Friday, May 06, 2022

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Pans

Cooking more - I'm really wanting to update all my pots & pans & accessories.
This yellow just screams to me - all the BELLE feels up in my heart

Favorite Lip Gloss

I love a lip gloss to give some color - but I always hate that sticky feel of lip glosses.  This one isnt supposed to do that! I'm intrigued!
Cheap enough to give it a try too!

Favorite Fidget Toy

I love all things Fidget gadgets.
I'm someone that likes to keep my hands busy - it grounds me.
I like this is more an adult looking one compared to the rainbow print/ unicorn looking ones that you see a lot of - though, you know this girl aint dismissing those either! 

Favorite Coasters

Favorite Headbands

I got these one year & STILL love them.
i use them when I wash my face - or put on make up. Or just want my hair out of my face on a weekend. The bows are SOOO CUTE too!  Theyre super soft & squishy feeling too. I need to get a new pack.

Favorite chair

I like an office chair that doesnt have wheels - especially on carpet.

Favorite Shine Control

What is this magic????
if you have oily skin, you rub this over it & it takes it away!!!
It's made with some sort of roller that you take out & wash & let dry over night & pop back in for a new day!!! I'm sooooo interested to see how this works!
Especially with summer which makes my face get extra shiny! 

Favorite Funnies

Have a great weekend!!!

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