Thursday, November 12, 2020

Work it out, straighten it out & A room with a view{Thankful Thursday #286}


This week I am Thankful for:

Masks selling again
I totally forgot I had masks on my Etsy store. I havent made any in awhile just because I dont have a good place to leave my sewing machine & materials out.  When I sold a few this week, I was pleasantly surprised. I have just a few left.  After the holidays, once decorations are put up, I have sewing plans so I gotta start finding a place to set my baby up.  Maybe I'll make some more masks again.

Heated Hair Brush
Why did I wait so long to get that Revlon One Step Heat Brush? It's amazing how I can use it to do my hair when I get out of the shower & be presentable. It doesnt get me as straight as a straightner, but its faster & doesnt leave me looking TOTALLY frizzy headed. I think with more practice, I'll get better at it too.  It's so much cheaper now too - I see it on sale at a lot of places & even at Sam's Club.  Amazon has it cheaper than ever too.  A great gift for someone! (Or yourself)

Cheaper Prescription
The Hubs had to get some medicine from a dermatologist & that stuff wasn't cheap!  Who wants to spend $150.00 for stuff that's not fun? The doctor ended up sending the presciprtion to a place that blends it all in house & it was more than half than what you get in big name prescriptions. What a nice surprise!

President Elected
... I know its still a sticky point for some... but I'm just excited to move on.

Book Finished
I hate when I have a book that takes me forever to read. My last one - it took over a month! UGH. The worst. I felt accomplished when I got to the last page.

Window View
Working from home, still loving it... but even more right now, I get to see my tree turns color. It's funny because my trees are always last to go.  I sat here & watched all the trees across the street change  & it was stunning. & now, I've watched my trees turn  different shades of red each day this week.  Yesterday, the wind was so strong, I watched as a lot of the leaves were swirling in front of my window.  This is definitely a better view than the cubicle I sit in in the office where there's no windows anywhere.

Testing out the ankle
I just wanted to get out & enjoy some of this warm November weather so I ventured on some walks.  It was a test to my ankle & boy oh boy.... it aches now.  But I'm glad I got to get out & get my ankle moving - even if it hurt. I consider it progress. Gotta have some pain to get stronger, right?

... plus...

I'll add onto the one above.  This weather we've been having the past week - GLORIOUS. Just simply glorious. So warm & beautiful.  Let's just leave it here November.  I'll take this till the end of the year please.

What's something good going on in your week?

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