Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Weather roller coaster, your Aesthetic & Kindle Unlimited? {Weekly Check In}


... that time of year.  near 70s one day, snow flurries the next. Like, truly.  Its just been nuts that you dont know what to expect each day.  & of course, on the cold, snowy day where it just get out of freezing, our furnace breaks. Because of course it does! Luckily, Ricky works in a heating/air part warehouse & sees alot of people daily that do this sort of work so we had someone come out pretty quickly to get us back up & running. Always something.

Dogs in the sun with snow still on the ground - perfect pic to explain the weather

I have an old high school friend that we stay in touch all these years later & have a love of books together.  She let me know that her neighbor is the mother of an author.... well, that just feels like six degrees of Kevin Bacon an author sort of thing & I felt like I needed to read a book by her. I really enjoyed it too! Its a quick easy fantasy sort of book - about a painter who has a talent to paint people in their true form & when she paints the Autumn Prince's portrait & it shows sorrow in his eyes, all sorts of chaos ensues.  I'm totally going to check out more by this author

Speaking of books, I ended up looking for a book in Audible free section & was enjoying it so much, I wanted to get the Kindle to read when I wasn't able to listen... & then saw it was in Kindle Unlimited. As much of a reader that I am, I've never tried it.  I've always either bought the book, or gotten them from the library.  But I'm intrigued.... especially because you can get the kindle AND audio on a lot of these & I love doing that - being able to go back & forth.  So I'm trying it for a month with a free trial. I put on my Bookstagram account a question about it & got lots of reasons why people LOVE IT & why its not for others.  I see all the points so I'm just going to give it a shot.  I figure if I use it for 2 to 3 books a month, its saving me money & I may try it for awhile. 

I have a planner friend who sent me a Valentine's card with a little surprise in it.  It got here late but better late than never... & look at that vinyl sticker!!!! LOL ... Now the pressure of WHERE DO YOU PUT IT? I would put it on the front of my planner - but its already full.  Maybe my first sticker for my 2025 planner. ........... OMG - typing 2025 freaked me out.

Still loving this.... we've discovered a new black bean veggie burger they have that is FANTASTIC! ... made with brussels sprouts & those little potatoes were AMAZING!!!!

& this is the haul that came in this week. This is why I really like them - they send full size items. We got a full size tub of Oat Milk butter for a recipe that calls for just like 2 tsps.  & I'm excited to TRY Oat Milk butter! ... same with these artichokes. 

If you want a code, I think I have one that can save you $50 if you want to try it... just let me know.

Anyone else see that thing going around Instagram to pull up Pinterest & type in four different words & the first picture is your "aesthetic" ... The words are ACTOR / OUTFIT / AESTHETIC / QUOTE ... & this is what I got... it feels appropriate for me!

This cut off the outfit - she has on skinny jeans & white tennis shoes
But really love that quote!


I missed last season of Love is Blind & had been seeing a lot of posts about the couples this season - especially the "Meagan Fox" comment - so I had to jump in.... & what a dumpster fire this season is!  These people.  If any of them actually end up married in the end, I'm going to be shocked.

I'm also gearing up, getting closer to Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules. I had never watched it before & started binging it a few months ago & finally worked my way up ... I'm finishing up Season 9 this week & I am so anxious to get to the Scandoval of it all! 

Is your weather on a ride?

Have you tried Kindle Unlimited?

Did you do the Pinterest Aesthetic Challenge?

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