Tuesday, March 05, 2024

Iced Coffee, crazy movie & oat milk butter! {Weekly check in}

 This past week in my life:

I follow some coffee making accounts (how do they make homemade coffee look so delicious & beautiful?) - but I kept seeing the HyperChiller & I knew I had to try it.  This is a thing if you love some iced coffee - which I do year round & especially with Spring & Summer coming up.

You fill the different parts up with water & put this in your freezer & then when you make coffee, you just put this under your Keurig, or pour coffee in it & let it sit for like 60 seconds & VIOLA - cold coffee.  Which, you think, why is that a need? Well, when you make hot coffee & pour over ice, it melts the ice, making your coffee very watery.... science! ... but this is cold - so pour over your ice & nothing is melting - just good delicious coffee.

Click Pic for link
As of this posting - it was on sale for 49% off!
Totally the cost of like 1.5 Starbucks iced coffees

Different tests shows how it drops the temp over 100 degrees in 60 seconds. That's pretty cool. - LITERALLY!

I'll be putting this baby to work a LOT!!!

I finally got around to finishing this book. I know its been everywhere for the longest & book 2 of this duology is already out (I already have it too) but this is a great mix of fantasy & drama & war & romance... its sweet too & enchanting.  I'm excited to read the next book - especially because this one sort of leaves you on a cliff hanger! If you use Kindle Unlimited - its available on there too - I saw that - AFTER I bought the kindle version. Because yes, I usually like to have at least 2 versions.  I'm bad.

We got to visit our friends who had a baby recently.  Their 4th child. That's a busy household for sure. They had the baby right when we got COVID so we made sure we were in the clear before going over &meeting the new little Princess.  I havent held a newborn in awhile & you forget how tiny they are. & that baby smell.  So precious.

OK... i gotta know - HOW.... HOWWWWW did this movie win all the awards last year? Everything Everywhere All at Once. Oh my goodness.... I got parts of it & the big picture of generational issues being passed down - but hot dog fingers? & Raccontoni? LOL - What in the world did I just watch?  I always tend to think the winner of Best Picture at the Oscars are not something I'm usually going to really enjoy.

Finished up February for my Temperature Blanket.  I'm excited that there was a lot of ups & downs in temps for the month giving me some variation in the colors.  I think I'm going to be putting that dark blue & light blue away now for awhile... it'll be fun to see it close out the blanket at the end of the year.  

If anyone is curious - THIS is where I got the colors from - the Schitt's Creek line of yarn. EXCEPT - they were sold out of the Hide Your Diamonds color & I couldnt find a color to go with - white? Cream? - but that matches the Rose Apothecary - so I went with the baby blue - & I actually like it even better!

Here's my HungryRoot Haul for the week.... I am LOVING that Oat Milk Butter from last week! That's the brand that is on the Netflix show about the Twins eating different diets - one plant based - one meat based.  I've been on the lookout for it. I found their cream cheese at Target.... mehhhh.... its not terrible but its not great. The butter though? I'm all for!!!

But we're excited for another order of those black bean burgers.... DELISH!  & give me all the mushrooms please... & thank you!

We got to celebrate a coworkers birthday this last week - which means DONUTS! Look at how pretty this rose donut looks. I'm not sure how YUMMY it is - got mixed reviews by the tasters... I imagined a hint of potporri in your mouth & that was confirmed - but it sure is purrty.  Happy Birthday Lilah!

Speaking of coworkers - look what one of them made me. I'm so excited about this. I actually love the yellow too with my blue car - TOTAL Beauty & the Beast vibes!!!!

How was your week?

Have you watched that crazy movie?

What's the best book you've read so far this year?

Do you have a decal on your car window? What is it of?

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