there was a joke because after October, the holidays dont do much for me except crank up my anxiety & depression.  Fun stuff, huh?  But if I can share & make it relatable to someone, then it will be worth it.

I dont know how it will go.  Maybe after week 1, I'll be, aint no one got time for this & I'll be done... but I'm hoping for a challenge that will push me in all the good ways possible.  

And hey, if anyone else wants to join in with me...  Need a challenge to spark some blog joy yourself?  Do it with me.  Blogtober - or Bloctober or whatever you want to call it.

...& if anyone wants to take the lead on Thankful Thursday - just let me know.  I'm happy to share it with someone - especially some of my awesome friends that are so faithful in linking up with me each week.  I'll do the link up & even post it on my blog as well at the end of my Thursday's posts -  but a few of you can put the link up on your blogs as well.  Message me - you all know who you are :)

So anyways... let's see where this goes.  

& please - let me know your thoughts. Because while I want to do this for me, I really dont want to bore you or go down a road that just leave me more isolated in a time where isolation is the WORD OF THE YEAR.  

So tell me...

Blogtober or Bloctober?

How long have you been blogging?

Are you losing your blogging mojo?

Is this just a really bad idea that's going to go down in a blaze of fire... like 2020?

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