Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Show Us Your Books - May 2022 Reads


Spells for Forgetting
**** / Really Liked It

Quick Summary:  People that live on Saiorse, a magical island, are stunned to see August Salt return after he was blamed for killing Lily Morgan - & Emery Blackwood is even more surprised after seeing him when she was once supposed to run away & escape the island with him.

I saw this on NetGalley & the way it was described as a touch of Practical Magic, I was in. - I love a good little dose of fun magic.

This was not fun though - this took some twisty, dark moments fast in the book.

It has some magic, some darkness, some betrayals, mysteries - but also some love & connections - I just really enjoyed it.

"I'd been in love with August Salt since before I knew what the words meant"

The Bright Side Running Club
**** / Really Liked It

Quick Summary:  When Keira receives her breast cancer diagnosis, she doesnt expect to join a running club, but yet, she meets up with other ladies who form this club as they get to each of their own finish lines.

I wanted to read this book because I was excited about the cover & the book about a running club... I didnt really think of all the emotions of why the running club was going to be formed when I chose this book. 

Its an enjoyable read though... has funny moments, real moments, cheering on moments, & of course, the struggle moments for the people going through the breast cancer journey. Be prepared for all the emotions on this one.  I got totally choked up in some areas.

In the end, I just love the power of relationships - especially when you have running shoes on!

After I Do
***** / It was Amazing

Quick Summary:  When Lauren & Ryan met in college & married & spent so many years together, they find through the years that people change & marriage is hard - so in order to try & save their marriage, they take a year apart from each other - no contact -& see how their hearts feel in the end

I absolutely loved this book.  May be one of my favorite TJR books. I love her older stuff so much.  Maybe in Another Life is tied for my favorite I think.

I think if you've been with your loved one for so many years or you've seen how some periods of marriage have its ups & downs, you'll appreciate this book too.

I was feeling all the pain & all the joys & all the family connections & love.
I just wanted to hug this book in the end.

The sun will always rise. Always. The sun rises the next day after mothers lose their babies, after men lose their wives, after countries lose wars. The sun will rise no matter what pain we encounter. No matter how much we believe the world to be over, the sun will rise.

Darling Girl
**** / Really Liked It

Quick Summary:  Holly Darling is the great granddaughter of Wendy Darling & runs her own skincare line.  Holly has survived tragedy in her life losing a husband, one of her twin sons & while the other twin has survived & is becoming stronger, her daughter Eden who has been in a coma for nearly a decade, all of a sudden is missing & Holly knows Peter Pan is response - Peter who is very real but more dangerous than anyone can imagine.

First off - this has so many triggers - be warned.  But that shows you how dark & twisty this book is.  Peter Pan will leave you feeling EW! & shook to the core.  

I was all intrigued though how the story was told - how we take the childhood story & how the characters have turned into something we never would think once we close a Happily Ever After story. 

I see in the reviews its a lot for some people - whether it be all the triggers - which are many - sexual assault, thoughts of suicide, murder, drug physical abuse, Death of child/spouse ... to say a few....
But people are also turned off by the magic & disbelief in the story - but its Peter Pan. Come on....

Know its very dark & twisty... but to me, it still touches on the original story a lot where it held my interest.  I couldnt put it down.

“Time stopped for Holly the day of the car crash. She's been defying death, defying time, for all these years & she's not going to stop now.”

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