Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Looking Forward


Anyone else have all the emotions today about Inauguration Day?

I'm feeling excited for the change, which I also know that means a lot of people are angry & upset about the change.

I am anxious to see if there's any commotion or 'stir ups' that are going to happen....

I never really get into the political things much, but I do watch Inaugurations & feel proud to be an American, just because its the people that get the voice & the vote on who is standing there, with a hand on a Bible, vowing to do their very best as they see it for our Country - for the people of America.

It's going to look weird with COVID causing changes... & even more, to see fences & guards... not a good look for a peaceful transfer of power.... but yet, today, we move on... we look forward.

I know a lot of people get upset about that & wont watch, nor care about the day. Springing up a new #notmypresident round of thinking. Believing that the vote was stolen (I honestly dont understand the thinking on this since there has been zero proof given - but... there you go) ... still, we move on... we look forward.

We still have a lot of issues in our country that need to be addressed.
Issues that will be solves if we work together & not against one another.
We have a lot of healing for a lot of people in this country - friends & family having relationships torn over men who will never know your name.

People who are Trump supporters are coming out of this angry & upset... people who dont like Trump are coming out of this term angry & upset... I dont see America as Great Again when everyone is angry at 2 different sides & we are more divided than we've been in ages.

We have been through a lot as a Nation... we all need some therapy I think.
Which I saw this months ago & really loved it  - if you get a minute (or 7) I saw this on CBS This Morning talking to a Marriage Counselor & how it applies to us a country because divorce isn't an option here..... its actually pretty insightful about finger pointing, taking responsibility for actions & finding postives.....

But today, we move on..... we look forward the best we can.

Because its all we CAN do. Looking in the past & finger pointing & being angry doesnt help anyone.

I have never ever never been a Trump fan.  But even when he was sworn in, I still wished & hoped he did the best - why? Because its my country I live in.  It's your country. I've always heard it say, you always want the pilot of a plane to do well if you're flying on it - no matter what you think of him or her, if that plane goes down, its you who suffers.

So once again, I'll wish & hope the best for President Biden to do his best in the next 4 years..  For me. For you. For all Americans. I'll continue praying for our country, for all our leaders & I am looking forward with Hope.

God Bless America.

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