Sunday, November 05, 2006

Good church day

It was great - my nieces came to church today, as well as Juli, my sister in law! I was thrilled. It was a busy day - It was a singing Sunday for me in the Praise Team, then the twins came and I had my lesson for the youth. It was all good though. I got to hold Sophia up on the stage. Miss Personality turned out to be shy up there and didn't like looking out at the audience. I found out afterwards that Madi was the socialite in the class and Sophia was the shy one. I would have never have guessed. Now - the thing is to get them to come back next Sunday and to let Juli get up to the sermon. It'll get there!

The bad part - Steph didn't make it to church. The chemo kicked in. Plus, she did alot yesterday. We spent 3 hrs at the knitting store and we ended up going out to dinner too. She ate really good - she's got to keep that up. She's missed when she's not at church! Also the bad thing about today - Vicki's results came back positive - her cancer is back. DARN CANCER! At least her and Steph can be together at CBC.

We still know GOD IS IN CONTROL!

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